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The second one was already massively woke, which is why I won't even bother with the 3rd.

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That's one of the main reasons why I stopped playing competitive multiplayer games: you either have cheaters, or you have anti-cheat software that's so intrusive that it's worse than the cheaters.

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Duckduckgo officially went full Google during or shortly after the pandemic. The CEO openly said they downrank any non-mainstream news.

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System requirements: 64 MB RAM and 400Mhz

Better buy a PC with 500 times the memory and 100 times the Mhz.

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I'll care once Jewish lobbying groups stop attacking the right and stop supporting leftist ideology that facilitated the mass invasion of Europe.

Damn shame they don't have some kind of cautionary tale in which a creation of their own turns on its master, damn shame.

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IMHO editors are easily replaceable. Leftist ideologues who do it for free are a dime a dozen. The only power they have is the power they are allowed to have by the people behind groups like the ADL.

The people behind the ADL on the other hand can "convince" payment processors to no longer handle donations for Wikipedia.

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The whole "game" shouldn't be a thing. It obviously only exists to cash in on Steam items.

These kind of "devs" used to at least try and make an actual game to cash in on items and cards. These days they don't even try anymore.

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I'm sure the ADL will start some campaign behind the scenes to get rid of editors who voted against them and get reinstated. Like, go straight to the Wikipedia higher-ups, cry antisemitism and tell them it would be a shame if something happened to their donations.

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He's not.

Khateebulla Mirza

That's why he got off. They're falling over themselves to let non-whites off for even the worst crimes. Any excuse is good enough to avoid sentencing the protected classes.

Same shit in Germany. The excuses by "experts" are getting more an more harebrained just so they don't have to sentence migrants for rapes, assaults, murders, etc.

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We all need a good laugh in these trying times and clown world always provides.

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Puzzle games are great if you just want to relax and not play something stressful.

Limbo spawned a horde of copycat indie games in the same vein. Although they were all kind of forgettable because I can't remember any off the top of my hat.

Personally I prefer puzzle games like Minesweeper, Hexcells, etc. The occasional hidden object game is fine too. Been playing https://skribbl.io/ lately, although that gets repetitive fast.

Maybe the Trine series is for you. Those are puzzle platformers. Haven't played that one since the first one, though.

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Looks like Nintendo is about to disney itself.

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Depends on where you live. Around here it was May 9th.

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I mean ... it's Hamburg. One of the most far-left areas of Germany. That's mostly self-inflicted.

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Was that the same guy who attacked people at a soccer event 1-2 days ago? Hard to keep track of all this daily diversity.

Edit: Nope, I checked. Friday evening a different diversity-professional stabbed 3 people at a soccer party. That one was once again an Afghan. For once the cops' aim didn't suck and he's dead.

The one from this post is a different perp. He apparently had some sort of rock hammer, an incendiary device and schizophrenia. No one but him got injured from what I've read.

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San Francisco and LA are pretty big.

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councilmember Maebe A. Girl

We REALLY need to bring back insane asylums.

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He's totally not touching kids. It's just sheer coincidence that he's posing in front of a "baby gay" banner.

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You have to realize that Star Wars is no longer a sci-fi franchise. It's a meta comedy where the entertainment isn't derived from its stories but from seeing how retarded they can get. They never disappoint and the best part is you don't even have to watch or read their stuff because the people who make fun of them are more entertaining than the source.

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It's not just the mayor.

83% of Chicago voters voted for Biden in 2020. Combine that with the fact that nationwide 9 out of 10 black people vote for Dems (which is going to be even higher in an area like Chicago) there's next to zero chance they didn't vote for this.

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We should send the Queers for Palestine over there to protest for him.

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Maybe they'll have the balls to air some dirty laundry after getting fired by those greedy donation grifters.

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They've been calling anyone on the right Russian bots/spies/etc since what? 2016 or so? They really need a new shtick.

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