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that would be anime made real

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why not? if it should be legal for the mother to pay a hitman to kill her baby from halfway up the birth canal why is it not ok to kill it 1 minute out? 5 minutes out? 2 weeks out? 6 months out? 1 year out? 10 years out?

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women will just fall pregnant before deployment, just like they do now when they voluntarily enter the military

of course if we are going all out then we can say "oh and if you get pregnant while in the military you have to get an abortion if your superior orders you to"

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most pro aborts are also pro infanticide, and there really isn't any reason for them not to be

they only say they aren't if they have optics awareness

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that guy is about to get raped

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corporate media is worthless, the quicker we can get normies off of it the better

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abort defective children to improve the overall fitness of the population

I get that but it isn't "pro choice". That is state control over breeding.

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This would also drive away a lot of pro-choice right-wingers.

No such thing

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the real argument is 10th amendment because congress was not grated the power to delegate its authority to mint and value currency to a 3rd party

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To be fair to the homonegro, if you think there is a single politician who isn't enriching himself in some way from his campaign organization then you are quite naive.

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Why do we need all these centralized institutions?

Absorb any physical currency functions into the treasury dept, require banks to store their own reserve currencies, and states can regulate the policies of the banks that operate within their borders.

The rate of unemployment shouldn't be a concern of the federal government.

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Last time I went though I made them give me the freedom grope and when the guy asked me why I said really loudly "I don't want my balls microwaved." Which got a scowl from him and chuckle out of the sheep.

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What do you guys think of private toll roads and highways?

Would you be better off it was a turnip farm? It is private land that I assume is paid for and maintained through private money.

There are lots of shady partnerships that should be dealt with on a case by case basis but in general I say to anyone complaining about tolls "take the long way or stop being poor".

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