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Yeah, genes don't come with convenient labels so we know what they do. We can only determine that through experimentation and comparison.

In case people are wondering how scientists can be so surprised with gene-editing, there are a lot of genes that also serve to turn on/off other genes. So turning off one gene can result in turning on another gene that only becomes active by the lack of gene expression from the first gene.

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LMAO @ when someone pointed out what the NAACP stands for

"People of color" is an awful term because not only is it the euphemism treadmill but it can't even get it's "people-first" language right because it falls completely apart when "white people" still gets used at the same time. All it does is make "people of color" sound like weak, passive language with "white people" being the proper standard.

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They're just pissed because this is showing people that 1. women can lie about being abused and 2. women can be abusers themselves

So you get these feminist rags fussing over the "implications" over people horrified by what a sociopath Amber Heard is by spinning it as misogyny or some other shit.

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That's a question with a very complicated answer and one scientists are still trying to figure out. They know the X and Y chromosome both influence the immune system, but that influence is carried out differently and with different outcomes.

Another factor for why men die disproportionately is that men are typically trained to hide weaknesses and "tough it out" when we get sick.

Edit: Might also have something to do with how the Y chromosome carries far less genetic material than the X (which is also why females can be carriers of recessive sex-linked diseases, because they get 2 alleles of a gene while males only get 1).

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People say "get woke go broke" because the companies going broke don't seem to give a shit about losing money (and subsidize the woke shit with other crap that actually makes money) but Netflix here doesn't have anything to fall back on so it looks like they've had to actually tighten their belt.

I'm not rushing to resubscribe to Netflix, however. Unless they start making good content (and adaptations that look like they give a flying fuck about the source material) I have zero interest and I'm certainly not interested if they ever implement commercials.

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Also the characters won't shut the fuck up.

Even worse when Siren characters do a psychic communication with you with sticks their goddamn face in the middle of your screen. THEY HAVE COMMUNICATION DEVICES. JUST USE THOSE SO I CAN SEE WHAT THE FUCK I AM SHOOTING AT.

I believe someone found a workaround that cut down on the unnecessary dialogue if you delete a few lines of code, but I can't remember what they are at the top of my head.

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More like people butchering monkey meat got infected with HIV rather than someone trying to fuck a monkey.

Monkeys can also scratch and bite so if monkeypox is more contagious than HIV it's likely someone got attacked by a monkey and got infected that way.

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The gameplay of 3 is fine. The only thing I really didn't like was how you needed a Maliwan gun to do any reliable elemental damage and they changed how Maliwan shoot so it feels like they're firing plasma instead of bullets.

But holy fuck the writing is so bad. So much retarded "you go girl" shit with an even bigger emphasis on Sirens than before, male characters either have their character arcs cut off or are just ignored, the previously established (and liked) characters of the first two games get thrown by the wayside in favor of this dumbass Mary Sue, the villains are boring and can't be seen as a threat because any time the story gets written into a corner the villains just leave without killing characters they should, and there is absolutely no one new or interesting. The whole campaign is a slog and it tries to replicate the humor of Borderlands 2 but it just doesn't work.

If you're a player that can ignore the entire story in favor of gameplay then that's great, but if you remotely care about characters or plot then Borderlands 3 is cancer.

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I finally cancelled after several years.

I'm sick of giving money to them. Their selection is poor and they make way more adaptations that spit in the face of fans than actual good original content. If Netflix doesn't care about their quality since a subscription is a subscription, then I'm happy to have unsubscribed.

Also the plans to shove commercials and charge for account sharing are a dealbreaker for me. I'll sail the high seas if I ever want anything.

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It is statistically impossible. The vast majority of students are just pretending to be LGBT. These are the new emos, goths, punks, etc. and if this happened 10 years ago they would be the people online claiming to be otherkin because their favorite pokemon is Raichu.

For as much as SJWs bitch about cultural appropriation, there is no control whatsoever about straight kids pretending to be LGBT.

As to why this is happening, there are several reasons and what might be motivation for one person might be a different motivation for another.

  1. Social media in general encourages echo chambers. Social media has increased a lot over the past few years. Kids of the past used to compare themselves to the rest of their student body....now they are comparing themselves to the millions of other kids. This makes it harder to stand out, which encourages more and more outrageous behavior, which causes a flood of copycats of people trying to mimic the "winning" behavior, which makes the winning behavior lose its luster, which calls for even more outrageous behavior, etc.

  2. The obsession with social justice, the glorification of victimhood, and the rise of the "oppression stack" in which victims are seen as desirable because they attract the most pity and, to put simply, they can win arguments on the internet. Someone straight/white/not mentally ill/etc. is viewed automatically as an "oppressor". This has motivated people to claim to be things that are considered marginalized. Since it's risky to claim to be a race that you are not (say what you want about black people but at least they know how to shut that grift down) kids will claim to be some flavor of gay or mentally ill.

  3. The lack of oppression. Which sounds weird, but teenagers and young adults desire to rebel but there isn't anything cool to rebel against. No one sounds cool that they laugh at the soccer mom pearl-clutching over videogames anymore. So they make up identities for themselves. A good example is girls deciding that even though they have more rights than ever, being a girl/woman is actually some narrowly defined thing and if you don't want to be a 1950's housewife then you must not be a girl. So these girls will call themselves "nonbinary" in order to sound cool.

tl;dr: Lack of gatekeeping + social media has funneled people into an echo chamber and it's a race to the bottom of who can conform to the nonconformist culture (as contradictory as that sounds). Most people aren't actually LGBT, they're just using it as a costume.

Even so, pretending to be LGBT isn't cool enough anymore. For the past year the "in" thing is to pretend to have dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder. Take all that shit about headmates from Tumblr and coat it in a new paint. It's....really kind of disgusting when you think about it, because you have a bunch of bored suburban teenagers pretending to have an extremely rare mental illness and then flooding every corner of the internet with misinformation about it while also pretending anyone who actually has the condition from getting support.

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Also Activision-Blizzard released this as YET ANOTHER CONVENIENTLY TIMED COINCIDENCE because reports came out that they had sent anti-union emails during union election by its game testers. Activision-Blizzard has also threatened promotion and employee benefits if people try to unionize.

This happens over and over: something sleezy happens with Activision-Blizzard and they'll spit out an update declaring a character is gay or do some puff piece about how they care so much about diversity in order to bury the articles that make them look bad. This isn't a random declaration of how committed they are to diversity, they did this because the day before some articles were published about their illegal union-busting activities.

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FF1 has been remastered but Square has also put out a considerable number of other games to offset the repetition so the two are not comparable.

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Thanks for this. I had been in the process of archiving the page but it was very slow. I assumed I could edit the link later but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Even though it's possible the screenshots of McCree could predate his name change, it is still funny that after all their posturing about getting rid of their sex pests and renaming McCree to show how mindful they are....they went and chose to post a screenshot featuring McCree anyway.

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I think the best part of this is that (depending on when those images were taken) ....Blizzard did not internally change the name of McCree.

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I want to see Blizzard fill out Winston's diversity chart without breaking into a sweat.

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No, it doesn't happen in a vacuum. I already told you part of the reason why was increasing competition. There was also pressure for more workers rights and making things safer.

It was cheaper to just pull up stakes and move the production where they didn't have to worry about that. Also the environment. People started cracking down on how polluting industries could be, but being environmentally-friendly almost always costs more money.

If it was suddenly so cheap to run the factories and mills because some women had entered the workforce, they would have stuck around rather than pull up stakes and relocate.

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lmaooooo this reads like a goddamn fanfic

It's like someone took that awful Wolfenstein: Youngblood game that had daughters of the characters, and decided "Yeah let's double down on that!"

teaser: Did you watch it closely enough?

No, bitch. I'm not going to watch this crap at all. Why should I? They're like those grocery store DVD bins full of fake Disney movies that hope grandma naively buys them because she can't tell the difference what her kids like.

But you know what? I'm not even going to make a real fuss about it because this retards seem to think anyone discussing their fuckups = a win

Any time you see Netflix whining about its plummeting subscription count, just remember they chose to make show like this that burn money right on the screen. Fuck 'em.

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Women entering the workforce had little to do with American incomes reducing.

It wasn't factories and steel mills getting flooded with female employees that led to them pulling up stakes in America and leaving behind the Rust Belt. Yet those were the first to go.

Companies decided they'd just rather pay people less. Part of it was increasing competition with Europe after they recovered from WWII. But the companies decided it was just cheaper to relocate to Mexico or somewhere overseas where they don't have to worry about workers rights as much.

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Not surprised. It's far cheaper to pay an employee to have an abortion than to go through an employee taking maternity leave.

If it didn't mean the total collapse of society, corporations wouldn't have anyone pregnant at all.

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The dumb thing about this is that between magic and science, they should be able to just give people literal sex changes in Marvel so this is extra pointless for a character to be that way.

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The videogame journalism industry has a long history of disregarding or deriding gamer's issues (see: Mass Effect 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Cuphead, etc.) these things are, unfortunately, all connected.

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Good point. It's like an extension of the "sitcom dad" cliche in which a white dude is automatically portrayed as being automatically dumb compared to the other characters.

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