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Good. That's how they red-pilled masses of people during Gamergate. These retards are their own worst enemy.

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Life has got to be hard for them.

Rising mysterious excess deaths in high vaxx countries, vaccinated people dying suddenly, studies showing masks were useless, the vaxx doing nothing to protect them from infection, Saint Pfizer looking shadier by the day and now all their precious life-defining authoritarian restrictions getting lifted one by one. People don't give a shit about the Wu Flu anymore ... and nothing bad happens. In short: those evil right-wing turbo-nazi anti-vaxxers where right all along.

You can only deny reality for so long before it breaks you.

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Phantom Brigade is being developed by a bunch of ultra-leftists: https://braceyourselfgames.com/about/ Flags and pronouns as far as the eyes can see.

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The real fun begins when you let in hordes of 3rd worlders from Muslim countries.

They organize in clans and fight each other in more and more open clan warfare. They don't give a shit about law enforcement and the justice system. They know Western systems aren't designed to deal with people like that. Can't jail them all and can't deport them. Hell, can't even cut their welfare. There are no consequences for their actions and they know it.

Sweden has been dealing with this for years. Bombings and shootings are just part and parcel of living in Stockholm.

Various German cities, like Hamburg, are going through this, too. Politicians and their journo whores try to frame it as "rocker groups" but in the end it's Arab and African clans who despite the strictest gun laws are well armed and frequently get into shootouts. Police and politicians look the other way because even admitting that there's a problem would "prove the wrong people right", would "endanger democracy" and "could disturb the population".

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Car thefts will skyrocket as thieves get into hacking.

Why would things change? Most cars are already using electronic wireless locking systems. And those that don't use locks that are almost comically easy to open.

One thing to keep in mind is: your everyday criminal is lazy and dumb. They go for the low hanging fruit. Sophisticated attacks are beyond them. If they had any skills or work ethics they wouldn't need to be criminals. The very VERY few exceptions don't go after everyday cars.

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My prediction is: more blackouts.

They can barely keep the electricity grid stable as is. Hell, they already have to tell people not to charge the few electric cars out there, or even laptops, when the grid is unstable. My state in Germany even has an app that tells people when to reduce consumption because the grid is about to go tits up. It's not mandatory ... yet.

The more people switch to electric the more interesting it gets. Especially as reliable power plants get phased out in favor of uncontrollable and unpredictable renewables. It's going to be twice as fun for the US if they really go from gas stoves to electric on top of that.

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Nobody loves feminists so they got rid of valentine's day.

Jean Steckle Public School. Named for a prominent local nutritionist

A nutritionist? What's next? The local barista? Sounds like they've really been scraping the barrel to find a woman to name something after.

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I also have recommendations, mostly involving rope, heavy metal and violations of rules 1 and 2.

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officials were considering bringing it down with military assets, but they decided against doing so

Because communist officials said "nah, it's fine".

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I'd say that I don't have a lot of sympathy for people in prison

Considering the US started taking political prisoners and passes sentences (or lack thereof) based on skin color and political affiliation, this should horrify you.

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Leftists really are falling over themselves trying to out-do each other when it comes to make all the dystopian sci-fi horror stories become reality.

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Well, it is commies proposing this. At least they are consistent.

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AI isn't some magical unbiased intelligence. It's just a collection of rules and a database and it's as woke as those rules and databases are.

As the old software engineering saying goes: garbage in, garbage out.

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You can't tell the difference between leftists and their AIs. They're all nothing but preprogrammed NPCs.

Edit: Another example: poems about black and white people compared: https://patriots.win/p/16a9v18X7B/a-poem-about-how-great-black-peo/c/

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Except the sons of politicians and oligarchs of course.

Looks like we've now entered the Volkssturm phase of the war.

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It should be fake but we have "transgender" inmates impregnating women in women's prisons and teachers with basketball-sized fake tits in real life. Who knows anymore?

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10-20 years ago guys like that needed date rape drugs. These days blackmail by calling their victims transphobic is enough.

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Has someone already made nude deepfakes of Streisand, you know, for added effect?

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