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How do you know what is moral without God?

I had to figure it out. What benefits me? What benefits others? What benefits the life and world around me? What hurts them? What hurts the world around me? How do I go about living my life in a way that is most beneficial to me and the environment I exist in, or that will help develop a world that is like that, even if I'm not currently in it.

The strongest compliment I can give to Christianity is that our conclusions have surprising overlap.

Have you noticed that nobody can do that?

You're right, they can't. Now it's time to recognize the true imperative of the atheist: live with it.

You will fuck it up. You'll fail. You'll hurt people. You'll hurt yourself. No one will ever necessarily forgive you, even if you ask, if that's ever an option. Instead you're far more likely to hurt someone and never ever see them again without ever having had the option to actually repent or ask forgiveness for your mistakes.

What if there is no afterlife? Really, what are implications of that? The implications are actually quite horrifying if you've never actually recognized them. Imagine what it really means to bicker with your wife over something stupid to find out she was killed on the way to work. You never got the chance to apologize, make amends, or even re-orient your life and focus on the important things.

You wasted it. You chose to waste it, and now gone forever.

When you write the story of your life in permanent ink, you'd better start choosing wisely. You'll never be able to take any of it back.

It starts to really make you value forgiveness. You start to be more careful with your words and deeds. You start to re-prioritize what's important much sooner than at someone's death bed. You start too look into the future to see what's coming, and you start to avoid what you know will cause you terrible pain. Why, if you're careful, if you're smart, if you square yourself away, you might just end up being a good person. And if you really learn what's important, and you really tell the truth, and you live by truth, and you embrace mercy, stoicism, and strength; well shit, you might actually be someone that people can be proud to have known.

I don't care what some supposedly divine figure judges of my life. Fuck that person. I leave a legacy based on the people who's lives I've impacted. My work, their memories of me, the way I changed their lives, that is my legacy. Not the judgement of some allegedly perfect being. Fuck other people's judgement, I know what I did, and I left it on the hearts and minds of the people around me.

I get to know that because I wasn't given a second chance. And so it became truly valuable to me.

If you believed in God you would know peace and experience true freedom.

Lies. If I believed in God, I would enslave myself to those who claim to know him better than me. I would not do my bidding, or my family's bidding, or my community's bidding, or my friend's bidding, or even this supposed God's bidding. I would do their bidding. The bidding of those who claim to know better because they adorn themselves in titles, authority, and cosmetic garb.

I would know nothing of freedom because I would know nothing but enslavement. I would know nothing of freedom because I would know nothing of responsibility. I would know nothing of freedom because I would know nothing but the coddled protection and comforting lies of men seeking to enrich themselves at my expense and re-affirm their own sense of self worth off of my back.

And peace? Never. I would know only the orders and demands of my betters. I would know only war because I would be sent to fight it while my betters enjoyed their peace at my expense. I would live for someone else, I would die for someone else, and I would have nothing for me and mine.

My only dream, enslaved to religion and idolatry (for all religion is idolatry of one form or another), would be to say that I died well at the behest of others. But I could never have lived well. I wouldn't have ever known how to live, because it would never have been my life.

Hating the Jews and seeing their large noses poking into every facet of your life is not freedom.

Obviously. It too is a form of enslavement. Total reactionary attitudes are fundamentally an enslavement to resentment and hatred.

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My dark sense of humor says it would have been way funnier if she didn't swear.

"Taser! Taser! Taser!" BANG "Son of a biscuit!"

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I mean, I know of an instance where a special forces guy accidentally blew up hostages because they threw in a frag instead of a flash-bang.


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No, that's negligent discharge all day long. She might genuinely get hit with negligent homicide.

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we hold evidence that behavior and culture are inflected by genetics.

They are, minimally, and to a point which may be irrelevant compared to actual experience and conditioning.

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"Taser! Taser! Taser!" BANG "Shit!"


You utter idiot.

Always follow the 4 safety rules kids. Also, remember which side you're gun's on.

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I don't believe in God. I'm effectively anti-theistic. I believe it is your individual responsibility to develop a proper moral system to guide you through life while doing as little harm to the world around you because there is no God, you will never be forgiven, there are no 2nd chances, your life is written in permanent ink and you'll have to try and get it all right the first time. As such, that requires me to recognize that the arbitrary categorizations of racial-political collectives mean basically nothing, and that behavior and culture is a far more important thing to consider.

Additionally, I just don't hate the Jews so much that I developed a galaxy brain so large that I discovered that Christianity was a zionist plot.

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This is certainly a new take from you guys.

Is he the greatest subverter because he was a Jew?

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No racialist has ever cared about race. Their always just thieves. BLM, Nazis, KKK, other Black or even Hindu Separatists. Doesn't matter.

Die Hard villains are effectively the most accurate depictions of villains that exist.

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You described a legitimate unionization

And I've never seen it happen in my life, and it has very rarely ever happened in my father's lifetime (he's a boomer).

I have literally, never once, seen a union do what I suggest.

I think it's possible for a good union to exist, I just don't think they do because they are still run by Leftists.

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This level of anarcho-tyranny is obviously not sustainable

They know that, this is what the purpose of the "Strong Cities Network" is. The Leftists will continue to spread chaos, and the Police will be targeted with removal and defunding because they aren't fully under the guise of some Leftist Apparatchik. They will disband the police and replace it with a privately contracted police force from the Strong Cities Network, and the Leftist radicals will be split as some of them are recruited into reserve police units, and the rest are purged.

Anachro-tyranny is the first step to justify authoritarian control by the state. The best way for the state to justify a violent crackdown on civil liberties is to commit it's own mob violence and terrorism.

I seriously doubt it will be fixed via elections.

I'm not so confident, especially after 2020, that any court is prepared to take on any voting issue whatsoever.

If Republican protesters are angrily banging on the windows of a polling station that's clearly still counting votes after having been officially closed and evacuated 6 hours ago, what's to stop the privately hired security guard from shooting a Republican observer in the head?

Why would he be prosecuted? It was self-defense against a republican insurrection. Obviously all republican wins should be discounted as illegal.

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The interesting thing is that the Leftists haven't dropped the story. It's lessened, but MSNBC, TYT, and the like are still covering it. They want to really dig into a Trump supporting congressman. But their not digging into any depth. They are just telling them bits of information that anonymous sources are telling one outlet, and then the rest are repeating it and adding their own spin.

Robert Barnes made an interesting point where he believes that 2 factions within the DOJ may have been brought up against each other. The Leftist branch investigating and entraping Don Gaetz, and the non-Leftist branch investigating McGee for extortion. When Matt went on Tucker, he blew both them out into the open and the whole thing now has to be re-buried.

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If David McGee (the former DOJ lawyer who literally texted Matt's father for $25 million in order to rescue an CIA operative, who's estate David represents & who the US government believes is dead) was innocent of extortion, then why the hell hasn't he filed a major civil lawsuit against Matt Gaetz for defamation.

If Matt Gaetz is a liar, then he engaged in an extreme level of defamation by going on national television, and accusing this lawyer of engaging in a serious federal crime, which would warrant immediate disbarment. There is likely extreme damage to the reputation of Mr. McGee and the law office that currently employs him.

And yet, not even a statement that he intends to file charges.

I'm still trying to decipher all the players in regards to what happened here, but some seriously shady shit has gone down. The more I look, the more convinced I am that the DOJ was attempting to entrap Don Gaetz (Matt's father) in order to put pressure on Matt.

And just to be clear, the DOJ has (as far as I'm aware) not identified that Matt Gaetz is either a suspect, or subject, of any investigation. The claim, probably from David Gaetz and a former USAF Intelligence Officer Bob Kent, is that Matt is the subject (not suspect) of an investigation of potentially paying a 17 year old staffer travel funds to fly with him and have sex with her.

Remember, Matt Gaetz said that this supposed 17 year old, does not exist. Interestingly enough, while MSNBC ran stories that Matt had once shows lewd photos to congress people, and that Matt's staff are also misogynistic or something, no woman has come out accusing Matt of anything.

David McGee's text to Don Gaetz also implicates Joe Biden in this scheme to free this apparently dead CIA operative in Iran. We can assume that since this supposed to be a secret investigation, and David (who is not part of the DOJ), was apparently aware of the investigation and claimed to have the ability to end it for $25, that he's one of the "anonymous sources" that spoke to the New York Times.

However, if Mr. McGee is telling the truth, then the Biden administration is directly involved in creating a crazy privately funded hostage rescue mission into Iran. Which is probably even more fucking unbelievable than anything Matt Gaetz has said.

So, if this investigation is real:

  • A) Where's the victim?
  • B) Why was a former DOJ employee claiming he had the power to end the investigation when he's not a member of government?
  • C) Why was the Biden administration attempting to launch a privately funded hostage rescue mission into Iran that would reasonably be considered an act of war for a person that the US government believes is already dead?
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They face resistance because people don't want terrorists to kill them, which is the opposite position Left-wing prosecutors hold.

If you are lynched: no charges for the mob, regardless of damage or murder.

If you defend yourself from the lynchers: 1st degree murder charges for surviving.

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Dirty Prosecutors are sub-human trash that deserve to be buried underneath the prison with child rapists, who may actually be less damaging to society.

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  1. Profit

Yeah, basically.

Honestly, a well run union would do extremely well nowadays. Imagine a union that could promise training courses, health care savings account in addition to company standards, free legal services up to a certain point, and serve as a recruiting & certification mechanism for companies looking for work. Imagine if you union looked for jobs for you, even in multiple industries, and would pay moving expenses.

The problem is that their greedly leftist thugs that don't like working.

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Those manufacturing jobs disappearing and being replaced with automation which pays no wages is exactly what the unions created. They destroy everything they touch.

I've actually been trying to spread Austrian economics in my company.

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Leftists attacking Leftists so that one racket doesn't dominate another. The problem is, Amazon doesn't realize that uninionization is actually less dangerous than racial balkanization within it's own company.

You only have to deal with one union as a protection racket operating within your company. If you go with racial bolshevism, you're going to have multiple groups engaging in massive infighting that will tear the company to absolute fucking pieces.

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I've been telling everyone that ever since the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand is a fascist state. This does not surprise me, and is frankly one of the lesser obviously tyrannical actions that government has made.

We shall see how many Jacinda kills.

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It's as if Hungry was occupied by National Socialists of a different color already, and they aren't taking kindly to it.

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