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I spent many of my formative years watching Ranma 1/2 and not once did I ever fantasize about not being a dude. Not being groomed nor mentally ill probably helped.

Also, how the heck did archive.is snag a Reddit page with a user logged in? That's kind of cool, there's lots of walled off stuff online but I never ran across anything to inject cookies for archive's use.

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Think of the children (and how much money we can make off them)

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Also, isn't Superman literally supposed to be an alien from another planet?

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Why would Superman need to petition for anything? If it really was about saving the earth, couldn't he just punch all the factories to dust and return the planet to the stone age?

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Just like the China Virus is so smart it doesn't infect Antifa, CO2 released by other countries doesn't contribute to global warming.

Follow the Science ^^TM

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When your local national guard hesitates to pull the trigger on you, they'll have the robot do it instead.

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The problem is people based, but not because they're people, but because literal losers and failures in life are allowed to vote.

Every time I hear it, the more I like a Net Taxpayer voting system. If you want to vote, you have to pay into the system. If you vote yourself gibs, you're suddenly no longer a net taxpayer so you can't keep giving yourself shit. This would create a equilibrium where those who want to be slaves can be slaves and those who want to be free don't have to suffer under the slave majority rule.

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They wouldn't be NPCs if they didn't misunderstand the entirety of Christianity.

Please, Reddit, tell me again how Christ tolerated sin and how only God can judge...

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

The sunk cost fallacy exists not only in economics, but also personal relationships. OP, don't let that cloud your judgment: you're speaking up because you know the situation is fucked.

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fucking betrayal gov.

What betrayal? He's loyal to those who put him into power, not the voters. The voters actually elected for someone else.

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To be fair, that "Are you over 18" pop up does fuck all to stop anyone underaged from going to a porn site. I don't think the porn video tube sites even ask.

At least OnlyFans forces you to cough up a credit card.

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ⓘ This post contains misinformation. The mourning family are not doctors and the vaccine is perfectly safe and it has not killed even one person, you bigot.

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They can get on a plane today and travel to any black ethnostate they want. They just want to steal with isn't theirs.

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When they turned to the dark side, the sooner they die the more pronounced the lesson.

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I was lamenting how many kids with access to their parent's credit card were simping on Baby's First Chaturbate but I'm a little relieved it wasn't as many as I thought.

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By that same argument, if Antifa had not been terrorizing this neighborhood, would anyone have been out there with weapons to defend their community?

It's completely ridiculous. It will work in putting the kid behind bars for life, though, because it sends a message to those that oppose the color revolution.

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But suggesting mRNA treatments might not be as safe as the talking heads say it is is DA REAL NUTBALL CONSPIRACY THEORY

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Of course he doesn't take shit. He's the bottom.

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The left plays for keeps. Trump didn't understand this. Like a business man, he thinks because he has the title, people will just do what their told. In government, there is no accountability.

He flubbed on using the insurrection act against Antifa burning down urban centers. He gave speeches about, but ultimately punted, on upcoming election fraud. He boasted about rebuilding the military but did not shake out communists from under his command. He turned his back on the Jan 6th protesters. Considering how much we know about how the election was stolen, Trump, with access to far more information than we do, left the White House and turned over the keys to someone he knew was compromised by a foreign power.

It's an unpopular take leading to downvotes, but that doesn't make it false.

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