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Yes. I also realize that the deal for this TV show happened well before she died.

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Things Anne Rice has said about fanfiction:

It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes.


I don’t ever want to read about my characters in someone else’s writing. It’s too upsetting for me, because they are mine and from my mind.

Funny how quickly that goes out the window for a quick buck.

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I doubt they would be doing this if it were a natural disaster in California rather than Florida. This is just a way for them to hurt their political enemies, including not only DeSantis but regular Americans who do not support The Party.

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While these groups have been in the spotlight since that day, the ADL said that Florida has become somewhat of a haven for them - more Jan. 6 suspects reportedly live in Florida than any other state. Out of 855 people that have been charged already in connection with the attack, 90 of them are Floridians - just over 10%.

Florida is the third most populous state in the US and the second most populous "red state" after Texas. It's also hundreds of miles closer to DC than Texas, especially since conservatives tend to live in the northern part of the state.

Even if we accept the premise that January 6 was an "attack," the idea that "Florida has become somewhat of a haven for them" is a conspiracy theory. "Just over 10%" is statistically unsurprising given Florida's population and location.

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what we all knew was true anyway.

I firmly believe that includes most regressives, too. They'll just move from the "it's not happening" phase of denying the obvious truth to the "... and it's good that it is" stage of psychological manipulation.

I've said it before, but I wouldn't be surprised if eventually definitive and incontrovertible proof comes out that the Democrats rigged the 2020 election, and they just own up to it. They just had no other choice, you see; Trump would have destroyed democracy.

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If it's "random" how can it be targeted at women and trannies? That's not random.

The article is scant on details, but I can think of a few possibilities:

  1. Only those who live in shelters will be allowed to participate, which will vastly disfavor men since they don’t have that level of support.

  2. It’s “random” only in the sense that it’s random within those subgroups.

  3. It’s “random” only in the sense that it’s random within a selection of people they approve.

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No, they’re genuinely pissed about the state of the parks.

Walt Disney World used to be known for meticulous attention to detail, but that’s been sacrificed to at least an extent under Chapek. They’ve also raised prices, cut benefits to pass holders, and started making things that were included into paid extras.

They probably agree with the woke shit, though.

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Naturally, they blame Cruz for "blowing up" their plan to "save journalism":

Ted Cruz blows up Congress’ plan to save journalism by making Big Tech pay up

Take a look at the comments if you'd like to have cancer.

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This is just propaganda to try to scare the Democrat base and ensure that they vote this November. While it's good that Republican men are committing to voting, I highly doubt that they're very "enthusiastic" about the process given what the Democrats are doing to it.

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He said the company is “pro-competitive” and named companies including Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. as competitors in the advertising business

When you're identifying the competition as being two other tech megacorps, that sounds less like identifying the competition and more like identifying the oligopoly. Especially when later in the article it talks about Google paying Apple to be the featured search engine on iOS.

“Competition in tech is hyper-intense,” Pichai said. The rise of TikTok “shows there is competition in the space” and “how vibrant this market is” compared to years past.

So they can cite just one example that isn't a tech megacorp, and it's a CCP-controlled teenage fad. Great example, Pichai.

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your home address was on that site & is part of the reason you've been swatted several times

And here I thought that acknowledging that something a victim did (might have) contributed to them being targeted was "victim blaming" which is a horrible thing to do.

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The reason companies advertise their meat-based products is not so that people will choose them over meatless products, it's so that people will choose them over other meat-based products.

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I doubt this was a political decision. My bet is that KF is constantly being DDoS'd right now and DDoS-Guard doesn't actually have the infrastructure to handle such clients.

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While retail is Amazon’s #1 source of revenue, it’s not where they make most of their profit. That would be AWS, which has only continued to grow in the past few years.

Point being, it’s great to see them have to scale back like this, but don’t expect it to have a long term effect on their bottom line.

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this idea that anyone could know exactly what he would've wanted or what he would've liked is, I feel, nonsense

It is nonsense. It's a massive strawman.

Of course nobody could know exactly what he would've wanted. That doesn't mean that we don't have a good general idea of what he would have wanted.

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I don’t think it helped, but ultimately what I think is worse has been those Tumblr kids aging up while being told by their teachers that it’s definitely not just a phase.

Leftists have transformed adolescent rebellion into a lifelong commitment for their own political gain and to the detriment of those involved. I don’t think they necessarily even care that it comes in the form of radical gender ideology, just that it’s a useful tool.

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He's Back On The Red Pill?

No, probably just a TERF like J.K. Rowling.

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IMDB will be forced

IMDb is owned by Amazon. They'll probably be all too glad to "fix" the ratings before the release of their LoTR abomination.

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This is an extremely recent thing and if I were to pinpoint when the push hit the general public than something done in the shadows it would be somewhere in the 2000s

I would say 2010s. Really about the time GG started. Even the "Human Rights Campaign" was being criticized for not supporting it as recently as 2011.

The entire "many genders" idea didn't seem to be taken seriously by much of anybody, even leftists. Children inventing genders on Tumblr was treated as a joke and not reality. Even the concept of "transgender" wasn't taken to mean that there are more than two genders, just that some people (think they) are born as the wrong one.

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There are three great comics traditions in the world - US, Japan, France(/Belgium). But for some reason, French comics (septieme arte) seem to have absolutely no traction, even on a nerd-board like this one.

The truth is that comics of any kind just aren't as popular in the US compared to Japan and France on a per capita basis. For most of recent history, manga has sold better in France than it has in the US despite the US having 4.89 times the population. I've also seen niche manga get licensed in France that either never get licensed in the US or take significantly longer.

Marketing more BDs in the US market is likely a hard sell. There's the expense of giving them a translation. There's no audience who saw the anime and wants to read the manga, or that likes anime and likes manga by extension. And the audience just doesn't seem to be that into the medium in the first place.

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You might remember that Moderna said they wouldn't enforce their patents during the pandemic. They recently updated their policy saying they won't enforce them in some countries "to ensure equitable access across the world," but will "In non-AMC 92 countries, vaccine supply is no longer a barrier to access."

I guess this means the pandemic is over according to Moderna.

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the Justice Department’s best arguments supporting it, including the affidavit, are being made public

No, you dishonest cretin. Even WaPo admits it's expected to be heavily redacted.

That's not making it public, that's making some portion of it public. Some portion that's no doubt supposed to make Trump look as bad as possible while not exposing the shaky ground it likely lies on.

those same advisers began to take the position privately that the real problem was not that Trump had the documents, but that he had returned any at all, sparking an investigation

It's good advice should never apologize to leftists because they'll see it as a sign of weakness and use it against you. I think much the same thing applies here.

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Blame the CEO. Always blame the CEO, or whoever is pulling the strings.

Maybe if every time Disney did something shitty people were naming Bob Chapek instead of his company he’d think twice.

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dealing with the "give us Mother 3" crowd is better than dealing with the SJW Twitter mob

I wouldn't be that surprised if this was the reason Nintendo hasn't released it. But at the same time I also have to think that many members of the latter are also part of the former group, and just as even the SJW crowd told Kotaku off for their article about Stray, I think they would mostly look the other way for Mother 3.

Of course, Nintendo wouldn't want to take that chance.

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