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No one is forcing you in to anything you are clearly on the pro Israel camp. You don't complain when people support Israel but you certainly do complain when people support Palestine. At least be honest about it.

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How outrageous to say there is no right or wrong answer for if Hitler or Musk is worse! Of course Musk is worse!

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i dont think you've talked to any evangelical or White nationalist if you think Evangelicals are White nationalists. For one thing a White nationalist hates israel, but Evangelicals can't stop defending israel

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Here we have a jew play defense for other jews by misleading the goy whilst pretending to be on the goy's side. . Yaakov (who openly says that he is a proud jew in his bio, ) knows that Jack is also a jew, but he tries to mislead the goy by calling Jack a "self hating White".

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i thought you wouldn't mind since the info was what was the most important. I'll reference you next time if that's what you want.

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female leaders have never been good. And even if they had the right intentions, female leaders would not have the strength, fortitude or ability to go up against the very powerful globohomo cabal

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If you grow up in a Western country, and you decide to betray all that, to convert to a religion, philosophy and “way of life” that actively hates the society and country you were born into..?

That's like, all the top politicians in America who are either married to jews or whose children are married to jews.

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there are tons of issues with these feminist movies, and its not just that females do not fit in to the hero's journey, its also that they behave like men whilst still having the privileges' of women..

Alita Battle Angel and Sailor moon and the magical girl genre work well, but i think a big part of that is because the characters actually look and BEHAVE like females and they have the same struggles and vulnerabilities that females would have. The stories dont shy away from writing them as being actually female and looking and behaving like females.

. Whereas all the hated female feminist movies all have the same problem of female characters who look and behave like men yet will never struggle or suffer like a man would in a hero's journey(do you believe they'd ever let a female character have a hand chopped off like with Luke for example?) because it goes against the feminist message. .

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If they want to make female superheroes they should take a page off of Sailor moon. You know, make them actually female and feminine and not be women behaving like men.

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You cant just "become a samurai" . Samurai were the nobility class, you had to be born in to a samurai family to be a samurai

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instead of blaming other people for noticing patterns, why dont you blame your fellow jews for being thieves? I say the same thing about black people and their high crime rates.

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Both muslims and jews like to do sex trafficking of White children because jews and muslims are cousins. And supporting Hamas against israel is not the same as supporting muslims in White countries.

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you forgot to mention "black " female specifically

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Its a shame that speaking out against capitalism is taboo in American right wing circles.....

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General Ishima dreamt that a true Japan would reign eternal in this city the wall was the first step but not the last, those who retain their Japanese pride are dying out whilst the blood suckers led by Takigawa and their money worshipping western ideals continue to thrive if we are to end this cycle of decay and return Tokyo to its rightful path we must claim our independence, its ironic but we cannot protect the true Japan as long as we remain a part of this Japan


Its interesting that "traditional Japanese idealists" do not worship capitalism the way that American right wingers do and they hate the "money worshipers" . Hatred against both capitalism and communism hmmmm?. Also what he proposed about being independent from the rest of Japan in order to protect the true Japan sounds like a "parallel society" idea to me

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There's a visual novel about "what if Japan never surrendered". Japan got in to a cold war with America but America eventually won with the promise of capitalist power. But the nationalist isolationists hated this and overthrew the government and removed all western influences and closed off the whole country whilst bringing back samurai swords and making martial arts and sword fighting common again .

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They have a case simply because of Article 14 of the constitution that was written by a literal communist feminist jew.

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lol do you believe controlled opposition Ben "i dont care about the browning of America" Shapiro to tell the truth? His name appeared in their website under list of donors.

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Nagasaki had the largest Christian Church in Asia at the time

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Hiroshima and especially Nagasaki were famous for having the most Christians. How do you not know this?

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They chose the cities with the largest Christian populations in Japan to bomb.....

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