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I think it does say something about the actors that they put up with the humiliation or actively endorse it even if it's behind the scenes. Henry Cavill is the only one unless there's someone else that I've seen buck this trend and tried to argue it out with the wokesters and props to him for standing up for himself. It is funny though because you have these action stars who try to act tough for a camera and in reality they're total cucks but it's like that for a lot of people unfortunately.

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I feel your pain, they barely make any classic style platformer FPS' anymore now as well, it's not as if they're difficult to make. It's probably because they can't do cosmetics on them and they don't have imagination to design levels properly anymore.

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Don't get me wrong that's part of it as well but people really underestimate I think how annoying commentating in general has gotten for content when you can get the exact same takes from some random person on the internet in one line. I consider it only a step above react content these days, it was pretty revolutionary in 2016 when it first really kicked off but after that complete meh.

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It was a mix, the left pushed back on the video game violence bullshit but when it came to sexism they hopped on the hate train, though granted that's a bit of an oversimplification.

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Thank you yes that's exactly it and let's be real, I don't think even Valve really gives that much of a fuck about Linux users. It could well be they consider it fine to boot Linux off multiplayer games because they've seen how normie gamers are absolutely fine with putting literal spyware on their machines and they know more privacy oriented Linux users will simply avoid these games anyway when they see them or stubbornly resist.

It's not even going to be worth it for a lot of Linux users at this rate to be running dual boot Windows which I know a lot of them do because then simply having windows on your machine opens you up to all sorts of crap.

Mind you, something I've been thinking about would be very unpopular with the trading addicts on these games. Many of them will be cheating to game the system so if it were me I'd disable the entire system entirely and make it so players could only directly buy skins from now on and speculators couldn't make money off it by trying to cheat their way through the system. It wouldn't get rid of the cheating entirely but it would certainly get rid of the incentive because I think that's where most of this stuff comes from.

Looking at CS:2 as well I'd been playing it recently out of boredom and with how retarded the players are generally I'm wondering how many of them really are bots looking to try and idle their way through the game in order to get case drops. It's already a thing on fortnite to do that so I don't see why it couldn't happen there too.

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Christian and general right leaning anti-gaming groups used to be a problem back in the day and they still try to re-establish themselves in the form of retards like Matt Walsh but their influence has largely diminished. Wokesters are definitely the biggest issue right now but it's worth pointing out neo-cons and evangelicals never received government backing from glowies at least that we know of.

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It would also make for extremely funny dark humour because the companies keep working trying to find ways to kill him but they just can't despite spending billions and he'd inevitably mock them for it. That would have been the old Deadpool, now they've made Deadpool fucking woke.

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Woke California’s fault

Based Japanese get it lol

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I appreciate Quake/Doom style shooters, I'm more in the half life camp, platforming can be fun under the right circumstances and it doesn't need to have fancy sliding or wall running to achieve it. Mixing it in with shooting makes it interesting for me.

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Political commentating in general is just shit content overall it doesn't even necessarily need to be a dislike of the factions they've chosen, market has become way oversaturated.

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I know people have disagreed with me on this but the unfortunate fact is most modern games now are fully focused on either extraction shooters, co-op games and competitive and all of it is going to be riddled with live service bollocks. Even the supposed 'story' type games that are for singleplayer insists on DRM and it's overpriced cosmetic junk. Aside from maybe souls-like games that every indie dev seems to be invested in there's not much out there if you actually like playing video games.

I know multiplayer is for 'playing with others' but at the same time I've found it interesting just how punishing the studios try to make it in this industry to be a solo player.

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If you told me that that NPC spergs that we're witnessing on all sorts of community sites and forums are just no life paid agents even the white nationalist ones larping as jew haters I would probably believe it.

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I blocked vanguard on my firewall when I wasn’t playing and it would blue screen my pc when I restarted lol. Had to uninstall riot games completely.

One of the comments, it's one of those things where I kept wondering if people were being hyperbolic but the more you dig into this stuff you realise it's actually worse than that. The joke is even with all of the spyware there are still genuine cheaters popping up and massive amounts of script kiddies who have an incentive to completely game the systems thanks to the cosmetic market. The script kiddies have definitely gotten much worse thanks to it being summer so they've absolutely infested CS:2 making it unplayable.

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It's like when Democrats get called communists and then start going on about how they're actually Socialists in a huge amount of detail LOL it's that bad. It's funny how often people get caught out like this trying to justify themselves and then it's all worse than you initially thought. Right so now we're confirming that pressure groups are making sure they recruit people within specific constituencies so they can claim legitimacy and they're potentially having money funnelled to them in order to pay people? Because that's so much better.

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I miss those especially space sims in general lol.

Edit: The industry is so fucked now I even miss the 2000's piss coloured filter shooter games

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I wouldn't mind shills being shills if they were honest and there are some honest shills out there which is fair enough, but yes, the people who insist on larping like their opinions are their own piss me off. It's not even the political stuff though, it's when something pops up onto the trending pages and they suddenly pretend that they care about it. No, it's so fucking obvious those aren't your hobbies you algorithm chasing weirdos, go away and stop trying to pretend.

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Trump is going to do what Trump does to get votes, I'm somewhat forgiving with how bad things are even when I have serious misgivings about his dumb comments on Covid and video game violence ( Yes I still haven't forgiven that ). What really fucking gets me going about Trump and why I'm hedging my bets against him even doing anything meaningful if he gets elected is his staff picks, ohhhh, that's going to be insane to witness.

I hope he has learned his lesson about picking people who stab him in the back, but he is such a normie when it comes to neo-cons and really does not understand how much the deep state hates him. He may not be as much of a mental vegetable about stuff as Biden but I do think it's going to bite him in the arse potentially.

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Whatever pops onto the trending pages is getting seriously unbearable now, thank fuck for autistic hobbies. She made the most normie post ever about normies and this is hilarious. No normie doesn't mean 'normal' normie means you're a conformist and normies are generally people who often look at issues with a surface level lens and don't look any further and think they know everything about a topic then try to lecture everybody else about it.

The joke is she's the perfect example of a normie just not in the way that she thinks. Normies also tend to be creatures of habit and they simply follow whatever the trending pages and society generally shifts towards which is why they're the modern day conformists and now trad life is becoming more of a thing in the public consciousness she's doing the larp.

This is why for example I reee'd so hard when it came to Fallout becoming a thing on Amazon because I knew it would mean a bunch of them would start going on about Fallout as if they knew anything and some of them are still fucking doing it.

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Because other people want to buy it.

Why do other people want to buy it?

Because it's valuable.

That's a pyramid scheme, and the value depends entirely on the greater fool.

That's the most stupid normie take on cryptocurrency I've seen written in awhile and I've seen some absolute dipshit takes and no I won't be polite about that because people who bash crypto never are.

Do you understand the bitcoin mining process? Do you understand how halving works? Do you understand deflationary currencies? Do you understand the concept of a 51% attack? Do you know what the genesis block is? Do you understand that the Bitcoin network itself operates like an online ledger? Do you even know who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

If the answer is no to all of these questions you know fuck all about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. You're feeding people a load of bullshit and know it.

Metals are physical and limited by reality, crypto can be forked infinitely.

This is false, it also depends on what you mean by forked, for crypto to even exist it has to have a certain amount of computing power maintaining the network through the mining process. I know for a fact that most people who bash bitcoin like yourself have no understanding of the mining process or how Bitcoin has not been hacked. Now if you're talking about copycat coins, yes that's a thing, they're called clone coins for a reason and they often barely get any traction because the people operating them are morons hopping on a trend.

True cryptocurrencies are not simply a 'digital currency' they have had to have their own definition as a requirement because the technology is that new. By the way, with regards to the value of precious metals, that works fine for now, but if humanity starts expanding into asteroid mining the sudden influx of new precious metals could very easily crash the prices.

I'm Gen X, not a boomer, and have been working in tech for 30 years from software development to IT strategist. Of course crypto is a scam

I'm amazed that someone with that much alleged knowledge and experience can admit to doing fuck all research on a topic and not feel the slightest bit of shame.

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Definitely, but the thing is, I'd rather be in a slightly poor country after a boom that's doing alright for itself after reforms than the absolute shit show I think is coming in the UK. The UK is already an overpriced shithole to begin with on car insurance alone you get massively ripped off and like with housing it's almost certainly all going up because of mass migration and the influx of 'new people'. I think the UK is potentially going to eat itself, but then again, it may be that they fuck everything up so badly here that all the migrants simply self-deport which would be a best case scenario.

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I think the only true AI we could have is something akin to an artificial brain and it's something I've looked at quite a lot because I find it fascinating which is why I reeee so hard on this topic in particular and fight people over it. I'm writing real sentience, so they establish though patterns through their own mimicry of a human brain but the brain itself would have to have neural pathways and everything.

All these computing algorithms are doing are just spitting out convincing looking results that match our own personal biases and that's not sentient thought in the slightest. When we start seeing Robobrain type stuff popping up in the market and the elites trying to preserve their brains after they die then we can all start shitting bricks.

By the way, we're already partly there thanks to Elon Musks' NeuraLink, the only puzzle left is storing brain matter over the long term and keeping it from rotting away like a human body. Also depending on how effective storing brain matter is in the future we may end up technically cracking immortality and I don't think that technology is far off.

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Oh just to be clear, it's not an issue of distance or anything like that, obviously money is going to be a thing, but more importantly I am going to be greatly weighing up geo-politics of the next 10 or so years. It would be pretty retarded of me to just airdrop into a country I know nothing about.

This is why I'm waiting until all these damn elections are over to understand what's going on, the uncertainty is real, well except for how fucked the UK is going to be. Also I don't really want to be anywhere within UK territories generally, it's also why I'm keeping an eye on Argentina's finances and stability. If Milei does really well then great, instantly move, but you never know with the leftists what they might pull to cause trouble. I'm thinking of when the BLM riots happened under Trump and how that was obviously artificially kicked off, they could do the same with him.

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AI is definitely cool and it can definitely do some amazing things, however he's right to call all the fake shit out and there are tons of different forms of AI out there and these overhyped machine learning algorithms being used for chat bots or art generation are just one of many techniques.

Never thought I'd end up in complete agreement with an Indian on tech but that shows you how fucked the conversation is around AI generally.

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People really don't fucking like it when they have their stupid larp dashed, I'm still glancing through it but this guy really does know what he's talking about.

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It's available for testing? Didn't know that but thanks for letting us know.

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