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Between football and basketball, I watched probably 100+ games a year before 2016 aka pre-TDS.

I now watch zero games a year. Because I don’t want to support people who want me dead.

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This is awesome. I can now call deliberate demographic replacement “getting berg’d”.

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You’re dismissing “good leaders” as impossible and then immediately asking for the impossible. There is no such thing as a government that is suitably empowered to carry out its core functions while also having no vulnerability to corruption and liberalism.

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Why did it take you so long to recognize the friend-enemy distinction? That’s what hypocrisy in politics has always been.

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I think this issue, like many issues, can be boiled down to the same thing: institutions cannot survive infiltration by communists. If your government has any power whatsoever, communists will abuse and expand it until they successfully collapse it or you forcibly remove them from it.

In the case of protections for the criminally accused, the rights and laws in place will either be just or horrific depending entirely on who is leveraging them.

In the end, government has more to do with who is in charge rather than any structural considerations.

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You’re supposed to leave a few children behind lol

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There are thousands of wilderness survival guides on YouTube, many with several million views. How many of those viewers have tried to apply even one lesson from that content?

I don’t think access to information is the problem.

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No host population has ever given majority approval for mass immigration. Immigrants only want to to go to already prosperous nations, and prosperous populations are never served by mass immigration. It’s tautological.

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Nah, the Somalians in Minnesota were imported by Lutherans. Pozzed churches are responsible.

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Imp’s problem is the same problem that communists and libertarians have: their ideology cannot survive contact with reality. You can hate women all you like, and I would even broadly agree with the sentiment. But your worldview cannot literally exclude women. They are 50% of not just the total population but of every population. You cannot have a functional society without them.

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Average non-Hispanic white IQ is 103.

Average Hispanic IQ is 94.

Average black IQ is 85.

So yeah, immigration is lowering America’s IQ.

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just like all white juries used to acquit white defendants in the south

I doubt that shit was nearly so ubiquitous as we are told. These are the same people that lie to us about fucking everything. Why would they tell us the truth about racist whites a hundred years ago? Why wouldn’t they exaggerate and lie in order to libel the white race?

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What exactly do people think the proper response to a foreign-backed color revolution even is? Russia wasn’t going to just sit around and wait for the CIA to eventually succeed.

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It’s the same thing with immigration. The life of a single invader is more important than the continued existence of your culture, your nation, and your people.

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The Line is wildly overrated. It’s baby’s first subversive video game story, wrapped in a painfully mediocre gameplay shell.

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Of course you like SO:TL. Probably the most overrated of the “video games are art” set (because Gone Home isn’t a game).

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So they subtracted value from their own companies in direct proportion to the amount of useless labor they added to their payrolls.

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Legally acquiring firearms is a predominantly white behavior.

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Blacks kill like 30 whites a month that we know of, with virtually no media coverage. When a white kills a few blacks, it’s time to restructure our entire society.

In the mold of communism, of course.

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Our media is a deliberate and malicious inversion of our observable reality. Everyone knows that blacks are by far the most violent major racial demographic in the country, followed by Hispanics, with whites a distant third. But we all have to pretend that whites are the most dangerous while blacks are 100% peaceful and blameless victims. It’s some serious 1984-level denial of reality, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

My favorite statistics involve home ownership and schools. Everyone with money buys houses in mostly white neighborhoods and sends their kids to mostly white private schools. These are the most important decisions most people will ever make in their entire lives, and they choose to be utterly immersed in and surrounded by “whiteness”. The American Dream is literally making enough money to escape from black people.

But we all have to pretend that the exact polar opposite is the truth. It’s insanity. And it’s not sustainable.

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Watch the border patrol part the sea of thousands of brown people just to arrest and deport nine white people.

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Because the field is dominated by leftist women, who are far more likely than the general population to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

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