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I've encountered a number of posters here who think it's a great thing to ship invaders further into the country so long as they get dumped on the doorsteps of liberal cities/politicians.

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So many people here are so eager to "own the libs" that they're willing to set their own country on fire to do it.

Invaders should be shot and their bodies thrown in a ditch for the vultures to eat. Anything less is tantamount to treason and that includes advocacy for putting them in the homes of leftists.

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No. The improper behavior will not change unless people get chastised for it.

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That's because you're a retarded nigger.

Shit gets erased and memory holed, which is why we archive you absolute fucking moron. Did you learn absolutely nothing from dealing with dishonest ideologically possessed journalists for the last decade?

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As it turns out your time becomes more precious the older you get, so losing it to bullshit challenges isn't a worthwhile endeavor. If I want challenge I'll load up a fighting game.

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My boss had to pull three of us into a conference room to basically tell us to stop trying to quit over the mandates and testing requirements. I was really glad to have some leadership who had my back during that time, but I had already drafted up an exit plan to hand off all my work and was ready to walk.

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Sure, but how does several generations worth of propaganda efforts factor into that? Does brainwashing count as coercion?

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When I first read Starship Troopers it was because I enjoyed the movies and the old CGI Saturday morning cartoon(if anyone remembers that from way back when). I enjoyed the first chapter and the last, but everything in between just had me impatient to get back to a story.

Years later I reread it and it was only then that I was able to appreciate the philosophy it offers. It gave me a new understanding of and appreciation for what we put our military troops through. For the longest time I held a misconception that boot camp involved being mean to the new soldiers simply for the sake of being mean, but this book dispelled that notion entirely. Looking back I feel foolish for ever holding that belief.

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Honestly even without the current societal ills I don't think it would work. The dialect that book was written in shapes the experience pretty heavily.

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The fact that we aren't using our military to defend our borders is evidence enough for me that are politicians and much of the military chain of command are traitors to the nation and need to hang for treason.

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The man also just has world building that gives Tolkien a run for his money. It's not until you read some of his books outside of the Dune universe that this really become apparent. They say mastery is being able to repeat a masterwork and that's what he does in his other literature.

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There's still something to be said for supporting a local institution over the monolithic one. How many sports teams are actually local teams anymore?

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I hope to God you're right. Some positivity in all of this would be a welcome reprieve. I remember being so optimistic at the outset of 2016 and would love to see that energy make a return.

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I like my 2018 Camry. In my mind it's still a new car since I actually bought it new, outright. I went with the stripped down version though. I wanted them to give me one with a CD player but the only way to do that was to get a moon roof and whole bunch of other moving pieces I didn't want, so I just stuck with the stripped down model. My only complaint is that the retraction on the seat belt is a little slack when I get out and try to let it wind the belt back in. Toyota makes a good car.

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