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It seems pretty evident to me the plan is to destroy franchises.

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No, it's really not. The problem was always the people acting against our interests. Whether there were slaves here or not, they'd have found a way to bring us down because that was always the goal. They just used what resources they had at their disposal and would have found another way regardless of the slaves or not. It doesn't take much to put everyone back in shackles if we want.

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The normies will never accept that from a non authority. What you need to do is remove the elite controlling the normies and then tell the normies what to think.

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Brah, Whites need to remove non-Whites from interacting with our society except as slaves to enhance our wealth and power.

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This is everywhere not just Seattle. The collapse is all of Western Society.

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Oh, yes. We are in agreement. I didn't mean men should treat women how women want to be treated because women want to be treated better than they deserve without earning the proper respect to be treated that way. I do in fact mean it more in the misogynistic way. A mosquito wants you to stand around and do nothing so it can suck your blood. Equality dictates you treat a mosquito like a human which obviously is stupid. I'm saying you shouldn't treat a mosquito like a human as per "feminism" but you should treat the mosquito as a mosquito ought to be treated which is to squash it. Never treat the mosquito how the mosquito wants to be treated or you'll just be setting yourself up to be exploited like a worthless simp. Treat the mosquito how it deserves to be treated based on how it engages with you. It sucks your blood then squash it.

But what I am saying too is sometimes guys do treat women too much like ones of guys when she really isn't and that causes a lot of issues with both men and women when guys do this.

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Correct and the men who realize what's going on and try to act what's in their nature, end up vilified by the groups which makes them feel alienated and secluded leading to depression and other problems.

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I will say one other thing.

I do believe men do in fact need to change their behavior around women. Men and women are different. The kinds of things men do with other men to build respect/comradery and to test the men are not things men should be doing to women. Too many men make the mistake of treating women as equal to men when women are not equal to men at all. Men should be treating women as if the women cannot handle confrontation, conflict or anything too disruptive to their feelings. Men should be aware that women internalize everything and that women don't understand how to separate themselves from generalizations. This means men should in fact be "softer" around women because women can't handle men being truly men around women.

This is why it's very very important for men to get involved in male only activities that have 0 women. Men need these all boys clubs so men can be men. With women invading men's spaces and trying to make sure everything is mixed, it has made it more difficult for men to truly be men but this is very important. Men can't be tippy toeing around women's sensitivities their whole life, they need an opportunity to be men. Try to join some sort of sport, group, activity, etc... that is men only and focus on developing male only comradery without women. Then the times you do engage with women, make sure to treat the women differently because women cannot truly handle being treated the same way men treat men because they are women and they are different.

Equality is an entirely false notion and the men who keep trying to treat women as equal to men are going to keep fucking up. Women are not equal to men, the end. You don't treat a dog the same way you treat a cat because you know they're different. You expect different behaviors and you accomodate the differences. That is how you must treat women. Don't treat them as equal to men, treat women like women.

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I'm out and about in the community all the time doing things. Like 3 days a week I'm out meeting people and doing things. I can say without a doubt, it's women that need their behavior changed. Men in general are way more friendly and contribute far more. In general, women are highly egotistical and especially the ones involved in the community. I imagine the well behaved women are just at home with their kids.

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Hating equally is just as bad as the social justice promotion of equality. Some people and groups of people deserve to be hated more than others. We are not all equal.

If you don't understand why jews should be hated more than other groups, I'd gladly share some evidence to sway you. Something tells me you don't really care though because you could look into that yourself if you really wanted to already...

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Oy vey, you should hate on Americans instead of jews!

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People forget what Libertarians were like before Social Justice infiltrated them and destroyed them.

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Trust me, I wouldn't be corrupted. Just give me all the power. Thanks. You're already ruled by a bunch of corrupt fucks so you've got nothing to lose letting me rule you instead.

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Bolsheviks were jews. I am against jews. I would not have powered the Bolshevik movement because it's jewish.

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The corruption is from the jews who have all the money and influence. Restricted suffrage wouldn't change the outcome.

And yes, I do want absolute power in the way I want which would be better than the way others want. I would never be corrupted because it's me and I'll always do what's best for me.

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Correct, I meant it more as similar in how they take out their frustrations. I sympathize more with Incels than these women. These women made their own bed. The Incels had no chance to begin with.

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As a single guy in my mid 30s who is still trying to date, sadly, the only women left it seems are exactly this kind of woman.

I once got invited back to a girl's house who literally had a book titled: "how to date men when you hate men" next to her night table.

It seems women can't handle men not being what they want the men to be worse than men. There's actually significant overlap between male Incels and single 30yo+ women. It seems women blame the men for why things aren't working out for them with regards to men but they still want men; however, their expectations is that the man ought to be some fantasy character that aligns with their romance novels instead of a real man. Male Incels are very much the same but replace romance novels with like anime or other media.

It just makes dating exceptionally difficult because it seems like every woman is just like this Jules chick. They'll hide it when they're with a man but it comes out in the way they treat the man, constantly judging him in the worst light possible and getting upset that he isn't acting exactly how she wants instead of trying to build a relationship. Always gunning for boosting her ego instead of being a decent person to the man...

Relations between single men and women are in such dire straights. It gets worse as women age too. I used to always wonder why 30yo guys never dated women their own age but now that I'm 35yo, I totally understand. Single 35yo women are not datable, they're all a bunch of female Incels that hate men.

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See, this is where you fail with your left/right distinction. A monarchy can in fact be extremely right-wing as per your scale.

To give you an example. Pretend I am an absolute monarchy and I say the only rules in society are simply, don't be an asshat. The end. No other rules. Occasionally, I utilize my power to have an asshat killed for being an asshat but that's it. You want to tell me that the USA with all its rules and government involvement in people's lives is more right-wing than me because it's a "dEmOcRaCy"? LMFAO.

I'm with you on suggesting that a government that uses its power to force changes in society is more authoritarian than a government that doesn't use its power to force changes but whether the government has power or not isn't a factor on "authoritarian". I would rather be ruled by a benevolent dictator with absolute power who used that power fairly rather than a corrupt fake-democracy like we have today in which the power is used to an extreme degree in a negative manner. If that makes me "left-wing" by your metric then great. That means I'm left-wing.

But your metric sucks because I want a society that would look NOTHING like what a communist left-winger wants. I am a National Capitalist who belies in class-based societies with an Imperium-style military dictatorship ruling the society; however, you would find under my leadership you would have more freedom than what you have today in the USA as long as you aren't an asshat.

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