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So, he's an MTF. Let's see if the media refer to him as a woman. They usually say "a man did this or that" to avoid saying he's black, but this time they have to hide the sex as well.

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This is 100% bait. There's an anti-hate campaign to counter this, already prepped up in advance, guaranteed. Who put these up, the government? Well, they're the ones pushing for diversity in the first place. I mean, the nigawarai holding the government's leash.

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This is the reason Planned Parenthood was created: to keep black population as far down as possible. Sadly, it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes a crack whore can be too lazy and stupid to get her fat ass to the abortion place, so this judge is offering a free pass to other Shaniqwas to kill their own unwanted drug babies. Kinda based, IMO.

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General Grievous was obviously meant to be Darth-Darth Binks' final, mangled, cyber-enhanced Sith form and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!

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I love how most of these idiots have no other ambitions other than to teach random garbage to children. Even being generous and assuming that they're not all pedos it begs the question: where're all the kids going to come from? Are they going to start families and give birth to them? Not one person there expressed a desire for living in any sort of partnership with someone of an opposite sex.

Oh! Silly me! They are the kids that are going to get "liberated" from conservative parents!

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I love how no one actually gives a fuck about the DC universe. The movies, the CW TV shows, the games and, of course, the comics. Even with the humiliating end of the Arkham Batman in the Suicide Squad game, it is still the least important franchise to be lost to the culture war.

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The people they were already protesting against? Dunno, seems like the jews have way more to fear from the far left than from a bunch of right-wing, lateral Hitlers.

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Yeah, and the losing team is made to give blowjobs to the fans of the winning team. Bet that would fill the stadiums. Even with Rapinoe down there, on her knees.

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So long as Google remains the sole engine to support -"exact phrase or single word" it's going to be the only useable engine. And I hate that.

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You can't spell "cabal" without "kabbalah"...

Just sayin'...

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"We can all learn a lot from this young man here, this.. this.." "Rudiger." "Rudiger. And if we can all be more like little Rudiger.." "His name is Bart" "His name isn't important!"

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I still maintain that every single pic you've posted here as proof of the need for a female holocaust was made by one of your own sock accounts.

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OK, yeah, I goofed. Well, we all did. Howard's character was named Red Sonya, but the character invented by Roy Thomas and subsequently published by Marvel and Dynamite is spelled Red Sonja. As far as copyright claims go, this one was even more tenuous than I originally thought. I guess the threat of lawsuit was all it took, even though AP was 100% in the clear. Even with the chainmail bikini. It's been about two years since I stopped watching Comicsgate YouTube, but the US comic book industry is fucking UGLY. Bunch of spiteful, backstabbing crabs in a bucket.

EDIT: Yeah, and it's called Red Sonja LLC, akshually.

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Well, akshually, Howard's Red Sonya was a mercenary in medieval Europe, definitely not a chainmail bikini-wearing Hyrkanian from the Hyborian Age. That character was invented wholecloth by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith in the 70s and that copyright hasn't expired yet.

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Choosing something like Blue Tanya would have completely shielded them from lawsuits and still made the parody connection obvious.

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You couldn't resist yourself, could you Shlomo? And you've been hiding so well, this past month or so. It was just a happy coincidence that your boy Rahm had just been appointed ambassador and was more than glad not to let a good disaster go to waste. And yes, of course, just like all the shooters in America, Yamagami was totes a lone wolf nutjob. Anything else is just fake news conspiracy disinformation, and has no place on this forum.

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We seek escapism to a world where we can be someone vastly superior to our real-life selves and do things we never could here.

They seek shelter. They want to be in a world where they can wallow in their mental problems and degeneracies, and be applauded for them.

This actually begs the question of "Who is it all made for, really?" We like to think of ourselves as the paying customer fandom and them as the fan-fic-writing tourists, but are any of these multi-media content creators on our side, really? My brain is still too foggy, and I can't remember any examples other than George Lucas vs "Han shot first" or Alan Moore vs Rorschach or DesignerDave calling Arthas a psychopath for doing what (yes!) was absolutely necessary in Stratholme.


In conclusion,

What is this? Your fucking highschool homework? ;)

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Restrictions + competition, yes. In the olden days all the companies published their games on single floppy disks/cassette tapes/cartridges and they had to create actual works of magic to overshadow the competitors. It's when everyone switched to the CD and 3D graphics that creativity took a nosedive and companies started to compete in who makes the biggest polygonal tiddies.

The example I like to give is the Legend of Kyrandia series. The first one came out on four floppies, the second one on eight and the third one on a cd. These screenshots from Mobygames say everything. The pixel art in the first two games is absolutely breathtaking and interactive, whereas the final one has frozen 3D textured/modelled backgrounds with 2D characters dumped on top of it.

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I bet the black bitch uses "Feets, don't fail me now." as a catchphrase.

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Klaus Schwab warned us about imminent cyber attacks like these! We should have listened!

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"nature of the internet"

Is that code for "morons get made fun of?" You ever notice only you and Bluestorm get shit around here (apart from shill plants)? You ever stop and think how much you have in common with him?

This is yet another post that should have been made on the rpgcodex or any other, less based forum. Shit like this has been discussed hundreds upon thousands of times by actual autists. Have you even heard of the rpgcodex? You must be one of the many self-ejected snowflakes, cause I can't imagine you lasting even one day with that crowd.

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