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He complains about the stolen election almost every week.

This statement was deeply harmful to his electoral prospects. Normies don't want to hear a Republican candidate say throw out the constitution.

It is really easy to not shoot yourself in the dick.

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Yeah Twitter screenshots need to be taken with a grain of salt.

One could test if an output was real by seeing if the exact same prompt generates this exact same result.

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Politicians whine about the birth rate in order to justify their promotion of mass immigration so corporations can have a surplus of cheap labor.

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The globalists are Malthusians who believe that depopulation in general is necessary, not just reducing the number of men.

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Imagine a future where women all get a free Chad Thundercock bot with a 15 inch dick paid by taxpayer money.

I don't think new technological advances will solve the problem of gynocentricism in the western world.

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Why do you think they were pushing the vax hard?

Blood clots and myocarditis as "adverse side effects" only help keep their system solvent.

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I knew that you specifically would come here and make this comment lol.

Artificial wombs, AI companions, sex robots and cooking/cleaning robots will all eventually come to fruition.

Will it replace women? Probably will cause men who are involuntary celibate to ignore women.

Chads will probably still want real women.

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Will be glad to see journalists and social media employees face extinction but this technology unfortunately has a lot more potential consequences than just this happening.

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It was a statement that is the equivalent of shooting his own dick with a rocket launcher.

Dems don't need to fearmonger about Trump anymore, he does it for them.

His constant whining only destroys his own chance of future electoral success.

The 2020 election sadly broke him.

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My point is that Kanye has become a lightning rod for every anti-free speech group in the world.

Kanye unnecessarily said provokingly offensive comments which does makes it that much harder to promote free speech.

There is no value in Kanye's obscene comments about the mustached man.

Musk knows keeping Kanye's account active only makes his life harder when it comes to avoiding payment processors and banks canceling Twitter or some agency regulation of Twitter.

It is tough to be a free speech absolutist these days when you have complete retards like Kanye stirring shit.

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Elon Musk has become the king of Twitter. He gets to decide who on Twitter is banned based on his personal whims.

I think arbitrary standards are awful but what can we really do about it?

Kanye purposely said as many incendiary comments as he possibly could during the Alex Jones interview. He achieved the feat of making Alex Jones uncomfortable in an interview.

Kanye has singlehandedly done more to hurt the cause of freedom of speech than anyone else in the last month.

I think Musk banned him over the interview not that stupid image.

Having Kanye on a social platform is clearly a liability for any owner.

Freedom of speech is already under attack from all sides and Kanye like the retard he is decides to purposely stir the pot.

This was a shitshow.

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It is important to note Kari did make one tactical error in terms of the "united front".

She unneccesarily kept attacking John McCain throughout the campaign.

A week before the election, she told people who liked McCain to get the hell out.

There are honestly some people who like McCain a lot in Maricopa that were truly alienated by this.

Populists unfortunately make this error.

Don't waste time bashing the establishment after winning the primary and just expect squishy moderate Republicans to vote for you.

The machines going down ultimately sunk Lake but this tactical error also hurt her campaign.

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I love Jesse Kelly but he wouldn't be able to win the general election because he says too many honest things that make the weak people who make up a large share of the voter base uncomfortable.

What we need is someone with Jesse Kelly's views/policies but is able to pretend to be a Mr. Rogers moderate during the campaign.

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We need to fix problems not merely complain about them.

I already laid out what the solutions are to prevent 2022 Arizona style shenanigans and what is needed to prevent 2020 style "fortification".

Harmeet Dhillon is conducting the Republican party autopsy for 2022 and she has been informed of the same solutions I listed.

We will see if they can implement it.

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Look at my response to your other comment.

It is clear that machines breaking suspiciously in Maricopa on election day cost Kari Lake the victory.

Machines breaking and so many Lake voters waiting to vote on election day cost us the election there.

We must utilize early voting in Arizona.

Maricopa will try this same shit in 2024.

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The key to preventing what happened to Kari Lake is simple.

Don't have all your supporters wait for election day to vote. We must use early voting in Arizona.

Machines just happened to break on election day in Maricopa county and cost Republicans just enough votes via voter suppression.

The key to preventing a 2020 situation is more complicated. The key is to restrict mail in voting in all states that have a Republican trifecta. In states that the Democrats control, the Republicans need to start competently ballot harvesting like the Democrats do so they can win the state and then ban ballot harvesting after they get a trifecta. This is the only viable solution at this point.

California Republicans actually ballot harvest and that is why they still win house seats in California. Look at Mike Garcia and how he can win a Biden +10 district.

GOP needs to also have adequate pollwatchers in every precinct.

These are actual solutions to the problems we face.

Talking about it being stolen doesn't help us at all.

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What you propose will result in another J6 and more Trump supporters will be imprisoned as a result.

The path forward is preventing 2020 from happening in a future election not fixating on repairing an election that happened fucking two years ago.

There will be no remedy for 2020. It is 2022! It won't happen. Accept reality.

You are acting like one of those Qanon clowns who are like " trust the plan, Trump will be back anyday now! "

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This is a laughable argument.

There will be no meaningful change in China.

Unless the military coups Lula, Bolsonaro ain't going to be in power.

You think you can protest and just magically get Trump reinstated?

How did the protest in January 2021 go again?

This is a retarded idea.

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This is sadly what his 2024 campaign will be.

I voted for this man twice and I can tell you now that this version of Trump will likely lead us to a complete electoral wipeout like McCain did in 2008.

A campaign that is solely built on entitlement and revenge is fated to lose.

Trump 2016 succeeded because it was built on hope and a vision for the future not "reinstatement now! I was robbed!"

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