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Accelerate. Accelerate. Neoliberalism may not survive the winter in Europe.

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The author writes like a Nigerian.

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Looks like the tranny jannies are having a bit of power struggle. N8, one of those black Twitter types who hates white people, apparently was driven out by some other degenerate mod. Everyone involved sounds like a toxic, mentally ill loser.

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Even that is named after Karl Popper's concept. He had written a book The Open Society and Its Enemies. He was Georgie boy's mentor.

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Jigsaw will start a pre-bunking ad campaign on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok at the end of August for users in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, meant to head off fear-mongering about Ukrainian refugees who entered those countries

I wonder why Israel isn't included? There's plenty of fear there.


misinformation-identifying curriculum delivered over two weeks of texts, or lists of bullet points with tips such as “identify the author”

Identify the author? You don't say!

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I think she opposes them as far as her world view goes, but she can be pulled into helping them, like she did here, because she doesn't really know WTF is going on and has handlers pulling her around.

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That still doesn't solve anything because a meritocracy doesn't stop another race/ethnic group from consolidating as much wealth and power as it can for itself and using that against us.

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content free reply

If that's what you gotta do to avoid making an idiot out of yourself

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"I have faith in democracy!"

one comment later

"The damn women voters are ruining everything!"

Goddamn, I thought you were at least a semi-coherent MGTARD, as opposed to the completely unhinged Impy, but I guess the ideology just rots the brain like that.

Where did I say I wanted women, or anyone, to vote?

So...do you want to repeal the 19th or not?

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Faith in democracy? Aren't you one of those Repeal the 19thers?

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You can bet the tranny movement has its hooks into the GOP. Never forget that it is top-down and billionaire backed. That's their donor class, not just the Dems. MTG herself is probably fucking clueless as usual, though.

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You didn't answer the question.

Every possible human society is just as totalitarian as any other

Not really. The US itself is more totalitarian now than it was just ~6 years ago. That wouldn't be a problem though, if, for example, the authoritarian measures were instead cracking down on the groomer agenda. That would be turbo based actually.

You just want to replace their tyranny with yours because you think you'll be in a position of influence when that happens.

It's really unlikely I'd have any more influence. I would be able to speak more mind more freely, ironically enough.

Imagine my shock at seeing yet another stormfag express view that makes you utterly indistinguishable from every other socialist.

Imagine my shock at seeing yet another MGTARD getting angry when confronted with the idea that maintaining a working society might interrupt his play time.

"aNtI-aUtHoRiTaRiAnIsM" is just subversive hippy bullshit. We've seen that especially clearly with "it's not my business what people do in their bedrooms" paving the way for the modern groomer movement.

Side note, your beloved Trump isn't even anti-authoritarian. He didn't pardon Assange, Snowden, or even the J6 protestors who were there for him.

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Are you under the impression there are non-authoritarian societies?

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Aside from the pandemic, everything else was entirely predictable, too. Media bias has been a decades long issue among conservatives, and it was well established that this spilled into social media years earlier. BLM has also been notoriously active during election years. Even randos were noticing that.

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