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Alright, I'm going to go there.

Oxford commas are incorrect. Fight me.

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EU is involved so illegal migrants will be exempted, since of course only legitimate traveller's carry diseases across international borders. That's just science.

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The real difference this year is that the boycotts are not being counterbalanced by frivolous spending because the woke urbanites who are not rich elites are completely out of money. All of the Covid gibs are gone and Daddy's chequebook is full of moths, so the gays and the woke white girls don't have any more of other people's money to piss away on consooming.

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In my experience that isn't true. We'll see who's right in a few years.

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Millennials aren't young anymore. I'm talking about the next generation of men who are in even worse shape, largely because of the hubris and entitlement of all those who've come before them. You included.

But you keep going on about how little you care at the same time you continue to bitch about how lazy and useless everyone but you is.

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And its software is still superior to Microsoft, mostly. I still use Corel's suite instead of MS Office.

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Well, you keep trying and failing to motivate young men by lecturing them about how lazy they are, all the while telling me I'm unoriginal, and we'll see how that works out for you.

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Well thanks for proving that stormfags are lazy parasites

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Yeah. You could perhaps have succeeded in bullying and harassing young men back into what you perceive to be their societal responsibilities 20 years ago, when they were mostly just confused or overwhelmed at the sheer amount of negativity and hate that was being directed at them. You might have succeeded with your "man up" bullshit 10 years ago, when they were simply dejected or depressed by the fact that they seemed unable to advance themselves no matter how hard they worked. You may even have succeeded 5 years ago, when they were still angry at how they were being treated.

Now, you will not succeed. All of your tradcuck platitudes about men's responsibilities, about the importance of providing for a family, about finding fulfillment through hard work and duty, even if some of them are true, will fail to motivate increasing numbers of teenaged and 20-something white zoomer men.

I work in an industry where I often employ young men of this generation. Some of them are great workers: driven, smart, independent thinkers willing to put in the work. But an increasing number of them, especially those who've been in school over the past few years during Covid, have absolutely no ambition. They're not even depressed or angry: they have already given up before they've turned 20. They're at the Chinese "lying flat" stage that portends an imminent societal collapse. You will never be able to shame them or encourage them into taking on the responsibilities that you want them to take on because they Simply. Do. Not. Care.

And that isn't their fault. It's their mothers' fault. It's their teachers' fault. It's my fault. It's your fault. It's the fault of all the men and women who came before, whose laziness and impotence have allowed this to happen to them.

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"Trump didn't fix all of my problems, rebuild the early republic, completely end illegal immigration and bring about the second coming of Christ in one four-year term so I will never vote for him or anything orange ever again" is everything wrong with the right and the reason we keep losing.

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Naw y'all. This ain't women's fault at all. These young men are just lazy because of video games and cannabis. Bringing back compulsory military service will sort them right out and fix all of society's problems. And also provide us with more cannon fodder for our next war.

-Tradfag Boomercucks

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This guy doesn't actually appear to be affiliated with the Bond franchise at all: he's just talking out of his ass.

Doesn't mean he's wrong though.

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