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The LAPD's analysis was compiled in response to a City Council motion, introduced by Councilmen Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian, that calls for a new city ordinance banning the possession, sale, purchase, receipt or transportation of such weapons or the "non-serialized, unfinished frames and unfinished receivers" that are used to make them.

The people who are using these guns for street crimes are not going to care that possessing them is also now illegal. But then those people aren't really the target of this law, are they?

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I remember when some of these nutsos were burning or otherwise destroying their copies of the Tokyo Ghoul manga because a particular character turned out to not be transgender when they had "headcanoned" her to be. It takes very little to become a "bigot."

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This one's fine. Your beef here is against the FDA rather than ArsTechnica.

The main issue I'm bringing up here isn't that the titles are misleading (though that's obviously a problem with the first two), it's that even so-called technology news is little more than political propaganda at this point and often has little to nothing to do with technology.

Unless Ted Cruz's statement is a fabrication, they are right to call him out on this. I've got a more charitable view of Proof of Research since the makework that "secures" the currency is only useless to the miner and not to civilisation as a whole, but neither does anything good for the electric grid.

Ted Cruz's idea is to use Bitcoin mining to help pay for excess capacity when that capacity is not needed elsewhere so that when that capacity is needed the mining operations can be shut down.

I don't think Ars Technica is wrong about Cruz's plan not being practical, and this is actually technology news, but it's hard to be charitable when it's one of 4+ articles on their front page attacking conservatives.

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Just look at Ars Technica's home page from 1999 or even 2008.

Back in 2014 it had already gone downhill considerably but mostly in the sense of trying to appeal to advertisers and the mass market and not political bullshit. By 2015 you had vaccine mandate stuff on the front page, and of course when Trump ran for president TDS kicked in with full force.

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Archive: https://archive.is/C1IVN

Other articles on the front page:

Conservative media viewing correlates with intention to use ivermectin

Mix-and-match COVID boosters are as good—if not better than—all the same shots

FDA advisors unanimously green-light Moderna boosters for people 65+, high-risk

Ted Cruz says bitcoin will stabilize Texas electric grid—here’s why he’s wrong

Ars Technica is owned by Condé Nast, which used to own Reddit.

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"Sorry we got caught. We'll try not to next time."

Alberta's Fauci apologizes and admits Alberta teen didn't actually die from COVID but brain cancer

I don't think so:

“The pain of losing a child is terrible enough without having that loss compounded by a public debate about the circumstances,” Hinshaw said. “I’m sorry if the way I spoke about that death made your grief worse.”

That doesn't sound like an admission that she was wrong. It's barely a step above "I'm sorry you feel that way" doublespeak.

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I think they're perfectly capable of handling it. Their "inability" is performative and designed to elicit sympathy from normies where it is entirely undeserved.

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Didn't they ban like half their users not to long ago

ResetEra's home page tells you how many members they have and also the latest member, who has a number associated with their account starting with 1 from the first account.

They claim 54,581 members, while the latest member is #104124. This means that 49,543 or 47.5% (!) of accounts have been banned or deleted.

So yes, about half is no exaggeration.

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Germain is giving the 3 men a specific script that they are obligated to post every time they express a view contrary to AHS on social media or anywhere else - regarding masks, distancing, and vaccines.

Compelled speech is supposed to be illegal in Canada.

Seems like usually if a judge wants to do something like this he offers a "choice" between a lesser sentence with certain speech requirements or a greater sentence without. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

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One statistic I haven’t seen brought up: Southwest had over 10x as many cancellations last weekend as mainline American, Delta, and United. Combined.

Meanwhile they expect us to believe that weather and other issues in one part of one state has caused thousands of Southwest flights to be cancelled.

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The [government] and the airline say this isn't true.

Of course the two institutions directly responsible for this mandate would never lie or misdirect to cover up the unpopularity of said mandate.

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He chose to get the vaccine of his own free will. He’s trying to ensure that others in the state have that same choice. Hypocrisy would be denying others that choice.

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I find people usually say “broken” rather than stopped, which sometimes seems rather fitting given how a broken clock that runs can be right considerably less than twice a day.

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Banks and credit-card companies too are finding themselves playing a bigger role in what is said and done in the public square—to their, and their customers’, discomfort.

Of course. They're not uncomfortable about censorship of the public square, they're uncomfortable that they just have to be the ones responsible for doing what the government cannot yet do.

they try to be very open, accepting, willing to facilitate payments for whomever. They’re not taking any sort of political or moral stance


If it is lawful, then we need to respect that transaction. If it is something that is swimming against the tide of society, it’s for the society to rise up and change the law.

And there it is. It's not for the censors to reconsider their stance, but for their censorship to be made into law.

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Walker’s video has gone viral at a time when anti-vaxxers are trying to gin up the narrative that pilots are leaving their jobs en masse in order to protest the vaccine mandate. On Sunday evening, for instance, after Southwest Airlines announced it would be cancelling more than a quarter of its flights due to an “operational meltdown,” a rumor circulated among those on the far right that the cancellation was due to “sickouts,” or workers using sick leave to stay home to protest the mandate.

There is no evidence that pilots are orchestrating a “sickout” in response to vaccine mandates. The FAA has issued a statement saying that bad weather conditions, in combination with staffing shortages in a Jacksonville control center due to Covid, are the reason behind the cancelations.

I'm sure that this reasoning is just as correct as this asshat's spelling of "cancellations".

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#FreedomFlu is when you die gasping for your last raggedy breath in an overcrowded ICU because right wing influencers told you not to get the vaccine that they already got months ago.

"#FreedomFlu is when you drop dead from myocarditis without even a chance to regret your decisions because the government and their cronies all but physically forced you to get it."

Is that how you play this hashtag game?

No, because that's clearly not the point of the hashtag you twat.

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Part of the issue as I see it is that pilots want to be pilots. It’s similar to the game dev world where people who go into it are so passionate about it that employers know they can pay developers less than they would get for working in web dev despite the skill required.

It wasn’t that long ago that there were pilots paying to fly passengers for airlines in Europe in order to gain experience until that was made illegal.

Even if the pilot shortage changes things, it will take time for the corporate culture at these airlines to unlearn those attitudes.

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"Clearly they did it because they were bullied. We should curtail free speech rights with hate speech laws so that nobody can ever say anything that might cause another incident like this."

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I hope they all hold out but history says most of them will unfortunately cave.

There certainly have been a lot of articles about how on the day of various deadlines the vast majority of employees are vaxxed. On the other hand, none of them I've seen mentions how many employees either quit or were fired ahead of the deadline, so it's also possible that there's an effort to cover up how many are actually choosing to defy the mandate.

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BBC bosses feel that they can’t allow the organisation to be connected to Stonewall in any way, because the BBC needs to be ‘impartial on LGBTQ lives’.

Did the muzzies get to them?

Stonewall has received a huge backlash in some sections of the UK media because of its vocal support for trans rights

Sure, in the same way that North Korea receives a huge backlash because of its vocal support for communism.

Stonewall isn't just vocal about its support for trans rights, they're vocal about shutting down any debate. A report by the University of Essex pointed to their desire to have a good ranking with Stonewall for a decision to censor a speaker which turned out to be unlawful.

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