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People who weren’t affected by a historical event are still demanding payment from people who weren’t alive to commit a historical event.

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Microsoft recently was boasting how it underpays whites for the same work. “reparations n sheet”

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There are HUNDREDS of these black people angry at him. 😂. They still think he has too much white privilege even though he burned himself alive for them. Just goes to show you can never do enough to satisfy the racist blacks. So why try?

99% of blacks in America have never been the victims of actual systemic racism. They only learn about how oppressed they are by watching Disney cartoons and Netflix while smoking crack.

Meanwhile any white person trying to get a job or a government contract will learn the true meaning of systemic racism.

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Amusing how he is STILL hated by leftists due to his privilege. Literally burning yourself alive is NOT ENOUGH.

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Reddit 2014: Defends Cats

Reddit 2024: Defends men who play dress up and have a history of sexually abusing women/murder.

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Will Smith should have been fully prosecuted.

Blacks get a pass in blue cities.

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The AI accurately represents the feelings inside San Fransicko headquartered organizations.

This mirrors every interaction I have ever seen from twisted Reddit mods. Their desire to play dress up and invade women’s spaces far outweighs the safety of women.

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The deep state is almost always run by people who despise native germans.

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6 year’s? That’s like 20 million illegal migrants ago.

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Every White country is being attacked simultaneously.

With the identical playbook.

With the aim of seizing all your land/wealth and genociding you.

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I think its even more sinister-

They don’t want the training data to be unbiased. They will probably sell unbiased models to the military or far left corporations.

Only the public gets the gaslighting version.

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If single women ruled the world - the FIRST law they would pass would be banning women 1 year younger than herself dating or getting married

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“turns comments off” - hopefully women understand this as -

“we’re gaslighting you about why this is hateful to men who like to play dress-up.”

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Muslims will leave when the UK becomes a financial wasteland

Muslims will teach the UK how to do colonialism properly. These people had slaves (but castrated them) - so they know how to genocide a people. They also still had slave markets until living memory. The UK is in for a harsh time.

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Google is a deeply anti-White racist organization.

They have hired and promoted anyone pushing for white genocide

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Japan has perfectly safe subways.

It’s not democracy that destroys subways.

There is a reason Israel doesn’t allow in any immigration.

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If Trump wants to fix things he needs to make Josh the head of the FCC

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oops. I thought he was asking Hilary voters to vote on Wednesday.

Thanks for the correction.

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