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Woke NGOs. The worse they get the more money they get from the government and activist donors.

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I can't wait for the restaurant industry to die.

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The Berlinale is a far-left movie award show run and funded by the German government. They posted that image to their Instagram.

The German government is once again supporting calls to eradicate Israel. You can't make this shit up.

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Old, ugly, not German? Perfect for current year politics!

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The good news doesn't stop there.

Buzzfeed just had to sell some assets at a massive loss and laid off another round of hacks: https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2024/02/22/nolte-doomed-buzzfeed-sells-complex-networks-humiliating-64-loss/

Fun fact: Buzzfeed apparently went public 3 years ago and has since lost 96% of its stock value.

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If the media, the government and the justice system were running a gameshow this is what it would look like.

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I've seen better cosplay costumes and makeup from hobbyists than what their team of "professionals" created.

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Happens all the time all over Europe. Off the top of my hat, at least twice in different cities in Germany and once more in some Nordic country. All within the last year or two.

And the same corrupt politicians who imported these savages tell us that "diversity is our strength" while we have to pay welfare to these criminals who ruin our countries.

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Maybe she's just drunk tweeting over a box of red wine?

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I guess promoting liberal policies and censoring everything else backfired bigly for her. At least it's not just the little people who have to suffer the consequences.

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Why bother? They'll let her off without any punishment because she's black, a woman and getting Trump is what's most important.

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Remember kids: trust the science!

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Germany isn't building much anymore. At best you have the head offices in Germany but production has moved to China or other EU countries.

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Big cities are far-left voting pools. In Western Germany in particular people blindly believe state-run media and the usual far left propaganda outlets.

I unfortunately live near a large Green shithole. Doesn't even matter if it's Greens, SPD or CDU. It's all the same. AfD got like 6% here in the last federal election.

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He's just pissed that Bibi makes him look bad in the eyes of his muslim voters.

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Don't worry. The far-left eco-socialist German government and its media have the people protesting the rise of right-leaning parties. That'll surely fix the economy!

Seriously, most Germans are retarded. They vote for feels and gibs and then blame the only party who wants to fix things and who has never been in the government yet.

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I think the rabbi is on the husband's side of the family, not the shooter's.

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