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free society

free speech

Maybe they're trying for a frequency illusion by repeating the word "free" over and over to make normies believe it.

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Governments gave the companies developing the vaccines immunity from consequences out of some hyped up need to have a vaccine developed ASAP. The same vaccine which doesn't actually stop [re]infection even now. Without something changing that even large scale class action lawsuits will go nowhere leaving those suffering whatever consequences both literally and figuratively fucked.

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Todays Twitter Trends include stories about how there's a conspiracy going around trying to convince people to "De-vaccinate" which has been since described as "medically impossible".

If that were truly the case then booster shots used to boost and maintain immunity wouldn't be a thing.

This isn't even exclusive to Covid, there are quite a few historic vaccines that you are suggested to update every 5 years or whatever because over time they don't persist.

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It makes them excited and they need that excitement to deal with their dull lives.

There are also those who get to act as commissars in many countries where the "rules/laws" are little more than government guidance. Enough to give an outline for what should be done and create public shaming, but no actual legal push to do so meaning the various governments can turn around and say "We didn't force anyone to do that!"

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he starts out in chains but escapes. They just made it up I guess

Yeah that isn't in the books. So the whole thing was just to showcase Nynaeve even though she's unsufferable.

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This shift in age and violence is a naked attempt to appeal to Game of Thrones viewers, but for those who love the books, it goes rather too far.

Unexpectedly based.

The positive buzz simply isn't there, which threatens to prevent Wheel of Time ever reaching its wider potential audience

And it would be doing everyone a favor keeping them away from this dumpsterfire.

Meanwhile, the changes in Wheel of Time seem to be building. Wheel of Time episode 3 sets up radical changes to Egwene and the prophecy of the Dragon Reborn, which - if followed through - means the TV series will diverge completely from Jordan's own story.


With that, the already irritated fandom is likely to get even more frustrated, damaging the show's reputation even further.

And deservedly so at this point. Fuck the cunts that have been shitting all over this in attempts to grab the next GoT while also fielding their own agendas.

Season 2 may be guaranteed, but the longer future of Amazon's Wheel of Time seems in doubt right now.

Good. Go woke, get broke.

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the next team should “take special care to keep the team of a healthy size

So they're advocating for gatekeeping, but only when it's (D)ifferent.

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Wouldn't have surprised me to find out the producers had finally got around to reading the source material and were horrified to learn that Matt as a white male ends up marrying a literal Nubian princess [Empress] later on. IR good, but only when it's BMWF!

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without the men to keep them in check, the women become monsters

Pretty much. Even going back to the Age of Legends when Lews Therin wanted to attack Shayol Gul with both men and women the women refused and it fucked up the plan. The plan which later gets shown to have been the correct one all along.

One of the Reds tries leading the White Tower after staging a coup against a previously elected Blue and proceeds to fuck up so badly she almost ends the world. That isn't hyperbole. She tries to capture Rand later under false diplomatic pretenses that results in the deaths and stilling of several Aes Sedai when he gets rescued. She repeatedly refers to her visions as some kind of sacrosanct plan despite the fact she's not even that good at Foretelling in the first place. She resorts to abuse and blackmail when trying to flex her power because she has nothing else going for her. And in the end she gets kidnapped while asleep because she didn't even realise she'd been attacked in the first place.

The whole Vileness is a separate issue. Reds repeatedly stilling men and then leaving out in the open at the "mercy" of their neighbors and the elements. This is why Tom hates Aes Sedai, they did this to his nephew. Turns out the whole thing was orchestrated by the evil Black Ajah because they were trying to kill the Dragon reborn because they knew he would be reborn, so the militant misandrist group of the Aes Sedai get easily tricked into doing the work of literal Satan [Shia'tan] worshippers because the things they were "tricked" into doing were that closely aligned with their basic policies in the first place.

Every female ruler fucks up because they think they know best and it gets repeatedly shown they're being manipulated by an advisor who is either a Darkfriend or an actual Chosen in at least 3 cases, but because their ego is being fed the morons go ahead with it.

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the fight against Logain

There is no fight against Logain.

The first time Logain is met he's already in chains being taken through Caemlyn to the White Tower to be stilled. He's Shielded by however many Aes Sedai and nobody actually gets a close look at him because of the crowd watching the False Dragon being that large. Rand tries to get a better look by climbing up a wall and ends up scaling the castle grounds and falling into them where he meets Elayne, Gawyn, and Galad.

Nobody interacts with Logain until the White Tower has already had the Schism and he goes with some of them to Salidar. He's not in the books enough at the point the show is to warrant a proper casting by many standards!

Nynaeve isn't anywhere near trained enough to even heal properly so that scene is entirely fluff to make the character look good. Which she needs really because she's one of the most insufferable cunts in the whole thing.

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That flat out contradicts even just the base design of the One Power.

Men are singularly more powerful than women by something like half a dozen addition ranks. Even the strongest potential woman will never be as strong as some men who while strong aren't considered anywhere near equal to the strongest at times because it appears to turn into an exponential measuring system half the time.

For those who actually care about what the rankings were: https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/One_Power#Scales_of_Power

The Dragon and 2 others are at the top spot in terms of power. Logain is in the 2nd spot. The strongest woman by relatively comparison is down at rank 6. Everyone between Logain and the strongest woman, bar one, is one of the Chosen who were the most powerful channelers during the Age of Legends along with Lews Therin. One of the top spots doesn't even really belong there because it's never shown he has that kind of power.

The trade off with the differences in raw strength is that men cannot form circles with other men and function as a unit but women can with other women. Men can join circles women have formed and lead them but again this requires the women to create the circle first then have the man/men later join. A circle can be as small as 2. The largest potential circle is 72 I think and is of equal men and women as there cannot be more men than women in a circle.

Nynaeve isn't even the strongest women outside of the Chosen, 3 others are more powerful than her!

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That wife doesn't even exist in the books. They specifically created her just to kill her off in the very first episode. My, what feminists these writers are!

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New Mutants will be cringe

Current comic is so that's not surprising to hear about the live action adaptation.

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"You see, typing words and reading on the internet isn't ackshually 'speaking' therefore it can't be 'free speech'. Checkmate, plebs."

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it was hard to tell if it was just a joke for the character to point out, or a jab at modern reboots

Poe's law works both ways. Wokies are too far up their own asses to realize this sort of thing could be mocking them.

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Infecting other languages with bad English, too.

"Latinx", putting the -x suffix that loosely gets used in English into a Romance language that is an actual example of Imperialistic enforcement towards the cult. Something like only 3% self identify as Latinx while the other 97% will be a mix of "IDGAF" and "It's already gendered, fuck off."

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Guess she got a look at the actual work she'd be expected to do rather than attending cocktail parties around the world on private jets.

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do you think they'll have a similar tranny suicide rate

Yes, because it doesn't matter what parts they cut off or bolt on, the mental aspect is still there.

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Up next, "7 ways to use your menora in the bedroom. Prepare the lube!"

I had to look up the actual name since "Jewish candlestick" can be vague it seems.

On topic, any day now we'll see an advert with a fully inclusive, all trans, all Muslim family celebrating something, I'm sure.

Aaany day, now.

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I'm torn between making various jokes about why the vaccine isn't working, but then this kind of thing happens and it just kills any chances at being satirical again!

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This is pretty sad. If we want people to stand up for what is right, then we should defend them when they do, even if we disagree with the other stuff.

I'd agree however not only are some wokesters so deep in resentment and anger than not only do they bite the hands that feed but also the hands offered to them in assistance. Scorpion and the Frog isn't something anyone wants to have playing on repeat.

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Not all "TERFs" are even actual TERFs at this point as like with many buzzwords it's thrown around simply for the weight it carries. Or use to since many just don't give a fuck because it's been overused.

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