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Probably for the best. Depp is what made that movie franchise so entertaining in the first place, without him it would just be another lackluster action adventure movie series with no soul.

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Seems like a fairly safe bet

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I'm guessing that traveling to New England and visiting where Thanksgiving actually started was probably just a little bit out of their budget.

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What about being actual misinformation? This was voted on back in 2016 when DeSantis was, I believe, still just a representative. He could have done very little about it back then, even if he did support it. The OP frames it like this was entirely his choice and very recent.

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This replacement was voted on, and seemingly decided, back in 2016. It's not on DeSantis, he was just a representative then.

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The removal, and replacement, was seemingly decided way back in 2016.

"State lawmakers voted in 2016 to replace the Smith statue at the National Statuary Hall amid a nationwide backlash against Confederate symbols that followed the 2015 shooting deaths of nine black worshippers at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. Lawmakers later decided to use a statue of educator and civil-rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune to represent the state."

DeSantis was only a representative in 2016, meaning it really wasn't up to him.

C'mon guys, do a little research before freaking out and jumping to conclusions. It took me all of five minutes to find this info, and I haven't even had any coffee yet this morning.

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While the wording is suspect, there is a bit of truth to the idea that the right needs to work on messaging. Our whole schtick this election cycle was "hey, we're not Democrats!" but we presented very little actual plans. We cried about fixing the economy but never told anyone how we planned on doing that.

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Oz has been an issue since day one. Way back when Trump first endorsed him people were upset and called him unelectable. Not shocking, then, to see that those people were right. Trump was a 1 in a trillion candidate, because this is normally what happens with outsider types. For God's sake, didn't Oz support kids transitioning?

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The selection of flags is really bizarre, actually. Aside from a few campaign related ones, it's nothing but pride flags, and some have placeholder names. Considering how rocky the launch has been, I'm tempted to chalk it up to an oversight. I'm not going to, but I'm tempted.

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Exactly. It's not for me so I ignore it. Why is that such a hard thing for some people to do?

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The big secret is that they don't give a damn what you eat, as long as it makes the powers that be a bit of money

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Oh I agree 100%, I'm just pointing out that the song is perfectly harmless and actually would have fit in very well with 2000s radio rock, yet we'll undoubtedly hear something about how it's "pro-fascism" or something equally idiotic.

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I hope the only reason they're using the term "maps" is because:

A) They are referring to, by definition, "A representation, usually on a plane surface, of a region of the earth or heavens."

B) The word "pedophile" is blocked for some asinine reason.

There is no real reason to use the term "maps" to refer to pedos. Quit trying to normalize their bullshit terminology.

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The real potatoes are the feds we met along the way

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Not to play devil's advocate, but he said he'd do this before he even had completed the purchase of Twitter

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So he's either P.Pelosi's lover or a random attacker allowed into the country in part by Nancy's policies?

Great choices.

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I look at vasectomies like this - if you've already had as many kids as you know you want to have than a vasectomy is a totally fine idea. If you know you don't ever want to have kids due to, say, a genetic disorder you don't want to pass on, that's a good idea as well. But just getting one because your wife wants you to have one, or because you're upset that Roe v Wade got overturned, that's a stupid, emasculating idea.

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"At least I'm hot"

Beg your pardon?

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