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Can't find a reliable reference that this is actually true.

If true, it would erode corporate confidence in Gemini.

Very, very bad news for Google.

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Per WHO data (2024), there have been about 7M confirmed COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

Fauci's death toll would put him at the top of the genocide list, including WWII Nazi Germany.

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I thought the added commentary made it more entertaining.

Thanks for the link!

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George Orwell, 1984 (2024 Edition): “All malinformation has been removed or fact checked, every book has been queered, every picture has been rainbowed, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that is a good thing!.…"

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If "sex work is work", then sex workers must be held to the same labor standards as any other workers.

Any of you know what your employer's reaction would be if you refused to work even one single fucking time?

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It's all for theater to trigger a particular group of individuals to rally behind Zionism.

Same as the fake rapes were targeted to US feminists.

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dialing the numbers on our rotary phone made my heart pound; forget about pressing the receiver into the acoustic coupler.

I signed up for CompuServe...

Wow this bitch is old. She was 39yo when her son was born! (2019 - 11 - 1969).

That kid is lucky not to have been born a downie.

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This dude knows women.

Having lived in <LargeLibCity>, the most common requests from women were rough sex and choking.

These were the "normal" requests, more disgusting ones were not uncommon.

Modern women are desensitized to normal sex.

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I was lucky to join a trading group at my first job. The guy who ran it had worked at a trade desk for 15 years and was always happy to share stories and knowledge.

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My personal take is that it has some upside mainly because of institutional buyers.

This is a 64 P/E stock with ~1% revenue growth over last year and ~2% subscriber growth for streaming. Pretty anemic.

The bulls expectation is that new movies being released this year and the seasonal park revenue this Summer will kick the stock upwards.

FWIW, Yahoo!'s 1y target is ~$127.

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Tell me you’re a morbidly obese land whale dating an autistic simp without telling me that …

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Mr. Cooper needs to get a good fucking lawyer and sue her for disfigurement and pain and suffering.

Bankrupt the bitch.

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I grew up in a working class Democratic, Catholic household.

The cultural assfuckery, warmongering, corruption and anti worker policies of the current DNC bear no resemblance to what being a Democrat means to me.

As I've said before, that's the reason why I am voting for Trump this election. There's lots I don't like about him, but I dislike the Democratic establishment even more.

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Shapiro is an agent of a foreign government, he doesn't give a fuck about America or Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

He is just normalizing the narrative in preparation for Netanyahu dropping the bomb on Gaza and Iran.

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And don't forget, steaming dog feces season!

Parisians do not pick after their dogs.

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With the minor exception that it is a load of bull, according to official records.

His uncle was not flying any plane, he was a passenger; the plane was not "shot down", it crashed due to engine failure and it sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Unless there were aquatic cannibals I'm not aware of, this sounds like another Crazy Uncle Joe tall tale.

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These are both good points.

1 - Of course, I don't understand the nuance of the word in Slavic Europe. I am an American.

2 - I use the word because I see many parallels in both ethno states pursuing ethnic cleansing and using genocide and displacement to eliminate a population they view as inferior.

Having said that, the part I really care about is the largess and obsequiousness with which our captured cucked government reaches into my pocket to shower foreign states with our money.

Take my reply in the context that I am a left leaning democrat and my perspective is commonly different from most people's around here.

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Never interrupt a feminist when she is shitting on other feminists.

Let them eat their own.

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