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Batman-Arkham is the only game with that system where I actually kinda liked said system. Every other game I've seen a similar combat system was nowhere near as polished. And as I recall, aren't these the same devs? I know you said you don't like it, but if it's the same people with a very similar system, that gives me some hope.

Now if you want to get into the faults of Arkham Knight, while I was glad that it finally got to pull out the Batmobile to do awesome Batshit, controlling it was a godawful pain in the ass.

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I honestly can't even remember much of the books' material outside of pretty much all the points made in the movies. It just didn't feel very important to the main plot, regardless of how well it built the world of Middle Earth.

So yeah, you're definitely right in that regard.

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And if she were in game, they'd be more than fine posting videos of players slapping her around with a dildo (I honestly can't believe I'm seeing videos with that as a weapon on YouTube).

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On a bit of a tangent- There's a Shadow of Mordor + War bundle for about ten bucks. At that price, I'm suddenly considering it, and that's even though I'd heard Shadow of War did some pretty stupid stuff with its lore (I don't think I ever heard anyone complain about gameplay).

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I REALLY wanted Gundam Evolution to be decent, for the sheer purpose of telling Overwatch to fuck off. But unfortunately, the ruling systems for that game are not fair and balanced in my opinion, I couldn't keep going. Hell, it was a match that ended in victory for me that finally made it clear how bullshit the ruling system was.

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Streaming games absolutely will not succeed as a primary service. It can make a decent enough side service (I tried Playstation Now for a trial month some years back, gave me access to quite a few games I wouldn't have even thought about, no space requirements), but if it's the main draw, you have nothing, simply because your competition can create the same sort of service while primarily supporting live games.

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What kind of drugs? The illegal kind, or the government mandated kind?

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She was all about medicine, fuck everything else. And that's why she's of the Berserker class.

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How does this hurt Russia again? I thought that pipeline was how it got to Germany.

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No arrests have been made.

The only surprising thing, this being California.

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I consider Star Wars IV-VI to be sacred art.

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I think I saw a post about it or something like it on pdw in the past two days. It was an arm that looked like it had been through a meat grinder, or in an explosion, or shot up hundreds of times. But no, it was voluntary muscle tissue harvesting in order to create a fake penis.

Doing an irreversible operation that leaves you with a freakish arm to cover a delusion that turns you into an absolute freak of nature.

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43%? Or Vaccinated?

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I doubt he'd sign such a thing if messing with his movies was on the menu. And even if he did, even I have to believe there is a limit to what a person will accept before it becomes it becomes imperative to speak out, damn the consequences.

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Telling the creator of the most beloved sci-fi franchise in history to fuck off, to his face, as you go and officially ruin everything about his franchise, will absolutely cause an investor and consumer revolt that Disney likely wouldn't survive. George has mentioned about what they did with his "notes and suggestions," but hasn't gone out of his way to speak against them. The moment this changes, consumer war gets even hotter than it is right now. And rebooting the franchise to do their usual shit absolutely will do that. Disney's reputation is tanking on all fronts right now, this absolutely would kill them.

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No. At the very least, not until George Lucas is dead. It's bad enough what they did to Luke with the Rey trilogy, but they wouldn't be so stupid as to completely reboot that whole story. Even George, with all that money they gave him, would say "don't watch this shit, they are going out of their way to ruin it."

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Call me a glowie, I don't care.

Stop calling out hypocrites, start shooting hypocrites. I would dare to call hypocrisy the worst sin of all.

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Scared it'll give tips to hypothetical revolutionaries that might go against them?

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