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If anything this is awesome trolling

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This is actually funny as hell. I'm fine with this since essentially nothing of value is lost.

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I'll just say this. My dad got the pneumonia shot awhile back, that was like - 6 or 7 years ago.

A few months ago, he got hospitalized because he was feeling fatigued and kept falling - turns out he was fighting early pneumonia.

I googled why the fucking pneumonia shot didn't treat his pneumonia, come to learn pneumonia comes in all kinds of strains.

The shots immunize you against the "common" strains, but not the less common ones.

Whatever. Nice to know that goalpost was moved before I persuaded my dad to get that fucking thing.

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Please don't fucking listen to 4chan about this.

Just tell her no. If she kicks you out, remind her that she won't be the first one to see your kids.

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That's what I was thinking. It's basically a very low risk, low reward situation. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work, if it works, then well, that's great, but most likely it won't work. But it's not a clot shot, I think more than anything the only thing you waste is your time getting one.

I am assuming most people in this sub still has faith in the "normal" style vaccines.

I'd recommend my 77 year old father to get it, but I don't see much of a need to get it.

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Have there been repeatable studies that the flu shot is causing the same kinda shit the clot shot does?

Is the clot shot and the flu shot the only two shots you don't take or do you have the same mentality about all other vaccinations?

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They're the horniest and the most far left retards out there. They are the worst fucking thing to happen to Western anime fandom and they need to be gatekept the fuck out.

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We are keeping you to your word.

Get your other leftist friends to do the same.

Fuck this system.

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There's a lawyer that I watch named Good Lawgic. He's a big MAGA type, but he's also Jewish, and he makes fun of the standard Jewish stereotypes about Jews being in positions of power, etc. all the time. He's self aware, he understands.

But here's the big problem for him - he has actual relatives in Israel. So when people wanted him to comment on this issue, he outright said "there is no way I would be able to align my principles as a MAGA supporter with the sheer emotional attachment I have to Israel considering my birth family comes from there and I still have relatives living there."

Like, he's the first honest Jew (heh heh) that said that he cannot be impartial about this subject because he has literally an emotional connection to the country and he struggles between his support for his family (which is good, yes?) and his principles as a MAGA supporter where he knows logically the same arguments that he had about the Ukraine-Russia shitshow (stop sending money over there, we're wasting time there) SHOULD be logically applied to Israel-Palestine, but he has a mental hurdle he can't jump because of the direct effect it would have on his family.

All the other "conserva-Jews" I've seen blindly support Israel and refuse to acknowledge that their blind support for Israel is due to some stupid comaraderie with Judaism being another "religion" to support here in the West and/or some sort of ill-concieved loyalty to a tiny strip of land that's on the other side of the world. The only problem is none of the conserva-Jews actually are HONEST about it like the Good Lawgic dude I talked to is.

It's the same way Ilhan Omar always talks negatively about Israel - her surface-level arguments against Israel existing make sense, but it's not coming from any kind of position that aligns with our position. She bitches about Israel because the Mudslimes hate Jews. Most of us (sans for some 1488ers in this board) bitch about Israel because we waste too much fucking money on them and they should be fixing their own shit.

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I think what annoys me more than anything is seeing mainstream conservatives, even "MAGA" types only looking at it from a pro-Israeli point of view, and a VERY surface level view at that. Even El Donaldo Trumpo himself is pro-Israeli state.

The position as a MAGA supporter (or at least my position anyway) is to want to withdraw funding from Israel as well, because much like Ukraine, it's like throwing money into a black hole where no progress is made. There's been a lot of people on the right pointing to leftists and (justly) mocking leftists for supporting Palestinians who would hate their faggotry/troon bullshit, not realizing that the "average" Palestinian would call to have them thrown off a roof for their degeneracy.

But the counter-argument to that from some "mainstream MAGA" types (not neocons, we know they simp for Zionism) is to go "look at all these innocent people who were killed, Hamas shot first!" to make Israel look to be the victim, not looking back at the decades and decades and centuries of precedent that led to all this where both sides have done incredibly seedy bullshit to each other.

I personally think the most practical thing to do (and I know this is to the consternation of a bunch of you 1488ers here) is to cut back funding of Israel (duh), and for a strong leader like Trump to sit both of these sides asses down on the table and get them to talk. Get Trump to threaten to pull an remaining funding and support from Israel if they continue to do these "retaliatory" strikes and threaten to glass all of Gaza if Hamas continues to attack Israel.

If both sides refuse to listen, we withdraw all our support, money, weaponry, etc. out of that region and let them fend to themselves.

I know normally we're not the world police, but I'm trying to think of this from a practical standpoint because "GAS ZE JUICE" despite how good it makes a bunch of you feel great to say, will not realistically solve this shitshow.

Much like Trump with the Ukraine shitshow, I just want everyone to stop fucking fighting. Apparently "stop engaging in war" is still a hard thing for our government elites to give a shit about.

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Seems like Israel is on its way to glassing Gaza.

Good riddance at this point - I don't support either side on this war but we have less of a chance of someone going aloha admiral ackbar on us if Israel won.

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Is it Istanbul not Constantinople? Can we go back to Constantinople? Has it been a long time gone since it was Constantinople?

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Even though kanji is a bitch, you can still get by learning basic vocabulary and grammar - at least oyu'll be able to pick up spoken Japanese that way.

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A black guy voiced Kratos and it worked pretty well... wonder what these fucks think about that.

It's only ONE WAY. That's all these fucks care about.

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Also what a waste of ammo man. You try to "save" ammo with burst fire but they tend to be inaccurate anyway - you waste ammo AND don't hit shit to begin with.

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Alex Jones rolled in with a tank awhile back didn't he lol

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To be fair, you all aren't retarded enough contrarians to support the other side, right?

Reddit being Reddit is nothing new - fuck them, but that obviously doesn't mean people should support either of these sides since they're both shit for their own reasons. Funny thing is, a lot of leftists support the extremist ultra conservative Palestenians and Hamas, so it's kind of a clusterfuck either way lmao

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