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It was the perfect trifecta to piss off Chinese audiences.

Fat ❌

Frumpy ❌

Black love interest ❌

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Bitch followed up by taking my wet, not-yet-fully-washed clothes out of the washing machine, dumping them, and writing me a passive-aggressive note saying that next time she would throw my clothes away, for "disrespecting her", which she left on top of the clothes...

So she was dumb enough to leave evidence of what she just did to you. Use it.

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I can't remember which crime it was but someone claimed to be trans and the whole trans community said the guy didn't look like a trans person.

It seems to depend just how severe the crime is and how much attention it gets in the MSM. When it's too much to brush under the carpet then all the disavowing starts, which often leads to hilarious consequences for the ones virtue signaling.

One from Scotland last year or so,

Humza Yousaf says trans double rapist Isla Bryson 'is trying to play the system'

Followed by,

Humza Yousaf reported to PoliceScotland for potential breach of Hate Crime Act

Added context: Yousaf is the current First Minister of Scotland so one of the highest visible positions of government.

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I would have at least offered the guy a job

On the one hand sure that would help him get into the industry, but on the other hand that can be the quickest way to tank both his enthusiasm and work quality.

Stellaris has hired modders before and the quality of their work plummeted because said modder was no longer the one in charge of both production quality and pace. Now they had someone in a management position stating what was to be done and how quickly.

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it's one of the most popular comics on the site I've mentioned before, whether this is entirely natural or now propped up by normies also viewing the page is up for debate however without access to a timeline of the viewed data.

It has its ups and downs, mostly because the whole thing despicts the ups and downs of Mark's life, but it still manages to stick the landing and actually end on something that isn't like modern rushed crap.

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When he explained to them the risk of having untrained minorities injured, high hospital bills as a result, and delayed filming (which would bloat the budget -- and at their current production schedule I believe he mentioned that they were under budget at the time when the execs showed up) the execs quickly shut up and left the set.

He spoke in the universal language of money.

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Invincible on Amazon Prime has a lot of graphic violence and blood

And most of it wasn't even in the comic. The rampage Nolan goes on while fighting Mark doesn't turn out that way. Any human deaths are a consequence of the two literally flying through buildings and subway station structures, not literally through people face first as the cartoon does. Or grabbing a pilot and exploding his head in one hand.

The whole thing is just Amazon wanting their own version of The Boys which is hilariously tragic since that itself fucked up adapting a comic which would have been far better if done faithfully. But then that's never going to happen.

still feels kinda woke to me.

Because it is, see why in my reply to Smith1980 below.


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That's mostly because the Ctrl Left can't do nuance. Mark's friend ends up coming out as gay dozens of issues down the series but the cartoon not only starts with the character as gay but goes full flaming stereotype from the get go.

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I heard it was good but they race swapped a character

They did more than just that.

The titular character Invincible, Mark, is now half asian because his mother, Debbie, is now asian for some reason.

Rexsplode is now hispanic, which also means Rudy is now hispanic as Rudy creates a clone body to use from Rex. There are several timeskips throughout the comic and after the last one Rudy literally looks like a fully haired Lex Luthor with green eyes, pale skin, and vibrant red hair.

Amber, Mark's first girlfriend, is now black. For bonus points she ends up getting a black eye from her second boyfriend, so that's domestic abuse and black girl wrapped up into one.

They also change several important parts of the story so it no longer makes sense, like having Nolan kill off the Guardians of the Globe in the very first episode of the cartoon despite the fact his only happens in the comic after he learns Mark has finally started getting his powers. That manifestation is the powderkeg for basically everything that happens in the story and yet for whatever reason Kirkman decided to rearrange things and up the gore and graphic deaths in the Amazon cartoon.

by woxter
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As it approaches inversion the rest of the image starts getting censored instead due to the higher statistical likelihood.

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Destiny from X-Men is literally named Irene Adler. Mystique shapeshifted into Sherlock Holmes to be the face of things while Destiny simply used her precog powers to solve everything.

This is despite the fact "the real" Sherlock Holmes somehow still also existed.

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how inflation all throughout the Biden administration has tanked the economy these past three years, how we lost energy independence because of his executive orders, his gross use OF executive orders, the disastrous Afganistan withdrawal, how he smuggled classified documents of his own during OBAMA's administration, the diary listing an incestuous and pedophiliac history that the FBI was deployed to retrieve, the constant sniffing of children, his protection of his son every time another one of his crimes are exposed (with the money always tracing back to Joe), or his throwing the southern border wide open and impeding every attempt to secure it while aliens come in in greater droves than ever before

Ah yes, but have you considered the following:

Orange man bad


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Speaking of, there was a line in a more recent DB cartoon where a random cop or something shouted at his men "Don't shoot, he's not Black!", where the capitalisation was actually important this time because it was referring to the character named Black Goku. I do wonder if that was some intention trolling by the writers who knew the translation would unsettle some.

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It's a woke PC friendly way of saying someone or thing is acting in a certain way, but it only ever works when said by woke idiots in the same vein that "People of Colour" is acceptable [for now], but "Coloured People" is not. I remember within the last couple of decades saying someone was acting gay, or black, or whatever would set someone off about how stereotypes are bad, but that's precisely what "coding" is under another label.

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As the others have outlined, Boston marathon was bombed, Reddit tried to work out who did it and failed spectacularly.

Reddit ended up going with a kid that had been missing for a while at the time of the run, kid was later found dead for unrelated reasons however the "investigation" by Reddit put an already extremely anxious family through even worse because instead of their kid just being missing the news/social media was now claiming their kid was a terrorist who had bombed a marathon.

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Really the redditors have done way more egregious shit than simply pushing false MSM narratives against people they don't like and then memory holed it after

Boston Bomber fuckup comes to mind.

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I've also seen internet trolls put the exact same amount of effort into a con almost a decade ago.

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This is Literally Who levels of retardedness, and that was almost a decade ago!

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Closest I have would be the guys who walk their dogs at the same dog park. I have no idea what any of their names are but I do know the names of the dogs, of course.

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