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What is that Addison… Thing?? 😳

I get that the short brown one is a… sigh “trans male”, or at least would have been, 5 years ago, but I genuinely cannot tell exactly what the other one is

Is it a woman with a beard, or a faggot with a wig?? I can no longer tell. Sincerely… 🤦🏻‍♂️


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The Spectator is your best bet. They're by far the most reasonable, in their coverage...

I've already linked their stories on Djoker in the past, but I can try and link some more later, but basically, go there, in a "Private/Incognito" tab, to avoid the paywall, and read away!

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It’s funny how even Djoker has largely moved on from this shit, and yet the media, the fucking media, just cannot let this die… 😑

Fuck them. And fuck all the wine mums who still watch that shit, too… 🤦🏻‍♂️

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It’s The New Yorker… That’s their whole thing. So the “progressive” pseudo-intellectuals can claim to their friends that they “read”, and are “informed”…

See also: The Atlantic, which is exactly the damn same… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hate to be that guy, but it’s not just in America

Generally speaking, Israel’s rabid ethnat Neofascist schtick is quite the opposite of the views of most, umm, other Jews…

Sure, the Ultra-Orthodox are not what anyone would call “progressive”, but they’re very much in the minority…

There’s a reason so many Jews find Israel’s rhetoric (mandating clot shots excluded) to be, well… Let’s say distasteful. Especially post-Bibi… 😑

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Yup, I agree. The responses to this post, from some of our... "Regulars", are, uhh, enlightening, to say the least...

"Cultural differences" be damned, some of the responses here, specifically seemingly mostly from "Americans" are... Absolutely whack.

Does anyone really believe that some of this shit would ever fly? That a business which pays its workers $1 an hour would actually attract a LOCAL workforce, vis a vis cheap immigrant labour, which some people here also complain about, in the next paragraph..?

Come on, guys, that is not how economics works... facepalm

But yeah, anyway, you're right. It's just that some people here post the most bizarre, pseudo-intellectual shit, sometimes, as we can see from the post replies here...

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The Reddit worship for this lot (in WorldNews et al) is something else, man...

Like, even by Reddit standards it is fucking pathetic...

Surely no organic wokie actually worships these people, and thinks they are "the best and brightest of humanity"...? Surely not. I cannot actually fathom that level of doublethink...

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They locked comments on this, because of course they fucking did...

I imagine even some Guardian readers can see through this utterly transparent lie.

Fuck them. Fuck Abigail Disney. Fuck the Guardian. Fuck them all...

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OG Link: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/19/millionaires-call-on-governments-worldwide-to-tax-us-now

Of course this is in the fucking Guardian, the newspaper of choice for the upper middle class, pseudo-"woke" liberal...

Fuck. Ing. Hell...

"Group of 102 wealthy people say tax would help tackle gulf between rich and poor"

"More than 100 members of the global super-rich called on Wednesday for governments around the world to “tax us now” to help pay for the pandemic response and tackle the gulf between rich and poor.

The group of 102 millionaires and billionaires, including Disney heiress Abigail Disney, said the current tax system is rigged in their favour and needs to be rewritten to make taxation fairer for hard-working people and restore trust in politics."

Absolute clown show. These are people who actively choose to avoid tax, and then they spew this toxic bullshit.

Oh my fucking god, this is juicy...

Who in god's name actually believes this is legitimate? Who??!

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AFP is the Feds, guys. Like the Capitol Police combined with the National Guard plus some aspects of the FBI, I suppose...

It doesn't quite translate, but basically, if the door gets busted down, for "incitement", I imagine they will probably be involved... :-S

I cannot imagine the state police here would be competent, or well-resourced enough, to bother. Victoria is a different kettle of fish entirely... :-/ As is NSW and Qld. I've dealt with NSW and Qld riot police. The NSW ones in particular are fucking terrifying... And that was solidly 5+ years ago.

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Psychopathic bully continues to bully and gaslight the entire population of his state, and beyond...

More at Six. :-/

I'm honestly waiting for someone to jump out from behind one of these fucking trees, and jump the man (AFP, I do not endorse this. I'm just spitballing... shrug).

I'm sure there's a police cordon around the whole park/garden while he is there, but if they snuck in early and hid + waited overnight, perhaps..?

I'm quite certain they would probably be shot during the attempt, but hell, at least it would show that some Australians have a spine, and still care...

Make these bastards scared to show their faces outside, at all times (again, AFP, this is not a tacit endorsement). That is the ONLY way...

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If you don’t yet know what that “is”, trust me, you really don’t wanna know…

It’s the wokest, “queerest”, most bullshit thing you can pretty much imagine (Australia has an equivalent, too. I’m sure most countries with “woke” co-opted natives probably do, by now)… Although I suppose the Alphabet Soup pronoun freaks have surpassed that, by now, with other bullshit, arguably… 😑

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Weimar isn’t the first time, either…

See: pretty much all of “Imperial continental Europe”, pre-WW1; Napoleon III-era France vs Prussia; the Ancien Régime (also in France); the fall of Constantinople, and before that (most notably) Rome, and before that Ptolemaic Egypt, and loooong before that, the various Greek city states, and even before that, the Minoans, in Crete…

We’ve quite literally always done this…

It seems that degeneracy and moral… Decline, function as a sort of… “Population control”, if you like.

Weak men >> Hard times, etc…

Cycles of collapse. We’re about due for one. It’s just that this time, due to things being so “globalized”, now… it might take out the whole “West”… 😑

Question is, which powder keg: Taiwan, Ukraine and Belarus (again), or a fucking US Civil War 2.0….? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Yeah, all true, except this is explicitly the Victorian government, so it’s state laws at play, here…

I forgot which Tweet it was that got him in trouble/triggered this (he did explain that, didn’t he?), so kudos for that, though!!

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I actually agree with you pretty much completely, here, which is saying something…

Coming from an Australian perspective, what you have in Europe seems utterly admirable. We don’t have those protections here, though we are also not as, umm, extreme, as America (or indeed NZ)…

And I’ve been fired for a “no fault” situation (without going into detail - calling a supervisor out for bullying, who then proceeded to attempt to assault me, amusingly), so… To say I would’ve fucking loved those sorts of protections… Is putting it mildly.

Seeing some of the comments here (from Americans, presumably) genuinely alarms me, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

I literally do not see the world in the same way as many people here do, which is… Let’s go with “interesting”.

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I’ve read this, and the rest of the letter, through, and I don’t think this legal argument holds any water…

In fact, it appears quite literally self-contradictory

But then, so did Alex Hawke’s comments last weeks, re Djokovic…

I’m clearly not… Legally trained. I’m just also not stupid, or naïve enough to believe this shit.

Anyone here who does have legal training… What do you think?

I suspect this threat would fall to pieces, in court, but then… IANAL, as I said. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I know it depends on the jurisdiction, of course, and exactly how broad the powers of the Electoral Act are, but… Spitballin’ here, it just reads like absolute bullshit… At least from my perspective.

Then again, this is a country that has “Using a carriage service (i.e. the internet, or a phone line) to offend, harass or humiliate” as a real law, on the books, AND gives ministers the power to deport and ban people for three years, ”because [they] do not like their views” so… I guess I shouldn’t be terribly surprised. Just disappointed. 😑

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Tweet link, as I already posted elsewhere, before:


To clarify the exceptionally poorly-written legalese, here (I would have posted the other two pages, but image posts here don’t work like that. You’ll have to look on the Tweet link!), this letter, poorly-written though it may be, states that you are not allowed to criticize the government, or “individual politicians”, in an open forum, unless you directly label such criticism as ”electoral materials”

Also, spot the massive syntax error, if you would, that makes it apparent some poor intern drafted this as a quickly-written threat, and probably little more… 🙄

Now, I’m no constitutional expert, but three things, here: 1) I’ve worked for Electoral Commissions, before, though not in Victoria. While they might like to think they do, especially in an election year, they absolutely do not have the power to issue this fine, and it is an “empty threat, as it were. 2) This sort of thing is absolutely not in the purview of the Electoral Commissioner. This is not something that “we”, as (former) staff there, are in the habit of doing, or writing up. So for this to have been sent, it has to have occurred at the express pressing of a politician, or their staffers. That, in itself, should contravene the “electoral act”, and is highly dubious… And 3) Democratic “norms” expressly exist for a reason… If you ban dissent, or in any way make it illegal, as this does, then you are no longer a “democracy”, and should absolutely be called out by the international community as such.

They did it with Hungary. They did it with Poland. They did it with Rwanda. They did it with Bolivia. If this is Australia, now, and this does not get called out, then the “international community” has failed. I’m not saying I agree with three out of four of those (Rwanda, yes. Arguably Bolivia, yes.), but that isn’t the point, here. The bald-faced hypocrisy is.

Look, the last week has been completely blackpilling for the supposed “rule of law” in this country, but this should be almost as worrying as Djokovic was. I was under the impression “we” were still masquerading as a democracy. This letter clearlu calls that into question, as I just outlined… At least for the state of Victoria. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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*our greatest ever.

Whoops. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seriously, bloke is absolutely on point, maybe even more than Djokovic. And clearly has the brains, and the balls (lol) to actually think for himself, unlike, say, most of these absolute dogshit tennis players who threw Novak under the bus…

Oddly, Zverev and Kyrgios, who I don’t think much of, normally, are two of the only male tennis players to actually stand up… And this guy, of course.

A good ally to have, I think.

No wonder the MSM cancelled all his speaking/commentary contracts… 😑

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It’s (quite a bit) poorer, and more… Unstable.

Like India on steroids, in the worst possible way…

There’s a reason you hear about all the building collapses, slave labour and terrible flooding, in Bangladesh, and very little positive… 😞


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I think Imp is British, too, originally, so this reaction should be spicy...

Don't get yourself banned again, though, Imp! You're probably actually right, in this case... :-/

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That I am, that I am.

God it's weird arguing this point with people...

Like, literally less than 5 minutes of research is needed to confirm this.

Are there seriously people in the US who see all of those literal Spanish names on a map and don't think, "Hmm, I wonder why that is?" or don't just implicitly know that..??

I mean, come on... :-/

Here's one that will blow even more minds: New Orleans is named after Orléans in France. Because it was a French settlement, initially.

"No way!", some might say...

Well, sorry to tell ya (not you, Miners. You're good.), but maybe the history of your continent is a little more complicated (and I would argue interesting) than some may have thought...

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The truth? Deny history all you want - those places only exist because the fucking Spanish went there first, dick.

Not denying their subsequent development was American, or that they aren’t part of America now, but the only reason they are there is because the Spanish settled there in the first place, smdh…

Literal facts.

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