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Try again nigger.

I said you don't play this game, and you don't. this wasn't a guess or a diss, it's just obvious from your surface-deep knowledge of the game.

this game obviously goes above and beyond what is expected of fighting games in so many places, it has effort written all over it. even people who don't like SF6 (me included, by the way - I have a lot to criticize about the gameplay) aren't going to deny that this game has effort written all over it. but you've never got to that point because you're just a bitter casual. you enjoy talking about your hobby (or to be more accurate - complaining about it) more than actually engaging in it. your dopamine rush now comes not from playing a game but from sharing an image collage about how video games are bad.

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he won't respond because he doesn't even play this game. but internet grifter guy's podcast told him this is very bad.

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I wish casuals would stop adding Kimberly to those lists just because some outragebait video told them to.

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"they have nothing to do with gay rights and no place in any alphabet community"

I literally stopped reading there. by 2023, that is enough for me to know a whole lot about the sort of person the writer is, as well as accurately predict what they're going to say (as well as what they're not going to say).

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notice that this is after they cleansed Ukraine from Ukrainians by killing many in a war and making many leave as "refugees"

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stop. stop criticizing masks or vaccines because they are "ineffective" or "dangerous".

fucking stop. this has nothing to do with public health. this is about wealth transfer and government outreach.

that's the only thing you should protest - everything else is a very obvious distraction. please keep your hypochondria and neuroticism in check.

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the title of this thread is completely false. nothing in the tweet suggests Musk has actually implemented any of this.

(also the tweet doesn't attempt to prove that the source code snapshot is authentic or current)

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to be more specific, it's an excuse to destroy religious institutes that they don't like.

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"unprecedented". heh. maybe for TikTok. assume every social media platform with American presence has been like this for at least a decade.

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you make good points, but I think the issue is that people here don't just want a more free country. they also want to live in a strong, advanced country that they can have national pride in. they wish it were America, or Britain, or wherever they were born in, and failing that they want a country as similar as possible.

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oh no, the question would be "are you a member of [list of ethnicities and sexual orientations]". so you still fail, but now it's "valid" and if you complain they seek legal action because you're a dangerous bigot.

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oh no we're doing this again

stop arguing as if this is about solving a medical crisis. this is just an excuse for controlling you and for wealth transfer. nothing else. are you really going to get suckered again into never-ending discourse about the effectiveness of masks and vaccines?!

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that community note is a rather pathetic attempt at a sick leftist burn. community notes are supposed to be added when the tweet is misleading or fallacious. this one refutes something that wasn't said or even hinted at

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it's also the case that a large portion of those "techno-libertarians" are now full-on trannies. I'm a member of several niche communities (especially niche gaming) that have in the past 10 years just completely changed. it's honestly quite sad to see all those people suckered into a way of life that will bring them nothing but misery. it's also aggravating because these people who I used to share a hobby with are now radical and very hard to relate to.

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exactly this

sexuality is actually rampant now and especially in social media accounts, but it's almost entirely the unhealthy kind.

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I think when you do that, users get an indication that some tweets were hidden and option to view hidden tweets.

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If even the UK won't do another lockdown again, do you really think they can get the US let alone the rest of the world?

absolutely, and I have no idea where you get the confidence that the UK won't fall in line, especially since the UK is a good contender fof the most leftist-authoritarian country in Europe right now.

as for "what about Ukraine" the answer, as always, is they'll make exceptions for whatever and whomever they want. they'll justify it with some weak excuse, the state department and news cycle will keep repeating it, and normies will fall in line. dude, 2020 was just 3 years. do you have actually have trust in the people around you to revolt? even if they do, have you not seen how easily those revolts were dealt with via authoritarian means like closing bank accounts?

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I recall they also had a whole bunch of unflattering replies to that tweet (correct me if I'm wrong), so now these are all gone. this isn't normally possible, right?

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wow. this is unprecedented levels of cope.

the last time they did it, they forced almost the entire world to follow through with these restrictions.

the last time they did it, they were able to rig a US election. the next presidential elections are just over a year from now

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