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Good. I want literally every image it generates to be a horrifically obese negress twerking, no matter the prompt.

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Seriously, that motherfucker radiates such powerful faggot energy, your will get monkeypox if you look at him for too long with your eyes unshielded.

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Oh, awesome. You're behind though, I'm pretty sure Ilhan Omar in the US pulled something similar with Somalian.

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Post a summary if you're posting a 30 minute video of three dudes talking with a useless title

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Wait it's real? I thought it was a random absurd example. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised by anything after the unironic "I actually am an attack helicopter" story.

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Here's the video: https://inv.tux.pizza/watch?v=9kqptJR3eZc

The whole thing is incredible. Over the last few days, Biden was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial, Mayorkas was impeached (not that it'll be confirmed), Hunter Biden's business partner testified under oath that yes, Joe was the Big Guy and was directly involved with his cokehead son's corruption, and the House refuses to even vote on the nearly $100 bil aid bill to Ukraine.

And then, 30 seconds later, the backwards Literal Mordor that has been "on the brink" for the last 2 years and that keeps stealing washing machines and toilet bowls from Ukraine is putting nukes into spaaaaaace and they'll destroy the world unless you give them the money, fellow goyim cattle! The glowniggers say so!


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Random character says trans rights!

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Hah. I just remember how Sarkeesian once got triggered by "All I want for Christmas is you" and said she should be wishing for a battle axe instead. Same neurotic energy.

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Apparently they're out of money so it makes sense the gold digger would move on.

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European countries don't have enough weapons and gear to equip our laughably tiny standing armies, the fuck would governments give to conscripts? Frying pans?

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Keffals slunk back to obscurity when the campaign to get the Kiwis off the internet failed - and besides, they don't kill people, they just laugh at them and air their dirty laundry.

I'm also surprised he's still apparently alive, but that's more on account of the drugs.

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That's all nice and well but unless everyone does it, you're just the one single literally glowing guy on all the cameras, and if people start doing it en masse, the state will just outlaw IR LEDs because of muh terrorism.

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