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Imagine spending 500 million dollars to fraudulently elect Joe Biden only to have your golem turn around and attack you for insufficient censorship.

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I have a friend who works package delivery. He says people forget their masks when answering the door all the time. This is in a deep blue city with recipients having tons of progressive signage all over their properties, so there’s no doubting which way these customers leans.

Tell me, in the middle of a deadly pandemic, would people who are ostensibly constantly fearing for their lives also forget to put on their masks when answering the door for a stranger? Of course not. The mask bullshit is about performative obedience.

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“Diversity is trending pretty hard right now. Maybe we should elect someone from South America for a change? It’s not like he’s guaranteed to be a subversive communist. That’s just a stereotype.”

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That was not his point at all. Southern whites are blood libeled as sister fucking retards.

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This isn’t a victory for leftists. Half the country dropping out of the political process is a portent for inevitable war and violent dissolution, not a socialist utopia.

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Given that the masks literally reduce oxygen intake by as much as 20%, we now have a society where the middle and working class people are in a state of constant oxygen deprivation. This impacts concentration, reasoning, memory, etc. It’s forced disadvantage, handed down by the elites, and affecting only the plebs.

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Unless you’re trying you obfuscate crime stats, “white” always means “of European descent”.

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So when do we start canceling journalists? And by what means?

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She’s lying about the problem, of course. No man is going to object to you not cleaning or cooking if you’re paying someone else to do it. You are objecting to men who don’t exceed your education and salary, and that pool is probably looking for a cute 20-something who wants a family.

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One of their best. It’s missing “doctors say” = two doctors.

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And just as the number of people who are tired of the formula approaches critical mass, Ubisoft have announced their intent to transition their IPs to the GTA Online model of micro transaction-driven player sandboxes.

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Your risk from Covid-19

Risk of what?

I guess if the first part of your statement has no meaning, then you can’t be accused of lying in subsequent fragments.

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I wonder. We all know know that a depiction of two white men holding the severed heads of blacks or Jews would be removed from the platform. But what if you created a bunch of similar depictions in one piece? Would they actually remove your art because one tenth of it, which features whites murdering non-whites, is racist? Wouldn’t that be total confirmation of the double standard?

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Every Native American I’ve known has been a gigantic piece of shit… because they were all casino tribe beneficiaries who never had to work a day in their lives.

Meanwhile, on the nearby reservation, their “fellow” native Americans suffer under extreme poverty, crime, drug and alcohol addiction, and somehow that’s all the white man’s responsibility.

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100% yes. Minorities and LGBTs will claim that white people were just ignorant, but we’ve seen what they consider “oppression”. Turns out they’re just a bunch of lying assholes who won’t be satisfied until they’ve completely dismantled and replaced western civilization.

As far as race relations go, the 90s were an identity politics ceasefire. In hindsight, however, only white people abided by it. Everyone else was consolidating tribal power and influence for the current conflict. Now every non-white ethnic and racial demographic engages in round-the-clock naked tribalism while whites have been completely disarmed by 60+ years of indoctrination. If you even suggest that white peoples or cultures deserve dignity or respect in 2021, you’re branded a white supremacist.

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We always reach a point where they admit that "the bad thing you claimed was happening" is, in fact, happening, but it's actually good! As if they can invert reality before our very eyes and then gaslight us into thinking we saw nothing.

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Is communism the political equivalent of a cleansing forest fire? Every few generations the stupidity reaches critical mass, and then a communist starvation event frees up the resources for another run of prosperity.

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These people ostensibly believe that it is okay to steal a loaf of bread if it's to feed your family. If you're unvaxxed, hold them to this.

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If you subtract the women who are damaged by childhood sexual assault and the women who are so ugly that they fell out of the mating game altogether, exactly how many lesbians remain?

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It's really important to plant those seeds for normies. They're mainlining anti-white rhetoric 24/7, and at some point it will start to scratch that tiny itch you've put in their brain.

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The people who told you none of this shit exists in the real world in 2014 are the same ones who are enforcing it in 2021.

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Isn't global shipping the biggest contributor to "greenhouse gas" emissions? You're never going to hear these people suggest a ban on Chinese crap.

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