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In ten years, scientists will say prehistoric trans women were better hunters than women.

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Last time I followed someone into a comic shop it was 75% Funkopop PVC garbage, 15% overflowing boxes of woke western comics, and 10% MTG. Staff was staring daggers at me, probably for ignoring the "plz wear mask" sign, but I guess I look too intimidating to get told off.

8 or so months after then I went to eat at the place a few doors down and the comic shop was gone. Nothing of value was lost.

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I was telling someone 20 years my junior how you could just download dedicated servers and run them. They kept referring to it as a "pirate server" and then "alternative cloud server". No, son, it used to be included in your retail copy, and you ran it on a machine on which you could actually press a power button.

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"Why are they trying to ruin this kid's life?"

He's white. He isn't gay, or trans, or screaming about global warming. It really is that simple.

See: Blackface Trudeau, Blackface/KKK Northam, etc etc etc

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"We didn't know" is the ultimate cope of the normie NPC.

Addressing the NPC: what do you mean, "we"? You chose not to know. You chose to listen to some guy who got out in front of a camera wearing a white coat, or a news anchor suit and tie, or a reflective vest and hard hat -- specifically to trick you into thinking he's somehow more than just a mere human -- and believed what he had to say.

No no no, of course it's not your fault that drinking 2L of soda a day gave you diabetes because it wasn't a newspaper headline. Of course it's not your fault for marrying that whore because billboards didn't show that chart of prior partners and satisfaction in marriage. Of course it's not your fault you got cancer from that pill that was advertised on CNN 24/7. "We didn't know."

They didn't know because they didn't care to know. Using their brains is just as painful as some soyboy carrying a 50 pound box up a flight of stairs. They won't do it. So they turn to the social circle as an excuse paying no regard to how utterly pathetic the message "we didn't know" actually sends.

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I'd root for the good guys here, but unfortunately it would be a Rule Two violation.

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It's unfortunate that this article isn't going to reach the guys who need it the most.

Even if they manage to read it, they'll believe "sure, Suzy Showmybutt hires help, but when I talk to her, it's really her."

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If even one person buys it, the suits will pat themselves on the back for not leaving money on the table.

Some people fear another 1983 style video game crash. Me? I'm begging for one.

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If I could draw, this would need a cartoon.

"I can't believe they want to ban just being gay in public!" in the speech bubble on top, being spoken by a fat naked guy wearing assless chaps doing a meatspin in front of a 4 year old.

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When the magic words no longer work, people find new words to recapture the power of the old ones.

Hell, I was called a pedo for suggesting that it isn't actually possible to actually kill all pedophiles in any practical sense.

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She just wanted to ride the cock carousel and then settle for her MRS degree. Her sexual market value is too low to go after the Chads so she thought she'd go for the Poindexters but she then realized it would cut into her tribal social value too much.

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Why not? The only people that went to jail were the ones who stood up against the scheme.

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Full disclosure: I don't know the subtleties of Argentinian law and the power held by their president. But it's anything at all similar to the US...

I fear for my country

The writer should. Not because of Milei, but the entrenched bureaucracy that will undermine him at every turn. The left in America has shown the depths it will go through in order to not get out of the drivers seat. To the point where an engineered bioweapon was deployed against the people. Where innocent people died in riots caused by some junkie dying in order to make the President look bad.

As the window for acceptable moves keeps getting wider, there really isn't a hard limit to how depraved and murderous the leftists will get. The only question is time and how long it takes for that window to get there.

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LIke others said, it's a DNS issue. The guy who runs the archive.today network is kind of a dick and deliberately configures his stuff to confound browers and DNS servers he feels you shouldn't be using. So some resolvers just plain don't work.

I use pihole so my workaround is to manually configure dnsmasq to hit up a DNS server I know works for those sites. I don't use it all the time because it's kind of slow from my ISP for some weird reason.

"Just use OpenDNS" isn't good advice considering their practically butt buddies with the WEF.

Yes, all public DNS server are compromised in some way, but, in general terms, I'd recommend poking around a bit and picking one with the fewest downsides for your priorities.

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But when Cuba was having demonstrations, AOC told me "Libertad" meant "we want vaccines" in Spanish!

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Civil court judge drawing criminal conclusions. Absolutely unhinged robed asshole.

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The worst part of the modern era and the destruction of the "real actors vs fake show" line is that so many great performances are just shattered in my mind of their excellence by they being shit people. It's like that Kids in the Hall skit where the mayor is in a jam tasting contest, picks a winner, and the crowd gasps because he picked a child molester's jam.

Not that the acting in TNG is particularly exceptional, but it still captured my imagination.

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Money now, gonna get way worse very soon.

Wait until you have to verify your computer's entire stack through your browser. The browser will have to be signed, your OS will enforce that signature, all tied nicely in a bow with your computer's Trusted Platform Module.

Any link in the chain that looks a little off (aka. too freedom-y) will get denied as fast as you press enter on your address bar.

"But I'm going to run some privacy-focused fork!"

Nope, Billy, but that won't happen. Your bank, your school, your work, your social media: once these features are available, they'll just stop accepting traffic from unsigned browsers, and they won't hand out certificates unless you hold water for what they care about. "Sorry, you have to use a supported browser on a supported OS on a supported hardware system to use this site."

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It's the same story for all literal nobodies once they make Hollywood friends.

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Is that a threat? What is she going to do, stop promoting the deification of black people?

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I'm not sure that's true (yet) with more countries and even states in the US creating laws making it illegal to question one, and only one, event. For the time being, the club is still being swung around.

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