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War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Murder saves lives.

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In the past week, at least two churches have burned down in Toronto in suspicious circumstances. Actual property was damaged. People could have been hurt. Maybe TPS should devote their resources to investigating those.

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I thought she died during the Jan 6 insurrection?

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Go get fucked then.

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On top of that, it looks like this production is in the UK, where the libel laws are so ridiculous that satirical publications are routinely forced to pay out obnoxious sums to the subjects of their satire.

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Got all of the Command & Conquer games on a Steam sale for $30. First time I've played the OG Red Alert in probably 20 years.

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The real positive outcome from this will be that it hastens the end of Selective Service entirely. Nobody really cared for as long as only men had to formally agree to go die in globalist wars in exchange for their rights, but now that women are effected it will put booster rockets on campaigns to end the practise completely.

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No access to my bookmarks right now so I can't provide too many links, but the basic summation of arguments for and against female suffrage actually changed over time.

It was always an elite driven project. In the 19th century suffrage wasn't universal for men either, so the women arguing for the right to vote were all wealthy and propertied, usually widows who had inherited their money from dead husbands or other men.

Even so, most women before WWI didn't actually want the vote, because they didn't want the responsibilities that were required of men in exchange for the franchise. It was only after the war, when the franchise was expanded to include working class men, that the female suffrage movement started to gain widespread support. This was mainly political: in Europe and the Commonwealth, it was mostly Liberals and Conservatives who supported suffrage for propertied women due to their concern that working class men who had gained the franchise would largely vote for upstart left-wing parties like Labour.

Ironically, this meant that the loudest voices in opposition to female suffrage during this period were often leftists. One of the best distillation of these arguments that I've seen comes from Ernest Belfort Bax, who was a full-on anarcho-socialist. You can read it here.

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"You pay cash! No Visa! You pay Visa I kill you."

-Every Third-World cabbie and restaurant owner ever

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Fuentes is a disingenuous, grifting faggot with no real skin in the game. His entire purpose is to keep naming hills for the right to die on in order to ensure we never actually achieve anything.

People with lives and common sense who support Trump support no new foreign wars, support the wall, support the most based SCOTUS in a century, support the best economy we've had since Eisenhower, support cutting illegal immigration in half, bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US, nuking multilateral corporatist trade deals, support tax breaks that produce tangibly more money in the pockets of the middle class. These are the things that Trump did deliver.

"Trump didn't reset the clock to 1776, deport 50 million immigrants and dismantle 2 centuries of bureaucracy and corruption in one four-year term so I'll never vote for him again" is everything that's wrong with the right. Puritanism is always a path to failure, and people like Nick Fuentes know it. He is an agent of the establishment, and his purpose is to make us fail.

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I'm calling it now. Selective Service will be completely abolished inside 5 years due to simping.

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Captive test subjects who can't afford / don't have access to alternative food sources and aren't allowed to just quit their jobs. Because experimenting on our own soldiers has never gone wrong before.

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It's not even that calculated. They hate men. Men like Star Wars. Therefore they will destroy Star Wars. Nobody at Disney seems to care if they actually make money off of this shit, so the bitter, miserable feminists at Lucasfilm are left to be the spiteful cunts they were born to be.

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It wouldn't make a difference. It's an election year and the feds are paying people like this to disrupt and derail dissident forums.

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I don't think the apps create the addiction. They just exacerbate a disorder that's already there. Yes, it's bad for them, but some women will always be looking for that kind of attention using whatever tools they have at their disposal.

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Nope, but it's good to know that your hatred of Jews and faggots so comprehensively defines your personality and worldview that you'd rather live in a country full of cousin-fucking purveyors of child brides just to get away from them. So it's not really degeneracy that you disapprove of, then.

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Congratulations. That was two logical fallacies in as many sentences. By any chance do you happen to be a woman?

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You asked me to defend a position I never expressed support for.

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Why are you so much more enamored of Muslim degeneracy than Western degeneracy? Why do you not care about the grooming gangs raping adolescent white girls or the cousin-fuckers mutilating their ten-year-old daughters before marrying them off to grown men? What exactly is so morally superior about Pakistan?

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But they'd be fine with an Underage Cousins Matchmaking Club.

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