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The German eco-fascist vice-chancellor was a children's book author before he became a politician. Does that count?

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The creepiest thing isn't even the puppet. It's the masked, clapping audience.

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Attacks on EMTs and firefighters have become common in Germany, too.

Always the same clientele. You know, the ones who only get described as "men" or "youths" by journos.

Although around here it's usually not a lone crazy. In typical Muslim fashion they bring their whole extended families.

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The people running Germany into the ground are mostly men: chancellor, minister of economy, minister of justice, minister of labor, minister of agriculture, minister of health

Women are the ones who keep the population in line by force or by propaganda: minister of the interior, minister of defense, minister of education

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For that money they could buy 2-3 Warner Brothers, I think. No idea how much of a hassle it is to buy out several publicly traded companies, though.

Or maybe there's another private company that I'm missing. There are also a bunch of Asian publishers that don't do much business in the West if at all.

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They will combat "disruptive players" by getting rid of players. Brilliant!

"muh hate speech" has been the biggest driver behind mass surveillance online. "for the children" didn't work so now they pivoted to something the retarded kids these days agree with. No bad tactics, only bad targets.

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Bet on who they'll try to buy?

Looking at gaming companies under 13B there isn't really much unless they want to spend twice the market capitalization. Closest appears to be Valve which isn't publicly traded and some random guesstimate I've seen says it's worth 7.7B. That sounds reasonably close to 13B, I guess.

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If they're going to be equally ideologically driven we might get "It's Raining Men - A Rooftop Skydiving Simulator".

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Western educations are failing due to infiltration by leftists. They're dumbing everything down so "nobody gets left behind", to cater to the lowest common denominator and those who barely speak the language of the country they're in.

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Can someone translate what's going on to non-weeb?

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I wouldn't put it past the German government. They're eco fascists and they'd rather people starve and freeze than have people use fossil fuels.

Plus, they're facing growing protests demanding the opening of NS2. This was a happy little "coincidence" for them.

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I have a hard time imagining anyone else but the US doing it. It serves their interests, financially and politically. The US also had a fleet right next to the pipeline. If it had been anybody else they would have had to have done it right under the nose of a US flag ship fleet.

Plus both Biden and Nuland made VERY thinly veiled threats a few months ago:
https://twitter.com/AZmilitary1/status/1574767709258137606 "Nord Stream 2 will not move forward" https://twitter.com/abc/status/1490792461979078662 "Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it"

They wanted to make sure Germany stays dependent on US gas and that political pressure at home won't make them question the US dictate.

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Except it was very likely the US who blew up the pipeline.

They're the ones forcing Germany to destroy itself. Germany's dependence on the US is its downfall. Russia would have been a reliable supplier had Germany not followed the US dictate.

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Groomers in a Christian school and the school covers it up and punishes those who report it. Way to live up to the stereotype.

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Well, looking at the girls who code website, they do look pretty anti-white: https://girlswhocode.com/

Seriously, browse through their pages and find the white girl. I found maybe 2-3 out of several dozens (most of them in a group photo that made it hard to tell). I've found as many black guys as potentially white girls.

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"I don't think he's bluffing, but let's keep pushing anyway and feed more weapons into Ukraine and enact more sanctions! What could go wrong?"

Sums up the foreign policy of the West.

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Yup, the era of me paying for games has ended, too.

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The American right’s future involves waging a 'religious battle' against the left

Well yea, leftism has become a fundamentalist religion.

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Germany has Die Linke which is about as close to communist as you can get without actually calling yourself communist. Large parts of the Greens and Socialists are more or less the same, too. We also have the MLPD which openly communist. The latter even erected statues of Lenin and Marx.

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Spain has a communist party in the government.

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