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You know what this google A.I fiasco reminds me of? That whole Balenciaga ad. They released blatantly rage-baiting thing and thought they would be fine like old days because people accepted it without questions before, it's amusing to see them being panicky and caught off-guard trying to damage-control and backpedal. Perhaps, there was silver-lining about normies just mindlessly accepting all that globohomo for years. It made tiny hats overconfident and get delusional, so they pushed too many buttons at once.

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Rich jews created the anti-white sentiment in general and they are surprised it still persists. As an asian guy, I can sense the fucking desperate damage controlling and backpedaling and rats fleeing from sinking ship that is progressive ideology like I see jews themselves see the writings on the wall, it's not going to be good life for them in the future. And still they continue to play this silly charade as if we don't know anything yet.

I already didn't like them because they were the one largely behind bolstering troons and pronoun shit, so I know they are very good at creating trends and artificially boosting numbers on certain topics yet they attempt to deny and derail. This is why I hate the dishonest people, hypocrites and flipfloppers and tiny hats in general often tend to be like this. In particular I find it very hypocritical they never made term like jewish privilege take off and join forces with us and actually do something about it. If the jews can admit to this, at least I think there would be more honest dialogues and peaceful compromise. By now, I know we know they know, generously speaking 90% of rich elites are jews yet the influencers on "our side" never mention it and willingly omit that.

Even to this day, most jews have to play this nonsensical semantics about jews being white or not is why I can't feel sorry for them at all. They had been pushing anti-white bs for how many years now? And also severely affecting the economy in every countries in general, yet they still choose to play dumb and act like we still live in 2010? In short, I don't find it surprising at all, jews would rather prefer rich elites continue being jews and act like shit doesn't stink when things are getting worse and worse everywhere (Let's face it, us goyims would have quickly punished the corrupt actors back when we had balls), not just goyims but it's actually affecting them financially and physically, and they would still keep this status quo as it is. I wonder if it's really talmudic influence they are this incomprehensible?

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Rather than learning to code and disrupting the work environment, they are better off enrolling in MAID system in Canada.

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There is also good chance these many predators you mentioned are literally sexual predators. Large number of them I bet have been to Epstein's Island.

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I have come across this twitter clip, though I think this took place a while ago, it still ticks me off in many ways. Unfortunately not only Australia, it's entire anglo-western countries where the former health minister figureheads and their ilks can be allowed to act like this because they didn't get any accountability or retribution.

Now we have the confirmation the vaccines do not help, do we no longer see any more obnoxious vaccine pushing nor obvious astroturfers nor disingenuous fucksticks trying to play both sides. They slinked back to dark without any sort of acknowledgement of admitting they were wrong or any kind of apologies. I guess this is the normalcy normies were talking about.

To this day, some of the best decisions I have made was trying to stay low profile without any active social media profile presence which seems to be about the only way to stay connected to people and socialise. I'm not sure what would have happened if I just went with the flow and took those jabs probably permanent injuries to somewhere or worse? Getting cancer.

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Thank god there aren't usual suspects coming here to play devil's advocate on this thread.

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In my opinion, they deserve not only the scorn but deserve to be socially ostracised. After 5 years of social isolation, they will change their attitude real fucking quick. And it's important to apply this when the economy and western culture is particularly in bad shape. No more treating with kid gloves.

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Expecting a lot of current year nonsense even though game set way in the future I think it will be kind of hilarious to see the game fail and seeing these dev react in a confusion how the game failed.

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I'm really curious to find out who this DC Jury is made up of. Nowadays I find the whole of Washington DC repugnant like the inhabitants of the whole town are just glowie adjacent or maybe worse kind.

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Sure she may be a feminist, she isn't wrong about the troons. They don't get to dictate what we should or should not accept. We should have put the foot down when this troon nonsense came up but we just shrugged and let it fester, now they think they are someone that deserve the respect for just existing.

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Another member with handshake trying to be as provocative troll as possible while he can, say it ain't so. Human rights are not given sparingly in this day and age. I mean look at how the zionists treat palestinian people.

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Watching this video, only a few questions pop in my mind, who was responsible for creating the word transphobic and poisoning the well when discussing the topics like this. While it's well and good to teach people how to think critically, I think it's also important to know who or what was the cause of this kind of shallow thinking the zoomer had.

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It's a bit of white pill that citizens at large resist the woke western influences but the fact that these institutions are so goddamn powerful, they will do considerable damage to Japan before they fuck off.

Another reason why I have so much faith for Japan is because Japanese women are in general just way more based than your typical average white women. Not just the fact that they can make logical argument about feminism, their preference in men in the end is a huge fucking white pill that resists Japan from swallowing that globohomo talking points. They are not shy about expressing that they want masculine men. It's not like they want some all testosterone filled gymbros. They like men to act like man being chivalrous and gentlemanly. That means tranny acceptance is way harder to achieve in Japan unlike western countries where most of the white women couldn't be honest with themselves what they want and kept flip-flopping because they didn't want to be social pariah.

As I have stated earlier, I just don't have much faith in China and Korea stepping up to fill the void of Japan. It's all well and good they are largely inspired by Japanese anime design but they are making huge profits because normies at large do want attractive characters in games yet they were head in the sand faggots that couldn't give a shit about censorship ruining the games in Japan, now they are so desperate for pretty anime characters, they cope by playing those cheap knockoff run of the mill gacha games. I'm telling you as much as I'm mad at globohomo fucks for going hard to ruin the Japanese culture, in the end, I'm more ticked off at normie gamers.

This is why I don't give a shit about Stellar Blade and Sony desperately trying to backpedal and grabbing the developer that knows how to make fanservice games. Everything just looks so manufactured, the whole shebang about the developer letting go feminist staff off their position, making the main character pretty and voluptuous. It feels like same old song and dance that already happened with Nier Automata. I'm not going to call a game terrible but it's just ridiculous how much repeated instance I see it like deja vu.

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It's not just me that noticed the rampant anti-Japan sentiment, 4chan also noticed it and they made a meme to describe one of the usual suspects that have been attacking Japanese culture for a while now.

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This is the reason why I have felt irritated. I intentionally avoided buying these games because I know I won't like the result but god the sheer gloating they display because they don't get reprimanded floored me. I knew they were vindictive but there's no low they will reach. I hope we take their names and remind them for the rest of their lives and they will never have decent career.

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That's why when the pendulum swings back, you treat them as they would have treated you, with pure contempt.

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Frankly yes, I really don't understand why this is such a difficult concept for you guys? It's the same thing with gamers and something I've argued with Conservatives/Right Wingers about on this site as well. What have any of you factions ever done for either gamers or Yorkshire?

Have you never heard of domino effect? As long as your turf is safe, it doesn't matter what happens to other groups is your attitude but that's a wrong attitude to have because it will eventually affect your turf. I even have several examples that happened recently. And jews are biggest example of group of people that display this nimby attitude. Multiculturalism for the other countries but not mine.

But I want to touch on censorship happy people. Pro censorship group used to be all gung-ho forcing censorship in Japanese games but when it comes to their shit, they were crying out to the people that liked Japanese games to help them fight the censorship from censoring their violent games. Naturally we are not going to help them.

Or in America all these democratic states used to not give a fuck about Texas getting flooded since their states were safe from migrants until the red states sent them the bus full of them. This problem would have been rectified if democrats were willing to help Abbott to solve the issue but nah, they will ignore it until it starts affecting them. I think this is why I'm not too fond of brits or anglo-westerners in general. This whole head in the sand or not in my backyard attitude is the reason why we are in this festering pile of mess right now. This is why I hate boomers. There was a chance to fix the problem and they ignored it and here we are in irreparable mess.

This is one reason why I'm incredibly protective of Japan's homogenic state. It is the only country that has self-sufficient economy without severe unique drawbacks the other relatively successful countries suffer from. It has a well-defined culture and entertainment that can still be saved from globohomo shit. China has communism problem and some people there seem just as savage and uncultured as third-world tribes. And Korea has severe inferiority complex due to their culture being not really distinct and their cultural medium, in my opinion are not even comparable to Japan. Lastly they tend to have big cult problem for long ass time. They start goddamn cults everywhere. That's why I don't have any expectation for China and Korea to live up replacing Japanese culture.

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I'm not sure what you feel about this topic but some of us especially me are pretty concerned what happened recently to Japan what with localisers fucking with Japan and this jewish woman making news in Japan, and I'm particularly bit irritated at the usual suspects, so I hope you understand a little hostility that's expressed in this thread.

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I mean your attitude came across as apathetic like you are not interested in what happens to the rest of the world as long as your favourite district or hometown is safe, so there needs to be some clarifying from you. And I would like to give you benefit of the doubt either to clarify or just ignore instead of acting passive aggressive making snark and dodging the question. This is the whole reason why I despise the people that argue in bad faith.

Holy fuck the sperging is real today

Despite your apparent apprehensiveness to this thread, you are the one that posted the most which I categorise as sperging out.

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To me, this kind of thing gives people platform in the beginning especially in Japan where the beauty and western feminine thing is kinda popular and decently appreciated. This jewess saw this ceremony as a huge opportunity to gain a little momentum and earn some platform to ramble her talmudic nonsense to the foreign country and for regular Japanese people to take her more seriously and as some users at kiwifarms found out, she was already doing that shit in twitter.

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I always thought something was up with MIss Japan going to the shapeshifter and it didn't take long for the truth to come out. I would like to correct some misinfo I made.

I made a mistake. It's not known if the doctor she had an affair with was one of the judge but I'm guessing he was probably involved in Miss Japan ceremony before. I don't think this would be a big deal that she had to voluntarily give up her title if she had an affair with some nobody.

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I was going to make a similar thread about this issue about how bad actors are ruining Japanese medium . Thanks for bringing up this topic. And I'm glad this guy is trying to do something about this issue. I hope this guy gets the support he needs.

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There are way more deserving people like the veterans to receive that kind of money but for some reason America has the wrong priority as usual... because of well boomers being boomers, they keep giving money to people that already have their incomes.

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One thing I have to correct about her statements is that it's not just America they seem to be fixated on ruining, it's just about every countries that have strong cultural identity with relatively self-sufficient economy.

I remember 2 years ago when usual suspects were jumping up and down trying to deny and obfuscate this simple fact. Only when their livelihood are about to get fucked and there are real stakes for them in the near future, at last there are some hesitant and sheepish concessions about their obsession to turn well-functioning society into hellscape from influencers like Loomer and half-hearted sarcastic quip about Israel having no right to exist from the resident rambling schizo in the recent thread about some fucking kike inserting her goddamn kike face in Japan.

By the way no more alternative links as it leads to suspicious pages nowadays.

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