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Do you fail to see, though? It’s all disingenuous hysteria for the purposes of securing more power and influence. These people are liars.

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And both groups are explicitly anti-white. Which is probably why no one bothered to differentiate when tossing them out the first 109 times.

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If Britain were at war with literally any brown country, sure, but Russia is the exception. The “globalists” hate Russia with a special passion. Probably because Russia “oppressed” them recently.

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Both the Ukraine and covid situations revealed that it is indeed possible to spit out the red pill.

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So I did look up OPP and happened upon this gem from Psychology Today:

The OPP can be an explicit rule that clearly states “No other men!” or an implicit policy enforced through freaking out only when the female partner dates a man but absent when she is dating women or transfolks.

Imagine thinking that there exists a man who would object to his wife fucking other men but not other men pretending to be women.

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This is one of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen on the topic.

To whit: if you were copy-pasting the entirety of a published book, effectively disseminating it without permission, then yes, most people would accuse you of stealing.

In reality, the value of a digital product is a very complex thing that cannot be “solved” by trite little gotchas. This probably goes double for any moral considerations that arise from such “theft”.

Certainly, if no one pays for content, there will be very limited content; volunteer artists and coders aren’t going to create Elden Ring (or whatever example floats your boat).

Similarly, the value of content is not wholly determined by the labor involved; thousands of people worked overtime to make some of the greatest turds in history.

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How did they pander? I enjoyed the first season quite a bit and thought the second was much weaker with a few standouts.

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And if anyone here is homosexual, bi or even trans, I have to say this: Happy Pride, people. I just wish we could celebrate loudly, happy, and under better circumstances than what we're seeing today.

Fuck all of that. Fuck gay pride, fuck pride month, fuck your faux civility. Fuck the degenerate Marxist lgbt community. No more compromising with demons.

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You should no comment yourself right the fuck off this sub, retard lol

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When the government creates a double standard, it’s called anarcho-tyranny.

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Directly addressing “the great replacement”, even to mock or debunk it, is an enormous error on the part of the media. The concept so perfectly encapsulates our observable reality that no amount of “fact checking” can counteract the average person’s pattern recognition. Even the people who totally reject it will be saddled with horrible cognitive dissonance as they witness this “hoax” unfolding everyday before their very eyes.

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Women who sleep around damage their ability to pair bond. It literally is different when men do it. Still not healthy, though.

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Entrapment involves prompted behavior. A fed encouraging you to write a manifesto is entrapment. A horny commie spilling his guts to a pretty girl is not.

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It’s kinda like how 6.6 billion dollars of Elon’s money could end world hunger but 40 billion dollars of tax payer money just won’t cut it.

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It’s not that the ESG-compliant companies are fearing no returns - those companies are gonna get their printed funny money regardless. It’s more that the whole scheme will, long term, almost certainly collapse the global economy, which is why the only hope we have is benevolent billionaires like Musk.

I’m not happy about that last part, but it is what it is.

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Someone should ask her how to build a birdhouse and see how many words it takes for her to say “equity”.

by Cascade
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Imagine having a “peaceful progressive global alliance against the evil tyranny of Russia”… and your organization is then routinely gatekept and systematically extorted by an abusive and backwards Muslim nation. Such a thing might almost shred your credibility on the world stage - if you had any up start.

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Actually yes, gamergate can be summarized as delusional ugly women framing all criticism of their radical leftist incursion as “harassment by incels”.

Ugly women and trannies - especially trannies - are obsessed with being “sexually harassed” and calling everyone “incels” because these behaviors and labels are premised upon desire. Ugly women and trannies know that they are not desired, so they desperately promote the idea that they are targeted by sexually frustrated men who are uncontrollably horny… for ugly women and trannies.

In reality, men are sexually disgusted by ugly women and trannies.

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