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Even if Trump somehow won Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia it would be tied at 269-269 and it would have been a contested election where the House of Representatives state delegations decides. Liz Cheney was still in the House then and she was the entire Wyoming delegation. She would ensured a Biden victory regardless by voting for Biden.

Trump was just not going to win 2020 once COVID happened. The mail in voting changes by the states legislature helped Democrats flood the zone with mail in ballots and they also got all of their low propensity voters to vote while Trump constantly told GOP voters to not use mail in ballots.

It was a recipe for disaster.

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I will post any topics I want and people are free to ignore it or downvote it or flame it.

This is practically an almost dead internet board. Who would ever pay me to make posts on such a dead site?

People accusing me of being a shill are braindead Trump 2024 cultists.

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Trump is allowed to baselessly attack DeSantis nonstop for months but DeSantis is not allowed to respond to the orange retard?

What are these clown rules?

Fuck the Trump 2024 campaign and his low IQ cultists who support it.

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These people made a foolish mistake going to D.C. for a scumbag like Trump.

They are rotting away due to their poor decisions and Trump's utter lack of care for them.

Even after being imprisoned and Trump abandoning them, many of them are demanding Trump 2024 according to MTG.

Hard to be sympathetic in this situation when they have still learned nothing.

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The Trump family might be the dumbest family in American political history.

Why are they so stupid enough to try to fight a inter party battle right now of all times.

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Not firing this complete scumbag and authorizing Operation WarpSpeed has ensured that I will never ever vote again for Trump.

If God forbid he actually becomes the nominee again, I will leave the presidential line blank.

I will never vote for this man ever again.

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You are a Trump cultist if you think not throwing away your life is "conservative light".

You cultists are willing to sacrifice anything for Trump yet Trump doesn't even give a damn about any of you.

Pathetic to see.

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All you guys do is constantly make excuses for him.

Aren't you sick of doing this for years?

Trump can never fail in your minds. He can only be failed by other people whether it be people from the opposite party or the "establishment" in his own party.

I am tired of watching MAGA become a psychotic Juche style personality cult instead of being a policy oriented movement that actually wants to make the country better. MAGA right now doesn't give a fuck about the country, all they care about is propping up Trump.

You should be ashamed that you are still making excuses for this scumbag. He let his supporters rot away while he pardoned Kushner's daddy.

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Sundance is a psychotic individual who worships at the altar of Trump.

If you are still trusting what he spews then all you receive is a framing of any situation as a Juche style worshipping that lionizes Trump and demonizes anyone that dares criticize him.

Sundance is a Trump cultist that calls anyone who dares criticize Trump a RINO and he spins in circles to artificially tie them to his favorite bogeyman Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan.

LastRefuge has turned into a joke.

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Glad to see more and more people call out the stupidity of protesting for a scumbag who lets his supporters rot away while he pardons rappers and the corrupt father of his rat son-in-law.

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It is not hyperbolic at all.

What happened to the people who last "fought" for Trump in 2021.

They are rotting and Trump did nothing.

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I often disagree with Jesse on various things but he has the raw courage to speak out with uncomfortable statements that others won't speak about.

Jesse doesn't fear upsetting people whether it be upsetting the left or upsetting his own tribe, the right.

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The individuals still going to protest for Trump after seeing what happened in 2021 are sadly the most misguided and self destructive group of people to ever exist.

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I am honestly not trying to make you blackpilled.

I am just saying that objectively odds are very low in terms of fixing gender relations anytime soon.

I think the healthiest thing is to focus on the what you can control and still try to be as happy as possible regardless of what ends up happening.

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The current state of affairs may seem unsustainable but the status quo can still exist for upto two decades.

By that point I will be an old man.

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We cannot put the genie back in the lamp.

Feminism and wokeism has resulted in women having way more rights than men.

I don't think there is any feasible way to turn back the clock.

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This is nonsense.

Chip Roy is an actual anti-establishment populist who doesn't want to doom our men in the military by making them carry women.

Roy has never been a supporter of affirmative action. He is against DEI and against wokeness.

Roy is a true constitutional conservative who doesn't want to fuck over our men in the military by dooming them with a female draft.

You sound like a clone of TheImp. Are you an alt account of his?

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I rather live my life with the best quality of life as long as I can.

I rather live comfortably as possible during a decade or more of slow decline than have the collapse and die soon after.

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Well seeing how as I don't have children and won't have children, I will act in my best interests and not promote accelerationism.

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