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They do this as a tactic to any and all groups that need to be broken down.

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Nothing. At least not really.

A drag show is an entertainment act. "Free Speech" in and of itself is a bit of a reductive term that actually means: "The government will not engage in viewpoint discrimination." This is why obscenity laws exist. Porn isn't a "viewpoint".

What might be interesting here from the take-away is that this could be an admission that the Drag Shows are now political speech because they advocate Queer Theory. Now, the thing is: that would absolutely be a violation of the first amendment. The state can't ban Queer Theory because it is discriminating on a viewpoint, but it would also be an admission that: yes, these drag events are no longer burlesque shows, but political rallies for Queer Ideology designed to groom children.

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Read about the first king of England. You're gonna keep waiting.

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Nooooo. Deconstructing Whiteness would actually involve recognizing Anglo-Saxons outside of the concept of a White race.

This is about deconstructing an English identity, and assimilating everyone into a Globalist nomad people.

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The point is that it has no place in Canada (or frankly the American north), except as an effort to say: "Look at me: everyone around me is the bad guy. I'm totally not a fed."

Fascism is Leftist. It is the final, practical, application of Rousseauian "Liberalism".

Libertarianism is merely an extension of Lockean Liberalism.

Because Rousseau is a lunatic, Rousseauian Liberalism is so diametrically opposed to the basic tenets of Liberalism, as such Lockean Liberalism is diametrically opposed to it. A Lockean system explicitly opposes governmental tyranny. Rousseauian Liberalism demands a reign of terror by the state in order to compel all individuals into "The General Will". Rousseau is trying turn each person into a mere husk of the state, where they will be "free" as an abstraction; whereas Locke (and basically all other forms of Liberalism) are attempting to free people from the tyranny of a state.

The people who invented the term "Leftist" were the Jacobins in the French revolution. It was a reference to their coalition that literally sat on the left side of the legislative body; and the ruling philosophy of the Jacobin's coalition was that of Rousseau, as if Rousseau was a prophet. They caused the Reign Of Terror in France because Rousseau believed it was a categorical imperative to terrorize the population into compliance with the state as part of his concept of a Social Contract. Once "the General Will" has been established in the state, no individual has a right to dissent. This is why the Lockeans were systematically hunted by the Rousseauism. The Lockeans wanted freedom from tyranny, which means that the Rousseauians needed to kill them all because tyranny was an absolute moral good. The Lockeans were not even "Rightists" (people who sat on the right side of the legislative body and opposed the Jacobins), they were driven from government and society altogether because they were Liberal. Leftists (Rosseauians) do not adhere to any concept of Liberalism except a vague notion of liberating people from "oppression", and for some reason, a guillotine isn't oppressive. Leftists are anti-Liberal. They will still explain that to you if you ask.

Lockean Liberals literally aren't Leftist, were not created by Leftists, and were (and still are) hunted by Leftists. This is because they are Liberals, and Leftists are not.

Fascism is literally "Trade Unionism". However, it is best to think of it as Civic National State Syndicalist Totalitarianism. All of these ideas are left-wing, and almost all of them can be traced back to Rousseau. Syndicalism is a Leftwing economic theory, that starts as Anachro-Syndicalism in Spain, but Mussolini (an ardent socialist) adopts it to an organized political structure, so that the labor movements, corporations, and state can be harmonized with the "will of the people". This is why the state is deified in Fascism. The state is the will of the people through time, and the people are the current manifestation of the state and it is all harmonized through the political party.

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It's the establishment right whom have been allied with the same progressive narrative as the Democrats since the early Progressive era in the late 1800's. But your faction isn't any better because it is still operating within the Progressive narrative framework.

Your faction is not external to a Leftist narrative. It is just White Socialism. If you were a monarchist, your narrative would sound like "We need kings to oppress the poor and individual liberty. True freedom comes from servitude to a king". That's a heel position within a Leftwing narrative. The correct monarchist position would be: "We need an aristocracy of statesmen to limit the abuse of government and make specific individuals accountable for the benefit of society and their subjects."

What's wrong the Confederate flag?

When it's being used in Canada next to a Swastika? Pretty much everything. Literally no part of that makes sense unless your intention is to communicate with the Left. It's like when someone starts talking about "Libertarian Fascism". That concept is purely built within Leftist political narratives that no Liberal, Libertarian, or even Fascist would agree to.

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Yup. That's why I've insisted on saying the following premises:

  • Communism is ideological totalism
  • This means that you can't be a Communist and anything else
  • There is no such thing as a Chinese Communist, just a Communist that happens to be Chinese
  • China is a Communist cccupied country.
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If we're doing a Forza clan for KIA, count me in.

/u/TheImpossible1 if you are racing in our clan, I'm putting a "Trans Rights Are Men's Rights" sticker on my rear bumper just for you.

"Why does he keep shunting me into the wall?"

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To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if California was significantly more Republican, but we don't see this thanks to ballot-harvesting, mail-in voting, never purging voter rolls, and illegals voting, they are probably adding, genuinely many millions of fraudulent votes. Like, maybe 5 million or more.

This all goes to help the Dems argue that they should abolish the electoral college because "true democracy means that no one who doesn't win the popular vote should ever hold office"

When I've done calculations over the amount of votes in the country, basically the winner of the popular vote is swung in hard from California and New York.

When I calculated 2016's votes, Trump had a popular vote edge by several million until New York and California dumped nearly 10 million Democratic votes in.

He may verywell have won Illinois (which is very red except for Chicago which is wildly corrupt), and if we had legitimate elections, I suspect California would still have gone Blue, but would have been much closer.

I suspect that he probably did win AZ, WI, PA, and Georgia. However, I think New Hampshire is where we can really see that there was some genuine weakness. I predicted that state would go hard for Trump, and he very narrowly lost IIRC.

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You're hitting my point: a couple memes. And what has it cost you? Fucking everything?

You've been castrated on Reddit. Voat fucking imploded. Even 4chan has turned against White Nationalism, and you're still absolutely littered with fucking feds. Your best showing was an incident that did nothing but provide fodder to the Left, and hilariously allowed Milo Yiannopoulos to record Richard Spencer doing his best impression of the Red Skull.

From a purely pragmatic political standpoint, White Nationalism has utterly failed, not only in the US but basically everywhere.

And yes, you are absolutely being played as the heel. Your sole purpose is to smear the right. Not to fight against the Left, just smear the right. Your job is to show up somewhere with a confederate flag so that the MSM can take pictures of you and call whatever the event was: a white nationalist protest. Your job is to go to a Posey Parker rally and do the National Socialist salute to the applause of the media.

Yes, I stand by what I said: your job is to play the heel and make the baby-face Left look good.

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Oh, he wouldn't. There's no chance he would, that's kinda the game: scam him into forcing his support to the Jeb Bush outta nowhere.

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I believe he's actually a Fabain Socialist, and if you read the Communist Manifesto by Marx, he's actually appealing to a kind of Neo-Feudalism in it anyway.

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Like I said, if BLM starts rioting, I want him on that debate stage no matter what.

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Honestly, I feel like Trump might want a debate so he can get a ton of free attention, while absolutely blasting everyone else out of the water.

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The stormfags can go back to Reddit, Voat, and /pol where they've basically failed in every attempt to make an imprint on the culture.

They have been unbelievably supportive of destroying any dissident right-wing movement. Steve Bannon's grass-roots political system, anti-CRT school board protests, anti-transgenderism protests & boycotts are all "not real activism" because "there is no political solution", but support for literal fucking federal agents LARPing as EthnoNats for 20 minute intervals for photo-ops for the MSM is real activism. They're fucking culture war suicide bombers... targeting the right.

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I feel like white hair would be considered white supremacist.

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Malthusian neofeudalist genocidal biotechnocrat protestor


What's the difference?

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Well, now's the time! It doesn't require an internet connection to play, so once you have it, you have it. You could wait for a sale... but you'll just pay slightly less.

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Why are they not on your list?

Because I don't know who AnOmaly is, and I haven't seen much of Massie.

Literally none of those people are Trump cheer-leaders.

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I'll ask one of the crazy, shit covered, hobos in San Francisco why he controls so many carriers.

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