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seethe snowflake . Why do people always act like the worst thing that can be done to blacks is to send them to live with other blacks hmm?

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the guy is a pajeet, im not sure who wants to go to poopland in the first place. He is at least correct on one thing though, miscegenation should be a crime for the sake of everyone

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i got banned for 2 days just because i posted a mild comic about republicans trying to ban people from saying anything that might make jews feel uncomfortable(in reference to the antisemitism bill) but outright trolls here still haven't gotten banned.

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No they wont stop hating Whites. But guess what? jews were the ones who created this woke monstrosity in the first place, so they should get the heat of it when the golem strike their master, without people trying to defend them

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they absolutely do not have as much influence as the jews and you are the one with the agenda if you claim that they have as much influence as jews even after all the evidence being presented to you

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yes but one particular group of foreigners happen to have a much bigger influence than the others

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Lets not pretend the Chinese or muslims have nearly as much influence as the jews. All the top american politicians families (Biden's children , Hillary's child , Trump's children) are all married to jews for fucks sakes.

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Nothing he said was wrong. And the professors would not have told him the intricacies of the israeli influence on American politics. What he said is nothing but truth that professors would not tell you.

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and what about this video do you consider to be "sperging"?

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their "dumb behaviour" of..... calling out foreign israeli influence on American politics?

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Tell me do you think it would be weird if there were pro Tibetan independence protests and a bunch of random frat boys started chanting USA over it?

Also better we control the golem rather than jews do isnt it? the pro palestine protesters that think jews are White is partly because anti zionist jews looking to get people to blame Whites instead of jews for zionism have been propagating that nonsense https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/17t1as2lC2/the-anti-zionist-jews-try-to-r/c/

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i havent seen the pro Palestine protesters destroy stuff. And why exactly should we care about defending israel's interests when they are the source of most wokeness to begin with? And yes they do think jews are White but the correct thing to do is not the shut down the pro Palestine protests but to correct them and tell them , no jews are not White

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They are chanting USA over the pro Palestinine movement. Why? the pro Palestine movement is not anti America its anti israel. These people are not defending America's interests but israel's interests

by btbw
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if it were "terrorism" that was the problem he should have just said that he opposed terrorism, but instead he says "he wants the death penalty for antisemitism"

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its definitely a jewish lady. Look at her nose and features.

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