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It's about solidifying her role as presumptive the 2028 nominee.

Everyone will remember the race was "between Trump & Nikki".

Once he's gone, everyone will simply agree it's Her Turn™.


"She is the most prominant/famous GOP nominee, and she has worked with/support from disallusioned Democrats, like Trump did in 2016."

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That, and giving multi-million dollar jobs to card-carrying party members. The director is an Ally™, so producers hand her a check and give zero fucks wether it gets burned ot not.

See: Twitter 1.0.

80% of jobs at Twitter served no function other than to reward allies.

"You vote like I do and protest what I protest? Here, have a three figure salary and a cushy do-nothing job; you earned it."



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Italy’s prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, came to power in September 2022 on an anti-immigration platform, but her efforts to curb irregular migration into the country have so far been unsuccessful.

Can anyone explain why?

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Loli is trending because of Vaush's hentai folder leak.

And yet...


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Funny how this guy can literally publish child porn where a 10yr old girl gets graphically raped (Providence #6)... and still be a Leftist hero.

Meanwhile, if you watch anime where a schoolgirl has skirts higher than her ankles, YOU'RE all the pedos.

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their whole argument is.. black people only can connect to black characters

Scarface (1983) is proof communities DO NOT need "representation." - r/unpopularopinion

(and yes, naturally the mods deleted it.)

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Imgur permabanned me a few years back when they noticed I would post the odd pro-Trump meme or disproved anti-Trump hoaxes that filled their front page. That was unforgiveable. This was long after they flagged #NotYourShield as NSFW.

Later, they shadowbanned all my Imgur albums. At least, that's my suspicion; All my Imgur albums are all 404 now. Not even I can see them. Help tickets are ignored.

One day all my Imgur albums magically became viewable again, so I thought maybe I wasn't shadowbanned but it was just a temporary bug on their end that effected some users and not others. But then... they 404'd again.

The only way I can make Imgur albums now is if I'm logged out. Then it works.


The sad thing is, I began replacing my GamerGate Yearly Retrospectives reddit posts with IMGchest links, but when the Imgur links worked again, I paused because I thought it was just a bug. Now they're broken again, and reddit pushed an update that now prevents banned accounts from editing their old posts (error: status 403).

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"He hasn't gotten lazier! His drawing skills are as detailed as ever! Vivian & Lillian look as great as they always have!"

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"I can't believe people are getting suspended for saying "Learn to code". I hope one day free speech returns to Twitter..."

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