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It is a loyalty oath to globohomo and a better test than any public proclamation.

Because really what is a more stark test of fealty to the new regime, other than visible self mutilation, than injecting anything they tell you to into your body while publicly denouncing anyone who doesn't or even asks questions?

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replying again because this is all I do, but Free Guy SUCKED

It was like someone saw Lego Movie, watched one stream of COD mobile, and thought "lets combine these two"! Except without any of the attempts at subtlety with in-universe humor that kept Lego Movie enjoyable.

It had the classic "movie within a movie" problem of Last Action Hero where the audience has no reason to give a shit about the in-movie plot and not enough time and energy was spent making them care about the "real world" wrapper.

Lego Movie worked since the the fantasy world that was built was taken seriously by the characters because the writers wrote them playing it straight. You can't do that with a video game analogue because there cant be any stakes for the NPCs, the NPC has to come back the exact same as before for the game analogy to work.

The idea of an NPC having the same persistence of a PC means there is a break in the premise but that is never addressed (Oh I started leveling!)

Maybe I'm just too old or haven't played any of the genre of game that this movie is based on but I couldn't even begin to suspend enough disbelief to shut off my brain and "have fun" with this one. One of the few that I (barely) sat through and then immediately deleted of my PLEX server.

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to be fair, they were just being pro-active

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If you aren't white then its "racism's" fault.

If you are white then its your fault for being an oppressor. Also take away guns because rednecks like them.

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you could give this one a pass as there definitely are problems with gun violence

Don't give them an inch.

There is no "gun violence" problem, there is a "shitty criminal culture" problem. That problem is entirely containing with a handful of cities that a have a high population % of non-whites and have been run exclusively by democrats decades.

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The books aren't "good" but they are "classic". IMO the ones after the original trilogy are better

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Most of the issues with the gay community revolve around the fact that it's dominated by hookup culture

The issue with the "gay community" is that it exists. There is no "normal community" where normal people get together and publicly talk about how proud they are of being normal.

Part of their fetish is they have to be "open" and "proud" of the fact that their life revolves around getting their dicks rubbed.

Gays and other fetishes belong in the closet and not something that is talked about in the public sphere. Yes they exist, just like other gross fetishes, but there isn't any need to talk about it.

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some "mental illness" is real

99% of what we call mental illness is just an excuse to get out of being held responsible for anything - which is why 100% of women have "mental illnesses"

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You are failing by giving them the language. There is no "lgbxyz". There is only normal and degenerate.

The first step is to stop pretending calling degeneracy something else changes the idea. Some worthless people (mostly weak men) have a mental illness where they are obsessed with getting their dicks rubbed and base their whole life around this activity.

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The proper socially acceptable response to women getting uppity in public is to go after their looks. Weight, hair, clothes, face etc.

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author is a middle aged roastie, probably slammed into the wall and now nobody is paying attention to her

quickly looks around at what she can burn to get that sweet dopamine rush, sees her kid and "thinks" yeah that will do the trick

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Women will always be the wedge issue. Women want the benefits of civilization but run screaming from the responsibility for their meager contributions to it.

The fundamental truth that has been pushed out of the overton window is patriarchy=civilization. Society has become so twisted that we all have to go around pretending that women are capable of making good decisions if we want to keep a job with a higher profile than midnight gas station attendent

The weaker the patriarchy is, the weaker the civilization is. And eventually it will be conquered by a stronger civilization so the women get the strong men they pretend not to want.

I hope our muslim or han overlords are merciful to the conquered.

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Get personal. Tell her she needs to hit the tae bo because all of her fat is making her hard to understand.

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Feminism has been a society wide shit test that the west has been failing for >150 years now.

Women start shit to confirm the man they are with is strong enough fight back and defeat other men. In this case the test is do the men ignore the whiney women or, in some cases give her a backhand if she gets too uppity, or do the weak men pretend anything the woman says is worthy of consideration.

One correct answer is to double down and replay. "Maybe if you put down the krispy kreme and did some squats you could look like her."

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