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I watched that. Razorfist reacted to it. That's like with the Anthony Cumia thing. If there's someone who can bring some personality to it that takes the edge off, I can sit through it. I am kept up on things by listening to Anthony Cumias show because his takes are hilarious and spot-on most of the time. His filtering of it through his funny personality takes away a lot of that rage I would feel if I just read the headlines and articles myself.

Likewise I saw the Trump Biden debate because Razorfist streamed it.

I'm not completely checked out, but when I was on The Donald going through article after article, headline after headline, I became despondent every time.

And for what? I wasn't fixing the world doing that, I was only harming myself.

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Yeah, I honestly wouldn't know. I check out from news pretty much anymore. Even here, I'll see only major things cause for the sake of my own mental health, I try not to read too much or I get black-pilled/despairing, or I'll hear about things from Anthony Cumia's show, but that's about it.

Some people can handle more depressing, enraging crap. I've got to limit it. I don't check out or bury my head in the sand; but I'll depress myself into complete despondent non-productivity if I see EVERYTHING that's going on at all times in this craziness.

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It's been a long time since I've seen it. I'll rewatch it relatively soon since I haven't seen it in forever and I'll tell you what I think.

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How does that change it? The writers wrote that part too.

They intentionally made the one black character the only one who is not a scumbag and tries to help the hero while all the other chracters, all white are evil except the protagonist.

And something about Ghost Rider is he can see your sins and can sense evil. He wasn't just saying you did a good deed right there so I'm letting you off the hook. He was saying, "you're not guilty or a criminal unlike the rest in here"

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Yeah, unfortunately, the SJW's succeeding in getting me to view entertainment the way they view it in most cases. "Everything is political". Well no it wasn't....but thanks for being so deranged and persistent with your propaganda that I can't hardly watch anything anymore like a normal person and now watch it like a friggin woke college activist seeing devils behind every bush. It's pretty impressive actually. For as impotent as we've called SJW's they've pretty well succeeded in forcing a biased pair of glasses on our faces. We come from complete opposite directions ideologically, but they have succeeded in ruining even past, good entertainment in a lot of ways just like they were hoping.

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One thing ive noticed with films of the 1970s is they were big on blasphemy.

1970s was more overtly blasphemous in movies than even today in many cases. Take a simple adventure movie like Poseiden Adventure and the anti-God theme is a heavy element weaved throughout the picture.

Clockwork Orange has some of the most blasphemous stuff Ive ever seen.

It seems because the 70s had some of the least studio interference, the artists tended towards that a lot when given free reign. The 80s and onward after Star Wars got more profit focused and a lot of that overt blasphemy in movies went away.

One other interesting example in the 60s is Planet of the Apes. The average person will tell you that its a racial allegory.

Surprisingly when I watched it, thats not even really a theme. The actual plot and theme is a pro evolution, anti-Christian plot.

The theme all throughout the first planet of the apes is that Charleton Heston saying what humans are challenges the apes religion and supports the few "brave ape scientists" who have been doubting the ape religion and pushing for the theory of evolution. Towards the end of the movie the religious apes even admit they knew that humans evolved from apes but wouldnt let that knowledge be known or else it would have destroyed their position of power.

Bizarrely the Planet of the Apes has little to do with slavery and racial allegories as it's made out, and far more to do with pushing a "Christians are suppressing science and denying evolution" message.

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I had never seen this movie before. I saw a youtube video talking about Ghost Rider comics and his powers and it intrigued me, so I watched the Ghost Rider movie.

It was a good bad movie if that makes sense. I enjoyed it, but it was equal parts good and bad. It's like the type of movie you're enjoying as you're laughing at how bad it is. It's strange in that way.

But this scene, man, I know they've been seeping propaganda in for a while, but it's usually not this blatant in 2007. This is like 2015 and later levels of blatant.

All the guys in the jail are white, except one black kid, and wouldn't you know it, the one black kid is the only innocent one.

I didn't expect that level of modernity from 2007.

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Bingo, I was thinking about that the other day. To really touch someone's soul, you need to stretch your hand out to them. But stretching your arm out means you are at risk for people to hurt you and hack away at your arm...but it's the only way good art is produced. That's why bravery and some self esteem is needed in being an artist.

People are so self conscious that it is impossible for them to create good art. They don't get hurt because they keep their hand close to their chest, but they never touch anyone either, they never make people feel, don't really make them laugh like people used to, don't really do anything.

Art is now about the artist because the "audience" is scary. To be a great artist you have to desire to reach out and touch the audience, but people are like you said afraid to show any sign of sincerity.

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He was always lame. Most of us were just too lame and young to see it in the early days.

He was our version of "Annoying Orange" or "Fred". I know that's painful to admit, but it's true.

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I agree that I hate that element. That's been there from the first movie and was even more overt in the second. I have no doubt they're going to go even further with him being gay for wolverine. They flat-out say that "Deadpool is pansexual".

While I didn't like the second deadpool, I thought the first was decent besides that stuff.

More what I'm intrigued about with this movie is I hated Logan and it being a depressing demoralizing gritty take on Wolverine, and I like that this looks to be a cool redemption story for an alternate wolverine. The concept of a wolverine who is a failure in his universe, but gets a second chance at redemption is really cool to me. That's the part that's drawing me to it. And Ryan Reynolds is funny, but not when it's the gayness crap. Him in the movie Waiting or Van Wilder, for instance, he's a very funny guy.

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Yeah, no that part was fine and realistic, when she's fixing the noobies' mistakes, but there's a later episode, like season 2 maybe where she implies she's more knowledgeable than most of the doctors. I could be wrong.

Generally though Scrubs isn't very ideological, so even at its potential worst it's not bad at all.

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Yeah even Scrubs which I love, which was early 2000s, Carla talks about how she knows more than the doctors but has to pretend and then fix their mistakes later.

Yeah, ok.

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I broke that rule for John Wick 4. It was absolute trash.

I'm actually considering breaking it for Deadpool and Wolverine and I'm sure it will be trash, but I liked the trailer, and it's the only trailer I've seen because I don't like to see too much about movies I might watch, but that trailer with the Madonna like a prayer song, I thought made the movie look good. And I'm not even a deadpool or superhero fan.

But odds are it's very woke and I'll regret my decision if I do see it.

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When I watched all the Star Trek movies, this one was my favorite. I just remember it being the most interesting and kinetic feeling.

I also don't really like TNG. I felt that the characters all felt sort of autistic, whereas the original series cast felt more like human beings.

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I've never heard her name before, but I don't follow news for my own mental health and blood pressure.

Most of the news I do learn is from like 2 week old memes anymore haha.

I have seen that type of thing you're talking about though.

Comments that are so generic like that and essentially say the same 3 things over and over, barely rephrased.

It's funny how they were all about Russian bots for years but could never point to any examples. But now the bot-like talking is extremely obvious, only it's for the left. They always project and tell you what they're going to do.

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You were agreeing with the guy who said "Censorship, violence, propaganda, they are all just tools. Use them when there is a correct target."

That's almost verbatim the leftist philosophy "there's no such thing as bad tactics, only bad targets".

The only reason I responded to you and not him is you put into words even more clearly the philosophy that underlines all this new way of thinking on the right. You said we do not live in a universe that is governed by any higher good. You used the term karmic, but we all know that it is the Christian God and the Bible that America by and large has adhered to through it's history, not some vague sense of karma.

I responded to you instead of him because you straight up said the point I've tried to make, that without God, then the leftist idea of "no bad tactics, only bad targets" becomes logical and anything other than that is foolish and "hinders us".

People need a biblical worldview. Because there is a God they need it for salvation, but even just to arrive at truth people need it.

Proverbs 4:19 says

The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know over what they stumble.

In contrast, John says Jesus enlightens every man, and He is the light of the world and the light shines in the world and the darkness did not comprehend it.

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I made the point about "should've been done 60 years ago" in a hypothetical of if there is no God and all you desire is raw naked power. If you read it again in context, I'm saying that the left already made the choices to gain raw naked power a long time ago.

I say that shouldn't be the desire or goal of conservatives or moral people.

I'm using a hypothetical where even if there was no god, becoming the left to defeat the left is a losing battle anyways because they did what needs to be done FOR THAT GOAL, a goal that I do not think is a good goal, a long time ago. I'm saying even from an earthly standpoint, your options are become part of Babylon or resist it to the point of death.

Here's the goal I believe in.

"If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content."

"These are the ones who have not been defiled with women, for they have kept themselves chaste. These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These have been purchased from among men as first fruits to God and to the Lamb. And no lie was found in their mouth; they are blameless." Revelation 14

11 And they overcame [the antichrist] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.

Revelation 12

Those are the goals I believe in. That 60 years ago thing was saying if you want to have raw naked immoral power like the left, which is not something I recommend, then either join the left or build a time machine to somehow orchestrate the right getting that power.

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfeit his soul?"

That verse is why I said, even if there was a 100% guarantee of "winning" by those means, I would still choose "losing" because Christ has already overcome the world and you may gain some sort of temporal power that the left has, but at what cost? Do you really envy the left's power? I don't. The price they've paid for it is obvious. They are an embarrassment on every level. That's not a power I envy. If you have the power of Christ abiding in you, you have something far, far greater than all the governments in the world.

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That's a complete straw-man of what I advocated for. If all the left did was apply social pressures and directly protest institutions, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The left lie, cheat and steal and even resort to murder if they have to. They don't care about right or wrong, they don't care about truth. They act in complete accordance to ways of Satan. Applying social pressure, such as what Christians WERE doing back in the days when they were active in the culture, like when they'd protest Marilyn Manson concerts, or directly protest institutions are not at all a wrong thing to do.

I'm talking about the actual left's tactics.

It's convenient to say that Kavanaugh is a rapist so we'll say he's a rapist.

The right is doing the same thing with no regard for truth. It's convenient to say that Tom Hanks and all Hollywood people are pedophiles so we'll say they're pedophiles....evidence? pff, you're thinking like a conservative. We don't like him. It benefits us to say it, and therefore he is. Guilty until proven innocent if the target is someone we don't like. "What is truth?" as pontius pilate asked Jesus (Who IS the truth, the way and the life)

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This is an example of how the new, younger, unbelieving conservative right are sadly following after Babylon the harlet and Satan just like the left. This generation wants to start adopting leftist's "might makes right" tactics with no regard for what's true, what's right, only with what works in this world system.

It's sad to see.

And here's the thing, even if there was no God and morality didn't matter, only results through human effort, this would be doomed to failure anyways.

The time to start behaving like the left in order to gain the power of the left was decades ago while people were unaware, snatching up all the systems of power, education, entertainment, government, etc. That ship has sailed..Once that was accomplished forget about it. Our role is to suffer persecution and follow the lamb. If you want to have Satanic levels of control and power, then you either need a time machine to convince the right 50 or 60 years ago (at least) to act like the left is going to, or just go ahead and jump ship and become a leftist. Just stop being a conservative. If power is what you want, the left will happily welcome you into their fold if you tow their line.

The version of conservatives that abandon all Biblical principles in favor of moral relativism and evil tactics doesn't look much different than the leftists, so I don't know what they think they will accomplish. It's very short sighted to say the least. Do they think that the power crazed immoral conservatives that would succeed at beating the left at the their own game would suddenly become moral and create a moral society like what we had in the past the second they get in power?

And if I had a 100% guarantee that it would succeed, I wouldn't advocate it because it's wrong.

King David had an easy shot at getting at Saul, who God told David, that David would be king. All he had to do was kill Saul and he had won. Heck, God told David that he's the rightful king. What did David do? Did he do the easy tactic? All his peers were encouraging him to. No. He knew that God would rather he do what's right and he trusted God and he saved Saul's life allowing himself to continue to be pursued and persecuted. Shadraq, Mishaq and Abindigo had no promise that they wouldn't be killed by the furnace. They said, if God wants us to die, we'll die, but if he wants to preserve our life, then we will survive. They didn't worry about tactics. They worried about truth and righteousness.

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Yeah as u/Cyberguy64 says, being delicate is baked in.

Calling kids special little snowflakes is something unironically done by kindgergarten teachers or pre-school teachers. The term snowflake while having the "you're unique and special" thing, also is saying they have the delicate sensibilities of a small child that will start crying if their favorite color in their crayon set is missing.

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Agreed, that's what they're trying to say, but it was lame.

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