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In saner times these freaks were locked in a tent at the back of the circus and yokels paid a nickel to gawk at them.

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They seem to be doing just fine with their own thing. I can't think of another developer that has had consistently quality and innovative titles in every generation since the 80s.

Not every business needs to expand into every possible niche. Them not doing so allows for enterprising developers a take their basic ideas and expand on them to get a leg up. The "like {Zelda | Mario | Metroid | Pokemon | Smash Bros }" description is equivalent to millions in free marketing.

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When I was a kid I thought that crap was dumb to.

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I have 0 interest

It isn't about you. You have an duty to your parents, and to your bloodline. You can choose to shirk the duty, like you are doing now, but that doesn't change the fact that you have it.

But even if you are too much of a pussy to make the sacrifices necessary to fulfill your obligations, you can still contribute to other White families are a part of the chain of ancestry. The best way is by joining a church or other civic organization or getting involved in local politics.

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The elites have to eat somewhere

The people of high social standing are those who are willing to eat shit to keep it. They will pretend not to notice their "chef of color" or "black owned business" failed at making their steak properly rare or wilted their broccoli.

The competent jobs will be the ones that women don't want to shoehorn themselves into. The ones where you work alone, work outside, work graveyard hours, are dirty, smelly, and have individual accountability for results.

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Are your mother and father still alive? Honor them by getting getting married and having children, the more the better. After a couple of kids you will find the ennui quite quickly fades away, and you will realize how retarded you were for feeling that way in the first place.

Or if that is too much commitment then start by thanking God every day for your station in life and for the opportunities that He has placed in your path. Even if you don't believe just the act of fake gratitude will help attenuate the pride that is preventing you from expanding your consciousness past your immediate personal needs.

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I support anything that makes people question why they eat garbage goyslop.

Maybe a few will take this as an opportunity to make better lifestyle choices.

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Competent people don't need to be loyal the the people who got them the position because they have options. Incompetent people promoted above their abilities are completely beholden to the power structure because they don't.

The incompetent person will go out of her way to support her patrons whatever they do where as a competent person will judge each action on its own merits. The incompetent person will be willing to act unethically for her patrons because she knows not doing so means the patron can use any number of "legitimate" reasons, caused by her incompetence, to remove her.

Then the incompetent person who is given authority repeats the cycle for the people under her.

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There is a reason degenerates were exiled, or worse, from every human civilization since beginning of the species.

And that is the same reason the enemies of civilization are so enthusiastic about promoting degeneracy.

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Intentionally filming then broadcasting yourself committing a violent crime should be an automatic sentence upgrade to a capital offense.

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If you really are a good person then your penance is to carry that regret to your dying day, and to have it randomly come up to humble you if you haven't thought about it in a while.

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It is like the world ended in 2016. So little that came out after is worth anything.

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I'm surprised she isn't fatter.

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When you are starving everything tastes better. But also the re-watch let me appreciate the brutal fight scenes and how well-written Kingpin's plan to get "back in the game" was. Also Karen's backstory was properly tragic.

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I was disappointed in 3 when I first watched it on release just because it was scaled back compared to city-threatening ancient ninja cult from s2. But on re-watch I see it is actually a really good political thriller that is blended with a street-level super-hero story.

It wasn't orange-man-bad at all even if trailers might have tried to edit to look like it.

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In the gay commie "mind" allowing organizations and individuals the freedom of association to choose for themselves whether or not they want to deal with faggots = "gays must suffer".

One of the close to infinite number of reasons why we can't share the same civilization as them.

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If you don't follow his podcast you are doing yourself a disservice.


They are so solidly put-together and even-keel that they could potentially be used to purple pill normies on some third-rail issues like civil rights and israel.

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Now enact criminal penalties for the subversive who fly them.

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Anti Christian also since "diversity" always covers faggots and dykes.

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Once the pozz sets in there is no coming back, it is usually death spiral, layoffs, shutdown, then the parasites find other places to embed themselves into.

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they don't have to be evil, they can be merely ignorant.... think about how most of us were during the gamergate years when we thought the problem was a few corrupt journalists, not a worldwide anti-human cabal bent on dissolving civilization based on the promise that a utopia will rise from the ruins

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The WQ is the furthest frontier of basedness that very few men are willing to inhabit.

Even the idea of holding women accountable implies that, given the correct incentive structure, they have the capability to make correct moral decisions which are contrary to their inherent natures.

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