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Unfortunately, it... Did seem that way. Nearly a decade ago.

But no, this person is famous over here, for its... "Activism".

That's just what zero actual effort to "transition" or "fit in" looks like. Zero. Ironically, it (yeah, I'm gonna stick with "it") probably looked even worse before, if that's possible.

Look up Mouncey's AFL pictures. They're... Something, to say the least (and honestly put paid to the whole "issue")... :-S

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Australia isn't real, anyway, remember! We're just actors!

But beyond that, no, no I don't think they would, lol...

We're... More relevant than we should be (to the point where we are literally the biggest non-NATO arms supplier to Ukraine, now), in many ways, but yeah... Nah, the world can do without this place (or at least its people and "culture", lol).

But please, please bomb Melbourne, first, if it has to be anywhere. And Canberra (our DC/Ottawa. Like, in every possible way.) And the Gold Coast, perhaps. Because fuck the Gold Coast, lol.

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Fuck, there is hope for us all, then...

I get this/feel it on a spiritual level, lol. Though I'm not female. And would never, ever do anything even remotely... "Queer". But yeah, look, I fucking get it.

I wish I didn't, though.

And beyond that, I've seen the "phenomenon" you describe so many times that it is no longer funny. In the Anglosphere and beyond.

So yeah, this holds, very clearly, with my anecdotal experience...

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Was a, I think handball (the European game) or indoor volleyball player, for Australia, on MALE Olympic/other international teams...

Hence the size, and the look, and the... "Activism", while attempting to intrude into women's sports at the same time...

You should see the photos of Mouncey playing football (Aussie Rules). It's... Disturbing, to say the least.

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I’m slightly confused by your last sentence, as it seems to contradict itself somewhat…

Care to explain further??

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I'm not sure whether it's... "Good", or "bad" to find this sort of stuff, just confirming that this is happening to other people too, for equally as ridiculous reasoning.

In a sense, it makes me feel better, because it means that it wasn't just me, and I am right that I didn't deserve it, and that all of these features have been weaponised. That, I suppose, is good for my currently fucked mental health (not over Reddit. Life is just shit, right now. I'm sorry guys).

However, in a much more... "Objective" sense, and looking at this from a "political", or "free speech" perspective...? This is fucking terrifying. The fact that it is backed by the admins, and that they will now attack you for reporting this behaviour, by the mods (!!!)..? That should scare everyone. Not just Reddit users. The company is worth vast amounts of money, and it has an absurd outside influence, for the number of actual... "Active users", there. :-/ As you all, no doubt, know already, being Reddit "refugees" like me.

Fucking insane. We're headed for some very bad times, if these highly trafficked "social" websites (Reddit, Facebook, and obviously Twatter) are any indication whatsoever.

Good day to you all.

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These same idiots got me banned from a different city, in a totally unrelated state (also in Australia), today, even though I stopped responding yesterday (they kept abusing me all through the night and into this morning), and then they got me warned by Reddit using a feature that is designed to prevent suicide threats, but is frequently abused ("Reddit Community Support")...

I essentially had to prove I was "not suicidal" in order to be able to keep using that Reddit account...


What an absolute fucking debacle.

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I think I might take a sabbatical from posting and commenting, again, guys. Here and on Reddit (like, fuck it, there's no way I want to experience yesterday again, like, ever...), pretty much anywhere.

I just... Clearly I'm not in an appropriate life situation to be "clear-headed" about this shit. Clearly...

That's not really my fault. It just is.

So... I'm sorry, but I'm just gonna have to take a break. For a while. Until I find something to be happy about.

All the best, genuinely. And thanks.

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Anyway, it turns out this bitch moved states to the same place I was in (and didn’t tell me), befriended some of my classmates (outside of Uni, for her, lol. Through sport), and joined my local (suburban) football club

A place I passed nearly every day, for 3 years, and had some involvement in…

I know all this, now. That place is mine, just as much as hers. I haven’t even been there for some time, now, but when I get back, I will live my life to my utmost best, in that fucking town, oh, and well she damn well ain’t keeping me out of the footy club, either. Not when the lads are playing.

If she has a problem with that, then, much like tonight, that’s on her. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I got there first. I lived there first. I had friends involved in that club first.

She damn well doesn’t get to move to the other side of the country, to my new local area, and take that away from me.

Petty? Maybe. But fuck that, lol…

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Yeah. You’re right, I think. Oh well.

It got so low, today, that I decided, “Fuck it, may as well message this girl I used to be close to” (not on Reddit. She doesn’t know about any of this).

She blocked me. Instantly. Before even reading what I wrote. Before I even finished typing my message of “Hey, I know it’s been a while, sorry about that, but how are yo-….”

Wild. Totally unprovoked. Totally… “Out of character” with the girl I thought I knew. With the girl I loved, though I never told her.

So that… Took over my evening. Far outweighed all this other petty shit. I would love to say I just moved on, and didn’t give it another thought, but nah, that’s not how this works, is it?

Still in shock, honestly. That someone who I still thought was great, even if we hadn’t spoken in a while, would slam the door in my face like this, literally without even a word, lol…

So… There’s that, I guess.

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It's actually funny. Like, you have to laugh. Because shit like this is so fucking bad, that it is the only appropriate response.

To be clear, there is no way I deserved this. Not in a million years. So that is totally on her to such an extent that it, well it makes me wonder how the hell it got to this.

But it isn't my fault. I do at least know that.

No one deserves to be treated this way by someone who they literally would've trusted with their life, a few years back, lol.

At least not when just saying "Hey".

So... We move on, right? And we just keep moving on.

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Well, I did it. But it went worse than I could ever have imagined. Like, in my wildest ideas of how badly it could possibly have gone, I didn't actually picture this.

She literally didn't even let me finish typing before she blocked me. There and square. Straight away. Without even reading it. No response. No answer. Just an instant block on all forms of contact, as soon as I finished typing.

Basically all I said was "Hey, I'm really sorry it's been so long. How are you?", but obviously with more words. And she blocked me. As I was typing.

I'm honestly too shocked to really feel anything, at this point. This is someone who I used to be very close to, even though we never... Did anything. So... This is quite a shock.

Totally, totally unprovoked. The only thing I've done "wrong" is not messaged her or been in touch in a long time.

So thus, it actually ends. In a bizarrely anticlimactic, terribly sad, and really very... Odd, way.

I'm too disappointed to let it upset me too much, tbh. I don't deserve this. Not from her. Not now.

But oh well. Fuck her, quite honestly, if that's her fucking response.

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Oddly, I think today, being probably the worst I’ve felt in a couple of years, made me realise that I have to tell someone that I’ve loved since we were kids that I miss her. Just that. That I… Would love to be in touch again.

I don’t think I realised until today that she is probably it. She’s the one. I always told myself “Maybe one day, but you’re not good enough for her right now.”

Well, I don’t think that’s good enough anymore. I have to at least try. So god, at least that’s something.

It was always her. Always. And damn I wish I had told her that 10 years ago.

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Cheers man. Trying not to. I honestly and genuinely appreciate that, heh. ❤️

Really just… I’m done with most of Reddit, including the geographical subs, here. Today was… Extremely brutal. And I just wasn’t “mentally prepared” for people to treat me the way that sub did, for fucking zero justified reason, lol…

I thought I was done with that shit. If not high school, then “college”. If not “college”, then work. If not Facebook, then Reddit.

Bowling for Soup wasn’t far off the mark. High school really does never end, lol…

But hey, at least I didn’t get “suspended” from my job, or get death threats, like that academic did

That’s so amazingly fucked up (especially the Uni itself playing a part in that) I can’t believe it is coming out of Tassie. I really… Just can’t, lol.

Hope you’re having a good one, bud.

Cheers again.

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Yeah, I.... Probably actually reached that point, today. I checked back. It... Got worse.

I haven't really had people behave like that, in such a big "mob", on Reddit for a while...

Like Facebook at it's worst. It actually... Hit me harder than I might have expected it to. Because it has gotten really, really nasty.

Which I suppose means I "hit too close to home", for them. I mean, who trawls through post history, if they aren't desperate to try and "win' an argument? Who attempts to "doxx" someone, just because they disagree with them??

Facebook did it to me a couple of times. And then I just... Gave up on it.

When I was just finishing High School, some absolute shitheads thought it would be funny to put up a fake ticket-selling ad on a Craigslist-type site (Gumtree), with my number and name linked.

The way Gumtree works? You can't, or at least couldn't, at that point, report a fake ad, or a "spoofed" number. So I had weeks of unsolicited calls, texts and emails, from randoms asking me for music festival tickets. It was evil, in the most brutally clever, and technically legal, way...

That's what today was like. That level of... Fuckery. So honestly, while I won't... Delete anything, or back down (because FUCK THEM), I'm just... Really over the whole thing.

I'm trying not to let it "get to me", but fuck me, people down here can be utterly brutal sometimes. :-(

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Yeah, look, this whole thing with his "kid" is so fucked that I just... That's enough internet for me, today, looking that up...

Unfortunately this idiot (the "daughter") is doing irreversible damage to "her"self, just to prove a fucking point.

How very fucking sad, and what an indictment of a) "her" mother, b) "her" upbringing/schooling, and c) (I assume Californian) society more broadly, smh... :-(

It's just really fucking sad.

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Final point: I know Reddit isn't representative of "real life". At all. That was partly what I was arguing with these people about - that the community at large fundamentally disagrees with them. That's what made them so angry, too.

But... I do think that this sort of stuff is representative of wider issues, here, as I pointed out below. You know when a place has a dark, insular sort of vibe, and severe... What we call in Aus "tall poppy syndrome", where those who "stand out from the (in this case, "progressive") norm" are shot down, and eventually driven out of town..?

This is a real, genuine problem, here, and I don't want to sound like some sort of... Whining leftist, but I really do think that... There are better places than this. To live. At least for me.

Living here also contributed to giving me a chronic illness (MS). Like, with 100% certainty, it did (highest rates in the southern hemisphere, baybe! lol...), so...

Fuck it. I'm pretty done with trying to make this place work for me. I'm done with the "community" here. So... Maybe that's a good thing.

If you live in the US, imagine, I dunno, fucking Pennsylvania is what it comes closest to (including Quakers, very prominently, down here), probably. But with like, 1/20th of the population. Rhode Island, maybe?

Rust belt shithole with decent environment and fucking hipsters. Odd combination.

In Canada, I guess it's very much like any of the Maritimes. "Labrador of the South", let's say. or PEI.

For the UK, yeah, it's the North. Or fucking Wales. You get the idea, anyway...

Fuck this absolute fucking dump.

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It's... Complicated.

But it's $600 million dollars (!!!!). The entire state's GDP, for a couple of years. That's how much it is estimated as planned to cost. And the council has given them a permanent "rate freeze" on all the buildings they have ALREADY bought, without public consultation...

But it's way, way more complicated than that. I'm on the "leave it where it is" side, if that wasn't clear, because I know enough about this to fundamentally disprove their arguments...

See the links above, if you want more context. And/or my other post.

This is a huge thing, down here, right now. Like, we're talking a once-in-a-century, multi-generational decision, here, that has far-reaching implications for the whole state. And yet... Some people would "rather" we didn't discuss the pro's and con's, and the alternative proposals, at all, smh...

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You know how when people get nasty here it generally gets called out, unless it is "warranted"..? Or we actually know when someone is joking, or it's banter?

Well this has been... Not like that.

It's not friendly. It's not... "Jocular". It's not "banter". It's just endless vile attacks and the very worst TOS violations you can imagine.

But these are the same people who were literally calling for a lynch mob (an actual one, to burn down his house. Not a digital one) last year, against a... Let's say "white trash" person who "escaped" hotel quarantine, at the height of Covid panic...

So they're not just garden variety internet spergs. They're very possibly actually "banal evil".

I called them out on it, so they temp banned me for a while. I posted about it here, at some point, I remember.

That's how bad the place is, dude... :-(

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Oh dude, you should see it, at this point...

I refuse to delete it, because... Fuck letting them win. But they've gone full doxx attempt, now... :-(

I don't exactly wanna link it because I like to keep my socials separate (obviously), but FML it got really, really bad...

Full-on trawling of post history, full doxxing attempts, some of the vilest insults and attacks I have heard in probably a couple of months (i.e. directed at me)... And these are supposedly my fellow fucking citizens, in this place...

Yeah, look, I'm honestly pretty done with the internet for today. Unfortunately.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but I really... I just didn't expect this. See the links I posted above, for more context of just how bad this has gotten, towards other people who did the same/called this shit out. :-(

I left this place (i.e. the state itself. Not KIA2), for a reason. It has taken a very, very short amount of time to be reminded exactly why.

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