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LOL that's some high-grade alt-right right-wing-extremist stuff ... by today's standards anyway.

Someone fell in a vat of red pills.

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Looking at these fools it's definitely the former. That's why they settled for a crazy chick with tats that sleeps around (just noticed she has a cat, and one of those naked ones at that, she is most definitely certifiably batshit crazy).

If they had other options they wouldn't be in this "relationship". If they weren't in this "relationship" they might consider finding a real one, or worse, improve themselves. This relationship is the equivalent of having given up.

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Oh no! What are the Russians going to do without overpriced soy lattes and coffee with more corn syrup than water?

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Oh yea operating one definitely is. I was talking from the point of view of just watching stuff.

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Whaaaat? A 42 year old philosophy prof with purple hair and an uber beta personality is such a catch! I bet he's swimming in booty!

You just know that if by chance he manages to hook one of his 20 year old students with daddy issues she'd immediately change her tune: "This is not what we agreed to!", "This is different!", "You are ruining our relationship!" :D

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they deserve each other.

Plus, less competition on the dating market for sane guys. She took four men out of the dating pool.

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If Jonathan meets someone else, I know he isn’t going to leave me

This tells me she's the only one whoring around.

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I've been told for years that I'm the bad guy simply for being a straight white male. I don't give a shit about the ethics of such a society anymore. I've seen what makes them cheer!

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Yea, I used to pirate as a teen because I didn't have money. Then I eventually stopped because digital distribution got more convenient than piracy, I thought creators deserved to get paid and I could afford to buy games. Then almost all of them went woke and I'm not supporting that.

Valve used to be pretty much neutral but they've been jumping on the woke shitshow bandwagon more and more. If I'm going to buy a game I'll at least make sure it's the cheapest it can be (e.g. by finding a 3rd party store via https://isthereanydeal.com/).

The only exception I make are developers who are openly anti-woke but they are few and far between.

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Just make sure you use a VPN when you download torrents. Streaming sites are legal gray areas that nobody cares about because you're only downloading. However with P2P torrents you're also uploading. So make you sure you have that extra layer of obfuscation.

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The great thing about their utter wokeness is I have no issues with sailing the high seas. I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want for free and I can discover all kinds of movies and series if I feel like it.

Just about anything that gets released these days isn't worth "owning" (even if it's just a ripped copy) anyway, so some streaming website is good enough for me.

Unlike them I AM touting how GREAT it is to not give these people money!

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Rumors are all well and good but I won't believe it until the mainstream "fact checkers" deny it.

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They'll find a way.

We need to "protect vulnerable groups" and for that goal every overreaction is barely enough!

That was the argument of the German supreme court when they said mandatory vaccination of health-care workers is legal. Doesn't matter if the vax is ineffective or harmful. As long as there's a tiny chance (according to outdated studies) that it might hinder transmission, forcing the vax on people is a risk they're willing to take.

LGBTWTFBBQ are a "vulnerable group". Ergo: we have to full retard and lockdown, mask-up and push any random drug into our veins ... for equity!

Of course the LGBTWTFBBQ are exempt and can continue their pride parades, just like they did during "the worst pandemic of our time".

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My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Checks out.

It really is Weimar 2.0 with all the same people pushing pedophilia and transgenderism again.

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If I go via a webbrowser it says the account is "blocked", whatever that means. If I go via revddit it says "suspended": https://www.reveddit.com/y/tossmeintothetrashh/

So I'm guessing it got suspended or it deleted itself (insert 42% joke here).

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If that was the case it'd turn into a literal witch hunt against the LGBTWTFBBQ. I have a hard time believing the progressive globo homos would go that route.

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They're not exactly the kind of politically correct content that gets recommended by the almighty algorithm.

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Also worth watching from those guys: Historically Accurate Aladdin

Let's see how long that one stays up :D

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How do you even sell underwear with obese models? Everything looks the same on these manatees.

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Would be kinda hilarious if they did the same here. Soccer has been subverted by leftists and anything that harms organized sport is good in my book.

Plus, bonus schadenfreude because of all the coping and seething among virtue-signalling players and migrants who came for the money and would get left holding the bill.

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