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No, I mean you already had entrenched elite who were above criticism.

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Which is why you make with the hangings instead. Documents don't stop these people, but fear of violence at least has a chance of influencing their behavior.

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I wonder how much January 6th is influencing their thinking. I'd like to imagine it was a stark reminder of just how precariously balanced their charade of power really is.

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Is it really over if there aren't any hangings for what's been done over the last two years?

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I'm glad people are starting to catch on.

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It's an effective strategy. Make use of it or resign yourself to defeat at the hands of those who are willing to use it.

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This is intentionally going to create a large scale case of Mareks chickens.

This is something that worries me.

All of this is setting us up for a genuine medical catastrophe. I don't care about people dying to the virus, I care about the prospect of entire populations having their immune systems become absolutely worthless.

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You can't go home though, and that's tragic in its own way.

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They straight up remove the top level shelf in one aisle. Just took the whole damn thing down one notch and hoped no one noticed. And this is in a metropolitan area that's pretty thoroughly insulated against the economic turbulence the rest of the country experiences, so I can only imagine how bad shit is in normal Podunk USA.

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It's a point I keep trying to hammer home to others. Hanlon's Razor is pure misdirection. The things that are happening are happening because of malicious intent and to ignore that is to continue to be preyed upon.

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Because of how human psychology works as informed by human biology.

People are always going to innately favor women because doing so serves an evolutionary advantage for the species. Understand and accept this and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Your direct attack of going on about female genocidal fantasies of culling men is going to produce a lizard brain response of outright rejection of anything you have to say. However, appealing to a simple sense of personal autonomy of not letting the words of others control your behavior if much more accessible. Push on the fronts where you can reasonably achieve victory. Getting people to be ok with being called sexist is doable and still serves your goal of keeping women in check and deter them from wreaking havoc on society. Women ain't gonna pull off a genocide if men become ok with being sexist and subsequently ok with asserting authority over women.

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Everyone puts down the damn ethno-centrism and tries to get back to "here's the local culture, it's welcoming to people who put forth the effort to integrate themselves into it. If you dislike the culture, go somewhere else." This is the only option that doesn't end violently, and it's looking less and less likely every day.

I've come to the conclusion that this is a childhood fantasy. I wish it could work, but the evidence keeps stacking up that it will not. This is why so many in the pro-white sphere are openly discussing the possibility of balkanization. We don't want bloodshed but we recognize that continuing to pursue this fever dream of everyone living together will result in extreme conflict and desolation. The best course of action to avoid bloodshed is to separate all the disparate populations before it all comes to a head and forces open warfare.

On the flipside however, this is my fucking country and I don't want to have to relinquish any of it to foreigners. Not sure if it's worth the fight though, particularly if there isn't sufficient will to win that fight.

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And yet you're still extremely agitated that a pro-white sentiment might exist somewhere in the world in any capacity whatsoever.

It says an awful lot about you.

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