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That's good advice. It's very difficult to unplug in this town though.

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I want off this ride so bad.

You've nailed it. It's soulless husks all the way down.

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It's the composite of all the various things going horribly wrong at warp speed all together that has me agitated. If all you're seeing is isolated incidents then sure my reaction looks pretty wild. I just see the overall trajectory of the direction we're trending in and see a dwindling window in which to correct course before this shit is all locked in for several generations and the rest of my years on this earth are destined to be spent in a genuine hellscape.

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All waves of insanity eventually blow over, often after doing an enormous amount of damage. In the meantime, we do what we can.

I don't want to take the approach of "Oh we'll just wait for the Soviet Union to fall apart because it has to eventually". I'd rather find a more active approach to dismantling it so that the rest of my life doesn't have to consist of living in fear of the commissars catching wind of what I think.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. I don't want to sit here and do nothing. You advocate against doing things.

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I really need to carve out some time to watch that. I've only managed to watch a few episodes so far and the pacing is very awkward.

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People who hate America so much should be forced to leave. You don't have to love the USA, but if you actively hate it then you have no business being here. These people are enemies to my nation and should be treated as such.

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We're internet nomads. This is just our current outpost.

I don't see the sense in stressing over it beyond that.

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We're not going to end up in gulags.

Because dying in open air prisons is so much better, right? Your outlook on all of this stuff ends in defeat and you seem to be oblivious or completely ok with it and I can't tell which scenario is more distressing.

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I'm not clever or deceitful enough to lay traps. I'm just frustrated by your refusal to ever even contemplate the idea that a physical response is warranted and morally justified. Sitting on our hands forever will only ever end with us all in gulags.

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Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and think strategically.

Agreed. However I don't think I've ever seen you comment on a scenario where it crosses whatever threshold it is you think exists that would warrant escalation. What are the lines that have to be crossed before it's ok for someone to escalate aggressions, to respond in kind to the attacks and provocations of an enemy?

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Repelling invasion should not be a controversial position, yet here we are.

Thanks Dom.

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Never lashing out is worse though. To be completely cowed such that you never act...it's hard to fathom a better distillation of abject weakness.

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Which is why I want some level of interpersonal violence to be legal. Not much, but a low level which would allow for effective problem solving without inflicting lasting injury or harm.

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Contrary to popular myth, weakness is not what gets you respect or consideration. Only strength. And all we do is show weakness.

And yet anyone who advocates for actions that would show strength gets shouted down or called a glowie depending on the form they advocate for displaying.

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I use excessive verbosity as a heuristic to identify dishonesty with a great deal of success.

Stay mad.

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Supporting the police is a distinct position from supporting the concept of police.

Don't conflate the two.

Supporting the police when they are carrying out evil is immoral.

The police who are worth supporting are the minority in the current era. They are the exception rather than the rule.

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"Follow the science" is a religious mantra. Scientists contradicting their orthodoxy are heretics and to be burned at the stake accordingly.

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