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This is a non-apology.

I made a mistake by asking some children what they thought about vaccination.

This is like someone dining and dashing then fleeing from the police saying "I made a mistake by eating and then going for a run". It isn't technically untrue, but it is functionally untrue.

The "mistake" wasn't asking children what they think about vaccination, it was asking children what should be done with the unvaccinated.

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Just out of curiosity, does the 5TB drive have the same filesystem as the other one? I don't think it should make a difference with your use case (exFAT and NTFS drivers tend to have more overhead on Mac and Linux, but you're using Windows; NTFS is more efficient for transferring many small files, but you talked about videos) but still.

My understanding is that this should also help USB mechanical drives last longer because it's less stress on them to stay spinning constantly instead of spinning up and down based on usage. There will be some extra power draw but I can't imagine it would be noticeable on your utility bill.

Head parking is indeed bad for HDDs. The only reason I could see for wanting it is if it's an internal drive in a laptop, not just due to power but due to the motion it's put through.

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I don't doubt that some regressives (especially childless ones) actually believe this shit. I just think most of them wank over this shit as some kind of proof that there is no far left because they would never do anything so evil like the far right (supposedly) does.

The real problem with regressives IMO is just how easily they likely could be convinced that something like this is a good idea should their masters decide it is so. If you asked them a few years back if they would support mandatory experimental vaccines they would probably have said no, yet here we are.

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What the majority is really saying, then, is that it doesn’t like how much power Congress gave to OSHA in the first place.

I'm pretty sure the problem isn't how much power OSHA has to act within its purview, it's OSHA acting outside its purview.

It probably doesn't help that Biden was clearly trying to push a mandate onto the general population and simply chose OSHA as the vehicle for it.

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To a large extent, anxiety about people controlling our lives has shifted from the government to online hate mobs.

... says the side that supports the idea of mandating vaccines and other regressive measures.

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my proposal is quite modest

That line is what the author no doubt believes is a clever wink and nod to Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. This article is satire.

Shitty satire, at that, where the author believes you’ll be proven hypocritical if you disagree and he will be proven correct by your reaction to the article.

That is to say, the author isn’t actually advocating for taking kids away from their parents at birth, he just believes you’re hypocritical if you think there’s a difference between that and banning abortion while encouraging giving up children for adoption, or taking kids away from people who claim to be their parents at the border but could be child traffickers.

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I was thinking Steam Deck might push some Linux support, who knows.

It sounds like it will use a compatibility layer, and I’m expecting that said layer will likely be tied to Steam such that you can’t just run a non-Steam copy of a game using it even if it’s perfectly playable through Steam. I hope I’m wrong.

Gaming devs have become as obsessed with their DRM as they are the woke.

Humble says the subscription games themselves will still be DRM-free. Of course such a statement from people of the moral quality of Humble is worth jack shit in the long run.

Humble does already sell titles with DRM you have to redeem on other platforms, so perhaps they want to move those over eventually and cut them out of the revenue loop.

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seeks confrontation, where none exists

Yeah, that's kind of the way disagreement and confrontation fundamentally work. If nobody ever confronts you then there's never any confrontation. What is this, fucking kindergarten? Are people really stupid enough to fall for this shit? (Sorry, rhetorical question.)

Confrontation is not a sin, and appeasement is not a virtue.

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I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to the extent it increases burden on the censors, but unequal enforcement means that it probably won't do a whole lot to the average leftist in the long run.

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Cross-Platform Bans

So what I'm hearing is that players should maintain separate identities across platforms. This shouldn't be too difficult since all three major platforms sell gift cards for their online services and stores. They could implement identity verification to combat that, but that would probably be difficult to do without damaging sales to minors.

(Of course, what I'm actually hearing is to not buy into Microsoft product ecosystems or those of any company that considers this, but I can't do that much more than I already am.)

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Controlled opposition doesn't need an alternative platform, news at 11.

Wouldn't be surprised if they only wanted it to prevent KiA2 from getting the domain in the first place.

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I'm not sure when WD switched over to SMR for all of their Passport drives, but the new one is definitely going to be SMR while the old one may have been CMR. SMR could lead to worse write performance than a similarly spec'd CMR drive, especially for very large sustained writes (which most reviews don't cover).

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I don't mean to be harsh, but it comes across as if you haven't read the comments you're replying to at all.

Not once have I suggested they don't put it on Steam.

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That article just links to the same statement I linked in this post.

It was Steam.

As I said above, though, Steam's censorship policy doesn't mean the uncensored game can't be released through other platforms. They are not without options if they were actually against censorship.

Nor does it force the developer to downplay censorship or admonish those who would be unwilling to accept a censored product as only wanting the "surface-level cute factor."

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The gut didn't want to be banned from Steam

Hence why I find it understandable to offer an all-ages version and to not offer a patch when doing so might cause Steam to ban the game.

I don't think he says it's a Steam exclusive or whatever.

It is currently a Steam exclusive for the English version with no other release announced, and if they planned on offering an uncensored version in English it wouldn't make much sense to respond like this.

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I don't have a problem, of course, with a developer releasing an "all-ages" version of their game. What I do have a problem with is a developer downplaying censorship and being this dismissive of fans concerned about it.

They could, like many other companies do, release an all-ages version on Steam and an uncensored English version on another platform. If this isn't feasible, they could at least say they don't agree with the censorship. Instead we get this.

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"100% of data scientists* and studies** agree that Black Lives Matter's claims*** are valid."

* All the ones that didn't were fired.

** All the studies that found otherwise were not published.

*** These claims are not to be disputed under any circumstances.

Trust the science!

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Macs used to have a dedicated chip that performed many of the same functions on Intel Macs (Apple T2) and the M1 SoC along with Apple's Secure Enclave no doubt do the same on the ARM side.

With an AMD processor with this feature you can at least use Linux to cut out Microsoft. The M1 Macs cannot currently boot to Linux, which can only run in a virtual machine.

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Health officials say vaccines are the best safeguard against serious illness or death from the virus, but COVID vaccine requirements have become increasingly politicized as a matter of personal choice.

Vaccines have always been a matter of personal choice in the US. The politicization is in trying to take that choice away.

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VPNs, or virtual private networks, continue to be used by millions of people as a way of masking their internet activity by encrypting their location and web traffic.

But on the modern internet, most people can safely ditch them, thanks to the widespread use of encryption that has made public internet connections far less of a security threat, cybersecurity experts say.

The author seems to be generalizing from the specific (you don't need a VPN to not have your data stolen by some asshole on the coffee shop WiFi) to a much wider issue (you don't need a VPN for privacy).

What should make us even more skeptical of this article is that NBC's parent company Comcast stands to lose from widespread adoption of VPNs, because even with HTTPS connections they can still harvest data about what sites people visit and sell that data unless people opt out.

“Most commercial VPNs are snake oil from a security standpoint,” said Nicholas Weaver, a cybersecurity lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley. “They don’t improve your security at all.”

Yeah, there are a lot of shitty VPNs. The takeaway shouldn't be don't use VPNs but instead do your research as it should be with any major purchase.

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The real story, of course, is how corrupt that entire fucking industry is. Of Holmes's guilt I have little doubt, but of her actually being charged and convicted I believe a lot of it comes down to the cartels making an example of the small time con artist.

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Personally I don't have a problem being a digital nomad when it comes to political communities. I ditched half-KiA in a heartbeat when the mods turned against the community after being there since the early days 2014, and I've probably only posted on Reddit KiA2 a handful of times when it's been particularly dead here since this site opened up.

While I would hope the users here would move as well because I enjoy the discussions, I don't have that much tolerance for throwing good money after bad and I'll gladly leave for somewhere else if things go in that direction.

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The optics, though, if you do?? Yeah, they’re bad. That’s partly why the fucking cops use horses, for “crowd control”, too…

And why the left uses kids like Greta Thunberg or people who check all the diversity boxes to push their messaging. Gotta make sure that if you fight back it looks as bad as possible.

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