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To be fair, the neighbor sounds like a fucking prick as well. Winners all around in that neighborhood.

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Attractiveness is subjective, but most people agree that Zoe Saldana is attractive. Better than the fish people in OP's pic, that's for sure.

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Right? Couldn't they at least cast some of the attractive African-American actresses that exist? Instead we get these weirdo, literally who actresses.

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It's because they wanted the strong white man to have black women lusting over him, and have him lusting over them as well.

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Fair point, but you can't really pick your audience so that's not exactly a point against the podcast itself.

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It'd work just about as well as a ban on guns, or the war on drugs, so no. It's a really tricky situation with almost no easy or clearcut solution.

EDIT - That being said, AI would solve a lot of problems that are part of the industry, so I do agree that it should be something that gets more positive attention going forward.

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Seems like a bonafide dipshit.

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The only people I support are those in the thick of it - the civilians trying to outlast the conflict and the feet on the ground soldiers trying to survive it.

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Exactly. They'll have to completely butcher her character and origins, because you know they'll try to make her sympathetic.

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They'll need to butcher her as a character in order to make her sympathetic, which you know they'll do. Her appearance in The Magician's Nephew cements her as a power hungry, maniacal ruler.

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Can't wait for Aslan to get lectured to about his privilege and toxic masculinity.

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I'm honestly not qualified to comment on things like fertility, but I will point out how this person can't even be consistent..."If men valued fertility, why are underweight women preferred over chubby women?" in one sentence, then just a bit later..."Why don't men like sporty strong women, who will definitely have a better pregnancy than a sedentary girl?"

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Just tell everyone how suave and debonair I am, or that I saved your dog's life once in Taiwan instead.

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Valid point about Raised by Wolves, but TWD has brand recognition so it comes with a built in fan base.

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$10 says it was a recycled Aliens show that never found its legs or was somehow stuck in pre-development hell.

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This is actually a good idea in theory, it's just that it would be exploited to no end by whores trying to get an easy buck.

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That's how my father did it - his nicer firearms, or those used exclusively for hunting, were in the locked gun cabinet. One for home defense was hidden beneath his shirts on a closet shelf.

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It's fine for what it is - mindless, flashy action. It's not the cinematic masterpiece that so many people claim it to be.

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I don't have a Switch anymore, but when I did I tried BOTW. I thought it was a fun game for what it was trying to be, but it definitely did not make me feel like I was playing a Legend of Zelda game, which is kind of what I'm looking for when I play a Legend of Zelda game.

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Good. Let both industries crash, maybe we'll finally get products made by people who care.

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And I believe he's suing them over using his name and image against his wishes.

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