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"The whole group spends an entire episode in tears discussing family issues"

  • things I've heard from non-woke critics.
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I suppose I was lucky that I managed to go through Thanksgiving Dinner without getting absurdly mad at certain people in my family. Last three times before this that I was with them, my father treated me like I was crazy (for the record, he's a conservative without balls; gets his info from "the news"). It got to a point that I stopped communicating with him altogether, and I literally told my mother that "unless my grandfather (93, in nursing home, and weakening fast) is able to attend, I will not," as that was actually up in the air due to nursing home policy on "quarantine after an outing." A chance to see my grandfather in an actual family dinner setting was the ONLY reason I had for being there.

Honestly, I really am thankful that this community is around.

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When everyone ELSE is a protected class, the one that isn't is a PERSECUTED class.

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This is territory they're going to regret going treading on.

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Now you're just embarrassing yourself.

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"Do what we say 'for the environment' or else we'll do far worse things to the environment"

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Gee, I wonder what they did differently from the Western nations. Hmm...

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Ran all the way around the truck to punch the guy and grab his weapon; failed; ran; wasted.

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Jogger. Stranger. Youth. How many different names have we gotten over the past decade?

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Raping Alongside the Machine

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You know what, I didn't think about it "from their POV." Because you're right, if those guys were as the left likes to think of them, then yes, they would be the "vigilantes."

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I'm fairly certain "looking to commit vandalism/assault/etc" does not fall under the definition of vigilantism. Technically, it is near-accurate to put that label on Kyle. And I'm fine with that. Because law enforcement refuses to do their job, so someone else has to. As I said in the other post I made in this thread- that negative stigma will vanish soon, as we see more police departments stand down during imminent destruction of their communities.

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"Vigilante" is going to lose its negative stigma in the coming days. Because more and more its becoming clear that many areas have law enforcement entities that:

  • Will refuse to police highly volatile situations that will SEVERELY damage communities

  • Will commit constantly worsening acts of corruption with absolutely no oversight unless it hurts the "wrong crowd."

Armed citizens are going to end up policing their own communities because NO ONE ELSE WILL FUCKING DO IT. If you stand down during a riot, you don't get to complain when someone else does the job with less restraint!

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And I'm pretty sure his father was murdered by "those statistics," or am I mistaken? I think he's a guy fully aware of the failings of the "black community."

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