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Who does this apply to though?

The bill just broadly speaks of "employers" and "employees".

Does that apply to personal security of politicians and lobbyists?

What about police?

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First the city has to funnel to property to Blackrock for cheap. THEN they'll make a deal for excessive payments to house illegals.

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German government-run TV does the same. Temperatures that were green 10 years ago are now deep red (same TV station, same month of the year).

They also said last year they will no longer describe weather in summer as "nice" because that doesn't "evoke the right associations".

They did the same with COVID, too. Maps with new cases were green one month. Then when the government started pushing their mandatory vaccination law the maps suddenly turned deep red even though the numbers stayed the same.

Journos are disgusting.

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The Restaurant at the end of the Universe by Douglas Adams, for the sole reason that it's the only Sci-Fi book that survived various purges of my bookshelf. That's got to count for something. Although it's been so long that I've read it that I don't remember what the plot was.

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The people who shoot up schools complain about potential violence.

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I watch a ton of body cam videos and female cops are ... sad. Over the years there were maybe 1 or 2 female cops who kept up with their male colleagues in physical situations. The rest are glorified wet noodles.

IMHO even mentally stressful situations are sketchy. Both men and women get panic attacks in shitty situations but it seems men delay the breakdown until the adrenaline rush is over and the immediate danger is resolved. Women seem to tend to break down right then and there.

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He doesn't stand a chance. They don't have to do anything to rig the vote against him.

Dems are vaxx sheep. Kennedy is effectively telling them they are wrong and made the wrong choice. Admitting that would lead to too much cognitive dissonance. Thus Dem voters are never going to vote for him in significant numbers.

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Yea, I'm calling bullshit.

If anyone investigated little miss Z they would be fired and arrested. He's been doing that to anyone who opposes him for years now.

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They dug up some old picture to have a child staring sadly into the camera with its big eyes.

It's emotional blackmail so the easily manipulated turn off their brains and go "Awww the pooor widdle baby, this is sooo sad and bad and open borders naow!".

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Despite breaking your host country's laws you got a free education, basically defrauding them.

Be thankful you don't get held accountable and go home.


growing skilled labor shortage

Oh fuck off. You're not skilled labor. You're a liberal arts student and an activist. You provide NOTHING a skilled labor market needs. You are but a drain on its resources.

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Just throw away your passport and say your name is Mbumbu Mohammed. You'll get preferential treatment, they'll comp your hotel and you won't even have to abide by their laws if you feel like having some fun raping and stabbing the natives.

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What a freak show.

Maybe she's actually a psyop to get people to lose weight? Who can look at that revolting blob bounce around and NOT lose appetite?

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So ... a woman won but women are oppressed?

Over the next 10 years, they regularly met in Tokyo at so-called love hotels

Ms. Sano sent him affectionate notes and accompanied him on trips to France, Italy and Spain, both while she was under his supervision and after graduation.

The "harassment" was so horrible she kept going back for more for 10 years. It's not like she lived with him and couldn't leave. She had to actively travel to meet him.

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They upgraded to a newer model, and I'm not talking about the car. That way they don't have to pay alimony or split assets and at that level you can get away with it.

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Awww, but the EU leaders just spent months shitting on Erdogan because they were so sure "their" guy would win. Whoopsie!

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You first Kerry! Off yourself and volunteer to become fertilizer. Reduces artificial nitrogen fertilizer and without you and your ilk jetting around in private planes to visit countless climate conferences we'd save enough CO2 to save the world!

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I wonder if that has anything to with Linus stepping down. Maybe they're forcing him out because he said something "controversial".

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At least he can hide his jawline and Adam's apple with that quadruple chin. Plus, he already has tits, so no top surgery necessary.

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