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This is a clip from the event where they blasted anti Israeli rap music.

Look at the lyrics of this rap.

"Yale protestors accost Jewish student w/a boombox, dancing to rap lyrics: F* Israel, Israel a btch B we out here mobbin' on some Palestine sht Free Palestine B, Israel gon' die B* Ngga it's they land why you out here tryna rob it Bulls prophets, Y'all just want the profit"

I didn't have this on my bingo card for 2024.

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That is a part of their hate but the main thing is a lot of the left is outraged at Israel bombing the hell out of Palestinian children and expecting to be given a free pass because of the horror of 10/7.

Israel has been activating their assets in the U.S. mainstream media to justify their bombing campaign.

The truth is grey. Palestine committed war crimes on 10/7 and Israel retaliated back with their own war crimes.

I feel sympathy for every Israeli and Palestinian civilian who was maimed, bombed, shot, raped or murdered.

Both of these countries are ruled by supremacist psychopaths.

Islamic supremacists Hamas and the PLA rule Palestine and the government of Israel is run by Jewish supremacist war criminal Bibi Netanyahu.

The people of both countries deserve better.

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I see even progressive leftists now saying things like wealthy Jews control all of the major institutions and that the Jews have disproportionate influence in western society.

The Israel Palestine conflict has set off a wave of more and more people noticing the fact that Jews in America are in key positions of power and they wield this disproportionate influence to maintain their power.

The left always loves violence and they are already taking it to the Jews on an individual level.

The biggest threat to Jewish power in America right now is the pro Hamas left.

What a paradigm shift.

The golems are turning on their masters once again.

A story old as time.

I don't support the pro Hamas leftists or the Democratic party voting Jews. Both groups hate conservatives, Whites, men and Asians.

Let them fight🥰

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She is a dumbass Indian woman who somehow threw her life away for Palestine.

Patel is a very common Indian surname.

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Second place for Senator I hate the most is weasel John Cornyn tied with turtle Mitch McConnell.

I despise them both so much for always subverting us from within.

I also despise eye patch McCain Crenshaw but he is in the house so he is a smaller threat than the others.

Seems like Cornyn and Thune are our only options to replace McConnell. They both are awful.

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D.C. is enemy occupied.

No Trump supporter will get a fair trial in that area.

Sad reality.

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I am very glad that Trump is not going too hard on abortion restrictions.

I am pro life and I realize that abortion is a election killer for the GOP.

I think this is something that makes Trump a stronger candidate than those who pushed a 6 weeks ban like DeSantis.

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Guess this radfem whore forgot America nuked Japan twice and also forced a feminist Constitution upon the nation that was written by a subversive named Beate Sirota.

Yes Beate Sirota was Jewish.

Japan has suffered greatly because of America.

Japan committed war crimes in WWII but they have been punished enough for it.

Being nuked twice and getting subverted by Jews is enough punishment.

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You clearly know nothing about me.

First of all I am a MGTOW guy, I would never ever get married. So unrealistic insult attempt from you.

I call Trump the lesser evil because he completely failed in 2020 with regards to not stopping the BLM riots, letting the destructive lockdowns happen and pushing Operation Warpspeed.

My aunt and cousin have been seriously injured by the shit COVID vaccine that Trump still brags about.

I have personally lost out on good job opportunities because of that shit vaccine.

I would have given the Trump Presidency an A if it was only based on what he did from 2017-2019.

Based on what he did in 2020 only, I would rate it an F.

2020 was such a fucking shitshow, that I can only rate his overall presidency a C.

I supported DeSantis in the 2024 primaries because I was sick of how much Trump failed in 2020 and refused to learn from these mistakes.

I have always called out Jewish influence in American politics.

I am no Israel shilling Fox News boomer.

I am a guy who is in his 30s and I am America first. I hate neo-cons and I hate foreign aid to any country.

I have supported Trump since he came down the escalator.

2020 is what soured me on him.

Biden is destroying the country so much that I am supporting Trump again.

My positions have always been consistent with my principles.

Trump is the GOP nominee now and thus I have no option if I want to beat Biden.

Trump it is.

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I have always called out subversive foreign influence in American politics and yes I have called out subversive Jewish influence specifically.

We can all see that some very bad people are funding Trump.

We are faced with a binary choice between Trump and Biden and it is clear that Trump is the lesser of the evils here.

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Trump has apparently secured the financial support of these following billionaires:

Robert Bigelow

Nelson Peltz

Howard Hamm

John Paulson

Jose Fanjul

Howard Lutnick

Rebekah and Bob Mercer

Todd Ricketts

Warren Stephens

Steve Witkoff

Stephen Schwarzman

Larry Ellison

Gary Cohn

Trump has gotten so many Jewish billionaires backing him. Guess they are concerned about Biden raising taxes and Biden appeasing the Hamas supporters in his coalition by asking for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Interesting development.

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Goddamn it.

He was doing a decent job of being governor recently till now.

Why are all of our Republican governors like this?

Freedom of speech must not be infringed upon.

Jews don't deserve special treatment.

If you can criticize anyone else, you can criticize them.

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Is this in retribution for U.S. not standing by Bibi Netanyahu with regards to the U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire?

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Rabbi Shmuley has done as much to increase hatred towards Jews in the world as much as Anthony Fauci has done to destroy trust in all vaccines.

Congrats you piece of filth Shmuley.

Shmuley is a walking caricature of the worst traits of the worst Jews.

He is basically an amalgamation of every negative Jewish stereotype.

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Daily Jew fired her?

Not surprised.

Candace is still a grifter but I prefer her anyday vs Ben neocon Shapiro

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He was a decent President and possibly the best President in my lifetime if I only look at his tenure during 2017-2019. However I still have to take 2020 into account and his various disastrous mistakes in that year on handling COVID and BLM riots bring him down a lot in my overall evaluation of him.

He is a narcissist at his core and New York is his real home state even though he is residing in Florida now. He yearns to win it as a sign of acceptance.

It will never happen and he will have wasted precious resources that are limited on this fruitless endeavor.

I want Trump to win 2024 and I think this move of contesting New York is an unforced error.

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I also thought it was likely a joke but I said what I said in the unlikely case I was interacting with a boomer from Patriots.win who actually believes in that meme statement as a fact.

I have seen some people on Patriots.win actually claim with a straight face that this time Trump will win CA because of "the based Hispanics and based Blacks."

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New York is solid blue at the presidential level.

Trump lost New York by 23 fucking points in 2020 and more Republicans have left the state since then.

I have a better chance dating Sydney Sweeney than Trump has of winning New York.

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You know most NY Jews are Democrats right?

Only Orthodox Jews vote Republican in New York. They are about 25 percent while the other 75 percent of Jews vote for only Democrats.

The average New York Jew is more likely to stab him in the back than having his back.

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