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After watching House of the Dragon episode 5, the show is a total dumpster fire

You kept going after episode 1?

You kept going after GoT?!

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feminist uniparty


Women hate each other too much for that to ever, ever be a thing in practice. At best you will get various purity spirals and cliques channeling 'Queen Bee' syndrome who all want to be the one on top.

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I'll get the leg shortening axe.

Spoilers: it's a normal axe that identifies as a multi-purpose tool..

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we might get “a totally normal and non-suspicious heart attack and/or stroke.”


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catching some shit

Both literal and figurative.

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So Germany is creating ghettos for the non native population? Is there something about the 20s that just drive them to start herding people?

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The "news" stories about this are as you might expect, completely lacking in what the cause of death is. Much like with Coulter's Law there should be some kind of philosophical razor relating to the lifestyles involved and why more and more time passes without the significant details being released.

Similarly see the recent UK news about Chris Kaba and his family "suddenly" deciding to not be quite as vocal about his death after they saw the CCTV capturing things. They realised they don't have as strong a SocJus case anymore so are pivoting to other screeching points.

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Problem is that gets offset by grooming more disillusioned children into the fold so the 42% doesn't result in a net loss.

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then we can go guns on the tech tree

There are some civ games like Civ 5 which have weird tech "loophole" of sorts that mean you can make machine guns while skipping earlier techs for rifles.

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They don't give a fuck

This, they're not going to engage in any conversation regardless of sources of open dialogue. None of TentElephant's post will be read, none of the sources will even be considered. They don't want any counter points, they just want power. All of it.

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"Can't be giving the plebs fire, look what happened last time some idiot like Prometheus thought the servile class should gain a modicum of power!"

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"Guns are bad!"

/takes away all the guns

/criminals do other things


First off, banning something doesn't stop those who are motivated enough in the first place. So banning guns doesn't mean criminals will suddenly stop using them. It does however mean the general population is now no longer armed in a sufficient way to defend themselves.

Second, even without guns "life uh, finds a way" and something else will be used instead. The advantage of guns is they are easier to use to accomplish a task since they are ranged and precise when compared to more basic options of throwing rocks in a similar way as to why crossbows are better than actual bows and arrows. You give a grunt an xbow and all they really need to do it point and shoot. Archery is not only more difficult logistically but also physically and long term usage fucks up your spine like scoliosis on a speedrun. So even without guns it just means the tools used will be melee ones such as knives, bike locks, trucks of peace, skateboards, and cars which kidnap people.

Third, even without those tools there are still sticks and stones, or even just the floor. They can and will do a lot more than just break some bones if used in certain ways and the point of all this is that when you have someone motivated enough to want to cause injury/death then it doesn't matter if they have access to particular tools/weapons.

Fourth, 'whodunnit?' It's London. It's the single most "diverse" city in the UK and also one of the most frequent locations to crop up regarding knife attacks and other adjacent "incidents". Totally unrelated depending on which people you ask, however. Any claims or queries made otherwise will get you tarnished with the wacism brush and we all know being labelled a racist is the worst thing that can ever happen so it's better to just let the stabbings, murders, rapes, and riots continue.

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lazy, slouching, kind of corner-cutting boys

How nice of them to include the Chinese after the Disney trilogy flopped so hard there.

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I just do /shrug

Overall I just have very good memory retention as well as various traits relating to connecting things in ways most don't or won't consider. Call it autism or apophenia or whatever it's just how I work.

A lot of this is just general biology info dealing with the endocrine system and other critical vascular pathways and what happens when those systems are stimulated, even just in minor ways.

The ankle/adrenaline thing is one of the reasons we as a species are so successful because we can take a horrendous amount of punishment compared to other animals that would go into shock far more readily then die. Meanwhile humans have hyper-reactive scar tissues so while we might later look like we have gone through a meat grinder, and in some cases involving animals attacks technically have done, it's still something that can be survived.

Keep in mind as a species we can walk down horses. Not run them down, walk them down. We can't out run a horse, at least not in the short term, but we can walk, and walk, and walk for hours and hours to the point anything we choose to chase eventually dies to exhaustion or from being herded off a steep drop. If that doesn't work we use tools and throw sticks and rocks.

But that's not to say we still aren't easily stopped. Fuck up the sinoatrial node of the heart in some way or interrupt the regular heart beat and you can cause a heart attack. Turn off blood/oxygen to the brain for only a few seconds and we collapse. It gets folded into a loose concept of a "rule of 3s". 3 seconds without blood/oxygen to the brain, 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, although that last one is heavily depending on existing fat stores and will still likely have the latter days spent in a coma plus lasting damage to other tissues if/when they start being broken down under emergency conditions.

Atkins makes for a useful bit of info when arguing against topics where false claims are made about certain deaths.

Ju-Jitsu thing is a lived experience which details both human nature attempting to overcome a situation not fully understood as well as the physical limits that can be placed on the body. Also what it sounds like when a bodybuilder tears his own deltoid/trapezius because of not listening to someone who knows better.

tl;dr internet + probable undiagnosed autism + an IQ around 150

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Downvote if you love Israel

I don't think they will care if they are brigading you in the first place

Also, memes for possibly context/relevance



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A different instructor who was visiting one time once said "No rules in a street fight". He taught people how to survive being attacked and if that involved a low blow with a swift kick then you gave a low blow with a swift kick because the alternatives meant a list of injuries quickly piling up as things went on over the next few seconds.

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Definitely, clip the femoral or carotid arteries or even the jugular veins and you can and will bleed out within a few minutes without immediately medical aid. Something regardless.

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People who push the global warming noncesense have absolutely fueled my hate

"Environmentalists": We need to stop using fossil fuels!

Others: Ok, build more nuclear power plants.

"Environmentalists": REEEEEE!

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Hopefully they get a happy ending and go for the former. We don't get to choose out parents but we sure as hell get to choose whether they remain a part of our lives.

The blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb.

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Human bodies are both shockingly resilient and fragile as fuck at the same time. With enough adrenaline we can run on broken ankles. It will hurt to high heaven later on but it may just be enough of a temporary gain to GTFO from something bad.

A lot of body parts are sufficiently unimportant that damage to them is overall a minimal problem. Sure you might end up with no hands/arms/feet/legs but being quadriplegic isn't fatal, it just sucks, and that's why there are worse things than death. Being pregnant may have actually saved her depending where the stabs were and as per the article they were near the baby so her very likely very enlarged abdomen which was mostly filled with amniotic fluid and a small 8 month developed baby would have presented itself as a very easy target that for the most part wasn't immediately containing vital organs. Because of that the baby was probably more lucky as it would have been significantly more at risk when consider body areas/volumes and important structures.

Conversely the guy behind the Atkin's diet, Dr Robert Atkins MD [Cardiology specialty]:

On April 8, 2003, Atkins fell and hit his head on an icy New York sidewalk. He was admitted to Weill Cornell Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain, but fell into a coma. He died on April 17, at age 72.

Sure he was old[er] but his death was neither a result of his age nor his dietary suggestions despite some attempts which will be made to claim such. Anyone can slip on ice and hit their head the wrong way and it highlights that some parts of the body just can't take a hit.

A well place and timed punch to the solar plexus can interrupt the heart leading to death.

A properly executed chokehold will drop pretty much anyone within 3-5 seconds because it shuts off blood to the brain. Won't matter how built someone is and sometimes that leads to other problems/injuries out of some false expectation you can power through something.

Once knew a guy doing Ju-Jitsu who was a club doorman/bouncer. Big fucking dude, the kind that had a physical presence going for him that would deal with most problems before they ended up physical however for those times it did happen he still put the time in to learn what could be done to avoid injuring himself, and to a lesser extent the morons trying to attack him while drunk. Anywho, takes part in a demonstration, gets put in an armlock by the guy giving the class. Big dude is locked down and cannot get out but still voices he thinks he can because of his muscle. Gets told it won't happen and if he reeeally thinks he can get out then to try but only after being warned several times it's a REEEALLY bad idea.

Ends up tearing his own muscles because the armlock was never, ever going to be what gave way which meant the only thing that could was the locked body. Didn't see him for a few months after that unsurprisingly and when he came back he was far more humble about trying similar things.

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