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Logan had multiple retarded scenes, a minority girl boss taking over for the white male protagonist, and pro-immigration messaging. It was actually woke trash.

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The banned book debate is 100% friend vs foe. If it’s leftist propaganda, it must be permitted.

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AIPAC is the greatest threat to America.

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  1. Buy Star Wars for access to the biggest fanbase in entertainment

  2. Change Star Wars into something wildly different to chase an entirety different fanbase

  3. Call the old school fans racists when they complain about you cynically vandalizing their favorite franchise

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Where else have I seen this dynamic?

And that’s how you know who is perpetrating it.

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Disney didn’t buy Star Wars. They bought the Star Wars audience. Then they immediately went about trying to expand that audience by changing Star Wars into something completely different - because the biggest untapped market for anything are the people who don’t like it.

When the legacy fans rejected the changed product, which was explicitly made to appeal to other people, Disney got mad. “This wasn’t part of the deal! We bought you! You’re supposed to lap up whatever we make because it says Star Wars on the tin!”

Critics like the retarded Paul Tassi are slandering the audience on behalf of Disney. It’s a stop loss strategy. If you liked old Star Wars but don’t like new Star Wars, then the only explanation is bigotry. You don’t want to be a bigot, do you?

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It’s literally the “Jewish elite advocating for the destruction of white western nations, cultures, and peoples in order to create a uniform brown global underclass” meme.

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It is disappointing that this social media-driven fabrication is distracting from the goal of the tour: shedding light on the inequities Black and Brown people face in our society.

Go fuck yourself with a rake.

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You can signal your woke defiance all you like. It won’t protect you from the marketplace. ESG will, but only for so long. In the end, a plurality of consumers will never embrace ugly characters, girl bosses, or gay communism.

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I’ve bounced off Noita twice now. Guess I should keep trying lol

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At some point the only male spaces left will be the extremely dangerous trades. You will have to literally risk your life to escape from women.

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Those are his first two trilogies, six books total, all very good

He has since penned two more trilogies and started on a fifth. I can’t speak to the quality of all those.

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Mark Lawrence’s Red Queen’s War and Broken Empire trilogies are gritty, masculine, and fun.

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Leftists promote careerist promiscuous lifestyles for women.

Women put off family and children until it is too late.

Childless unmarried women redirect their unsatisfied biological imperatives - caretaker, wife, mother - onto the general population of the entire world.

Leftists manipulate above women into voting for every conceivable redistribution of wealth from the “evil” productive men who spurned them to the “innocent” dregs of every society.

One party leftist rule. Dysgenic behavior among the most productive demographics. Collapsing birthrates. Replacement migration from shithole cultures.

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It’s a bullshit designation in 99% of cases. It’s just a password that means “my shithole country and culture and people all suck ass, so let me have the fruits of yours”.

The only time refugee status is relatively honest is in cases of natural disaster.

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Meanwhile, our libraries have morphed into publicly funded dens of drug addicts and perverts.

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If a bunch of shitty behaviors are part and parcel of non-white demographics, then racism is essentially correct. The current leftist orthodoxy holds - simultaneously - that non-whites necessarily suck and you have to tolerate and celebrate them in every part of your life. You can’t accept them on condition of integration into a culture that maintains minimum standards of any kind. You must embrace them unconditionally, including their objectively shit cultures, entirely because of their skin color.

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My very first thought on reading the title: that’s one way to shore up the birthrates.

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Islam is proof positive that the most retarded cultures can win out if they just get it right on women and gays. Really puts into perspective how utterly destructive and dysgenic the feminist and lgbt movements are on a civilizational scale.

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Does intelligence in a non-political field really matter when the political battle is this existential?

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The law-abiding empathetic paladins always end up being black dudes. It’s a subversion of our observable reality.

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It took me thirty seconds to confirm that dragon age origins did not use a dialogue wheel.

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We need exact dialogue choices because the writers can’t be trusted. If the option is just “say something funny”, the end result will be something that the writer thinks is funny. But the writer is probably a communist tranny, so their idea of funny will be utterly retarded. It’s like going to a restaurant and letting the vegan waiter choose what you have for dinner.

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Community managers and consultancy firms are the most ancillary and unnecessary departments in modern game dev, and yet they have enormous influence over the games. It’s like industry standard to have a bunch of leftist commissars between the devs and their customers.

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