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Yeah there's a lot more to dwarfism than being short. Internally they're a mess and depending on the type of dwarfism (there are several types) you have a lot of health issues all your life.

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Looks like one of those thieving rings and not just some curious junkies.

Tourists should just stop going to that place.

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It's the tired "girlz rule and boyz drool" attitude and posturing that's been common in Western children's media since....I dunno, the 1990's? It isn't just that Princess Peach can take care of herself, she has to look down on Mario for daring to be concerned over her well-being and how dare you think she needs rescuing.

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I had a laugh at Movie Bob who yelled that the reason why Forpsoken was getting dunked on was because it had a black woman for a protagonist. He made a video whining about how people people liked quirky quipping writing in Deadpool back in 2016 but after 7 years of oversaturation for SOME reason we don't like it in Forspoken.

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I thought it was "gunning down eggs" as in "oh no if she wastes her time with college her fertility is going to suffer!"

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I hope Critical Drinker skips this one. Just let it die. Half the time these turds are banking on people like him and Nerdrotic's fanbase to give them some life support with hate watches.

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Is Desantis ever going to go after the parents who keep sending their children to these drag shows

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"I'm just asking how many different ways are y'all going to come up with to say that you like beige? We got it the first time. We got it the second time," she adds.

It's always a dumb bitch complaining throwing out the "yawl"

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I thought "black again" is referring to a TV show that came out last year or so that put April in blackface already.

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Signing the bill into law meant that Trump was exempting smaller banks from stringent regulations and loosening rules that big banks had to follow. The law raised the asset threshold for "systematically important financial institutions" from $50 billion to $250 billion.


This meant that the Silicon Valley Bank — which ended 2022 with $209 billion in assets — was no longer designated as a systematically important financial institution. As such, it was not subject to the tighter regulations that apply to bigger banks.

Oh shit. Didn't SVB fail because it was regulated for utter shit? Something about how all the safety measures used to help keep a bank on track just....weren't used by SVB?

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Wait so they filed for divorce two months before the abortion in which she was about 6 weeks pregnant.

Did this stupid motherfucker choose to have sex with his ex????

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Yeah it's a good show.

Just avoid Legend of Korra, which is a sequel series.

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Yeah more places need to do what Texas did and heavily invest in its foster care system as soon as it banned all abortion after 6 weeks.

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He wrote some really twisted shit with his Fear Street series. It's so bloody and gory and teenagers get slaughtered left and right.

I'm not saying what he wrote is bad, but it's very much mature rated compared to the Goosebumps books for young children.

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iirc it's beneficial for boys to get the vaccine too, even though HPV causes cervical cancer guys can become carriers

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I get it: realistic dialogue is unrealistic. The way people really talk is usually pretty boring. People fall back on common sayings, erode vocabulary with profanity, spew trite cliches, etc.

But that doesn't mean it's BETTER to make your fictional characters do it.

This is like....screenwriting 101 here. There's a way to make a fictional person seem realistic, which is often different from what real people WANT to watch/read.

Freya from Forspoken isn't just cringe, she is trite cringe. She talks like an AI wrote her lines. Cliched, quippy, "spunky" tough girl.

I didn't play the game but I watched long segments of cutscenes of a playthrough and my god, it doesn't get any better. I know what they were going for, an unconventional hero..........except they make her sound like any random dumb bitch that's trying to act tough.

And of course with these debates, the problem with the writing isn't just dialogue. For example, the game firmly establishes that Freya's life is shit: she's on the verge of going to jail, loses all her money and her apartment, has no friends or family, etc. Needs a new start in life. So when she gets isekai'd.......immediately she doesn't stop talking about how she needs to get back to Earth. Fucking WHY? Yeah the world she arrives in is a shithole too, but at least she's got food and a place to stay.

I dunno, maybe they could have spun it as she would take advantage of people in the fantasy world and how they expect her to be a savior. Then over the course of the game make friends, real friends who care about her, and she starts becoming a hero for real because for the first time in her life there's something she wants to protect.

Lazy. The writing in the game was lazy. I actually didn't get pissed about it until the final boss in which the laziness of the writing comes to a head. But for a game with boring, lazy writing and poor optimization gameplay-wise, for a game that decided to ask for $70 when it's completely mid it's not surprising the internet dunked on it.

Like goddamn the isekai genre is riddled with insufferable, boring, piece of shit protagonists. Here was a chance to make someone really interesting and they completely botched it.

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Twitter must be rotting from the inside with sepsis for that to happen.

Access shut off, no explanation why. No news if you're even still an employee or not.

Have to @ the guy who owns Twitter to get any answers. He insists on tweeting with you in full public. And he's trying to give you the ring around and unironically viewing himself as the bad guys from Office Space. And then he suck-starts a shotgun by not only firing you and breaking your 8-9 figure contract, but does it after he hears that you're disabled.

Circuit City had to die in order for people to claim they'd worked there. Twitter is still up (well, sometimes) and they couldn't tell you who still works there and who doesn't.

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This is the same President who made Bitcoin the official currency of El Salvador that fucked everybody when crypto inevitably crashed.

I'm really not interested in some American equivalent of basing the economy around NFTs.

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So Velma is in this movie now too huh

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