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haven't you ever had a rough day and you went "damn it, I want something NOW"?

That's every work day for me.

Ah shit, that explains a lot.

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Surprised Zoe Quinn isn't on the list despite being at the start of the whole thing.

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I had to wonder what her outbursts of rage were directed at: herself (for failing), the opponents (for winning), or her teammates (for their absolutely shit defense)?


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Multiculturalism is just multiple personality disorder on a statewide scale. You can't have multiple souls in the same body without mass conflict.

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the last non soy white guys still living in a deep blue area, they go completely schizo.

Idk sounds like living in New Jersey to me.

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Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein is one of my favorites. A reminder of how savage nature really is, and how cooperation is the only way man can survive it.

One of the more poignant things in the book was how the group kept trying to form committees to address problems rather than just making a decision about how to deal with the problem right then and there, which ended up wasting time and energy. In the end this inefficiency of bureaucracy cost lives.

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But that doesn't make what he does moral.

It's a hell of a lot more moral than drag queen story hour and lockdown jabs thats for sure.

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I don't know, I like the newer Camries.

My Audi was in the body shop after a fender bender and the insurance set me up with a 2018 Camry as a rental.

I was not prepared for how nice that car was. I had been in my aunt's 2004 Corolla and it was about as bland as Crispix cereal. This Camry however was almost as nice as my Audi in most respects. The leather wasn't quite as good, but the features and comfort was almost the same, and to top it off I was getting like 40mpg just driving around town.

That will be the next car I buy after I offload the Audi somehow.

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But that doesn't mean that women are cartoon villains actively colluding to genocide men

Women are gullible tools that the elites use to gut western civilization. Giving women the right to vote, which they didn't earn, is possibly more damaging to the west in the long run than all the wars in the 20th century.

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Aaron Sorkin,

I watched The West Wing for the first time a couple years ago, and the most unrealistic part of the show was the glorification of the Democrat party and the notion that they were actually trying to improve the country. Holy shit, could those guys do no wrong, and if they did do wrong it was trivial at worst.

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You can literally see the line for women fluctuate almost perfectly with which party was in office right up until Occupy Wall Street. Then the propaganda starts going off the rails, which is where you see the split. In contrast, the men tended to fluctuate a little less while being more conservative overall.

Funny how 2014 seems to be this magical year where everyone loses their fucking minds.

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Redhead big titty tomboy GF is an endangered species and must be protected from the hordes of basketball rope hair at all costs.

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Guarantee straight white fatties will be exempted from this protection.

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Her IPD is off the charts

Irritable Personality Disorder?

Initiate Protocol Delta?

Itchy Pee Dick?

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She looks like her jaw was welded onto her from another person. Add in how far apart her eyes are and it's like a computer tried to build her out of spare parts.

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If they had gone with someone like Lucy Liu instead of Scarlett, things could have been so much better. The only good casting choice in there was Beat Takeshi.

The story reeked of Hollywood executives messing around with something they didn't understand.

It's a shame because as far as the cinematography and production design they nailed it. The scene in which Section 9 gets set up actually made me forget about the casting choices for a minute. They even had Togusa use a Chiappa Rhino, presumably because they couldn't get their hands on a real Mateba Sei Unica.

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Ghost in the Shell? Nope

They at least got some things right in it. Not the casting, but the environment.

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Yes, I'm sure the many single guys with dogs out there have no social life.

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Oh good. Now Florida is going to fall if he wins, and if he doesn't he just steals votes from Trump. Not that it matters because the election will just be rigged again.

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Car culture has always been a fusion of Japanese, Hispanic and inner city culture.

Tell me you aren't a car guy without telling me you aren't a car guy.

Go to any car show that isn't a pop up meet and it is going to be an army of Corvettes and Porsche 911s, the rest being classic American muscle, old British roadsters, some ancient Studebakers, maybe some Italian exotics, and then a few quirky cars/trucks that don't fit in with the rest.

There are almost never any Japanese cars or riced out low riders with 60 degree camber. If there are any Japanese cars they are almost always going to be an NSX, an RX7, or a Supra, and they won't be in large numbers like the pop up meets where all the tuners show up.

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