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No problem. They will make him a victim. They will blame white peepo for making him do this.

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The earth has had geological events that is 1000x more damaging to earths life than what humans can do... siberian traps. Yuchatan impact. Mass extinctions where 90% of species died off from hydrogen sulfide poison.

Life will go on no matter what we do. Maybe if we set off all of our nukes at once, but life finds a way. Hell, there is speculation that a big ass dwarf planet hitting our planet (an even that may have happen and how our moon formed) is why there is abundant life on earth. A big ass pluto sized rock hitting earth created life on earth.

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I agree. Women in leadership positions tend to over compensatw to not look weak, especially look weak to the men.

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We need married with children or johnny bravo shows.

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Thing with EGS... probably not enough money to cover all the losses from all companies being woke. Netflix is worried that sure.. EGS could cover the losses at the moment, but wont do them any good if netflix collapses in a chain reaction.

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To do the impossible.. you are sometimes alone, sometimes against all odds and either require a super aggro person or a super autistic person (both are traits that males tend to have).

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Which is why humans as a species wouldnt have evolved past chimpanzees if women were in charge.

The motivation and drive to be better than the best, no matter the costs. To explore unknowns that might be scary and uncomfortable. To go against the odds.

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yep. every small things us peons have a chance to enjoy.. meat and ac, they trying to take it away.

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summer is gonna be fun...

electric bills going up + air conditioning. RIP. guess only rich people can afford modern luxuries like AC.

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What a dumb bitch. Truly a ditzy bimbo that most likely sucked cock to get to the top. Similar to heels up harris.

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Oh i get it. Thats why anakin really went to the dark side. He got sexually molested and raped when he was a young padawan. Its why he was confused with padamine and also why he slaughtered that group of padawans at the jedi temple.

Maybe he knew they were all molested by obi wan and that they might turn out evil like him.

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maybe because women are not that interest in technical stuff or technical information in general? or maybe not interested in history??

pretty much information is BORING to most women. chemistry, engineer, history, biology, and etc.

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lol. just make sure they are the right kind of diversity. cant have big tittied gothic girls.

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Its hilarious. Wesker is now black... the iconic sunglass wearing, douche white mofo villain. Replaced.

And it sounds like this show is a buncha ugly girls playing the as the Hardie Boys . The fuck is this being marketed to.

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yep. from Kony, to charlie hebo, to metoo, to blm, to covid/vax, to ukraine, and now on abortion.

this batshit crazy virtue signalling also will bleed into their product too.

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These kids are gonna be so messed up.. Seems some people ignore the issue by saying home school. But when your kid goes out into the world, they will be surrounded by more freaks that hate your kids. After a few generations, your line will be no more. Either your descendants will be killed off by the mass of rainbow gestapo or brainwashed into sterilized by having their dicks cut off. Less and less will survive.

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Yay.. we all know how trannies in moderation or admin positions in a social community is a definite net positive. They have the mental fortitude and rational thought for such a role.

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