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It's actually a lot more than that in the few days alone, but because of the way the site works it's only something that can be checked on desktop because the mobile UI doesn't display the timestamp properly. That and u/DomitiusOfMassilia isn't around anywhere near as much to moderate the board on his own in general let alone dealing with the constant spamming from you, so catching your continuing and repeated rule breaks, 14 or otherwise, would require the same nolife dedication that you yourself put in here.

Timestamps for your last posts, and I'll even make it easy on you and others who would rather not stare at a wall of text and highlight when you've gone over 5 posts in 24 hours.



20:52:06 {3}






21:10:00 (3}

12:23:35 {2}



19:48:01 {1}



12:38:23 {2}



23:59:02 {1}




So including that screenshot from last night that makes at least 4 times in as many days you've done this again, despite claiming you don't do that any more. Something else you're wrong about.

Bonus point, note that even after deleting one of those posts you went ahead and broke the same fucking rule within the same 24 hour period yet again!

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Someone needs to edit that Doctor episode "Turn Left" about the consequences of Donna never meeting the tenth Doctor. He dies, isn't around to stop the space Titanic crashing and nuking London, and somehow this was explained as a bad thing 😶

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Music TeleVision.

Why the fuck do they need a news outlet?

Aka: "Burgers?"

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FF, 7, had a prominent black main character

Barret was a single dad raising someone else's kid!

Also he had a machine gun for an arm but who cares about such superficial things as tha- oh, wait. 🙄

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Probably this from 3 months ago but the OP has since been deleted


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They truly cannot tell the difference between 5'10 and 6'2

If you want a really fun game of shitposting see what happens when it gets displayed as 5' 13" or more. Most people zone in on the 5 and don't engage any cognitive power to realise what is going on.

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It's honestly even more pathetic than Imp,

Maybe, but it could also be Imp creating his own parody alts to both further his victim status and attempt to generate some degree of pity that he keeps getting targeted by ebil wxmyn since he's used alts before.

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Rahm Israel Emanuel

Off the top of my head he worked for the 2008 Obama admin and IIRC he's one of the ones most cited realting to the phrase "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste".

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Archive, backup, archive, backup, archive, backup, archive, backup.

Anything against the narrative will be memory holed and purged with fire.

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“Reluctant participants who ultimately answer the call to fight for a freer world,”

By literally nuking the opposition.

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It's always the same 3/4 points that the narrative attempts to ignore and bury.

  1. More slaves were sent to South America than North America.

  2. More slaves were sent East than West.

  3. The ones sent East were gentled which is why their ancestors aren't about to whine like the ones from West do.

  4. The slaves existed before Europe showed up to get involved because it originates from inter-tribal fighting and enslaving by other African tribes as well as then Arab nations far closer in proximity.

But "muh kangz" is the narrative most run with because most are that dumb or desperate for it to be true and remove any burdens of responsibility.

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Sweden: One shot step forward.

Also Sweden: Multiple immigrant steps all over the fucking place.

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Misogyny isn't real.


I think the strange parodying of me


started by Antonio


One short comment, wrong three times in various ways. Your own rants label women as dedicated men hating monsters, of which the "men hating" part would be described as "misandry". Conversely "women hating" is misogyny. You don't get to decide a word isn't real just because you're demented, which is especially good because you keep trying to make certain words happen like the Boomer you are.

As for the parodying, you've had it explained time and time and time and time and time again why people have issues with you. You refuse to listen, acknowledge, or learn from any of these instead playing a perpetual victim, much like women do ironically, which is why you keep getting labelled as both the things you supposedly hate as well as related things like SJWs, troons, Jews, etc.

Do you have proof u/AntonioOfVenice started it? Of course you don't, but then you're pretty much schizophrenic in your delusions so it's not actually worth bothering with.

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Not according to all the other posts Imp makes, why the fuck this is a pinned is anyone's guess.

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He was in that for all of 7.5 minutes then died to make way for the new Spider-poc. The other older Spider-Man, who is a burnout, is voiced by Jake Johnson, one of the guys from New Girl with Zoey Deschanel.

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Yes and no. TOAA is simply the creator of everything in the Marvel comic universe, which kind of folds various creation mythologies into the entity despite others actually existing as mortal or immortal beings like the Asgardians.

The thing about Marvel comics is that it's all just a story being told in a comic. Both physically and metaphysically. Deadpool of all people is right when he calls his reality that of a comic book and states that somewhere there is a man at a desk writing/drawing his universe into "existence" but because it's Deadpool and not only does nobody actually believe him but nobody is allowed to believe him as per the story.

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Ben is, unsurprisingly, extremely complicated to fully explain, however the short answer to this question is: Yes.

The long answer is: Yes, and he's also a mutated human that hardly ages, ismarried to a blind human female, has adopted a male Kree and female Skrull as their children, and once died and met God/The One Above All.

Comics are weird.

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There have been many reality tv shows over the years that have had women competing against men, either "indirectly" to accomplish the same task or more directly against each other in a fight. I'm not 100% sure what show it was, might have been one of the SAS ones, but one part had a woman competitor spar with a man.

She took something like 1 hit from the guy and the match was halted, by another guy refereeing, because she was going to get wrecked otherwise. Pretty sure the guy she was fighting was still holding his punches too, more so than expected for "just a sparring match".

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