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Yeah, even I’m bamboozled by that one… 😏

Seriously though, you’re right. It always… Jars me to pretend to say “she”, for say, Bruce Jenner. Because it’s like I’m literally lying to my own conscious brain, or something… 🤢

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Something something, “any organization that is not explicitly right wing”, something something…

Fuck the ACLU. This is disgusting… No principles whatsoever. But we already knew that.

You’re the only country with (theoretically) explicitly constitutionally enshrined free speech. You MUST protect and defend that, or else we’re all fucked… 😕

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I think most people would replace “kids” in that sentence with a) dogs, or b) animals in general, so that’s… Awkward.

Senile and also pedo-creepy. “Love” it… 👎🏻🤮

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Not eating properly during the most crucial period of puberty will do that to ya, I imagine… Also why she still looks 12. Genuinely sad…

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I forgot to add: the neologism for what has happened in Aus, with all the Aboriginal shit - land acknowledgments, reparations, affirmative action, and an increasingly divided society - is “reconciliation”. That’s what they call it.

Same in Canada. Same in NZ. Do not let that shit come to your homelands. That and “decolonization” will be the end of the West. Quite literally. That is the endgame.

Do not let your spirit wane, and fight, fight, fight, so you don’t end up where Australia is today.

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Sadly, that may probably be true…

Though she’s 18, now, no..? So maybe (hopefully) they missed their chance..?

I suppose it means that she has more legal control over her life, including things like that, but less… Legal recourse, if that DOES end up happening…

Jesus, it makes me sad/makes my skin crawl even having to THINK about that… 😕

Either way, I… Doubt she makes it to 40, if even 30…

Remember that girl who was raped and they covered it up, Daisy Coleman..? She barely lived into her 20s, and completely ruined her body even before that… I really hope Greta doesn’t go the same way. Genuinely.

Side note, I also personally know a girl who was groomed when she was at school, and now spends her days… Being an angrier version of Greta, but her campaign is literally against men, instead of “climate change”…

She won my country’s highest yearly honour, in January…

She’s also married to Abigail Breslin’s brother, bizarrely…

Anyway, odds of her making it to 40, alive..? I would say less than 10%. I’m honestly surprised she made it to 27, with that much… Righteous anger. So… Yeah.

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Funnily enough, that’s same-same in Aus, with OUR natives…

Like, word for word exactly the same. Kek…

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Hahahahaha 👎🏼🤮😑🔫

See, I used to genuinely hate the poor sick freak, but this is just, honestly, really quite sad…

Funny, but sad, and very, very pathetic.

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Friendly reminder that they don’t care…

I know, I know. But it’s true. They’ve well and truly proved that by now. They don’t give a flying f about “ethics”, the “hyppocratic oath” (hypocritical oaf) or the constitution of the country, state or in this case province…

They’re winning the culture war, and that’s all they care about.

Something something, “Never forget these people want you dead…”, etc.

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Still kind of sad you deleted this before I really read it fully, to be honest… :-/

Don’t be dissuaded - someone’s gotta do what you’re trying to do here, no matter the negative way some here responded!

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See, here’s the thing: birth is hard. Like, proper hard. Medically, physically… That’s why women used to die, very frequently, in childbirth.

Hence, women need time to PHYSICALLY RECOVER from said birth, and also to breastfeed the fucking baby. That is literally why the concept of maternity leave was invented, once women stopped giving up work altogether, after they had kids…

Paternity leave, in and of itself… Is kind of bogus, because, hurrdurr, men don’t NEED to physically recover FROM GIVING BIRTH. Sure, you can argue “emotional support”, “minding the baby” and/or “sleep deprivation”, but inherently, such a concept can only exist in a modern, essentially post-scarcity, society…

For Butty-fuck, who ALMOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT PRESENT WHEN THE BABY WAS BORN, or, if he was, he certainly wasn’t there to “emotionally support the (surrogate) mother”, to go on “maternity/paternity/sissy” leave, is just… Well it shows how fucking far, and fast, this society has declined…

Fuck this timeline. We are absolutely fucking screwed.

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I mean, Soros isn’t really even what we would generally call “establishment”, at least prior to what, the last decade or so…

Unlike, say, Jacob Rothschild, or the Royal Family, or David Cameron, or George W Bush, or Hillary Clinton…

He’s more… A “shadowy” behind the scenes figure with a fuck tonne of money who apparently reshapes things behind the scenes. “New money” vis a vis old money.

Although now that the “new money” woke corporate donor class effectively IS the establishment, eh… I dunno exactly where he fits.

Personally, though, I blame the system that allows this undue influence to occur/be pedalled, rather than one (old) Hungarian Jewish weirdo with more money than sense, and far too many pet causes… But I guess that’s just me.

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Same as Poland, Czech Republic (less so), Ukraine and essentially much of the former Eastern bloc (arguably minus Slovakia and Lithuania. I’m sure there are other exceptions, too…).

I would hazard a guess there’s reasons for that.

Slovenia is tiny, though. Tiny tiny. So I guess they’re just so… Obscure, outside of cycling, that they’re PM can get away with being based, unlike, say, Orban or arguably someone like Kurtz or Le Pen…

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I hate to say it, but he also… Wasn’t an overly great MP. Sure, he supported Brexit, and wanted to cut down on knife crime (irony of irony), but he was still a corrupt, career toff.

While I think it’s shit that he was murdered, I also think it was awful that Joe Cox was murdered. The murder is the issue, and also how/the place it occurred, much more so than the fact it was this posh twit it happened to… IMHO.

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Same with the head mod of r/Australia… Believe he’s a Pakistani Muslim…

Funny, what… Coincidence?? 🧐

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I accidentally went to a gay bar, once, with two girls… It’s a long story. Anyway, was… Genuinely one of the worst “nights out” of my life. And can confirm that yes, that behaviour is considerably worse, in those places, but no, there are definitely women, generally speaking, also there. At least, where I went. It wasn’t as per the “myth”, though, where straight men can pick up any woman in a gay bar… That didn’t happen. But hey, maybe they just thought I was gay, too..?

Anyway, would not recommend. Thumbs down.

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Amusingly, the sub has now gone private, as has the rrrrr/Hobart one. So don’t follow the original link (although apparently the message it gives you, explaining why they are private now, is quite amusing!), follow one of the three archives attached to this thread instead.

Sorry I didn’t make another, final archive before they killed it. I thought about it, but I genuinely didn’t expect this response from the mods there, so… I didn’t.

In summary all you miss that happened since was more vile comments, and death threats against me and others who questioned the circlejerk… So that’s fun! 😑

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It looks like I (partly) broke them, then, when I reported the post (yeah, very faggy, I know. But even after mods “removed” it, these fucks kept commenting, and sending me and others who disagreed death threats), so that’s just hilarious…

Ahahahahahaha… We did it, boys and girls! We strangled their ability to doxx people, and threaten them, at least temporarily!!

I’ll keep my eye on the r/Hobart sub…

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None of that was “obsolete”. We still had ALL that shit, here, before the bloke did this.

Stop blaming individuals for not playing this dumb game. Blame those who put these bullshit fucking rules in place in the first place!

Besides, your idea is completely unsustainable, and has already been shown, multiple times over, in this country, not to fucking work!

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Yep. It is. That is exactly what is happening, and yes, 100%, to all of what you just said.

Then again, if this... Genuinely does result in some sort of civil war, I'll be quite happy to... Enlighten, shall we say, some of these people, on what that reality will be like, for them...

Did you see them cower, and go "not me, officer, not me!" in the comments, when they were called out for literally inciting violence..? It's so fucking pathetic, man. Beyond sad...

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He "escaped" hotel quarantine, after entering the state without a pass (yeah, you need a "pass" to enter, now, like some Communist state), and went to a supermarket, and then, I think, the mate's house which may have subsequently been burned down...

He's now refusing to comply with any of the Gestapo requests for further information, or wear a mask (guy is based AF), and so... Here we are.

But I would also add that the guy is, for want of a better word, a "bogan", in Reddit's eyes, and he lives/was found in a "bogan" (i.e. chav/hick/redneck/yokel) suburb. Hence the despicable, violent rhetoric.

He also wore a hoodie!! shock horror

I promise you, if this was a middle-class businessman in a suit, or a politician, say, you would be very, very unlikely to hear any of this sort of... Rhetoric.

It's purely because those involved, on Reddit, think they are better than him. "Superior humans", who are happy to live their lives locked inside, and all that...

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Someone claimed that the guy's house has already been burned down, thanks to the media "doxxing" its address, yesterday...

So this has already had disturbing consequences.

The people in that thread are quite literally inciting violence against the guy, as they are elsewhere on the sub/Reddit more broadly...

The mods removed it, but... Comments like those, and posts like that, are what get people killed. Never mind the telling anyone who questioned it, or disagreed, to "fuck off to America"... This does not end well, ever.

I genuinely fear for this place.

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