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It's just a matter of time before that strike ends as well, between December and June in my estimation. The "writers" strike is about over, so I was thinking that might motivate the striking actors and the studios to speed up negotiations, with the studios maybe caving into some of the actors demands.

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The Bible itself says who is and who isn't a Christian, it's as simple as that.

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I'm actually a Far-Right Atheist myself.

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Then you are a fake Christian.

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Gays are degenerate child molesters and rapists. Gay marriage is an abomination, so are troons. You do not need to be religious to know these things.

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That ugly nigger and his friends needs to be pushed onto the Subway tracks, just like the American niggers do to Whites and Asians.

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This prick (Denis Prager) thinks it's okay to masturbate to ai generated child porn.

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Never mind, I forgot about that.

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He said the quiet part out loud, but he didn't admit that almost No-One wants their Woke-Anti-White garbage, that's costing the studios money.

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He using arguments straight from the people at K.I.A. 1.

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