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So far so good but they really need to expand their list of games. So far they only have a couple games listed and none that don't have DEI.

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there's no way even in this fucked up system we have it can be argued you were in the wrong to defend yourself because the only people that would come to your property are invaders or delivery staff.

You greatly underestimate their will to destroy you.

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More like Achilles torso. His personnel picks weren't just bad, they were literal traitors.

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The Democrat administration shown in West Wing was ethical, valued the rule of law, valued dissenting opinions

No wonder it's fiction.

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Pretty sure it's Ben Shapiro's porn account

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The most depraved shit imaginable in any war or civilization is usually done by doctors or their equivalent. Just to be a surgeon you have to be more than willing to violate somebody else's bodily autonomy, and that's for a morally just surgeon.

I do think there are different types of evil, and that the worst kind is that which violates your bodily autonomy without your consent. You can deny my right to speech, to arms, etc. all you want but at least I still have my body. The second you start hacking limbs off, etc. you have reached a new low.

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unironically defend incest because "it's not hurting anyone,

It's sure going to hurt the inevitable offspring, and not in a fixable way.

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At this point I am convinced Bluestorm is a very clever troll

You didn't figure that out the first time you saw him comment?

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Even people who are generally good on this can sometimes fuck up either due to no researching something properly or them being in denial about certain people that they like.


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Well, you know what? What Israel is doing might be a genocide, but it's the Palestinians' fault because they're doing what you describe - hiding among the civilians. Israel made the choice that they won't be stopped by that fact, and a lot of civilians are getting butchered.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about the whole Israel thing is that they don't just get it over with and kill all the gentiles in the country. I mean, they clearly want to. They have no qualms about bombing civilians to get to Hamas. Why the pretense? They bitch and moan about the holocaust while persecuting an ethno-religious minority in their own backyard, and they either don't see the hypocrisy or don't care.

I would honestly have more respect for the Israelis if they would just get it over with. Instead they are making sure the torture of the Muslims in their country is as long and drawn out as possible. And then periodically when they get bored they get us to go harass the Muslims outside of Israel.

I can't really blame Hamas for the tactics that they are using, because they work, and they will continue working until the Israelis decide that the cost of harboring the Muslims isn't worth the effort anymore.

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The only reason we lost Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. is because we deliberately handicapped ourselves by trying to limit civilian casualties. Because we did this, the enemy simply blended in with the civilians, and our own media gleefully took potshots at us for killing civilians regardless of whether or not they were harboring the enemy.

You cannot fight an entrenched insurgency that hides among the very thing you are trying to protect. You have to decide whether or not that thing is worth protecting, and if it isn't, you either treat it as a casualty of war, or don't go to war in the first place.

This is something that the ancient civilizations understood. Sulla would never have tolerated Islamic terrorists. He would have genocided every Muslim he saw before allowing them to continue slaughtering Roman citizens. Yet today we allow all sorts of foreigners and minorities to invade us and kill us at will.

Our society is so longhoused that we would rather die out than be considered racist.

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Israel (an ally) is the only thing standing between you and the goat hoards

I'm pretty sure the giant body of water called the Atlantic Ocean is between us and them.

Also, there wouldn't be any of them here if it weren't for you people exporting all of your problems all over the world.

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I'm not going to act like I am "dances with incels" or nothin

Nobody dances with incels, that's the problem.

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It's entirely envy. Our conquests in the world actually ended up improving a lot of the places we went to, and after we left, many were unable to maintain the things we left behind, let alone surpass them.

The nonwhites in the West see the magnificent structures and cultural artifacts we have, and don't see the same in their home countries. Naturally, they feel very inferior, and lash out as a result.

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