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Nobody takes all those steroids to get smarter.

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Red counties in solid red states. The further from a city the better.

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why put in the effort of fixing things when you can just whine about it instead

Scott Adams succinctly expressed this principle in 2000.


Lazy people complain as if the very existence of their discomfort creates a moral obligation on the part of observers to alleviate the alleged distress.

The point isn't to address the supposed problem, the point is to use social pressure to extract resources from "others" and transfer them to the complainer.

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nope, stole it from somewhere, if you search for it the source will probably show up

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you cant use reason to get people out of a position they didn't use reason to get into

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just put in the job listing "using social media on the job is prohibited" and that will screen out all of the NPCs

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The social upheavals of the 60s happened because of soviet cultural infiltration in the past decades. Every "social movement" was subverted to forward a communist agenda.

The plan continues to be the same:

  1. use active agents, false flags, and subverted, agenda driven, media to create unrest or other problems
  2. have "leaders" claim that the solution to every exaggerated problem is more socialism
  3. convince the normies to vote for that socialism and that anyone who is opposed is "evil"
  4. normalize to the increased level government control and power
  5. repeat the cycle

Incrementally the frog is boiled and one day we wake up in a country that has removed all meaningful limitations on government power. The tools that communists use to take over are the liberal and democratic principles of the US but without the original emphasis on responsibilities, and only allowing those who have skin in the game to access to power.

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too bad the rider didn't do a trick, would be exponentially more memeworthy

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Do you think facts matter anymore? All that matters is who controls the platforms, then the facts become whatever the controllers will allow and signal boost.

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I pay attention to my surroundings in case a communist comes up behind me and tries to kick me in the head or something

love it

but also good, the more youtube and other pozzed sites/services restrict content the better alternatives look

and the ideal world will be one of entirely decentralized distribution where it isn't under the control at all of any corporation or government - then the only option will be the government will need to either support free speech or stop pretending and ban it - but there will no longer be the option to both have good optics and content control

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I want him to win to delay our country turning into a communist dystopia. My family fled from communism once. It would be ironic if we returned to the same country we originally fled from for the same reason.

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I misread that title as 'erection' and realized it still made sense

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new Halo with the crunch of the recent Dooms? Yes pls!

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at this point being white and living in an area with a "diverse" population is a massive liability

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Tangentially on topic I really liked Krypton. The actors were all giving 110% and Nyssa Vex as absurdly smoking hot. Only lasted 2 seasons but it was fun the whole time.

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this is the world they wanted

I guess the autists are just now waking from their slumber and using the weapons of the enemy against it

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Good, old white women who have to work for a living are still a sympathetic demographic.

Hopefully this turns into a precedent that employees can't be forced to virtue signal as a condition of employment.

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