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This single mentally ill individual and transgender ideology is responsible for this tragedy yet the corrupt media just blames it all on guns.

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Absolutely tragic event.

I already see leftist scum on Twitter using this tragedy to push gun control.

Gun control won't prevent these tragedies from happening.

Mental health problems are the real cause and they always get ignored by the media.

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Your suggested method can be attempted while simultaneously attempting to try to fix the federal level.

Don't put all the eggs in one basket.

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This is too blackpilled and doomerism.

We must try to fix the federal level. It will be very difficult but if we think it is impossible and don't even try then we have no chance of succeeding.

Keeping Ron DeSantis at the state level is a complete waste of his talent.

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I pray Trump is too afraid of stupid shit like this and that he doesn't even try running.

Trump completely fucked us on COVID with his two weeks to flatten the curve lockdowns and his retarded Operation Warpspeed.

Trump's fall was sealed in March of 2020.

They would have never gotten the chance to "fortify" the election against him if he never lockdowned.

Trump has not shown that he has learned from what mistakes he made.

Give me Ron DeSantis 2024 instead.

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The list of neocons who joined the left as NeverTrump snakes is staggering.

Nicole Wallace

George Will

Joe Walsh

Steve Schmidt

Colin Powell

Joe Scarborough

Max Boot

Bill Kristol

Jonah Goldberg

David Frum

David French

Jennifer Rubin

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Radical leftists are running the social policy and the globalists are running economic policy under Sleepy Joe's presidency.

That's why I made the analogy that Australia has their own Sleepy Joe.

Looks like Albanese might usher in worse economic malaise than what is happening in the U.S right now.

China will fully own Australia soon.

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Anthony Albanese supports replacing Australia's constitutional monarchy system, believes in longer COVID lockdowns, supporting late term abortions, pushing LGBTQ propaganda, importing more refugees from places like Afghanistan, pushing carbon taxes and forcing "renewable sources of energy" to combat "climate change".

Australia is getting their own Sleepy Joe to replace their "Conservative" COVID tyrant Scott Morrison.

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Commies always usher in breadlines.

A Bernie campaign retard actually wrote an op-ed saying breadlines are good because they help foster community unity. 🤡

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Well said!

I became MGTOW after personally seeing the state of women these days.

I vehemently disagree with tradcons on dating/marriage.

It is clear to me that the costs of dating/marriage vastly outweigh the benefits for men these days.

Everyone is certainly free to make their own choices but watch out!

One must be careful when interacting with women.

When you carelessly play with fire, you are going to get burned!

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Sounds par for the course in our current clown world.

Western TV shows in 2022. Not even once.

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Only if I get isekaied against my will into another world that doesn't have technology.

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Thanks for your review!

I was mainly wanting the game for story and characters but the writing kinda seems meh from what you say.

I will wait and see if the next sale has it for cheaper then.

My game backlog is already too big.

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The only real lasting allies anyone can have is God, maybe a few family members if they are lucky and a loyal pet.

Random people who share your political goals are at best just temporary allies. You never know when their best interests stop matching yours.

Today's ally can easily become tomorrow's enemy.

Also I never called Elon Musk controlled opposition, I called him an untrustworthy self-serving globalist billionaire.

People need to stop looking to billionaires as saviors.

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Elon Musk wants a more cucked version of the Bush GOPe.

He is calling for a soulless political party that only focuses on low taxes for big businesses and no restrictions for big business with no regard for individual civil liberties and no concern for the working class.

Remember this is Elon "Neuralink" Musk we are talking about.

This is a billionaire who constantly pushes the globalist talking points of climate change and says that the safety and effectiveness of the shitty vax is beyond reproach.

Musk is not right wing or conservative or an ally to any regular American citizen.

Musk is merely against the Dems now because they are being an obstacle to his businesses.

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Good to see.

It has been like 6 years since I got rid of my Netflix subscription.

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Just today they were talking monkeypox cases.

Now they are planning for a smallpox pandemic?

How the hell does someone even survive a leopard bite?

How is this simulation realistic by any sense?

There is clearly Event 201 level fuckery afoot.

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They will exaggerate and fearmonger anyway using this:

"The virus doesn’t spread easily between people, although human-to-human transmission typically happens through large respiratory droplets. Those droplets typically can’t travel more than a few feet, so prolonged face-to-face contact is required to spread monkeypox, according to the CDC."

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Exactly what I fear as well.

Nearly all the Dem controlled states in our country are still in full blown hysteria over COVID.

Red states need to stay firm and not lockdown at all this time despite federal pressure and the upcoming WHO treaty nonsense.

Another national lockdown will completely destroy our economy, eradicate our already vanishing middle class and it will ensure that the entire current generation of children will be doomed to face serious mental illness.

This must not be allowed to happen again!

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Would not be surprised if they encourage gays to have even more unprotected sex starting now.

Remember Dems like Nancy telling people to party it up in Chinatown when Trump first brought up closing borders over COVID.

Then they will say cases are rising too fast and they will try to pull another "15 days to flatten the spread"

I am so sick of this fearmongering that at least half of our society will still fall for.

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I know you are just joking but even in the world of jokes and clowns Jeb! has no shot for anything.

George P Bush is pretending to be MAGA and he is getting blown away in Texas!

The Bush legacy has ended.

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Dubya is soon going to learn that his family will never be elected to any political office ever again.

His nephew George P Bush is gonna get rekt by Ken Paxton in the runoff election for Texas Attorney General next week.

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