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Just cut off China. Hololive will gain more by just keeping Coco and letting her do what she likes.

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that gatekeeping is good thing?

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I've never had faith in UK even if they voted in favour of Brexit because their problem was always internal.

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Imagine if the victims were jews though, ACLU would be sperging about this murderer.

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Because truth is golden.

Fucking rich. They wouldn't know truth if it slapped them on the face.

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Isn't the long term plan basically long march through the institution or are we talking about different long term plan?

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More twist than Game of Thrones!

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The saltmine is massive right now but should be the size of Everest Mountain by the time election result in November comes.

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They've been doing it deliberately for years I think with casting Jamie Marchi in main role no matter what.

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If you check his real photo, he looks even more creepy.

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That kindnes goes out the window when another person says something that is not allowed to. I think nobody sane needs that kind of artificial kindness.

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having actual consequences like going to jail for a few years will help a lot.

I somehow doubt that. If anything, I think they will be more resentful fully convinced they are on the right side of history. Was there any person with TDS in 4 years that changed his or her mind beside Glenn Beck?

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Seriously, OAG was consistent in the assertion that western game dev make unattractive female characters on purpose and that claim made usual suspects getting triggered and calling OAG staff incels and whatnot. And surprise, surprise, they were right. To me Last of Us 2 is a culmination of all the practices we were weary about. The only game made by western dev with the cute female characters was A hat in time.

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For that I loved OneAngryGamer. It triggered typical soyboys and fence sitters that defended censorship in the games alike.

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But what he said is true, antifa often play pretend protesting in the highway blocking the road. Didn't prove anything.

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I don't understand why the gamers in general still have faith in bioware for. Bioware was dead after Drew (Kasypsian or whatever his name is) left and that was long ago.

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Even if for some reason, these people in /r/politic get lobotomy surgery, we wouldn't lose anyone important. I think they are that useless and quite frankly threat or nuisance to general public.

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