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It's even the position of people who don't like the place they live cause it's been destroyed by immigrants.

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I think I've seen the same thing. I think it's caused by the adblocker trying to block the ad. That's why private browsing (which disables adblockers) blocks it.

I've seen some weird stuff regarding ads in the past few months. Like videos that complete the moment they start.

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These people weren't reasoned into their hatred of Jews, and no one's gonna argue them out of it either.

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It would cost him political capital to go back on a promise. It matters even for a lame-duck.

If he pardons Hunter, he's putting family above politics.

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Dunno, I only recently started being stupid enough to read the garbage they put out.

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He'll choose his political career over his son every time. If he loses, he will pardon. Otherwise, I'm not so sure.

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Maybe she's just a fair judge, not an anti-Biden judge.

Besides, there are some questions about the constitutionality of this.

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See, the justice system is fair. He'll get some probation for which I'll pardon him despite promising not to.

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France has had trouble with Islam since the 80's,

Of the 7th century? Close enough.

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Definitely on the left economically, but without the climate madness.

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Oh yeah, you’re right. I massively overestimated the size of “Ile-de-France”, and assumed the three surrounding blue départements were Seine-et-Marne, etc, rather than the orange bits, as you point out…

Actually, you had the right idea. Paris makes up a tiny part of the modern Ile de France.

Though as someone else said, if history shows anything, it’s that the Ile-de-France doesn’t really care what the rest of France thinks, politically. Seemingly they haven’t for roughly 200 years…

True, it's been worst in the past 200 years, but they haven't cared for more than 1000 years! Some idiots have actually been destroying their own city as revenge for the outcome.

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Modern 'democracy' is just the rulers continuously saying "why are you hitting yourself?"

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Another article talked about the damning findings of Mueller's Russia investigation. It's hilarious.

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No, she - wrongly - distanced herself from the AfD because the foreman said that not all members of the SS were war criminals. Which is true!

It's not as if the AfD was inviting SS members and giving them a standing ovation, like Trudeau. But it's a sensitive matter in France, as you might imagine.

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They're only failing on our terms, not on theirs.

They get nice benefits and great jobs after they leave their jobs. So why would they change? Who cares if they destroy the country? They don't.

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The "centrists" are far-left. And even if the populists had won 2/3, it's impossible to actually get anything good done due to the deep state, the influence of national governments, and ridiculous treaties they have ratified to ensure that everything is done as the ruling class bids. So yeah, of course the EU is still f'ed.

The only tiny saving grace is that results in two two major countries, Germany and France, set the fear of God into the ruling classes. Maybe they will moderate their efforts to destroy the continent as a result.

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They have an "Agenda" that has no reference to the voters or the people, and if the voters dare to voice their views, then they have 'jeopardized' [Critical Drinker sound-effect] The Agenda

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The funny thing is that in actual history, the microscopic bit of land actually conquered the rest of France. Story of the Capetian dynasty.

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Depends on what you want. I'm always amused at Americans, who call Democrats 'communists', always cheer for European parties who are far to the left of Democrats on economic issues. Certainly, Le Pen's party is - she's even to the left of the Socialists (who are not really socialists but neoliberals).

Good on immigration, but Zemmour is still better.

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