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Thing is, it's never been for safety's sake.

It's all about humiliating people and breaking their will so that they'll just give up their Constitutional rights and bodily autonomy.

It's why illegal immigrants specifically don't go through any vetting or have any poison injections forced on them, unlike legal citizens.

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This illegitimate, despotic regime's power tripping just won't stop.

The CDC nor any other 3 letter agency has ANY authority to issue decrees like this that are unconstitutional and violate HIPPA and privacy rights.

Let's make it known that this is wrong and that we refuse to allow this to spread any further!

Tell your family, friends, and everyone else you know about this; this is what they'll use to bring the other mandates back!

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A total Constitutional violation by a despotic, evil regime.

They're trying to imprison him for simply having an opinion.

Furthermore, Owen and the InfoWars crew had every right to be at the Capitol that day; they had permits and were even authorized by the cops to help stop people from entering it.

No one from InfoWars or any of the J6 prisoners committed any crimes that day, but they want someone to use as an example.

They're after people like Owen because they stand in the way of this globalist regime coming after you.

Continue speaking the truth and never be intimidated into silence!

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Rot in Hell, New World Order.

Don't do a damn thing these certified, proven murderers say.

Would you trust an organization run by a CCP puppet who was formerly part of the genocidal Ethiopian government?

Comply with nothing they say!

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So tired of these despicable, lying tyrants.

They know the fucking masks and social distancing didn't work but they're trying to roll out the fear campaign anyway.

Don't comply with any mandates, people. Complying only prolongs their power trip and ensures that it will never end.

Just fuck all these people. I hope karma comes for them.

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I'm never putting a nasty, bacteria-riddled petri dish on my face again.

I hope the people of LA resist this en masse and get this tyrannical hag out of office.

I don't blame people who wish that there ends up being less masks and even testing equipment in the world. It's all meant to artificially pump up the numbers.

The world stands with you, California. Resist! We cannot allow this to spread to the rest of the country.

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So they're mad that the villains are acting like....villains?

Do they need mommy to remind them that there's no boogeyman in the closet?

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Maybe the big console manufacturers, especially Sony and Microsoft, will finally get their act together if this turns out to be true.

Hopefully this would mean no more pronoun choices, no more "straight white man bad/bumbling" plots, no more unnatural female character proportions, no more shoehorned in politics, no more microtransactions, and no more always-online DRM.

I think the whole AAA gaming industry needs to be completely dismantled and rebuilt at this point.

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I'm so sick of these fake psuedoscientists trying to spread fear and con people into giving their rights away.

They fully deserve some sort of Nuremburg 2.0 at this point.

Do not comply with any tyrannical, anti-science COVID mandates!

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Do not put on a mask, lock down, or take poison experimental shots!

We can defeat this medical dictatorship; spread the word to your family and friends and encourage them to say no to medical tyranny too!

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I don't want to give too much away here, but I'm in Johnson County in Kansas.

This area has a reputation for being rather left wing and populated by NPR listening and BLM loving limousine liberals, but the fear doesn't seem so strong here thankfully.

Out of every 30 people, I'd say only 2 of them are wearing a mask (they're just the usual suspects- Democrats and MSM supporters), and the county government has been surprisingly quiet about "cases" so far.

I hope that means that there are more people done with all the pandemic LARPing than I think and that people have been very vocal about that.

This is why I think it's so important that we keep finding stories about the attempted COVID 2.0 rollout, mocking and deconstructing them, and vocally opposing any mandates. We could very well have the power to shut this down!

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If the word about this gets out, it may backfire on the tyrannical, Marxist California government before they can roll it out fully; weakening attempts by other blue states and counties to follow suit.

Tell your family and friends about this, and follow no medical mandates!

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So why don't the Gays Against Groomers members feel this way?

Interesting how these Hollywood hacks never amplify people who want to be more than stereotypes or victims.

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Masks do not stop the transmission of any respiratory virus and give you bacterial pneumonia.

They are a great symbol of fear and enslavement, though. We know that's what the whole COVID charade's about, anyway.

Spread this to your family and friends!

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I know people here have rather mixed opinions about these two personalities, but they do discuss how everyone can reject the media's chronic demoralization and fear campaigns in detail.

I think their points are especially relevant at a time in which the media is amping up the COVID fear porn and calling for the surrender of Constitutional rights.

Both of them express ideas that are worth thinking about and hopefully convince new listeners that self-empowerment and independence are more attainable than you may think. You do not have to let some power hungry, self-serving institution define you!

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Dear CNN,

I can't wait for Larry Fink and the DNC to cut their losses and defund you.



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We've gotta lock down and muzzle up over.........TWO whole new COVID cases.

Can we get some sort of campaign going to bankrupt the MSM already?

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Time for us to stand up for ourselves, people.

Lionsgate in California has already started this up too.

I'm not complying; it's time to make it known if you feel this way too.

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A story about how Lionsgate is also forcing their employees to mask up and get tested again got stickied on PdW.

It was as if these businesses acted right on cue, too.

We'd better start treating this like it could happen to us too.

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It was in around October of 2021 when they predicted Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February of the next year.

Then what happened?

In July of 2001, Alex Jones spread the word about of a potential attack on the World Trade Center later in the year?

Remind me of what happened in September of 2001?

See a pattern here?

You don't have to like InfoWars, but it'd be worth your while to at least tell other people you know about this news so that they won't fall for the psyop should this regime choose to launch it.

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It really seems they really are desperate and stupid enough to actually try this.

I will never comply with any globalist, big pharma "safety protocols", and I refuse to be governed by those who want to put their boots on our necks.

No mask, forced injections, or lockdowns for me. What about you guys?

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They'll probably gaslight us about how this variant is so deadly a mask is better than nothing as a precaution.

Remember, these monsters count on their audience being NPC retards with the memory of a bee.

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