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Hysterectomies cost like $5000. An abortion will cost a few hundred bucks. There is health insurance, but often doctors won't give a woman a hysterectomy if she isn't sick/in danger of cancer (ironically you'll hear of women being refused hysterectomies because the doctors want them to be able to have babies).

And poor people generally don't have good health insurance, or have several thousand dollars lying around.

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Yeah I watched the movie Dante's Peak and there are multiple scenes where they show a very large crowd of people. It's a small pacific northwest town in America in the 1990's....full of white people.

The media will like to cry about how this wasn't realistic, but it was. School shootings are the topic of the week, but if you go back and look at the Columbine student body (there's an infamous picture on the internet where the future school shooters are pointing finger guns at the camera) you see hundreds of students AND THEY'RE ALL WHITE.

That's just how it was in America, and even today once you get out of the damn major cities you're looking at 85%+ white people. America isn't a fucking Burger King Kid's Club.

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We're not going to see this officially in humans for a loooong time because gene editing has so much potential for things going completely wrong.

A couple of years ago a Chinese scientist admitted he gene edited three embryos to make them HIV-resistant since their father had HIV. It worked, but there's worry in his haste the babies will be more vulnerable to other diseases.

When China found out what the scientist did they threw him in jail even though he broke no laws. Because there WERE no laws about gene editing.

The science of gene editing is so new and there are so many unanswered questions about it. Who gets to use gene edited? Who gets to be gene edited? Who will regulate this? How can regulation be enforced?

The potential is cool, because we're facing a total eradication of genetic diseases. But at the same time people are worried about super babies and having some serious Brave New World genetic hierarchies.

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They're going to make it because GTA has been firmly built as a brand, and they can rely on people just want to fuck around in multiplayer to fork over $70 for their base game and milk them for DLC.

GTA has been "too big to fail" for many years now and anything short of a massively buggy release will not get any pushback. Frog, boiling water, etc.

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If anyone had any balls they'd report the raceswap as blackface.

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But on the other hand, American society has spend the past couple decades cultivating this "yassss slavy queen" attitude towards single mothers and the lack of stigma against them has encouraged far too many women to have children when they are not in a good position for it.

Something is happening that is causing even trashy people to not have kids.

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This is also why I'm not very pro-immigration, even legal immigration. Immigrants are used to plug up the holes left by an inefficient society. It allows the businesses to keep chugging away, while the problems in society that have led to a negative birthrate go unexamined.

If, say, gold was discovered in Honduras and the nation became rich and immigrants started flocking to Honduras because an uneducated person could feed his family there, then the lack of white people having kids would be something the media would be SCREAMING about. They would be shrieking over this national emergency rather than tee-heeing and making jokes about how whites are getting replaced.

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groups called Students for Socialism ASU, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition and Mecha de ASU

lmao holy shit it's like a parody

“The goal of these demands is to let the ASU administration know that we do not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter, who has expressed violent intentions about ‘protecting property’ over people, is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all.”

Yet I bet these people bitch and moan about how SYSTEMATIC RACISM keeps da black man down even if he has a criminal record. Kyle wasn't even convicted.

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"Doing the right thing" is great and all but if you're an employee that killed a looter, you'd be facing a very publicized trial with people dragging you through the mud, compromising your ability to have a damn job in the future if anyone looking to hire you puts your name in a search engine, etc.

People would reduce the thing to "murdering a man over some TVs".

And I would not trust Best Buy to have my back. They would NOT reward you for protecting their goods.

Yeah robbing stores is wrong and I agree that thieves would stop being so bold if they knew they risked getting a cap in their ass, but I would not expect any employee to step up just for the sheer amount of crap that would be dumped on them. Just look at what they tried to do to Kyle Rittenhouse because he was defending his own damn life, you can only imagine what they'd do if a thief was shot for stealing an ipad.

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There were some tribes that were genocided but it's also true that nearly every Native American tribe was warring against and genociding one another long before Europeans showed up.

History gets conveniently forgotten when you're a society that doesn't write things down.

Even today if you bother to look at which tribes got filthy rich off of casino money and which didn't.....oh what a surprise, the casino tribes were never friends with the other tribes.

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I haven't dug into it much but sexuality seems to be genetic or at least something determined in fetal development. Like, brains exposed to pheromones from different sexes showed that gay men's brains react to male pheromones in the same way that straight female brains do, and vice versa. There was also some intersex condition I read about that happens in females and on top of some physical issues it greatly increases the probability the person will be homosexual. So it stands to reason that to a degree sexuality has a biological link.

On on the other hand, should biology be the sole determination for class protection? Like, should one's religion no longer be considered a protected class?

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I don't know, don't they have a point that unsolicited dick pics are just like flashing someone - which is already illegal?

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That's really cool and crazy. I wonder what other instances there have been of random mutations causing a disease to kneecap itself?

There was that time ebola broke out in the US but it was only in a monkey population and a random mutation caused the strain to be unable to infect humans. But that's at a far smaller scale.

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I....don't really know what the usual audience for The Bachelorette is supposed to be. I'm guessing it's for older women who want to ogle all the hot men that are on sale.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bisexual but for this sort of show....you're probably going to be bumming out your audience one way or another. If she picks other women, the straight female audience will lose interest. Maybe some peripheral straight men will enjoy it? If she picks other men, then it's no different than with using a straight contestant and you just gave the audience only half the eye candy they want.

It sounds like the show is flaunting her race to an obnoxious degree. She looks fine so "omg an indigenous womannnn" thing feels almost fetish-y, acting like her race is a terrible handicap for her to overcome when she....she fucking looks like a slightly tan white woman. Her face is fine, she's not fat, and she has a big rack. That automatically puts her in the top 10% of women, good grief.

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My bet is they'll try to bury this as soon as possible.

I would guarantee you as soon as they heard about this, they got erections because hey Rittenhouse was an L but now this FUCKING WHITE MALE just went GTA on a parade of people but.....OH SHIT the man is a black or some sort of poc. FUCK! And they're put out because they can't spin this as MUH HOWHYTE TERRORISM like their fantasies.

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Remember: these are the same people who dismiss rioters burning down people's stores. They don't care that yes, even today many people have been unable to rebuild because their insurance did not cover everything.

It's easy to see when driving through Minneapolis, but you won't see the media talking about how many places are just vacant lots now or completely boarded up. It's fucked.

Nothing's coming back until someone very rich buys things out and in a couple years you'll see the usual suspects pissing and moaning about gentrification.

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The rumor is that it was near-unanimous from the start but a "Karen" or two were dragging their feet about it, but they weren't willing to be holed up for an entire weekend so here we are.

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I've been to therapy.

People who have never been to therapy have this misconception that therapy will just magically fix their brains. It's more like professional guidance, and sometimes an outlet where you can express yourself without worry about being a burden onto your friends/family. But you, the patient, have to be willing to put work into changing yourself. Otherwise you just won't change.

Prescription medication can be literally live-saving for some people. Sometimes their brains just don't work and need a little help. But for the vast majority of people, something is fucking them up and they're experiencing stress or distress from something in their lives and taking meds is just covering up the problem rather than addressing the source.

And I'll agree, if people just ate right and regularly exercised it would probably take care of like half of people's mental health problems. And get a hobby, something constructive. Something not tied to TV/movies/videogames if you can help it. Grow something or build something or learn a new skill.

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Even in this guy's stupid strawman scenario he has to envision the enemy charging at him.

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I don't think it's been proven to be anything, they still don't know what causes it. Which is unfortunate because it lessens the chance a drug treatment will be possible (there's also the cause of the neurology being so delicate that drugs won't be an option either way) the way we have with depression or schizophrenia.

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I do think that a very small, fraction of a percentage of the population has some condition and maybe it's genetic or maybe something just went wrong during pregnancy or maybe a combination of both, that causes the brain to develop in a way that clashes against the body's natural sex.

....However the vast majority of cases we see these days aren't like that. It's weird middle-aged men abandoning their families. It's teenage and college girls pretending they're anime boys. It's sad lonely dudes pretending they're anime girls. It's color-haired ugly people going "I'm nonbinary!" whatever that means.

This shit is not something that should be encouraged. Something is wrong with these people, and transitioning is a hopeless pursuit because it fails to address their actual mental illnesses and hangups. I'm in college right now and it's easy to spot these groups and it's mostly just ugly people who don't want to grow the fuck up.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the new Boba Fett show ends with him Passing The Torch onto some woman.

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I don't know how to feel. On one hand I think Something Awful was greatly influential during Web 1.0 and paved the way for other humor sites, and I think even moot of 4chan started out there?

On the other hand, I also think SA was ground zero for SJWs infiltrating internet communities and turning the place into a humorless pile of dreck only concerned about "punching up" while propping up woke shit. That shit killed SA just as much as Lowtax's embezzlements.

I'm not super knowledgeable about Lowtax's personal life, just that he's a lousy dad, domestically abused at least one wife/girlfriend, and liked to stick his dick in crazy. He was also completely retarded when it came to handling Something Awful and he screwed the pooch more than once when it came to financial decisions. He could have made a total empire but he was a lazy fucking twat. In the end he had poor health, he'd sold SA off over a year ago, and found himself unhireable in anything other than some minimum wage job (which would likely not last due to the amount of trolls that would harass any workplace he ended up in). He could be funny but overall he was a massive douche that did not appreciate the people who made the site as successful as it were, and then happily threw it to the SJW wolves.

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