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and even if they do produce it, it's just more work for the federal institutions which equals more government jobs. I don't see that as a win.

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Rowling is endorsing an article that says logging rapists as women is absurd.

the implication is that saying a woman can rape is absurd, because it doesn't align with the now canon definition of rape - which excludes women from being able to commit rape.

yes. very based.

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okay, but did she come out and disavow the original story? or is it only when it became clear that she could not take false credit by remaining silent, that she "regretted" it? if people didn't start digging, do you think she wouldn't have tried using the "smart woman creates black hole" story to advance her career?

yeah, she absolutely didn't ask for this, but rather than immediately setting the record straight, she tried benefiting from it. I've seen many cases like this and none of them deserve sympathy.

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that's one huge strawman. when did I claim any of this? show me. you know absolutely nothing about my opinions.

I'm talking about the phenomenon of people who tell you they mistrust science and academia ...and then tell you to trust this screenshot of some anon on an imageboard with little or no sources or verification.

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these threads always crack me up, both here and on other right-wing sites I frequent. a bunch of people who have clear disdain for modern science and scientists, trying to invoke The Science™ to support their preexisting gut feelings.

reminds me of this smuggie.

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that's nice, but in real life, they wouldn't let you get any more words in after that "about 800$" part. either they would shout you down, would completely misrepresent what you're trying to say, or just clam up and stop listening.

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is your argument that, if they weren't Jewish, we would not have this trial nor this witch-hunt against Rittenhouse?

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oh no 100 confirmed cases per 100K, for a disease with a ~99% survival rate. time to lock down the entire country.

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is it just me, or are almost all cops in COVID arrest videos overweight? not just in Canada, mind you - in every single country.

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The deep state is setting Fauci up as the fall guy and PETA is going to help them, whether knowingly or not.

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question from a casual observer: why is anyone still trusting Rekieta after how he handled the Vic Mignogna case?

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This just means that any person in the "arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations" with enough connections can (and will) get a pass.

Like with abolishing SAT/ACT score requirements in college applications: it lets the elites' children get in just by having a "letter of recommendation".

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>BBC News


actually according to the article this is nothing less than a "BBC reality check"

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Notice how he is being referred to as "a skirt-wearing boy" or "a crossdresser", using male pronouns, and not as trans? (Regardless if he actually does identify as transexual - I really don't care).

It seems that when defending trans people becomes too inconvenient, the media simply abandons any pretenses and re-brands them as white males.

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wow Project Veritas actually releasing a real bombshell instead of an overhyped nothingburger. AND actually doing it in a timely manner instead of sitting on it until it's irrelevant.

edit: in case it's not clear, I'm not trying to mock Veritas. I'm saying this video is the real deal and I hope this gets a lot of exposure.

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it really wasn't, from the way I'm reading it. it's not about you, it's about your position. the only words that make you as a person look bad in this entire thread, are in that post you just made.

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so weird how the incidence of flu massively dropped while the numbers for heart disease skyrocketed. I wonder what happened.

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