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I'm going to guess Resetera retards?

ResetEra gives stats for both how many members they have and assigns user IDs sequentially starting from 1.

They have 60,191 members while the latest ID is 164,982. That’s a lot of bans.

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I don’t see how anyone could feel “represented” by a sticker of a flag.

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It’s one of those states where you can vote in the primary of your choice (but only one).

Democrats could have voted for Haley without even registering as Republican, because there’s no registering for parties. In fact, it’s something Haley had been playing up:

Anybody can vote in this primary on Saturday as long as you didn't vote in the Democrat primary

And she still lost.

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not caring about anything

You heard it here first, folks. If you don’t care about this one specific conflict you don’t care about anything. How privileged and self-centered you must be to not support the side of this jackwad’s choice.

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I think there are a few reasons.

For one, I think people see an AI as being more of a manifestation of a company. If someone runs a Google search and it gives them biased info they may pass it off as bad results or the websites themselves being wrong rather than Google. With an AI it’s like Google as a company is saying “this is what we believe.”

It’s also far more egregious than their search engine. It’s one thing to show results biased toward black people and quite another to claim that random people were actually part black.

It risks making them look bad.

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First attempt. I thought they couldn’t be that obvious or incompetent about it but…

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in other games

You don’t even have to look to other games to find male characters in swimsuits obviously made to appeal to women.

Like many other Japanese games it panders to everyone. But you never hear men complaining about Cloud’s unattainable standards. They know their time is better spent working out.

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“Diabetes in symptom licensing deal with Cancer”

They’re a perfect match for each other.

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I thought it was $450m with interest now.

But why stop there? I mean at the end of the day if we’re just making up amounts of money the political opposition owes us we might as well pick a big one, right?

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You’re no longer eligible to receive any outstanding royalties

“We’re keeping your money, thanks suckers.”

We need a president and government that will treat these companies the way they deserve.

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If you’ve experienced a loss like that, you know that you don’t measure it in years – you measure it in grief.

Sure, but you also remember when it happened.

The fact of the matter is that Biden was asked about the year a recent major life event occurred, and he didn't remember. If his son hadn't died, they would have asked about something else and Biden likely would have forgotten that, too.

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I think there are a lot of guys who will buy the NFA or NBA game because it's the NFL or NBA game, even if they hate what EA has done.

They'll pay full price for the "new" game every year so that they can have the up-to-date roster even though that's the only significant change. This has been going on since the PS1 days, though there were more releases that genuinely added features. People hated it then too, but they clearly kept buying.

But more importantly, they'll upgrade so that they can play with their friends who also have the latest year/version.

All of this would end if there were competition for games with the official leagues, teams, and players. But it won't because the parties involved make money hand over fist while spending as little as possible.

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The bill will probably be met with criticism from a large section of Silicon Valley that argues regulators are moving too aggressively and risk enshrining systems that make it difficult for start-ups to compete with big companies.

Prominent researchers and AI leaders from companies including Google and OpenAI signed a letter stating that the tech was on par with nuclear weapons and pandemics in its potential to cause harm to civilization. The group that organized that statement, the Center for AI Safety, was involved in drafting the new legislation.

Of fucking course. This is nothing more or less than an attempt at regulatory capture by the largest players in the market.

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Colors can influence emotions and behaviors, potentially leading to unsafe situations if someone is affected negatively by a color you may prefer. My preference could unduly influence your color choices, creating an environment that could contribute to stress or impulsive actions, which may lead to harm.

Citing a specific bird's flight speed might lead to incorrect assumptions or actions for instances that involve ornithology or physics. If taken out of context and applied to practical scenarios, such as drone design or aircraft studies, it could result in flawed models or unsafe aeronautical conclusions.


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Suddenly the process is no longer infallible and sacred when the shoe is on the other foot. And if anything, if Biden is so mentally competent, aren't they basically arguing that he should be charged because he knew what he was doing?

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I guess they didn’t mean it when they said it last time…

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Let's not pretend that Hamas/Palastine doesn't want to take over the entire region of themselves.

I don’t think you’ll find many “Free Palestine” people around here. More of a “let them fight” crowd.

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What are ethnic Russians doing east of the Urals, or in the Caucasus, or in Crimea?

The US government isn’t trying to send billions of dollars to Russia. They’re trying to send billions of dollars to Israel.

No matter where you stand on the issue unless you’re a fucking snake you have to admit that changes the equation a little bit.

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This despite the primaries (unlike the caucuses) allowing same-day registration and party switches.

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Free speech, I think, should always be tempered by empathy

And empathy should always be tempered by logic and rationality.

The term “regressive” is truly earned by these people, for what they advocate is going back to base instincts that took thousands of years for humanity to get a grip on. They would have us be the caveman clubbing the other man because the woman cried, justified or not. Going back to killing unwanted children, and eliminating monogamy that has allowed society to progress into what it is today.

There’s nothing “progressive” about them.

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But Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) isn’t sure about the legislation. After all, he said on Wednesday, “passing a tax bill that makes the president look good — mailing out checks before the election — means he could be reelected, and then we won’t extend the 2017 tax cuts.”

Never mind that the mailing-out-checks thing is explicitly prohibited in the bill’s language.

Never mind that tax refunds can come by check and that’s exactly what this would do in many cases.

there was an outlier: among Republicans, views were much more split between seeking compromise or holding a hard line, even if it meant that nothing got done.

Because if “compromise” is consistently in favor of one side it isn’t really compromise.

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Go farm your own shit, then, and see if you're willing to give away your excess for free.

He said:

If all farmers disappeared from the face of the earth for whatever reason, I will grow my own food. I'm not farming right now because I don’t have to.

As if he actually could, and as if he wouldn’t get his food stolen if he did.

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