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was. Murata version turned to absolute shit around the later chapters of the Monster Association arc and never recovered.

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notice how the hispanic grifter in the original tweet (who has been on Tucker and works for Blaze Media) didn't protest the misclassification of the hispanic shooter as a "non-hispanic white". she didn't even mention it. I wonder why.

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they can't say that because they know it's a damning "soundbite".

still, as devout progressives, they can't control their need to rub it in your face (they live for these moments), so they word the statement in a way that would offend everyone they wish to offend and hopefully nobody else.

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everything you said is correct, but irrelevant: the prettiest white women are way more beautiful than the prettiest black women, and the average black woman is far less attractive than the average white woman.

and that's even if you only judge by physical aesthetics, and ignore the fact that black women is the race/sex group most prone to obesity.

as you said, there is an agenda here, and the anti-whiteness of it is not a byproduct - it's the primary motive.

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it absolutely is and the person who spelt the beans even explains how the culture works in these companies - they let you do it because they agree with you, just please don't keep a paper trail.

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wow, thanks for the reference - I never heard of this. interesting stuff.

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all of this shit is fucking meaningless

Trump will get elected anyway, the media will be furious, and he will be an even worse cuck than in 2016 and white america will have it even worse by 2028.

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the name of the judge is Maxwell Wiley. I'm mentioning this because none of the linked articles did.

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so was the internet, by the way (same for other network that predated the popularity of the internet, such as Usenet).

the built-in barrier of entry was that you needed a semi-functioning brain, a certain amount of inherent geekiness, and did not require instant gratification.

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now I just need Wallace's source for that claim. does he have one?

if anyone has any sources, please share. Wallace's reply tweet suggesting that the temple in Epstein's island was designed after the Israeli flag makes me think he is a schizo and made that up.

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feeling bad? if you're a rich minor-celebrity marrying way above your looks, what the fuck do you expect? the fact that it's Destiny makes me care even less.

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yeah I'm not eating that apple after the Indian touched it

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how far would people go to spin a narrative of muh based trad person? far enough to celebrate this surrogate mother who is also a thief, apparently.

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the lord giveth him Fentanyl so that he could see

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any time you see a take about the economy (on social media and even in real life) there's a good chance it's r/iamverysmart material

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they are agents of the law. the law itself is "democrat" agenda (for some definition of "democrat")

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I like how they can get away with flat-out calling a candidate stupid by encasing it in quotes

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any proof of the authenticity of this document (which is barely even a screenshot)?

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Try again nigger.

I said you don't play this game, and you don't. this wasn't a guess or a diss, it's just obvious from your surface-deep knowledge of the game.

this game obviously goes above and beyond what is expected of fighting games in so many places, it has effort written all over it. even people who don't like SF6 (me included, by the way - I have a lot to criticize about the gameplay) aren't going to deny that this game has effort written all over it. but you've never got to that point because you're just a bitter casual. you enjoy talking about your hobby (or to be more accurate - complaining about it) more than actually engaging in it. your dopamine rush now comes not from playing a game but from sharing an image collage about how video games are bad.

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he won't respond because he doesn't even play this game. but internet grifter guy's podcast told him this is very bad.

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I wish casuals would stop adding Kimberly to those lists just because some outragebait video told them to.

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"they have nothing to do with gay rights and no place in any alphabet community"

I literally stopped reading there. by 2023, that is enough for me to know a whole lot about the sort of person the writer is, as well as accurately predict what they're going to say (as well as what they're not going to say).

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