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You're projecting your own hatred there buddy. Try again when you decide to engage with me instead of the caricature in your head.

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Is anything going to happen to them as a result of admitting wrongdoing? If not, then it doesn't matter.

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Peterson should be bullied off the internet for being too weak to endure your basic garden variety troll.

Change my mind.

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That kind of hostility to harmful behaviors and people is what a healthy society looks like.

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The biases are going to come from the training data, but it's also possible for them to install a filter just before output. Basically they'd just check if it's going to start sieg heiling like Tay and then just run the whole thing again until it produces an acceptable output. You can see the behavior with something like Character.Ai where it will start to produce output right up until the point where it figures out that it's going to be NSFW content and then purges it to try again.

I agree that we're going to see tampering in the name of their ideological goals. I just take issue with the notional understanding that a lot of people have about how AI works. It's not some sci-fi sentient creature or Skynet. It's just a pattern matching machine.

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People in the tech industry have been exploring the use of ChatGPT to write code and while it can do simple stuff, as soon as you start asking it to create more complex things it becomes apparent that it's just creating text sequences that look familiar, but the code doesn't actually work because the AI has no understanding. It's just a text pattern matching device with a huge set of training data.

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It's also allowed to tell falsehoods apparently.

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the technology. The AI doesn't understand anything, it's just a very sophisticated text pattern matching apparatus. It finds sequences of words and predicts the next words based on its training data.

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I'm pretty sure he told us he was at some point. Am I supposed to assume everyone is lying to me by default? Have you secretly been a white nationalist this entire time Tony?

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Lack of archive link means OP is a lying faggot until proven otherwise.

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They're looking to sneak MRNA shit in there too now. No injection can be trusted now.

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The prospect of having fewer non-whites in my industry is heartening. The best environments I've worked in have always been overwhelmingly staffed by white men.

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AM2R was the only Metroid game to be released after Zero Mission, everything else is just skin suits.

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I do not regret purchasing the entirety of Miura's work.

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I have sailed the high seas for near on a decade now.

Some of us have been here since Napster. Piracy over dial up was a hell of a ride.

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