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if you told me not to read something as a kid, I’d read it

When I was a kid, I deliberately read banned and problematic books. They were fascinating. Mostly because they weren’t gay porn.

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Tim Pool is popular for the same reason that Avatar movies make billions of dollars.

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A significant portion of Jewish IQ is based on an incorrect valuation of verbal manipulation. Take any developed community in the world, inject a large number of Jews, and watch the average “IQ” climb even as everything else gets worse.

Put another way: Asians have the highest IQ, Jews are the best at appearing to have the highest IQ.

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It looks like cringe Hollywood trash with just enough subtlety in its progressive messaging to sneak by middle American audiences.

Kevin Costner is a leftist retard who supported Liz Cheney.

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  1. “Muh adaptation” is complete bullshit. Television and movie adaptations have less time to tell their stories than the video game or book source material. You shouldn’t be adding anything to movies or television - you should be carefully deciding what to cut. This drive to replace story elements from the game/book with your own narrative creations is nothing more than ego and narcissism. And given that your unwanted additions are virtually always aimed at making the show or movie wildly more leftist, I’d classify your behavior as mostly political activism.

  2. Ellie wasn’t gay in the first game. You retconned her as gay in the DLC and then turned her gay in the sequel. Also, Joel was absolutely the co-main character of the first game. You had an incredibly unlikeable new main character kill him off in the second game. This was all severely retarded.

  3. There is no such thing as a story with no representation. You just don’t like white people, feminine women, or masculine men. Because you’re inversionists. Because you’re neo Marxists.

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They pulled this switcheroo right out the gate. We’ve always counted flu death rates using IFR. Then they suddenly decided to report Covid death rate using CFR. This multiplied the death rate by at least 10x.

Now consider the likely reasoning behind such a change. We previously used the IFR because we didn’t want people panicking over misleading stats about the common flu. They switched the methodology because they wanted to create panic.

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The women in the original Dead Space were hardly supermodels, and they didn’t wear skimpy clothes. Yet the remake still had tone them down from like 7s to 3s.

I wonder what Ellie will look like in the Dead Space 2 remake.

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and the jews are entirely defined by their religion

Remember when the Jews flexed on Kanye and Kyrie, and then you and Antonio disappeared for like two weeks lol

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Redefinition is everything. Either you possess the institutional power to enforce your preferred definitions, or you are subject to those who wield such power against you.

Look at “white supremacy”. 99% of the time, the term is used to describe any behavior that isn’t actively destroying white peoples, cultures, and nations. The only thing that isn’t “white supremacy” is white extinction. But we don’t control the definitions right now, so the language is warped to the point where it becomes an actual existential threat to whites.

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On the one hand, Jews are masters of redefining any criticism of Jews as somehow “endangering Jewish lives”.

On the other hand, if blacks are mad at you for any reason, your lives probably are in danger.


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Same thing happens when you don’t aggressively and enthusiastically affirm transgenderism. You are “harming” trans people. You are committing “violence”. It’s just performative hysteria intended to gin up mindless support among the credulous normies.

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Netflix has a bunch. They are automatically better than most western shows simply because the homogeneous ethnic/cultural makeup of Korean shows is instantly believable for any viewer.

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Ironically I would say the obsession with diversity has made every show look exactly alike

For most of the world, our immediate social groups are, overwhelmingly, culturally and ethnically/racially homogeneous. Internally, even subconsciously, we register these leftist depictions of daily life as comically curated multiracial tableaux. The end result is deeply ironic: bizarre media intended to appeal to “everyone” ends up appealing to no one.

For my part, I’d rather watch a Korean television show full of Koreans than any western production featuring a carefully selected array of human identities roughly akin to a Pokémon managerie.

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Glad I didn’t start watching this one. I was on the fence for a lot of reasons, but a full-on gay love story just three episodes in? That’s gotta be some kind of bait-and-switch record.

Also, the actress playing Ellie is too old and legitimately too ugly.

Edit: of course the director of the episode is gay. And his previous work is a bunch of gay stuff. Because that’s who you hire for an epic apocalyptic action drama - a gay dude who turns around and makes the show about gay dudes.

This is the problem with “representation”. If you hire a gay guy to make your big action drama tv show, and he makes a really good big action drama tv show, then who cares that he’s gay? But seemingly every time they do hire a gay guy, he makes the show about homosexuality. The pattern becomes so predictable that you are totally justified in avoiding all media created by gay people because it will invariably be all about gay stuff.

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Mark Potok of the SPLC had a note on his home office wall keeping track of the declining white population since 1920.

By the by, the figures showed a decline from 85% in 1960 to 62% in 2015. Based on the trend, that number will be 56% in 2025. Also worth mentioning that this doesn’t include illegals, so the proportion of whites is probably closer to 50-51%.

You will not find demographic shift of this magnitude anywhere in history outside of war, genocide, major disasters, or invasion. It is completely unconscionable, and the world doesn’t care because it’s happening to a global minority: whites.

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IDPol, but the outcome is the same; atomization.

This makes no sense. The opposite of atomization is community, and Identity politics are precisely where people have always found community. The only other remotely competitive source is organized religion, and those institutions are very much on the decline.

The best defense is a good offense. The best deterrent is a big stick. Fences make for good neighbors. No matter how you slice it, white identity politics are good, necessary, and inevitable. When whites have the same solidarity and advocacy as every other racial/ethnic demographic, then we can consider a ceasefire - but only one that binds us all.

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I’d go so far as to say that the identity politics ceasefire of the 90s and 00s, commonly referred to as “colorblindness”, was clearly a psyop designed to disarm whites in advance of today’s racial thunderdome. At no point have non-whites ever collectively put aside their racial/ethnic solidarity or advocacy in observance of colorblindness. Only whites were expected to do so, and only whites did. Now we find ourselves trapped in “democracies” with rapidly expanding non-white demographics who are actively hostile to our continued existence.

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This is the correct take. We know the machine can destroy anyone at any time. We know they didn’t like Tate influencing young men and boys away from globohomo and feminism. Why didn’t they destroy him sooner? It appears the third rail is any behavior that threatens to unite the two biggest world religions against globalism.

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Whites all over the world have already lost their countries. The demographic time bombs were set decades ago, and the process is far enough along that any “strong man” solution involving mass deportation is already off the table. We simply don’t have the numbers anymore.

The solution going forward is to mimic the Jews. Hyper nepotism, hyper tribalism, parallel economies and societies wherever possible. Intense focus on education, family, marriage within the tribe, etc. That’s the model for success.

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