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First of all I have to say that I am a right wing populist who happens to be an Asian American.

If everyone on the right all decided to go for a White ethnostate like you, I would become politically homeless.

Why would I strive for a White ethnostate that would throw me to the leftist wolves as a Asian American male?

I have always mentioned that the indoctrination of White women as well as the youth is due to all of the major institutions such as academia and media being under leftist control.

I just don't absolve any individuals of their agency. Even with all the brainwashing, I am not a leftist. Why is that? It is due to me being able to see through the propaganda. I am not going to remove agency from those weak minded fools of all backgrounds that do fall for the propaganda.

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Voter fraud obviously was key to their plan but the Democrats do use changing the demographics of electorate to help solidify their power.

Don't mistake Trump winning Cuban support, Venezuelan support and Tejano support to giving the greenlight to allow Democrats flood our country with Hispanics from other countries who will likely vote for solely the Democrats. The black vote also overwhelmingly goes for Democrats.

There are Asians voting for the Republicans like me but we are still not the norm.

Minorities of every group still sadly generally votes Democrat.

I am proud to see some minorities of every group vote Trump but this is not the norm.

As much as we need to stop the fraud from happening, we cannot ignore reality of who generally votes for the Democrats. Demographic replacement is real and a big problem just like voter fraud.

Tucker not touching on the fraud does piss me off.

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Have you looked at how young White women vote?

A large portion of them have college degrees and they overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

White men remain the main voterbase of the Republican Party.

With continuing indoctrination of the youth and the continuing importation of a foreign electorate, an one party leftist state is inevitable.

I have seen you post for a while and you seem to discount leftist Whites as an issue for the right.

Yes demographics is a big problem but indoctrinated leftist Whites mainly consists of young White women and this is also a big problem.

Your dreams for a white ethnostate are blinding you from the existence of this problem.

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To anyone paying attention, one can see the demographic replacement of the electorate is happening.

Yes White women these days are generally leftist but that doesn't erase the mass demographic replacement that is happening.

Democrats would stop being open borders immediately if we were getting millions of Polish flooding in. The Polish tend to vote Republican.

The Democrats rely on indoctrination of youth and the importation of a new electorate from the South to keep solidifying their power.

These are facts that you cannot dispute.

Watch what Tucker is saying and look at the facts before you blame it all on women.

Tucker knocked it out of the park this time with specific examples and he went as far as he could on national television to show the people what the Democrats are doing.

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The more I read about the elites' connections to occult, the more I realized how fucked we really are.

We truly are dealing with evil people and spinechillingly evil forces.

Boomers come from a different time, they still are unable to realize that all of the institutions are now completely against the common people.

Education, media, courts, politicians, corporations, non-profits, professional organizations, licensing bodies and international ruling bodies are all under these elites' control.

I don't want to forsake the Boomers because they still make up a sizeable portion of the right. We must somehow get them to realize these hard facts.

The Qanon psyop did a number on rightist boomers. It made them too complacent and believing that there was some plan to trust and the mythical existence of white hats who would save them.

Only you can save you.

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Voter fraud in swing states last November.

They stole our vote and voice away from us.

That is something truly worthy to be pissed off at.

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They do this shit on purpose to mock us.

Fucking occultist elites and their disclosure rituals.

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Women have not faced consequences for their actions in a court of law for some time.

You really think they will start now?

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The female officer fucked up on a massive scale.

She probably won't even get a slap on the wrist.

Wright was acting like a complete dumbass and the officer was acting like a dumbass as well.

It is clear this event was not about racism.

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I think I have an explanation for why some red sheriffs in MI resisted.

It is probably due to the politics of resisting Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

I agree with you that sheriffs foster accountability. We need less puppets for the city council and more accountability.

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Yeah I was surprised about Hoover, AL as well.

This information is directly from our guy Andy Ngo.

He has been pretty accurate in his reporting so far.

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Ohio is a blue state?


Please go look at how many points Trump won it by in 2020. Ohio is a red state.

By this logic what state would even qualify as a red state? Only Wyoming or Alabama?

FYI I was not talking about the metro hubs in Ohio. I lived in a completely red county in Ohio that went heavily for Trump and I saw the same police behavior as seen in blue cities there.

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" BLM protests and riots have been announced for Brooklyn Center, Minn., Seattle, New York City, Portland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Omaha, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Fort Lee, N.J., Hoover, Alab., Fort Wayne, Ind."

If anyone here still lives in or near these cities, please stay safe and work on getting out of there as soon as possible!

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Nuance is lost these days because of the left's insistence on acting on their TDS and a hyperpolarization political climate.

I agree with your stance.

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For example look at Ohio in the last year and you will see how it was just like a blue state.

Demilitarizing the police is the much needed solution to the problems with police.

I agree with you that we need to ensure local government is afraid of constituents and respects constituents.

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Dude I lived in a red county in a red state for years and I have seen the same fucking police tyranny that I see in blue states.

Police in general exist to protect the elites and their property not the general public. They should not be falsely seen as heroes who protect and serve.

This is one of the reasons why I call myself a right wing populist and not a conservative.

Too many conservatives still have a hard on for blindly backing the blue.

I don't support defunding the police like the retard marxists do but I don't support the existence of no knock warrants, traffic tickets quotas and red flag gun grabs which the cops do in every state.

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These jackbooted thugs will follow orders even if it meant shooting unarmed children or elderly.

When voting is rigged in key swing states, how the fuck do you vote them out on a national level? Local politics only gets you so far.

I am a right wing populist who despises these racial marxist groups like BLM, Antifa but I am also not a fan of the blue after they demonstrated how they will follow any tyrannical order without hesistation. The right should not be baited into blindly backing the blue just because marxists attack them.

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The right in America needs to stop backing the blue since they have shown they will enforce the most tyrannical of COVID orders.

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You are a fucking idiot if you think taking an experimental vaccine for a disease that has a 99.997 survival rate is preferable.

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Women should not be leading anything. They should not be in politics. They should have not been given the vote.

What a clown world where women are running economies into the ground.

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This is why I told you in a thread a little while back that this was the hill to die on.

Now that a lot of people are capitulating, expect them to keep pushing.

It is fucking sad to see that even some people here succumbed to peer pressure and got an experimental vaccine for a disease that has a survival rate of 99.997 percent.

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You are a retard if after everything we have seen you would actually take an experimental vaccine for a disease that has a survival rate of 99.997 percent.

Still trusting corporations and the government to have your best interests in mind?

Keep licking the boot.

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