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To be fair, the average drone right now is seeing the economy going to shit and their gas prices going up.

Easy to see who's causing it.

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With all due respect man, you gotta pull that black pill outta your throat.

This week we forced a bunch of states to have to figure out how to make gun laws work, and we also just made abortion that much harder for people to get.

It's not gonna be an overnight change in our society, but I think there is SLOWLY starting to be a pendulum swing back to the right.

Notice how none of these abortion retards give a shit that our economy is in the shitter.

Notice how many of these went to the courthouse to PROTEST ON A WORKDAY. These cunts are not the productive members of society - these are the ones that the 19th amendment has allowed to fester, and they are going to abort themselves out of the gene pool at this pace, and good fucking riddance.

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Yeah, we store goods in warehouses, we throw the bads off a helicopter or in prison.

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This has to be glowie posting. This is like a /pol/ post but on Reddit lmfao

Also you fuckers don't be afraid to show what sub this is from. I like making fun of these idiots.

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And Communism has killed over 100 million people, yet fucking retarded zoomers and millennials worship it.

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You say that, but at the very least the Supreme Court just helped to uphold the 2nd Amendment.

The feds are gonna try of course - I suspect there's going to be a strong repeal after the November election of this shit.

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Chicom operatives.

If you have an area with a lot of Chinese immigrants in it, guaranteed at least ONE of those fuckers are bugmen and loyal to the CCP.

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You didn't hear this shit either when the Court refused to listen to Trump's appeal that the election was rigged. Back then the court was completely fair!

We may have a couple wildcard conservatives in court, but 6-3 is a pretty solid win. This isn't a borderline decision. Why is Ketanji even fucking voting anyway? She's a clam slammer, she's not gonna be contributing to the gene pool anyway.

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November will be another Literal Shakening, and then two years from now we will have one more!

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I do find it funny this completely trumps what some white ethnonats think.

Nobody giving a shit about the fact he's black here because ALL of his takes have been 100% correct since we lost Scalia. He's Scalia 2.0. We must clone this man. More Originalist Constitutionalists.

I also like the fact that the leftists always called him the silent one, and now he's just fucking dropped a nuke on all of them.

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Right, but one of the things we're supposed to be doing is TRUST BUT VERIFY.

Miller is saying this sarcasm on purpose because there will be someone out there unironically saying this lol

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Leftists don't understand the prime time to have a kid is between the ages of 25-30. The main problem is women waste those 5 years trying to "advance" their careers and/or whore themselves out/sleep around with their hedonistic lifestyles.

These fucks want all the hedonism with zero of the risk and responsibility.

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"We were considering kids in the future"

Why not now? How old are you? Trying to get your stupid feminist career in order? Gonna get your kid at 35?

Good job deleting yourselves from the gene pool.

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This faggot has zero fucking understanding of the so-called "culture wars".

This is an academic from an elite ivory tower thumbing his nose at the poors and peasants.

Fuck these people.

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Brave is a fork of Chrome.

The problem is all these alternative browsers are essentially forks of the browsers by companies that hate us, and it's because of how stratified the Internet has become.

All the browsers are basically the same on the inside, but it's just the superficial UIX-related things that browsers compete for.

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Have it default to a search engine that isn't cucked.

Pale Moon actually made me discover https://www.mojeek.com

Their writers are pretty based, but the problem is they're located in the UK. but based britbongs so idk how I feel about that site.

Also everyone, if you liked old FIrefox 3.6 with the menus and classic interface, check out Pale Moon.

The dev is a bit of an arrogant ass, but politics wise he seems to be more on the right, and most of his code forked from Mozilla are security fixes. Dude's so autistic he does "DiD" (defense in depth) fixes where he looks at pieces of code that might be a potential source of entry for malicious code and to delete that shit out. Firefox has a lot of leftover code that has never been properly removed on the main branch.

As an example, that "heartbeat" virus that came out a couple or so years back - Palemoon was immune to it, but other browsers weren't', and that was because the dev actually patched out the effected modules a year or two before it was a problem.

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I stumbled on this article while reading up about some other retarded shit leftists wrote.

David Auerbach came in pretty early during GG and wrote some articles that, while somewhat critical, was fair in his coverage of GG - I can't remember what publications he wrote for, but it was clear he's still a leftist so he always had a leftist slant to it.

I think other journalists attacked him for it because he dared to try to understand GG.

This is a HUUUUGE essay, but I think it's a pretty good one, and it actually breaks down leftism ITSELF and why there never seems to be any consistent type of leftist. There are different "ists" and leftism has a bad habit of constantly pointing fingers at itself demanding that THEY are the "real" leftists (aka their relentless thirst for power and to be the leader of the movement).

The two-axis scale thing is pretty interesting. This explains why people like soyboy Vaush are actually anti SJW but believes so much retarded pro communist shit and likes guns, whereas you got someone like shoe who is anti-SJW, but absolutely hates guns and still supports other feminist causes like pro baby murder.

Then you got someone like LianaK - if you've seen her timeline, she originally claimed she was not a SJW, but she's still a leftist feminist and now pushes that pos identity politics race/sex bullshit that other feminists push.

A lot of these beliefs conflict DIRECTLY with each other, but yet they're all under the umbrella of leftism. That incoherence is actually what drove a lot of us ex-leftists away.

The thing about the "center right" or "normal" "right wing" is that their views, despite now bringing in a wide tent of people, are pretty coherent.

I know what most conservatives think about guns, I know what most conservatives think about abortion. I know what most conservatives think about taxes.

I also understand there are tradcons, libertarians, and populists, and some of their views overlap, but the demarcation point between these groups are very clear and simple to recognize.

However, trying to figure out how a leftist thinks these days is like playing whackamole with a bunch of retarded disparate positions. The average TikTok teenage retard will appeal to the idpol side of the left, whereas a college student may appeal to a mix, and a soyboy like Vaush would appeal to the Marxist side. One leftist is going to be a regular feminist, another one is going to be a "black feminist" another is going to be a commie anti-capitalist that proudly tatoos ACAB to her chest that a doctor had to cut out because she was brainwashed by the Internet she was a trans-man, etc.

I'm trying to re-read this article ae few times because it's written like some academic fuck, but I suspect this article provides a good description of why leftist ideology just sucks.

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Considering the blurriness of this screenshot, I don't remember seeing this "warning" before. Is this new?

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Read the full thing.

Also check the comments. The comments are ROASTING the fucker writer.

They're claiming this is to penalize oil companies, and what's the big deal right. You'll get all your money back as a tax refund during tax season!

Do these retarded fucking idiot fucks not realize keeping gas prices high hurts EVERYONE, AND IT DISPROPORTIONATELY HURTS THE WORKING CLASS THE MOST?

One of them even points out that this article is written by someone who is rich and has EVs aka from a "very high high tower"

Thank god there's sanity there even among leftists.

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