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If anything Reach contradicts the book.

Spartan III soldiers who aren't wearing SPI armor, on Reach, with Covenant slipping past Reach's defenses without them noticing, and most importantly, the Pillar of Autumn wasn't even on the surface of Reach during the battle according to the book.

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Why is "change" a good thing

That's the best part: it usually isn't. A change in any system usually results in either catastrophic effects, or the system becoming unrecognizable compared to its former state.

Puberty is a change. Once you go through it, you are fundamentally different than you were before it.

The Great Depression was a change. Before, things were going great, the economy was booming. After, people wiped their asses with money because it was worthless.

The fall of the Soviet Union was a change. Before, it was a repressive regime that spread evil throughout the world. After the collapse, it reverted to just being a bunch of slavic countries with lackluster economies.

Evolution is a change. Some creatures evolved to be more efficient hunters, and others evolved to be less efficient. Guess which ones died out? Hell, Pandas are really only alive right now because we think they're cute.

Then there's climate change. The dinosaurs died out because of a cataclysmic change in their climate. Not the oceans getting a bit warmer, mind you, but the sun literally being blocked out by ash.

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This reminds me of the brother of the Vegas shooter. He claimed there was absolutely no way his brother was capable of murdering 50+ people, and that it was absolutely a false flag.

Guess who got "caught" with a fucking TERABYTE of CP a few days later?

I mean seriously, a whole TB of CP. How the fuck do you manage to collect that much of that shit without getting caught? That's like committing armed robbery on the same bank a dozen times in a row and not getting caught. There's no way that was real.

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First comment I saw:

Just what was Epsteins island like ? What did you do there ?


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but ultimately the patient decides what they want to do

For now...

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The Force Awakens (The most miserable theater experience I have ever had.)

Ironically that movie is miles better than both the sequels. Mostly because it's a rehash of a good movie.

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If every website was required to be entirely leftist by law. There wouldn't be anything interesting left to see.

If the government started hunting down dissidents by tracking them via internet/location/etc.

I wouldn't even have a choice then.

I'm just wondering if One Piece will finish by the time that happens.

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Gas is $4.85 at the Sunoco near my house.

I take 91 octane so I'm getting screwed even harder.

I'm getting really sick of being fucked over by clowns in charge.

by Cascade
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He's not talking about Putin. You'd know that if you even opened the article instead of having your daily knee jerk reaction to Imp making a comment about women.

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I love people individually, but as a group, humanity is shit.

I've basically reached this point over the last few years. I've met good people, but for every one of them, there are 100 that are dogshit. And those dogshit people frequently avoid punishment for being dogshit, whether by law or karma.

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They're less likely to have them than grown women.

Oh wait I forgot I'm not a biologist.

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I'm trying to imagine Trump at the Black Gate making a speech to the men of the west.

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Shariy’s arrest “is more proof that every traitor of Ukraine will sooner or later receive his well-deserved punishment. It is inevitable,” the SBU asserted.

Why does this sound like something Stalin would say...

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horrid Tom Cruise adaptations

The first one was good, even if Cruise is short.

The second one was just woke garbage though.

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forced to remember to take the bag back out with you to reuse it.

I've already forgotten 3 times now. I'm surprised California didn't do this first.

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I'm not pro or anti union, but I will say that unlike women, trying to get men together to collectively do something, even it's something that benefits them, is kind of hard. Every man would have to be on the same page for it to work, and most men are in a "do my own thing" mode as a default.

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The guy hated communism so much he joined the Nazis and then the army for more chances to fight them.

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Double the income tax?

Are they trying to get assassinated by some guy with nothing to lose?

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