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Police are a deterrent. Their presence prevents crime. They also go after criminals, even if it's just after the fact. Take away the fear of getting caught and there's no reason for criminals to not commit crimes.

Of course that only works if police have the resources to actually investigate. Which, in liberal-run areas, they more and more don't. Thus leading to the situation the twat above complains about. Hint: the solution isn't even less enforcement.

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The tiny channel logo says "German-Kurdish News" and the channel name means "GK News Kurdistan".

No idea what they're about. I just stumbled upon this video of theirs.

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Yea, I don't remember any of the lockdown governments encouraging healthy behavior to strengthen people's immune systems and lessen psychological effects of the lockdown. It was all just stay at home, do nothing and let your health deteriorate.

Really makes it look like it was more about power over the people than about their health.

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Probably not a particularly popular opinion but IMHO catch & release is animal cruelty.

If you catch it, kill it and eat it. No issue there. Catch & release just does harm for no good reason.

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If it was a false flag it would have been whites. This is just embarrassing for the deep state in multiple ways.

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How come none of these bribes are healthy?

They're allegedly doing that for people's health yet all these bribes are fast food, sweets, beer, etc.

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"Scheiss" is the equivalent of "fuck" here IMHO. They're both not used in their literal meanings when used as insults.

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Of course the police just watches and does nothing.

If they were protesting lockdowns or went outside after the curfew they'd all have been arrested by now, well, if they had been white anyway.

Just another day in a two tier justice system.

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Yea I had two of their games on my wishlist. Oh well. There are more games out there than anyone can play in a lifetime.

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In Germany a bunch of Muslims started throwing stones and vandalizing synagogues. Curious to see if any of them are actually going to get sentenced or if they get a pass as always.

Considering some retarded judge just offered probation to a group of Africans who gang-raped a teenage girl, I'm going with the latter.

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I loved 1 and 2. I was about 2/3 through the second game when 3 came out ... and it completely destroyed my interest in the series. I never finished 2 and never looked back.

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"Anything not explicitly right-wing will become left-wing in time."

I'd say it's the other way around. You need massive censorship to keep things left-wing.

Mods have to put in considerable effort to keep things left-wing (which is why mods are usually lefty activists). Free speech sites are right-leaning. It's heavily censored and curated sites that are left-leaning.

Leftism dies without censorship.

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Trust the science! But only our interpretation of it!

The best part is, they brought indulgences back: you can get absolution by paying money (CO2 certificates) or by saying a prayer (virtue signal on social media). Science has become a religion.

We need another Martin Luther.

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Yay, more fear porn.

How long till it turns out like the UK variant? Massive hysteria and in the end it was just a total nothingburger.

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Based on the recent census it tends to be blue states that have stagnating populations.

On a totally unrelated note, liberals have a disproportionate amount of mental health issues that potential children would be better off without.

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This is Starbucks assuming the fetal position.

I think people severely underestimate the power of Starbucks and why they are doing this "threat". Keep in mind that the likes of Starbucks are Facebook's customer, not the users that complain.

This is just another campaign to pressure Facebook to censor more. Like the corporate ad boycott last year.

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Yea, even Musk can't carry that dead horse.

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Did you miss the whole COPPAcolypse or whatever it was called?

Of course Youtube largely got away with it because they're big enough and pro-deep state enough. They were allowed to pass the buck to creators.

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Meh, who doesn't somehow violate these laws. It's just one of these laws that get used as political leverage.

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Yea, whenever I ran into something they've produced in recent years it was cringe. No interest in wasting time on their stuff.

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