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The 'acceptance' of porn mostly came from feminism and the sexual revolution movement. He's right - it's a lazy fucking way to address the root cause of the problem. Sexual degeneracy and porn was allowed because feminism and other cultural "revolution" movements normalized degeneracy by pushing ideology that it's perfectly ok to openly talk about how you took 10 dildos in your ass as acceptable.

It's the same ideology that tries to normalize being a whore and calling it "sex work".

It's the same ideology telling women that they are worth more than being a tradwife - so they go out and do pornography instead since they have no worth because they're on the low end of IQ spectrum.

It's the same ideology that encourages women to be "sex positive" and demonizes men for having a male sex drive.

It's the same ideology that encourages women to fuck as many men as possible because having a high body count and having someone point it out to them just means the other person is the problem and not you as the woman.

I could go on and on, but you are going after the symptom by wanting porn removed. All this shit happened because we allowed idpol ideology to fester.

Aaaand it probably was being funded by some weirdos with pointy hats as well.... hint hint.

The part that's kinda worrying for me is I don't see ANY other way to fix this other than turning into an authoritarian state. Banning teaching Gender Studies, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, etc. - making it illegal to teach them in schools, public and private, to have them in books that are to be used at school, and to strongly discourage its use in media. It goes against my principles as being a free speech supporter, but I also understand when you have to take the gloves off and simply say fuck it, we need to save society, principles be damned.

There is verifiable documentable proof all this far left idpol shit is HARMFUL to society, and we'd just be better off banishing that shit to the ends of the earth.

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Yeah, this is the only time I use "they" as a singular, when I don't know what the sex of the person is. That's it. Any other time is retarded and needs to be thrown in the trash.

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No, I've been listening to some true-crime podcasts. There's always been this strange glut of true crime cases where men want to 'become' women in their 40s or 50s. It's like something in their brain breaks and they start cross dressing and stealing clothes and shit.

It's fucking bizarre.

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There were a few civilizations that kinda did that "gender is just a state of mind bro" shit, but these are the same civilizations that thought slave labor was ok and that gods and whatnot controlled the earth.

To you it's deviant, and to me it's deviant, but I hate to play the cultural relativism card, but back then a lot of fucked up shit we now consider illegal or deviant was 'accepted'.

So yes, this shit existed back then, but that didn't make it ok. Using that fucker's logic, child marriage was also accepted back then, should we allow that too?

Why can't more people do the "You know, back then it did exist, but that doesn't excuse it being allowed now" state of mind. What's it with leftists always trying to asspull-reach their way back a hundred or a thousand years to excuse shit ideology and shit behaviors?

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Well his biggest thing is supposedly being a free speech advocate. People he knows and are supposedly somewhat familiar with are getting banned because some feminist lying cunt is going after people and censoring people for daring to question her.

Remember when he made all these stories making fun of Taylor Lorenz? Taylor deserved it, and he was right to call her out on that shit

What the FUCK does Bleu have on Pool that he refuses to elaborate on her? It's not hard. His staff should be able to investigate this cunt and report on her like he does all his other articles.

She was just a guest. He has no loyalty to her, so why the fuck is he refusing to address this? This is such an easy story to get clicks on. Report on Quarter Pounder and Brittany Tradcukenti and rake in the views and money. Apply pressure on her. Just say something as simple as "I don't agree with anything she is doing and it's wrong for her to be censoring everyone" just like he says with everyone else.

Why is this bitch so special? She's a 40 year old mentally ill slag with probably BPD like Zoe Quinn, why the fuck is she being defended???

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At least the replies are mostly full of people who get the joke or least, get the purpose of the AI.

Things are gonna be all right as long as there's plenty of those kinds of replies.

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Well, it wouldn't matter if in fact this bitch wasn't going after people on the "dissident right" or whatever.. If she just kept her mouth shut nobody would care but this bitch is attacking everyone.

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??? Why wouldn't you want to be against a leftist who lies (I know that's redundant). This bitch is trying to censor people's free speech.

Anna's a thot, but at least she's self-aware.

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I mean, passing shit denouncing (( THEM )) is one thing.

All they did with this bill is openly denounce something that is in fact, bad. Passing a bill speaking truth, however obvious, is at least a good start.

Now let's do something about the funding we're giving the EU and the tax breaks we are giving large corporations yet not giving to the common people...

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Man I'm tired of hearing news about this guy. Dude's getting railroaded by a stupid court system, but jesus christ man. I just hope he can get out of this shit and goes back to doing his usual takes so people will shut up about him.

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The bitch wants his money.

And Greenwood is a fucking idiot.

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Well that and I learned she had a bf, and her bf - guess what - beta dude, super smart guy, but you know - the betas that most girls pick to "provide" for them. Looks nerdy af.

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lol I have a coworker who started working at my place. Giant weeb, knew her tech, knew how to build her own PC, etc.

Big warning sign tho is she liked playing Genshin Impact (that community is basically horny tumblrinas). When mask mandates were finally lifted I saw her face and I was so damn glad I dropped the thought. Had curves everywhere but had a weird chipmunk face. Whew.

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That is the three "African" features I can tolerate on white and Asian girls - bigger asses, wider hips, and much bigger thighs.

Keep the bitch german shephard attitude away though. That automatically makes any kind of attractiveness turn to a fucking -10.

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No WONDER they acted like they were part of a gang, because they were hiring fucking gang members.

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So far even the AI-created drawn stuff lacks something. Which kinda is funny considering you know - it's drawn. But whenever I look at AI-drawn art something about it always feels off I know it's just 2D drawings but there's a degree of "soulless"ness to them, and the funny thing is I'm saying this while a majority of artists these days do it in Photoshop/digitally.

It creates a different kind of uncanny valley because it's a 2D drawing and all but it just feels like the drawings are like a "skin suit" of the stuff actual artists make.

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