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Your websites look like they’re from 2001.

I’m going to disagree with this.

The average website in 2001 was better and had more character. They didn’t have tons of social sharing icons, or lifeless “clean” design like this does.

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was just a few outfits being changed and a few lines being altered

IMO this is enough to put a game firmly in the territory of don't play or at least don't pay. Too much ground has already been ceded.

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Normies don’t push back. They’ll just move on from video games instead, which is what we’re seeing right now with console sales cratering.

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The purpose of change.org and similar petitions is to manufacture consensus on issues the establishment already supports.

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Without the games industry and the people in it, I would not have the life I have.

That's the fucking problem. Game journos have been living high on the hog shilling games that amount to little more than propaganda in exchange for shit like free travel or access to events. This kind of shit is why Gamergate happened in the first place.

Problem is, if there's no audience for the propaganda even the ESG money will dry up and so will the perks.

Angry people will never take that.

No, you will. The industry could have a license to print free money, but instead of giving people games they want to play, they'll continue down this path.

And you will blame gamers for not keeping your job afloat by purchasing absolute garbage.

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There are a few ways to possibly download a .png or .jpg instead of .webp.

If you use wget or curl (the latter of which is included in recent versions of Windows) it should download the specified file. On many sites adding a parameter to the URL (even just a ? at the end) will cause them to deliver the image in the original format instead of webp.

If you set your user agent to a browser too old to accept webp that may also work depending on the site. And then there are extensions for rejecting webp, but that introduces a whole new layer of trusting the author.

All of this assumes that the image doesn’t exist only in webp format originally, but that’s rare at this point.

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Foliage artist

I’m sure some guys wanted to see Joanna’s bush back in the day, but probably not when she(?) looks like… that.

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Good. Hopefully that will help drive away any normies stupid enough to think things might be better “this time”.

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this seems to happen SPECIFICALLY with games that have furries among their playables

No, you just don’t notice it in other games because you’re a furry and like furry games.

Modern games suck for the most part. Game studios are full of people who fail to realize what made games (such as Suikoden, on which Eiyuden Chronicle is based) great at best, and who have utter contempt for them at worst.

The hobby won’t heal until that changes.

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We Won’t Miss You

I don't think about you at all.

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Usually if someone owes you money you don’t look to liquidate the very thing that allows them to pay you. Which is to say that this isn’t about getting paid, it’s purely about silencing him.

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Anything can seem popular when there’s not much competition at the time it’s being released. Just like how Furiosa was the top movie when you don’t look at the actual figures.

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Naturally, the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Princess Maker 2 Regeneration remain unchanged and will be released as scheduled on July 11th.

I have to wonder if Sony has pressured them to delay the release for other platforms as well.

This is the way to do it, though. If Sony wants to act like this then they should be the last to see the game release - if they see it at all.

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Not to say that it couldn't be better now, but I'm betting most of it stops after election season.

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“My belief is that storytelling does need to be representative of all people,” Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy recently told the New York Times, discussing a pushback by certain corners of the internet against the upcoming Disney+ series, decrying the show for prominently featuring characters of color and women in its cast. “That’s an easy decision for me.”

Nobody cares anymore, Kathy. Not even this fake manufactured outrage bait is going to get normies to watch this slop.

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What he and his uniparty allies will “learn” is that they need to do a better job of fortifying the next election.

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I'm not sure what your argument is here?

I think it's pretty obvious. The programmer could write extremely optimized code but if it ends up being packaged with unoptimized assets - a decision they may have no control over - the end result is still going to be a massive size for the game as a whole. It's not like the code itself takes up much storage.

I take it that all games that are 150 gigs are excellent examples of programming then?

Those 150 gigs have nothing to do with "programming,"

Are you arguing in good faith?

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I point this out regularly when ResetEra comes up, but they assign user numbers sequentially, list the latest user on their home page, and give a total member count. From what I hear you can't delete your own account either.

The latest member is 170,925 while the member count is 61,248. That would mean that 109,677 accounts (or over 64% of the total) have been banned.

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What I want is for these people to face the consequences of their ideology. If only they would wake up in another world where Trump really was a fascist, they were faced with this choice and chose the bear, and men really did subjugate women for fun.

And as an added benefit they would be gone from this world. A man can dream...

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Helicopters crashing in IMC isn’t necessarily a mystery. It’s what caused Kobe Bryant’s helicopter to crash, too. And the fact is that the presence of the rich and famous or politically powerful makes some pilots take risks they wouldn’t otherwise take, whether due to something said or not.

I’m sure Israel and the US would like to have killed him, but I find it very believable that pilot error could have caused a crash in that pea soup fog.

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I think it's part of the Doctor Who cycle that people tune in at the start when there's a new Doctor to see if they like it. People would even say that the beauty of the show is that if you don't like the way it is now just wait until the next Doctor and it will feel different.

I don't understand why anyone would watch this iteration for more than a couple minutes, but I think a lot of normies are naïve enough to "give it a couple episodes."

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