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Ah the old "there is no bad blood if there is no blood left" strategy.

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Sony has never done its own thing. It has always just copied everyone else's homework and changed it a little to pretend they care about the fans.

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Not just a fan, but a girl who is obsessed with it. Thats why they are rotten, they are trying to ship males together even in series that dont have any of that shit. Its practically a mental illness.

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and unlikes yasuke is based on an actual recorded person who travelled to Japan IRL, William Adams.

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what was wrong with GTO

Wait, what's wromg with Great Teacher Onizuka?

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Sadly i don't think its bots. I have seen these kinds of people in other fandoms as well. Its most common when its the fandom of a large franchise and a particular entry of that franchise is significantly more popular than the other entries. That more popular entry will get tons of endless unwarranted hate from people whoe prefer the other ones. Its extremely unhealthy.

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Easier to get rid of them when you don't need them than full employees.

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Unless its changed there is a registry entry you can change that lets you turn off windows update completely.

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Pretty much. The main selling point of this "gen" was not how much better games looked or how much more games can do now, but just faster loading times due to an SSD lol.

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IIRC, there is only like a dozen games or so that came out on PS5 without coming out on PS4 as well. Almost everything comes out on both even now. We are at the point where the graphical improvement from one gen to the next is negligible. The companies doing this have the hard data and they know PS5 sales are lagging behind.

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That's the biggest sign of the failure of PS5 as it shows a massive hesitation to adopt the new hardware from it's own fanbase. My PS4 keeps sending me ad deals to get cash back for a trade-in of my PS4 and upgrade to PS5. They are getting pretty desperate.

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Totoki also revealed Sony already considers the PS5 to be moving into “the second half of its console [life] cycle,” and they expect a gradual decline in sales. Sony will focus on optimizing sales with a “greater focus on revenue balance.”

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They can't help it. The fact is sony has been like this for a long time and it's just that its just now coming to people's attention. It hasn't been long enough with enough backlash to even think of course correcting.

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You see this behaviour on steam now

Bots would honestly be an improvement to the retardation that usually infests their forums.

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And then wonder why the fuck they have characters that require like 13 strokes just for one syllable that isn't even the whole word. Kanji is a nightmare.

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Off the top of my head:

  • The PSP go

  • The Sony Vaio line of computers shudders

  • There is the multiple proprietary formats that they have used to try and have absolute control, such as betamax and blu ray. While betamax thankfully failed, the proprietary DRM bullshit in Blu-ray continues to be a thing.

  • They continued to make Spiderman movies for the sole purpose of holding onto the license. This eventually led to Disney being unable to use the character without Sony's permission despite Spiderman being a Marvel character.

  • There is the Vita using a proprietary micro sd card format that prevented you from saving your game unless you paid Sony for a Sony branded micro sd card that they charged you several times the normal price for, despite it just being a basic ass micro sd card. A regular micro sd card will not be recognized without hacking the Vita software, despite the fact is literally just a regular micro SD card slot.

  • There is the thing with the Bleem emulator software company being bankrupted by Sony after Bleem beat them in court. This was a major blow to the emulator software scene for years after.

  • They were working with Phillips to develop standards for the then upcoming CD-ROM format. They reportedly pushed for making the cd slightly bigger at the last minute because they knew Phillips was already building up a factory to be able to make CDs at the currently agreed upon size and increasing the size fucked over Phillips completely.

  • While Microsoft and Nintendo have long since buried the hatchet, for many years, Sony was the main reason that many cross platform games such as Minecraft, could not crossplay with Sony's consoles.

  • Similarly, Sony and Epic had some issue where logging into Fortnite on the PS4 locked you out of being able to login to Fortnite on the Switch. Sony shrugged their shoulders and gave no explanation until it became such a big deal they had to address it. Meanwhile the Xbox had no such problems with the Switch from the start.

  • Originally Sony had sold the Vita is being a system that could stream content from the ps3 over 3G data signal. This turned out to be such bullshit they got sued over it by the FTC

  • They were fined by the EU some years ago for colluding with other companies to fix the price of videotapes and then shredding the evidence and obstructing the investigation into the price fixing

  • The very thing that led to them creating the Playstation in the first place, was part of their corpo strategy back in the 90s to buy out other companies as much as possible, kind of like how Microsoft is doing now. The deal they had with Nintendo would have given Sony a major foothold in the gaming space while fucking over Nintendo's business, which would have allowed Nintendo to be acquired by them. From my understanding, during the time they were working on the Playstation together, Sony also filed a patent for a cd rom based console that didn't have Nintendo's name anywhere on it that was generic enough they could have sued Nintendo if they ever tried to make a cd console without them. I bet you never hear that part of the "NIntendo betrayed Sony!" story.

  • Sony currently owns about 95% of the American anime market through subsidiaries (Crunchyroll, aniplex, funimation, rightstuf, etc.). The whole "KickVic" thing was done with approval from them as they were involved in "investigating" the allegations. The reason the American anime market is so shit right now is almost entirely their fault as they are almost all of it.

  • The PSN went down for weeks like in 2011 after a hack exposed the personal info (including credit cards) of like 100 million people, due to their shit security practices. AFAIK they only ever got a slap on the wrist for this and everyone magically forgot this happened a few months later.

  • They once updated the firmware on the PS3 just to block people from installing Linux on it.

  • They were trying, along with Microsoft, to push for an "always online" console for the ps4 and only changed course when they saw how badly the Microsoft E3 press conference was received.

  • They have been accused of creating artificial scarcity on console launches to drive up demand. Either that or they are really shit at launching consoles with sufficient stock because it seems to happen to them a lot going all the way back to the ps2.

  • Some people figured out how to break the encryption on the PS3 architecture to install homebrew and published a report on their findings. Sony sued the shit out of them.

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