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"Students against sanitary restrictions in France (Paris)."

The building lettering reads "Lycée Hélène...", spoken language is French.

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"anyone with a BMI (body mass index) count greater than 25..."

Sonoma County bans feminist marches, mandates closure of women's studies programs on campuses...

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Sshhhh, that kind of WrongThink could be dangerous, next thing you know you'll be spouting more misogynistic fascist hate speech like "women as an entire group being inferior to men in athletic ability" (also a fact and a Rule 16 violation).

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He was rightfully banned for violating Rule 16: "Do not attack entire identity groups as inferior or conspiring."

As a PSA, here are some simple examples (to the best of my understanding):

  • Not a violation (clearly hyperbolic jest): "Mods are dickless fags who will ban anyone questioning feminist orthodoxy"

  • A clear violation (and also a fact): "Women as an entire group have lower representation in high IQ percentiles than Men"

The More You Know 🌠

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Next season spoiler: Rand comes out as trans and gets pegged by Moraine, while he denounces the evils of ThePatriarchy.

Anyone criticizing the series will be branded a misogynist nazi.

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Ask them why Biden's Attorney General, Merrick Garland won't bring a case for 1/6th.

Why won't Biden's DOJ indict Ray Epps, the man the FBI initially fingered as one of the main organizers?

Why did the FBI later on remove any information about Epps from their website, after The NYT published stories about him and other co-conspirators being possible government assets?

Why won't Biden's DOJ apprehend BlackSkiMask dude, who was caught early on with a truckload of weapons and explosives around the DOJ building? The government knows his identity, he was briefly captured, his DNA sample was taken and then he was just let go!

It's almost as if an actual investigation could expose this whole thing as false flag op instigated and organized by government agencies themselves.

This shit is so ridiculously preposterous that it sounds like a bad conspiracy TV series, but it is all on record.

Here's some coverage from Breaking Points, progressive leaning independent media:


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Wouldn't this notion be incongruent with Christian myth canon?

This example, with "royalty" used as a stand in for "divinity", would endow Mary with divinity by the sole act of giving birth to a divine being, god incarnate.

In canon, she is certainly 'blessed" and "holy", her motherhood itself is certainly considered divine, but not Mary as an individual herself .

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We venerate Mary as the Theotokos (Mother-of-God) because she is Jesus’ mom.

This is similar to Dependapotamus Syndrome, where the female civilian spouse of a military officer feels entitled to be treated with the same deference and rank as her husband.

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"strong recurring themes including colonialism, assimilation, skin colour, gender, mental illness, sexuality, climate change, stolen generations, identity"

There is somehow always an association with mental illness.

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When you are so senile that you're accidentally clever.

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Some more gems from this "Academic":

The Beast with Two Backs: Bestiality, Sex Between Men, and Byzantine Theology in the Paenitentiale Theodori.

Skeletons in the Closet: Erasing Queer and Trans Issues in Early Medieval Scholarship.


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This is Anglocentric linguistic imperialism and cultural genocide ;)

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Ah, the way of MGTOW. Non participation is corrosive and will erode empires.

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"I'm trying to cheer her up, you stupid Kraut!"

LOL, thanks for the link. I was more familiar with the Hilter sketch than with this one.

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How is this "less well known"? It's a very well known classic!

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PPs (Penised Persons) are real women. JKR is a trans hating nazi and needs to be cancelled.

Ah, let feminists eat their own.

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I totally agree with you, Tovarish "Harry", *wink*, all that kommie shit has to go.

You have enlightened us about living wages. We need more people like you to evangelize those lazy bums in leftist shit holes like the Rust Belt and the Appalachians, where Walmart pays starvation wages. Teach those socialist fuckers some gratitude for having a job that requires them to apply for food stamps.

Your superior understanding of unions and workers rights has convinced me that commie garbage like the SSA, Medicare, 40hr work week, overtime pay, OSHA protections (hard hats and gloves are for commie fags) must be abolished. These just promote laziness in the working class.

Again, you delight us with your deep analysis of universal healthcare, keep that shit out of our capitalist democracy and in eastern bloc communist hell holes like UK, Canada and Australia.

Workers should just accept their miserable fate and bow to their billionaire overlords.

I salute your privileged neocortex and I assure you that those low class hourly workers living below the poverty line would thank you, if they could just understand how having any rights and protections is turning them into commie scum.

Now, fuck you. We're done here.

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I heard it's MAGA Nazi Russians meddling with the vaccines.

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Fucking commies, a living wage, right to unionize, not going bankrupt from medical expenses are just excuses to disposes hard working people like the Walton family (Walmart), Jeff Bezos and humanitarians like Bill Gates.

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Total lack of self awareness. What could be more Orwellian than rewriting history.

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