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Why is "subversion" a good thing? Why is "change" a good thing (especially when it doesn't improve jack shit)?

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Not to mention that it's not really owning the cons if you're literally proving their point.

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Absolutely not. The trust is gone. Cleaning the rot alone does not earn forgiveness, and even then, there's a shitton of rot to clean.

Maybe they should've thought about that before dealing with Obama Inc. Because I hear the shit they're in now only hurts them as badly as it does because Obama bailed from the sinking ship.

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Some of those statements don't seem far off what she should be. But game Halsey would never scream, begging for her life, if Chief tried to gas her. And the whole thing about Spartan IIs that "John was lied to about this whole time," was something she specifically avoided by not hiding the truth from them, specifically for the reason that becomes apparent in this trash heap series. And above all, I'm pretty certain Chief in particular was something special to her. Everything clip I've seen feels like it goes out of its way to ruin the dynamic Chief and Halsey would supposedly have, and make her seem ten times worse of a person than she is.

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Did they attempt any gray nuance at all with Halsey? Having recently played MCC and watching the Spartan Ops scenes, the Halsey scenes in this shitshow completely demonstrate how much they missed the mark with her.

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People were young and naive.

Obama's second term truly let the mask slip the most.

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Here I was almost thinking it was the America Chavez actress. Would've been even better.

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Why aren't Republicans doing more to highlight all that happened?


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So... the ATF is Gamergate, trying to put false charges on Brianna Wu, and then started massacring their family in their home?

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I've never really read shooter manifestos before, but do they really do them Q&A Interview style???

Do you have any remorse for your action?

I don't know, I haven't done it yet, stupid.

Am I supposed to believe this is real?

by Cascade
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Still too much.

by Cascade
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That's what you get for relying on other foreign nations for your energy.

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Thread title is an ad? It's the user's first post? This board is not for you!

So get the fuck out.

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Geez, even I have fantasies like that, but I don't fucking deny reality.

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I'm glad this happened. But I need some clarification- how is this all on just Rand Paul?

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These days, lots of demographics will start to agree.

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I'm... way to tired to point out that having a problem with the boss for their ethnicity and gender is racist and sexist. I'm done. There's no point since they don't even care that they're hypocrites.

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