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I ducked out long before that, but I can only imagine.

A lot of lefties in my life pretended to be relatively normal until 1/6. Then the capitol storm happened and they all started calling for the military to round up all the Trump supporters. It's like the "moderates" were waiting for a starting pistol signaling it was time to join the radicals.

Of course, most of these lefties I know are boomers. They're reliving their glory days of "fighting the man". Meanwhile, we're in the middle of a corporate-approved and operated communist takeover.

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Here's the thing: even with the stats being so out of whack, your average black person is not a criminal. I would have no reason to focus on these racial stats if leftists weren't actively lying about the threat posed by white people. Leftists only want identity politics because whites aren't allowed to play the game. But that double standard is slowly vanishing, and blacks don't want to see what the idpol conversation looks like when whites are permitted to join it.

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Is there anything more infuriating than an enlightened centrist begging all of the commies in government, media, and academia not to behave like McCarthy?

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I mostly blame the Marxists. If they didn't all have Jewish last names, I wouldn't be forced to use my pattern recognition.

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This isn't new. "No enemies to the left, no friends to the right" has been around for decades. It happens because most right wing people don't support Nazis while most left wing people do support marxism. The radical leftist is the left. The radical right are fringe.

One way to know that this is so: the media tells you exactly the opposite.

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40% of homicides go unsolved. The vast majority of those are gang related, so the proportion of black murderers is even higher than reported.

When you you adjust for gender and age, 13% becomes 4%.

So the actual figure is probably more like 4/66.

4-5 percent of America's population is commiting two thirds of our murders. In reality, black people are hunting everyone else, including black people.

But white supremacy is the problem.

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They reframed the flu as a public health epidemic, and the public immediately surrendered nearly all of their rights without a fight. Leftists were able to accelerate all of their policy goals at warp speed over the last 18 months, and the password was "public health epidemic". It's the same reason illegal immigrants claim "asylum". It's all magic words that help you get your way.

They are casting spells.

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Lance Reddick is the best actor ever connected to a Resident Evil movie. They are lucky to have him.

This is not the same thing as a producer using unknown randos to fulfill DIE quotas.

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Modern Western entertainment truly is the perfect marriage of soulless corporate greed and radical leftist subversion. The risk-averse suits are placated by the re-use of existing popular IP (and the guaranteed audience that comes with them). At the same time, leftists producers are using these reboots to enthusiastically destroy cherished cultural institutions. This is the never-ending campaign to rewrite our history as a woke DIE fantasy, and it's all being underwritten by rootless cosmopolitan elites who would pimp their grandmothers for a dollar.

People who don't give a fuck about you are paying people who hate you to destroy everything you love.

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The biggest untapped market for anything you love is the people who don't love it, and the only way to capture that market is to turn the thing you love into something else - most likely into something you despise.

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Same actress is set to play Red Sonja. She's building an entire career out of race swaps.

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Kinda blowing up your own point when your example of right wing crazies are first and second amendment absolutists.

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Everyone being female is a bigger red flag than the awesome Lance Reddick getting a role.

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They changed protocol literally the day Biden was inaugurated. It was a gigantic smoking gun, and it would be all lefties talk about if it harmed democrats instead of helping them.

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Feminists have told me that engaging in sex under false pretenses is a violation of the principle of informed consent and therefore constitutes rape.

If lying about being rich or famous to get laid makes you a rapist, then hiding your biological sex from someone while attempting to engage him or her in sex is also rape.

Are we against capital punishment for rapists now?

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a change in expression to make the game more accessible to more people

Yeah, because one scantily clad female character was holding back total penetration into the mainstream for your niche 2D fighter.

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You're like a character out of Lovecraft, taken over by a dark ancestral madness lol

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Trump got hundreds of thousands of people killed by endorsing a treatment that works. That's how fucked up the Left is today.

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