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Mostly they are, especially their sciences faculties. The journalism school is their big draw, specifically because it's in Ottawa.

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For context, Carleton is one of the two big universities in Ottawa. It's journalism school is considered the best and most prestigious in the country. A journo degree from Carleton is like an MD from Johns Hopkins, as far as the Canadian journalism industry is concerned.

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Yeah that part annoyed me too, but the message at the end is still good.

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Just vote harder guiz. Just back a different candidate guiz. The fact that your candidates keep losing just means they're toxic guiz. This will totally get fixed if you just support DeSantis guiz. Didn't you hear that all of this got fixed after 2020 guiz? It's totally de-fortified now guiz.

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Balder is impervious to all threats, both physical and magical.

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Have you actually been obsessing over TheImpossible1 for the entire 2 weeks you've been gone?

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Like most modern women, she's spent her entire life being taught to be terrified of male sexuality, and so she's only comfortable exposing herself to it in a situation where she is in control. Drunken teenagers are easy to manipulate.

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You can be as based as you want. You're still not a woman.

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The hurting is incidental. What they want is control of your children: control over their education, control over their opinions, control over their sense of identity, control over their social interactions, and control over their sexuality, because they believe that will give them control of the future.

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Losing Reedy Creek isn't the blow for Disney that a lot of people seem to think it is. Eliminating its special taxation status puts the local and state goverments on the hook for a lot of debt which was previously the burden of Disney alone. Orange County and Florida taxpayers could end up having to bankroll a significant amount of Disney's debts.

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Of course it's wine. Just eat some grape-flavoured candy if all you want is sugar, you pretentious lightweight.

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Chris Judge was a great physical actor 15 years ago when he was on Stargate. Now he's over 50 and he put his back out just doing mo-cap for the game, iirc.

Also, yeah. Kratos is supposed to be Greek. Get over it.

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Yes and your flower power and 1960s environmentalism, feminism and the "sexual revolution" played no role at all in generating woke garbage, nor did the parents who raised Millennials play any role in shaping their views or behaviour.

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It's pretty standard Boomer deflection. Really, the lambasting of Millennials and zoomers by rightist Boomers is the perfect encapsulation of the Boomer generation's own rejection of personal responsibility.

Most of the leftist tropes that the global elite use as a cover for their dystopian agenda originated or were popularized among the Boomers. It was the Boomers who inherited the most prosperous society in all of human history and have spent their lives since then actively undermining and destroying their own parents' legacy, having been somehow convinced that depriving successive generations of that same prosperity is in our in our interests.

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I'm sure if we send Jane Fonda to China, she'll be happy to reassure us that no one is being mistreated and that all the people who've been locked up in their houses or factories for the past few months are happier now than they were when they were free.

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Chinese culture is more conformist, yes, but every government's mandate ultimately derives from its ability to keep people fed and out of abject poverty. If it fails to do that, it will eventually generate a revolution.

The reason that hasn't happened yet in the ostensibly freedom-minded West, despite numerous and obvious abuses by our own leaders, is that we're still too comfortable. The CCP is really pushing its luck right now, though.

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Imagine going to work every day in the old building, and being able to stop every once in a while in the middle of your bullshit office job, look around you and be reminded just just a moment that beauty exists. To have your spirits uplifted, even for just a moment, would probably have actually made you more productive.

Postmodernists either don't understand that beauty itself has utility, or they actively hate the idea of it. I'm sure that renovated building has all of the trappings that a modern office building needs: eco-friendly insulation, gender-neutral bathrooms, a wine bar and a place to nap. Very utilitarian.

But whereas the old building was probably in use for centuries, this one will be empty in a couple of decades. Despite all of its utilitarian trappings, it will quickly become clear that no one has any use for it. No one will have any use for it because no one wants to be in it, and no one wants to be in it because it's so fucking ugly.

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That's the Swiss model, and it works perfectly. Almost no violent crime or gun crime, and every man has a gun and military training in case of an invasion.

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