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I figure that by the time they finish releasing the entirety of the FF7 remake the modders will have found somewhere to host all the fixes and I'll be able to play the game with an appropriately busty Tifa without issue. My strategy of waiting several years before playing a game will continue paying dividends.

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Just burn down the whole industry at this point. No one is doing anything correctly.

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Feel free to continue using the long sword while the rest of the world moves on to firearms, artillery and missiles, but don't complain when you lose and your people cease to exist.

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A reminder that .jpgs are easily manipulated and should be actively distrusted, especially during election year.

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Do we have actual documentation that it's being propped up by government intelligence agencies or is that just sort of assumed because it's the only possible explanation that makes sense?

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That leaves still countless untold offspring who shouldn't be here and also need to leave. But hey, maybe that could be a start to fixing this that doesn't jump straight to bloodshed, and I'd take that over the current status quo of simply allowing ourselves to be invaded.

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It pisses me off so much.

All we had to do was be mean and this whole shit show could have been prevented.

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I sometimes worry that we're already well passed that threshold. Do we really have the will to kill the millions who have already invaded?

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And why society's that don't will implode, as we are currently witnessing.

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One of my friends used to work at Gearbox and I remember years ago when he discussed the potential plot some of the guys in the office had mapped out for what Borderlands 3 could look like back when it wasn't even on the roadmap yet, and it sounded phenomenal. Then BL3 came out and...well we all saw what happened. Just a fucking dumpster fire to follow up two really solid games. What a gut punch.

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This is defeatism. Your leverage is your superior skills and the employer's need for competent employees.

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That's what I was getting at, the school lessons being anti-natalism.

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I question why there should be a Borderlands movie. Let Hollywood die already. Let Borderlands die too, the poor thing is suffering.

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If you need a union, it's because you work in a saturated workforce where the actual value of your labor has dwindled below what you find acceptable, and you should find a different profession.

This is a perfect distillation of the problem. A bunch of spineless fuckwits whose labor isn't actually worth much who can't be bothered to stand up for themselves and need others to do it on their behalf.

Sucks to suck. Git gud.

Unions are for losers.

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Complete with his parents getting shot in front of him no doubt.

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