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They freeze up when they realize you don't care at all about their usage of cliche ad-hominem attacks like racist, sexist, transphobe, misogynist, anti-semite or islamophobe against you.

Whenever anyone attacks me with any of these labels, I just respond with "So what? How does that have anything to do with refuting the argument I made."

They end up unable to argue and they storm out.

It is pathetic how so many of my former "friends" actually performed this same routine.

The idea of calling them npcs is so apt.

These idiots are programmed by media and academia to react with ad-hominems and emotional appeals.

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The warmongering lich is 98 years old.

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Beanie boy is cucked.

He is only useful for serving as a stepping stone to redpill normies.

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This is what overdosing on the blackpill looks like.

Things will still be terrible sure but this terrible?

I hope not.

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The left will link this social media name to Pravda because they cannot stop crying about Russia.

Poor choice of naming by Trump.

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I am proud to say that I don't do this even in real life.

I have lost most of my "friends" during these last two years for expressing heterodox views without cucking out.

My view is that I just lost a lot of dead weight and I am better off for it.

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Based Bryson Gray.

I don't really listen to rap that much but any song that nails the filth occupying the WH is good in my book.

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Cell drinking people with his tail during his imperfect Cell form was terrifying.

Buu turning people into candy and eating them was also disturbing as hell.

Seriously all of Dragonball Z's main saga villains were interesting.

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Frieza was generally referred to as a he by the other characters in show but you are right that he was kinda androgynous.

Frieza's original dub voice actor was a woman, Linda Young so the sense of androgyny was increased for those who saw the dub.

Frieza was easily the best villain in the Dragonball series.

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Day by day I am entirely disgusted by what western society has degenerated into thanks to the whims of godless rootless globalist filth.

I hope this good dog doesn't face a dark fate.

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Terrible news.

With this, the government of Poland has openly conceded that their own national laws are subordinate to EU dictates.

I constantly have heard from people here about how Poland is based, guess that is not true anymore.

This article about the current Polish Prime Minister says it all:


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I liked seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow.

Season 3 was very meh and Season 4 was just plain terrible.

Season 5 had a fun to watch memeable villain.

I stopped watching during Season 6

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Ah a glorious Suisei clip?

Check out Suisei's cover of Hikari.


10/10 you won't regret it.

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I was a fan of ASOIAF and I won't be reading Winds if it ever even comes out. The show's horrendous ending destroyed all of my interest in the series.

Besides George RR Martin is an open leftist so I don't want to give his lazy fat ass any money.

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The Pfizer and Moderna CEOs want more money.

That is the only evidence they will give us.

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This cocksucker's administration just won't stop until they get to inject this poison into everyone.

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The actual OSHA wording still won't be visible until it gets put in the Federal Register after it passes OMB according to lawyer Robert Barnes

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