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There are easier targets to primary.

Tony Gonzales in TX-23 is a prime example. He sucks on nearly EVERY issue such as stopping illegal aliens, stop funding Ukraine, protecting the second amendment and ending COVID mandates. This guy is a complete piece of shit.

He can be successfully primaried out.

Only reason he even won his fucking primary in the first place is that he manipulated Trump into endorsing him via flattery.

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Dan Crenshaw is insufferable and one of the GOP House Reps I hate the most.

Alot of people in Crenshaw's district sadly like this corrupt bastard so it will be hard to beat him in a primary.

Dan Crenshaw and Tony Gonzales in TX-23 are the two worst House representatives from Texas.

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My representative Beth Van Duyne sadly only has a C- mediocre rating.

I was hoping she would oppose Ukraine aid more and earn the very poor rating that bonafide conservative GOP representatives like Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Jim Banks and Dan Bishop have earned.

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McMullin might even run in the GOP primary this time since it is going to be an open primary.

Egg McMuffin needs to fuck off and stop running. He obviously lost in 2016 running as a third party vanity candidate for President and he lost in 2022 Utah Senate running against Mike Lee.

For people who don't know, Becky Edwards is a RINO who voted for Biden and supports wokeism and she ran against Mike Lee in the 2022 Utah Senate primary. She thankfully lost to Mike Lee. She recently ran in the Utah 2nd House district special election primary and only narrowly lost to Celeste Maloy. This RINO bitch also needs to stop running.

As long as Mitt Romney's replacement is not McMullin or Edwards, it will be an upgrade.

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Only 2 people likely running for this seat would be worse than Mittens. They are Evan McMullin or Becky Edwards.

Anyone else like Sean Reyes, Burgess Owens or Trent Staggs would be a massive improvement over Mitt Romney.

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This clown is the son in law of Bernie Moreno who is running for Ohio Senate.

Grifter Moreno is endorsed by some major MAGA figures like Lake and Vance and conservatives are just being bamboozled.

Ohio deserves better than Max Miller or Bernie Moreno.

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You are just pulling random shit of your ass now.

Talking about what the average male faces in a gynocentric society is not me blaming any of you clowns for anything.

The only thing I said about you is that you Trump 2024 clowns are always the ones attacking anything I say on this forum.

That is not some grand conspiracy. This is just you clowns being mad that I don't shill for Trump like you clowns do.

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I merely posted the reality of what the average man faces today with regards to pursuing women.

I am not demanding or feeling entitled to anything from anyone.

It is obvious that many of you here irrationally hate me just because I am a staunch conservative who happens to be a Trump critic.

It is obvious which people get mad at anything I write.

You clowns are pathetic.

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This is absolutely a cope.

Abortion referendums lost in KY, MT and KS which are redder than OH.

Pro-choice monsters will easily get 50+ percent which is all they need to pass it.

The abortion referendum is sadly very likely going to pass.

I wish it wasn't but this is reality.

The majority of the electorate is immoral and hedonistic. They value killing the unborn as an unalienable right.

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I posted the reality of what the average man faces today with regards to pursuing women.

You must be fucking inbred to make the leap that I was demanding or feeling entitled to anything from anyone.

You sound like a left wing retard who calls everyone they hate as an incel.

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She is grifting money off conservative retirees while screaming stolen election and taking their money for legal challenges that won't go anywhere.

She hasn't achieved anything of value but she talks like she is the most effective conservative leader ever in history.

She was a Dem as recent as 2018. She even protested Trump's inauguration in 2017.

She is everything that I hate in a politician.

I despise everything about Fake Lake.

I hope she rots away to irrelevance when she undoubtedly loses the winnable AZ Senate race next year.

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The hostile takeover of the Republican party by competent conservatives is necessary.

This means no RINOS like Romney or Murkowski and also means no grifters like Kari Lake.

MAGA was supposed to be actually making the country great again. This means actually winning elections and making policy not crying about a stolen election and profiting off events and a book deal like Lake is currently doing.

We need serious competent conservatives not RINOs or grifters pretending to be MAGA like Lake.

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I thought overturning Roe was a massive victory when it happened.

Now I am starting to see it might be a pyrrhic victory if Republicans stupidly double down on pushing national abortion bans instead of focusing on the key issues of immigration, crime, gun rights and education.

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That type of thinking is just copium.

Our country is in a constant state of decline sure but the harsh truth is that the system is still likely many decades away from a full collapse.

We heard conservative radiohosts over the last two decades constantly hype up a coming collapse and how we can remake society in our image and did it happen at all? No. I am in my 30s and I don't think it will happen in my lifetime.

We will just suffer a slow degeneration of our culture, financial wellbeing and our civil rights. Essentially death by a thousand cuts.

We must try to win electorally somehow. A non-political solution sounds good but It is just not feasible.

We either win elections and start to turn things around or we continue to lose more and more and suffer a slow decline. That is the sad reality.

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Much easier said than done.

I support repealing the 19th but that genie is out of the bottle and it cannot be put back.

We must find a way to still win with the current electorate.

Complaining and imagining how things would be better if the electorate were somehow magically changed is just a waste of time.

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It absolutely sucks realizing that we live in a sick society where the majority truly believes being able to murder the unborn is an unalienable right.

Pro-life is the only correct moral position but we are sadly in the minority of the country on this one issue.

If we keep pushing abortion restrictions despite what the public thinks, it is clear that Dems will get a tri-fecta in 2024 and we will lose absolutely everything that matters to us.

Abortion is a huge killer for our candidates in swing states and hell it is even a very bad issue for our candidates in solid red states.

We cannot run candidates who are abortion hardliners. They will lose in every swing state and maybe even in red states.

Till now, I never realized that the country was this level of pro-abortion.

We unfortunately must change course nationally on the abortion issue.

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It is sadly not just the far left coming out in droves to save abortion. It is clear that many Republican women and even some Republican men are voting to protect abortion. The percentages supporting abortion in referendums are too high for this to be not the case.

This is why abortion referendums have failed in solid red states Montana, Kansas and Kentucky. Republican candidates win these three states by double digits but we lost abortion referendums in these same states hard.

A majority of the general electorate sadly hates Trump sure but I think abortion restrictions are much more hated than Trump with the general electorate.

Abortion is the right's equivalent of "defund the police" in terms of how unpopular it is with the general electorate.

We must ban and restrict abortion only in states where the people have no referendum power to stop it. Don't do it in swing states where we will get destroyed in elections.

Overturning Roe was a pyrrhic victory for us if we keep pushing abortion restrictions and end up losing so hard that the left packs the Supreme Court and ends up codifying Roe again. What a fucking mess.

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I am staunchly pro-life and it sickens me to my stomach when I realize we clearly lost the war on abortion for now.

We cannot even win one fucking referendum on abortion in a goddamn red state. It is clear there are plenty of GOP voters who vote red and also vote to protect abortion.

The GOP needs to realize this is a losing issue. Our Senate candidates must not run on any national abortion bans. Our Presidential candidate should not run on any national abortion bans.

Don't fucking have a referendum on abortion in any red state. Pro-life will inevitably lose. We can only ban abortion or restrict it heavily in a red state if we can do it through the state legislature without going through any referendums like Texas and Florida did with their six week bans.

Referendums on abortions are clearly a loser for us.

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You don't want to hear about the reality of how it is for the majority of men who are average looking guys and are middle class.

I accept the skewed reality of the current sexual marketplace.

We live in an unfair clown world. No amount of complaining from me or anyone else will change anything.

It seems some people here want to just cope and hear only about the feel good outliers.

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So you want to hear stories of only the outliers?

The problem is that the majority of men either cannot find a relationship because of unrealistic expectations from women or they get into a relationship that fails because the woman found an option that she thinks is better.

Western society incentivizes women to have unrealistic expectations and to not value loyalty to their partner.

I am about 5'10. I am average in terms of facial aesthetics and I am an Asian American who is in decent shape. I might as well be invisible when it comes to female standards on online dating apps.

Most women I meet in real life are psychotic progressives and thus I find them very unattractive.

My standards for a girlfriend would be to not be a progressive and to not be fat and age ranging from 5 years younger than me to the same age as me. I am in my 30s.

Based on probability I likely will die alone and I have accepted it. I am fine with being MGTOW and not dealing with the absolute cancer that is most modern women.

This is not the feel-good response you were expecting but too bad. Life is not fair and western society has gone to hell.

Fuck clown world.

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Sad to see this is how veterans are treated.

Joining the military nowadays, they force you to get the mandatory clotshot, they force diversity and equity struggle sessions on you and they also treat you like shit when you retire.

The left is succeeding in their goal to make it intolerable for conservatives to serve and thus they can easily achieve their goal of purging the military of all conservatives.

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The abortion referendums in Kansas and Kentucky were actually both constitutional amendments and they failed in states much redder than Ohio.

I am not too optimistic that restricting abortion access in Ohio will end up differently than what happened in Kansas or Kentucky but if it does then great!

We will see next week what happens to Prop 1.

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From what I have seen many Republicans in Ohio are also voting no on this ballot measure because they think this takes away power from the people.

I hope Yes wins but my prediction is that since this is a special election, No will win by a sizeable margin. Too many R voters don't even bother voting in special elections.

It is disturbing but likely that the abortion measure will also pass in November if No wins here.

Pro Abortion measures surprisingly passed in redder states than Ohio in 2022. Look at what happened in Kentucky, Montana and Kansas. Abortion beat pro-life in double digit red states.

The numbers favoring abortion are astonishing considering that this is in double digit red states. https://archive.ph/LbQOc

I think this happens because many Republican women will vote for Republican candidates but they will still vote to preserve abortion access.

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I doubt they would do this when their guy holds the Presidency.

Any pandemic harms the incumbent greatly.

This would be probably saved till a R is in the WH.

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