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As is oft mentioned on 4chan;

Welcome to the internet, where the men are women, the women are definitely men, and the children are FBI

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Why do they have to do the bait and switch constantly

Because they don't have an audience otherwise.

Bait and switch means luring in existing viewers and then shitting all over them when things inevitably turn out to be woke shit soup.

If they were up front about making a product nobody wanted they wouldn't be able to lie about their viewing numbers as a promotion for their next grift despite how massive a drop off such tactics always end up suffering.

"First episode was great for viewer numbers! We were cancelled by episode 3."

That's not to say being upfront doesn't stop wokesters from shitting all over the audience anyway.

Step 1, state woke agenda and generate attention by attacking audience while establishing precursor to damage control when project inevitably flops.

This movie isn't for str9 hwite men!

Step 2, said damage control

This movie failed because str8 hwite men didn't go see it!

Step 3, so it again with someone else and use the exact same lines as before

Behold the first stronk, independant wammen while ignoring every other example going back decades!

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peg leg and eyepatch

Most of this shit I don't even afford the bandwidth despite it being out there on the high seas.

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I did, but then I also know the answer to the question in the OP so found it interesting that the site in question only really went down today and not 4 months ago as those timestamps are marked.

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The timestamps on the posts are interesting since those posts are 4 months old and checking in some of the other 4chan archives those posts do not exist. So it's either posted to another 4chan or been scrubbed from the other archive sites.

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Wakarimasem was a 4chan archive site that as of today no longer works.

Thing is it's not even the only site that does that and some of the others do still seem to be active, Wakarimasem was just newer so had less shit to search through [good thing/bad thing/good thing] so would work faster/more often [good thing] although wouldn't have the same back catalogue to search through because it was newer [bad thing]. However that also meant it would have less stuff that would get you v& if you happened to look back far enough [good thing] and end up in the wrong threads.

The reasons given in the OP pic aren't surprising, though. It's more or less the same thing LibsofTiktok got attacked for albeit on a more autistic/4chan level where archives could be used to prove previous posting history from tripcode or even to search image hashes if arguing stuff wasn't OC.

And that's just a few of the things the archive sites can do: https://i.ibb.co/8KGw2GY/stuffs.jpg

  • Search the archive history of the boards listed

  • Limit results to posts made by: Mods, Admin, Devs, etc

  • Limit results to posts with or without images

  • Limit results to posted that have been deleted, as well as show the time the deletion was made

  • Search for image hashes to see if a particular pic is OC or not. Only really relevant to posts where people post claiming to be the person in the pic as you get a lot of larpers reposting stuff from both other anons as well as random shit from Reddit and other places.

So it shouldn't be surprising if it was taken down because some 4chan sperg got pissy they were being called out on their own behaviour with examples and went the SRS route of spamming boards with illegal content that the archives would then pick up with their scrapers and then reported the archives afterward.

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it can determine a person's persona






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That's a heck of a lot of words to say she's a heathen. grifter


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because of a tsunami on the opposite side of the planet.

At a reactor that was built wrong.

At least twice.

Which was called out.


That was adjusted without telling anyone in case when things did go wrong.

Which they did! Because the engineer wasn't a complete fucktard and knew what the was doing!

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That's been the game in games and other media for decades now. Using WoW as an example, Vanilla was one of the most no-lifer parts of the entire game where both PVE raiding and PVP titles needed someone to be putting in more than half the hours of a day just to remain competitive. Later expansions such as TBC began opening up those parts of the game to more of the playerbase by including other methods to sort gear checks and eventually flat out removing the various Attunement chains someone needed to go through to even start content.

Some changes were overall good, reduced attunement chains meant alts could be brought in if ever needed, however others just fucked up the game forever, like adding in LFG/LFR which killed internal server communities and identity.

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Well there's about 8 billion people on the planet, half have a below average IQ simply because of how basic maths work, then you have however many from that are Leftists so 1 billion might still be an understatement.

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And just like that, Impy starts listening and believing to unsubstantiated MeToo allegations.

But of course, Women-man bad, after all. Aka: No bad tactics, only targets.

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The Cortana to Navi pipeline is real.

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Strong woman

The same stronk woman who later on in the series goes mad and launches a crusade against organic life because "muh AI slavery".

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I'm surprised ConPro lives so rent free in your head when there's already so much space taken up by women.

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Alternatively the Yautja mark her just like they did the other woman in Alien vs Predator because she's "a worthy hunter to be respected" or some stupid concept. Wait and see if they shoehorn in two-spirited to the whole thing, too.

Of course "worthy hunter" still means fuck all as being a historic prequel we still know what happens to her entire people. They lose.

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Various millennia old alien races culturally appropriate human degeneracy celebration that is a couple of decades old at most.

by Cascade
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Harnessing the kinetic energy from moshing.

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Because as is repeatedly the case the writers for the films are morons. They used the same writer for Last Stand [the first shitty Dark Phoenix film] as they did for the actual Dark Phoenix film.

Alternatively someone didn't want Jennifer Lawrence being having to deal with the mother plotline despite the fact First Class even had Nightcrawler's biological father, Azazel, in the film as a minor character. You know, the red, Nightcrawler looking teleporter.

Very few, if any, superhero movies ever bother to actually go further into the source material than a film/comic title and basic premise so it's not really surprising at this point how badly some of the more nuanced topics are either skipped over or totally contradicted.

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