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No. I presume no one in my games gives a shit about cripples so unless you fabricate your own magic wheel chair then you aren't getting one.

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It's because they're trying to force their politics on everyone else. That is all.

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Just let him get killed over and over again then just start beaking him about how he's proved his point that women can't fight already and maybe he should roll a man.

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D&D is always about the DM anyway. In my games, I just have groups of jogging orcs always rape the female characters until they get mad and leave. Also, LGBTQ+ players are killed on site by the NPCs.

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Men do something that's in their self-interest = narcissistic.

Women literally marry themselves = self-love

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Canada might be alright to visit if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Living in Canada is terrible though. I'm Canadian and wish everyday I could get out of this shithole but I can't find comparable work anywhere else.

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One can already do that distinction when he says women.

Hint: all women are feminists.

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SIXTEEN: Do not attack entire identity groups as inferior or conspiring.

How can Imp even post without breaking the rules...

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Imp is right because society can truly be looked at as men vs. women and that frame of reference makes A LOT of sense. It isn't necessarily the whole story but it's highly correlative. Male interests vs. female interests is a huge part of society. Women have completely and utterly dominated the men in western society.

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The problem is immigration and academia indoctrination. Cities are where all the immigrants go and universities are at.

Provinces cannot block people from immigrating to their province. That means Alberta will become "commie" in time and there's nothing that can be done about it. That's always been the plan of the leftists. They're using demographics to destroy you.

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Hmmm, the White & Filipino went up in IQ over both White and Filipino, likely meaning smarter white guys go with filipinos lol.

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That's fair but in my experience, it's usually the latter. You're constantly having to battle what is reasonable and what is not such that it isn't worth it. I've done that for year before and in the end she may just leave you anyway because she wants a guy that doesn't tell her no even when he ought to.

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You'll be addressing those issues forever like a chore. It'll never be good enough. That's why men don't address them. It's like a 9yo stomping their feet saying they want ice cream, then you get them ice cream and they decide they want candy, then a movie, then more more more. It's never good enough for women. Living your life by chasing after pleasing women in the metaphysical is just as bad as trying to please them monetarily. Both are a waste of time and money.

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People completely overestimate what it costs to support a woman.

Here's the thing, if you were a single man, you'd still have to rent a place to live and buy your own food, pay for your own water, heat, electricity, etc...

If a woman is with you, she sleeps in your bed. That means, the only thing you need to pay for when you have a woman is literally food and some extra bathroom supplies (toilet paper, soap and toothpaste isn't expensive). For most people out there, if a woman is at home cooking every day from scratch, it's possible that even though you're feeding two people, you can save money on food. That means for most men, having a woman around is literally mostly a revenue neutral affair.

The difficulty simply comes down to the woman's wants/desires. Women want vacations, they want to spend thousands of dollars on their hair each year, they want to spend thousands of dollars on clothes each year, they want to eat out, they want to go to concerts/events/whatever, they want to go camping/boating/whatever, they want the most expensive makeup, bathroom supplies and everything they can get, they want to do something that costs money. Men don't need to work second jobs to support women. Women simply want to consume so much that men would have to get a second job to support the woman's wants but the reality is that even then it won't be enough. She'll always want more.

If a woman can't be happy staying at home, cooking your food and keeping your bed warm then she's too costly. If she can be happy doing the aforementioned, then she barely will cost you a couple hundred more a month.

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The year is 2024 and all those games did just come out again but like the 5th installment of them and they still aren't as good as the original.

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Putin is literally the exact same as the west just the Russian version. Putin just wants his own club and doesn't like the Western club but he's doing the exact same thing.

Putin promotes multiculturalism hardcore in Russia but calls it Multinationalism. He jails "white supremacists" the same as the west does. He doesn't care one bit about falling white birth rates and given Russia's significantly high Muslim population do people estimate in 30 years, Russia could be majority Muslim.

Putin touts anti-LGBTQ/trans stuff no different than Republicans. In the end though, Putin is basically just a republican. He's not pro-white. He's pro whatever makes the ruling class in Russia more rich and powerful. He doesn't care about anything else and he's not "based". He refuses to tackle the feminist problem looming in Russia.

The west sucks but Putin isn't any better.

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That's exactly why police need to be abolished. Leftists think the police are the right's goon squad that oppresses leftists but the reality is that the police are the only thing protecting leftists from the right.

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Justice systems should be locally funded and run not state/federal. Personally, I'd rather just go back to a wild west style system. Sure, might be chaotic at first but eventually there would be a turning point. People just wouldn't do stupid shit because you'd instantly be dealt with by the community.

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Of course they don't. Abolish the police and ban guns then make it so everyone has to hire their private security. Profit! Bunch of scum-bags.

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Abolishing the police is a good thing. Private security is so-so. Truthfully, we should be empowering citizens. Mandatory gun carry for every white male.

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