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Bold claims for someone who said he didn't care what I said 55 minutes ago, but is still sperging out.

"Fiction is reality": you. "Unable to face basic facts of life, aka retardation or mental illness": you. "Chickenshit": you.

That is all you. Don't get help, you're hopeless and would only waste everyone's time.

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Pal, you said mentally ill things and self-conceive of yourself as a hero. You are not and no matter how many times you tell yourself otherwise, you won't.

I said you are mentally ill but have kindly pointed out ways you can harness that to be of actual use to society. Unfortunately, you won't but keep lashing out and deflecting.

Fiction is not reality; it's sad you grew up so retarded, but maybe you weren't born this way, maybe your parents are to blame. It's not your fault.

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Did you save any children yet? Or you're still on your moral fag trip pretending you're special and everyone else calling you a retard is a pedophile?

Oh, yeah, you're multiple levels deep in an Internet forum thread -- you're a real hero alright. Keep it up, at this rate you might save someone any time now.

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Why are you still around, groomer? Kid fucking is not OK. Why aren't you out there saving children?

You sure are posting a lot of mental illness on an Internet forum while children are being raped. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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...Says the obvious pedo.

This is always the argument with you intellectually stunted retards. You just won't accept that others aren't as equally mentally ill as you, and can separate fiction from reality, and hence what should be legal or not.

I give you the option to actually protect children and you bitch out, lash out, and confirm you are a spineless coward. Again, you are a pathetic bitch. Go be a hero and take out Hollywood or something of societal use.

Otherwise keep on seething like an ineffectual bitch. It fills me with great joy that you are so defensive and triggered.

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Keep on sucking your own cock, you delusional illiterate faggot.

You're not a hero, you wouldn't know a pedophile from your own foreskin, and you certainly aren't capable of protecting any child.

Never change, you ineffectual bitch. :]

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It's called the English language, retard. Hollywood is in California, since you really hate pedophiles you can go there and become a hero to society anytime. Of course you won't do anything, like the little ineffective bitch you are.

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It's a cross-WIN platform filter that removes comments. I don't know if it's ever been documented somewhere, but I did see the admins respond here - https://communities.win/c/Meta/p/141EiMCCpi/why-does-globalfilter-remove-the/c

CAdmin 1 points7 months ago Sorry, missed this post. It's due to a temporary rule that was added in relation to the sex bots. I'll adjust the rule today.

They have some Regular Expression or other automated rules that can remove posts or ban users. It can rarely be good in case of a serial spammer, but generally I've seen it ban Kiwi links, or what are arguably innocuous appearing posts that may trigger a rule due to key words or other heuristics in case of links.

As a bot named "GlobalFilter" that performs its namesake, it's not really subtle or deceptive in any shape, but I would prefer it banned so our community can enact our preferred rules...and avoid false positives.

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Sure, but we put our faith in the platform when choosing it over SaidIt, Poal, and other alternatives in the 1st place.

They have been transparent with GlobalFilter - which you can apparently ban - as noted in mod logs, and the presence of "C" under Moderators.

If WIN has or later goes rogue, not much to do other than to realize it and select a new platform.

Nothing so far has convinced me that this isn't just Dom being retarded though. I mean, it's not like some didn't raise the same concerns within the sticky - https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/GIJF3rpD/welcome-ashore/

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My mentally sub-human colleague, drawings are not real. You cannot "fuck children" through drawings or your mentally ill mind. Because you cannot fuck a child through fictitious things, we do not care if you happen to possess a cartoon that you want to jack off to.

It's true, we won't necessarily trust you with you our children if we're aware of it; it's also true, unless one is a braindead cretin, that same lack of trust would apply against vocal 'anti-pedophiles' because most pedophile rapists are smart enough not to out themselves before the deed, you intellectually challenged dolt.

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Would you leave your own child in the presence of either a producer or a fan of this content?

I wouldn't leave a child with any of you fuckers, be it pro-loli or anti-loli. Why do you people have such retarded arguments?

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Senate adopted a "don't test, don't tell" policy within the last week when pushing through the latest eco-political grift known as the "Inflation Reduction Act" - https://www.theblaze.com/news/senate-democrats-dont-test-dont-tell-covid-policy

It made its rounds on a number of news sites. Very close to this timing, though could be a natural coincidence since they've been weaning off the CCP Virus lies about it being a pandemic all of this year, on-and-off.

Oh, and the CDC FOIA responses where they decided to be truthful about their harm. Maybe that forced them to accelerate it. Who knows.

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I have never had any reason to believe that Dom is more than 1 person, be it on Reddit or WIN.

Faggot at times - a lot in the last year - sure, but multiple personalities? No.

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I'm OK with us banning certain topics if we as a collective, with weight on long-term members, wish for that even if I personally disagree.

I'm not OK with the fact that we were never consulted as a community when Dom copy-and-pasted the rules. This is a stance that I've held from the beginning, btw, it's not a new reaction.

Originally it was stuck in a pinned thread, and then copied over the sidebar when newcomers had problems with it.

He has been becoming very heavy-handed for months and months (over a year? would have to check receipts), and some recent removals are far more objectionable than the past.

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I don't watch movies nor pay much attention to Tomb Raider, so I wasn't even aware of Alicia before. Agreed, she doesn't fit Lara. Angelina Jolie was a pretty good casting choice circa 2000/2001.

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Why is it that you chose to copy and paste rules directly from Reddit to WIN? There should have been consultation with the community considering we're the blood of this forum.

Many of the rules are duplicates, some solely belong to Plebbit - which is a walled-in garden that you can moderate to your heart's content without handcuffing us, and some are very clearly prone to your judgment and abuse.

How do you justify the following?

4 days ago DomitiusOfMassilia removed comment by altmers_are_aryans - Did he conveniently forget, or is he not a one-track-minded niggerfaggot who needs to bludgeon everybody with his obsession?

Long-term users of this community should be able to call each other niggerfaggot, kike, cunt, stormcuck, or whatever derogatory term they want, if they really wish to. The other party can respond in kind or block them to avoid DM notifications.

You should open up the rule book and let us -- again, long-term users -- decide in a sticky. It's not like we're opposed to everything, some of them are good rules, but you're clearly neutering certain comments that can be handled via downvotes or blocks.

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It's not - https://kotakuinaction2.win/logs - Imp is only noticeable because he's our main regular being banned all of the time for (usually) obvious reasons.

The rule is retarded. For example why is this being removed?

3 days ago DomitiusOfMassilia removed comment by altmers_are_aryans - Did he conveniently forget, or is he not a one-track-minded niggerfaggot who needs to bludgeon everybody with his obsession?

IMO we mainly just need Dom to enforce spam control, and otherwise just fuck off.

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Of course he is, Dom with the usual Rule 16 hammer on anyone he can slam it into:

2 days ago DomitiusOfMassilia banned user TheImpossible1 - 24 days with reason: 24 days - Rule 16 - https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/15JAOJANjJ/x/c/4OcP0L2D7dJ

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They're not technically wrong, though we all know the author & Times' bad-faith intent.

Considering its unprecedented and flagrant nature, you'd have to think they expected/knew they would find something to really fuck him over and imprison him. Implanting extremely convenient CP evidence won't fly with such a high-profile figure.

If they don't, well, they've pissed off a lot of voters and the gambit has the reverse effect: even a number of disinterested or disillusioned ex-Trumpers will be inclined to jump back on the wagon. Whole thing is bizarre.

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I get that this sub is anti-vax

Or maybe you're just a vax shill with your intentionally loaded language and alluding to comparisons like 90 year-olds vs 20 year-olds. Most references have been tabulated among age groups like this and it hasn't looked positive for vaccine manufacturers.

I don't understand how you can rationalize that the elderly are somehow better off. Spike protein is toxic, and it's more toxic the more the body makes it up, which might be easier for younger folks. How does being older magically negate that? And if you can't answer that, how does it follow the elderly are better off?

That initial response MIGHT help a bit for what the variant vax was designed for, if you live to see the antibodies increase, but it has really never been the true bone of contention. The short-to-mid-term adverse events, which the mainstream keeps (increasingly "kept" now for a few) denying are vaccine related, and long-term effects (1 example as you yourself acknowledged here) have been.

Since we have plenty of alternatives like Ivermectin that DON'T risk TOXIC spikes being cleaved into the bloodstream, traveling all over the body, and interfering with organs, your moral argument seems bunk.

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These stats need to be stated in "rate per" rather than discrete numbers.

Naturally, though I don't have a link at hand, the stats still look terrible for the clot shot because it fucks up the body.

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a way to try to crack down on and harass the rich.

The rich?

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Well, "she's" apparently never been tested and everyone just takes "her" word for it.

There is no test. I'm allowed to identify as a dolphin tomorrow.

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