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TheMightyJingles - Ex royal navy, plays and commentates on WH40K and other games.

Agadmator - Croatian chess youtuber, able to pronounce any name.

HistoriaCivilis - Makes interesting videos on Rome, etc.

BazBattles - Makes videos on ancient and medieval battles.

Drachinfel - Makes hour long videos on historical warships, etc.

ForgottenWeapons - Gun Jesus

GarandThumb - Flannel Daddy

Ahoy - Makes videos on video game weapons and their history

TheOperationsRoom - Makes videos on modern battles

TheIntelReport- Sister channel to the above

JayLenosGarage- Kinda self explanatory

sLASH- makes videos of music made with ProTracker II

ThomasHeaton- Scottish Photographer

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A nearly 10-1 death ratio sounds very unlikely.

The Gulf War had about a 100-1 death ratio estimates on the low end, and that was against the 4th largest army in the world at the time.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that one of the largest militaries in the world would get that result against a small corrupt Slavic nation, even if it were getting help from the west.

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The bigger problem is that even if by some herculean effort we managed to do that, what will it accomplish?

Sure, the injustices to the men of today might be resolved. But what about the injustices of the past ten millennia? The men that faced those will never be made whole again since they are dead, and the women that perpetrated them won't face any consequences as they are no longer alive to face them.

What of the injustices of tomorrow? Eventually we will die, and a new generation will have to deal with the problem (or not). Will they decide to do the painstaking arduous work of fixing all the problems women cause men? I doubt it.

As tragic as it is, it's ultimately not worth the effort to make women suffer group wide retribution for their actions or their ancestor's. Our species is literally hardwired at a base level to prioritize women over men. This means that women will always root for team women, and men will be split along alpha male/soyboy lines.

If you actually attempted to get revenge on women, at best you just piss them off even more than they are naturally. At worst you create a species wide blood feud that will never end. The best we can hope for is to kill off feminism and reinstate traditional marriages where women can do as little damage as possible due to being subservient to their husbands.

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I have bigger tits than her and I'm a dude.

She's like a C cup at best.

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Your obsession with Trump is honestly worse than Tony's obsession with Imp at this point. I haven't seen you post a single thing that isn't about riding Trumps cock. I lived with a bunch of liberals for a few years and they didn't even obsess over him this much.

Dilley? Literally fucking who? Nobody knows or cares about this guy, whose account is basically brand new. This is shit tier content for this place. Cherry picking some random wacko is exactly what every leftist does to smear conservatives online. You're no different than them.

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Anyone pushing hate speech legislation Bill of Rights violations should be charged with treason crucified after having their limbs broken.


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Maybe you think that by sucking leftist cock even harder that they might spare you when they come for the rest of us.

Or maybe you are just that much of a faggot that any cock will do.

Either way, you're a blithering buffoon for having any sort of sympathy for people like the Pelosi family, who get fabulously rich off of the suffering of millions.

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I'll volunteer my job. Stack 60lb boxes over and over again for hours with a measly 10 minute break where they count the time it takes to walk to the break room as part of it. They can even show the agony on my face when I pull my lumbar/get hit by a box/drop a box of bowling balls on my shin/dislocate my shoulder for the 10th time this month, while the voiceover talks about the great benefits.

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If there is one thing I despise more than a religious extremist, it is a religious traitor.

Claiming to uphold the beliefs of your religion and then shitting all over them is absolutely deplorable from a moral standpoint. I might not like Islamic terrorists, but at least they actually believe and attempt to follow their religion.

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you have to crush these things utterly, without mercy, at the first sign of incursion.

"Everybody wanna be a gangsta until it time to do gangsta sheeit" - Chinese Philosopher Ma Ni Ga

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Poll doesn't mean shit. As long as we have mail in, electronic, and illegals voting, it does not matter what people actually think.

It's not the vote that counts, it's who counts the votes.

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Seems like new buildings were specifically made to look as ugly and devoid of root culture as possible.

We haven't had a single new building that could be considered beautiful in decades. Skyscrapers are all modernist now, simple, devoid of elegance, lacking in detail. Small buildings are minimalist cubes that are designed not to offend.

We could never build something like Notre Dame or the Colosseum today. Not because we lack the technology, but because it makes a statement. It says "we people of the west have a culture and a history, see it for yourselves". This is what globohomo fears the most: white people standing up for themselves and not falling in line with every other soulless creation they put out.

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You would need a time machine for that one I'm afraid.

I would say late 19th century USA as far as freedoms go, and no feminist bullshit to tie you down.

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It's the work/life relationship they have in Japan

You forgot the fact that women are in the workforce.

Not only do men have to work 12+ hours a day, and go out for drinks with their boss lest they face being ostracized in the office, but they have to compete with women. These women view the men they work with as at or less than their level because women are hypergamous. You therefore have a significantly larger pool of men viewed as undesirable by women simply by virtue of the women having their own income, and so those men don't get to reproduce. Women in the workforce is a major reason for the decline of the Japanese population, as a further kick to the groin in the already punishing work life of a Japanese salaryman.

This is the future of other female oriented societies where men are being sidelined in favor of women's frivolous wants.

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It will wane when it is met with force from men. And I don't mean nerds voicing their opposition, I mean men as a whole, saying enough.

Unfortunately, the supply of simps and normies is unending, and they will always buckle to female pressure.

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I would buy a vintage Italian sports car and drive it for a week, then spend the next three weeks fixing it. By the time I'm done that's about how much it will cost with inflation. Then I'll cover it with goat blood and ram it into a Dairy Queen.

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