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It always is through federal bailouts, which are paid for by inflation and borrowing.

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I don't see the advantage of standing at the kitchen island doing work compared to a desk. Unless some tech came out recently gesture controls have never not sucked and vr controls require you to turn yourself into a robot to have any kind of precision. There is a reason mouse control has been used for a half century.

I have a 75in tv to watch movies and TV from and since they are all woke sewage I'm barely doing that at all.

On a flight I have a book...or sleeping.

The only thing I want out of wearable tech is AR combined with AI that lets me sort through all of my supermarket choices so I can boycott the stuff I want to boycott, avoid ingredients I don't want to eat, and generally optimize my buying options.

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AI will make very soon make physical schools obsolete.

There will still be taxpayer-funded warehouses to corral kids while their parents go contribute to GDP (or sit around spending welfare money), but the notion of that being for education is pretty much finished.

Instead the "education" will be a step-by-step state-approved curriculum that parents or the state-employed babysitters at the warehouses will make the kids go through. The system will eventually be gamified to use corporate sponsored tax-writeoff bribes to make the kids "self-motivated." The AI pedagogue will grade and otherwise assess progress, moving the kids between assignments with infinite granularity between skill levels so each student learns at exactly his own pace and each subject is perfectly tailored to his specific interests at the moment. This feedback will yield a treasure trove of psychometric and marketing data and create customer profiles starting from as soon as the kid has the capability to interact with a touchscreen.

And, like every standardized system, there will need to be a lot of lampshading and euphemization so that nobody has to outright say that at least half of the black kids are retarded and unfit to function in modern society.

The fight will be over who controls the curriculum, AI weighting systems and its training. If we are lucky there will be options and the default for based states will no longer be the gay commie agenda that has been the status quo for the last 3/4 of a century.

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Definitely true for me as I got older. I used to always play games on the max difficulty and relish setbacks and repeating until mastery. I played an alliance priest on PVP server at WoW launch and if that isn't the height of gaming masochism I can't tell you what is.

Now I got too much stuff going on to repeat 2 hours of gameplay because I missed one tough jump 3 times.

I want a continuous feeling that I'm making a bit of progress even when I occasionally play dumb and loose and have to restart. The Shadow of Mordor/War games are perfect for that kind of thing. The skill curve isn't fail--->succeed, it is "make slow progress" ---> "make fast progress while looking awesome!"

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globalists vs zionists

the faggotry industry and race hustlers and NGO watermelons are on the globalist side, dw and the normiecon gatekeepers are on the zionist side

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There are other public options but this one had a really friendly interface. It was well organized for TV shows, aggregating seasons so you didn't have to search for individual episodes.

If anyone wants send a private tracker invite over DM it would be appreciated.

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The will always incrementally insert their agenda in such away that reacting to any particular encroachment paints you as the villain.

Feminists will insert their "women are paid less" or "emotional labor is unpaid" talking points. Or "not enough women are doing x job" or whatever. Or talk about "unrealistic beauty standards" when those standards are usually "make an effort". Then will cry and accuse you of "misogyny" at the smallest pushback.

Race marxists will do stuff like always bringing up past "discrimination", push to "celebrate black voices", always pointing out when someone isn't White.

Faggots will put their buttsex flag and colors everywhere. Once it is everywhere you look they start to demand special privileges, because how can anyone deny them when they are in occupied territory?

They always deny their agenda and frame it as "its just being a decent person". A normie who isn't in the game and has been brainwashed by decades of subversive propaganda instinctively believes them. Doubly so for women who are almost incapable for doing anything that they think will paint them in a negative light with their peer groups.

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I think Stalker is high up the list of best movies ever made.

It is one of those where you go "What am I watching?" when you see it for the first time yet it sticks with you. Then, after a few days, you feel almost a compulsion to watch it again.

I'm not sure how to describe it without sounding all artsy fartsy but the atmosphere itself is a compelling character which draws you in, and how the actors give the most mundane scenes this aura of fantastic mystery.

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Can't wait until a whole generation of men just say "women can't vote.... what are you going to do about it?"

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So far have only heard good things about it.

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About time all of us took responsibility and started spending our money consciously and not just on what is most convenient or cheapest.

Shorten those supply chains. it is the only way minimize the attack surface that centralized distributors present for gay commie subversion.

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Leftism is never getting over hating your Dad for having authority over you.

Instead of forgiving his imperfections as a part of your process of growing up and maturing, you cling to that resentment as the core of your identity.

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BotW and Tears are both great games. You have to think of it from a kid's perspective of having this massive world to lose yourself. Along with having physics-based intuitive ways to solve puzzles increasing that immersion.

Yes they are "repetitive" but if the gameplay is something you like that isn't a problem.

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I don't think I appreciated Doom 3 as much as it deserved. Expecting run and gun, got horror-style jumpscare in the dark gameplay which was part of the disappointment. But the game was mechanically good other than the retarded decision to not allow flashlight and weapon at the same time.

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Richard the Third, from the play, no idea whether he was the same in real life.

Starts a war because he is bored. Kills a woman's husband then smooth talks her into marrying him.

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Giant meteor right now!

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Trump de-escalated Syria when Mattis was champing at the bit to be supreme commander in a major theater war, and all of the zio-cons where howling for blood.

Yes he isn't ANTI israel but he is at least willing to take the US interest into consideration when he makes decisions as opposed to any other serious republican.

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None because they would make the hero a one legged gay downs syndrome eskimo midget or something and the bad guys would be the empire of White people.

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Same, it grosses normal people out.

I'm not currently in favor of anti-cartoon-childporn deathsquads... BUT I MIGHT CHANGE MY MIND IF YOU KEEP BRINGING IT UP!

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We can't have normal bus shelters because they will be occupied by bums. So instead of dealing with the bums we have to engineer anti-bum solutions while pretending they aren't anti-bum.

The correct solution is to use force against bums and keep them from making normal people's life worse. The "compassionate" (marxist) solution is to make life worse for everyone because that is more "equitable".

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