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Thats pretty much full INGSOC. Secret lists to punish wrongthink such as "A man can't change into a woman" or "black neighborhoods tend to have a higher crime rate".

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If it actually goes anywhere this is one of the big secession triggers.

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thank you very much for the compliment and feedback

if you would like to help shape the direction of development or even join in you can join us on our forum - https://kia2gameproject.freeforums.net/

we are in the process of choosing a theme/look now and also compiling the features we want for the beta release

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I like "economic violence".

It co-opts a tactic the commies like to use. Take a word that has a universally accepted meaning but also that normies are conditioned to react to it in a certain way, then add qualifier it means what I want it to mean but if someone argues against me I can accuse them of being bad actors because they are supporting the original unqualified negative definition.

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Really long but explains it all:


tl;dr there are two kinds of people

One is like Abel who shuts up and voluntarily makes the sacrifices and works hard and keeps going despite hardships and doggedly recovers from setbacks and frustrations - this kind of person eventually achieves "success" over a long term.

The other is like Cain who is hyper-sensitive, to the point of paranoia, about the appearance of success. But is also unwilling and deep down is afraid of the sacrifices necessary to achieve it. So Cain makes performantory sacrifices which are ultimately rejected because they aren't sincere. And then he refuses to accept responsibility for his own inadequacies. To protect his fragile and unearned ego from the pain of accepting his failures Cain lashes out and blames everyone and everything else.

Leftists are scions of Cain, who pretend to care and help but really are so terrified of responsibility they act out to deflect any scrutiny of themselves. And they justify their personal resentment and ultimately malice toward those who aren't like them by claiming it is the proper response to the cosmic injustice of their existence.

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Normies aren't able to think in terms of principles so they won't understand what is happening until it bites them.

They will virtue signal and pile on to the other guys who get shit on for stuff commies don't like, but say it isn't fair or is a mistake when the machine comes for them.

If they agree that people should be fired/banned for "racism" or "harassment" then that grants arbitrary power to the assholes who accuse everyone of racism. There is no limits anymore, just a fight over who has the juice to direct the mob.

If they don't agree then they have to defend someone who said "nigger" which they have been indoctrinated to find viscerally abhorrent basically since birth.

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If you are white (or asian), and have a family, IMMEDIATELY start making preparations to move to a deep red county in a solid red state in an area that is at least 45 minutes or more drive away from major city, the further the better.

Whatever price you have to pay to make that happen just pay it. If the country doesn't fall apart then you will have just greatly improved your quality of life. If it does then the possibilities of what can happen if you are in the wrong area are too horrible to contemplate.

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I know its owned by tencent but Trovo hosts a lot of really based content. The community could use more viewers if you want to give it a try.

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ty for playing

we went with the webgl/html deployment because that is the easiest way to get people to give the prototypes a try

if you have any criticism or feedback let me know and we can incorporate it into a future build

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Is that the itch.io page or the forums? If itch.io doesnt work for you can you try the zip from the fileshare link I posted in the comments?

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Thanks for playing! Let us know if you have any criticism or feedback so we can incorporate it into future builds.

Kung Fu master was an arcade game before it hit the nes but its a fun concept that sort of combined with a rhythm game in 1 finger death punch

As for itch I'm not planning on using that as our final hosting but also I dont know of other ad-free hosting at this time where I can make a relatively anonymous account. If you know of any let me know. If I cant find any I'll probably just spring for some web space before we do our final release.

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Demolition man also, online we are basically at "verbal morality statutes"

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I dont think either is a ripoff. They both take a similar premise of a big, important space station where lots of stuff happens then they go different directions.

You really have to suspend your disbelief with b5 as the ship CG is like ps1 era graphics. But I think over all they are both worth watching and enjoyable in their own way but never great.

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