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I’m not sure she was all that big. They did everything they could to make her look that way though between that haircut and the potato sack they put her in.

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Oh man, Civ VI has a ton of these. I joke sometimes that the next expansion is going to feature new leader Astrophysicist Shaka.

They always find these minor female rulers or even consorts to the real leader to be the face of the civ.

I didn't know anything about Marina Raskova though. That's a new piece of info in my pocket, thanks.

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It's always fun to look up who those people really were.

My favorite is Bessie Coleman. She's always celebrated as the first black female pilot. Our woke government even comissioned a quarter with her on the back saluting as a plane goes by.

What they don't tell you is she literally fell out of her plane. She wasn't wearing a seatbelt and fell out when the thing banked too hard. What a legacy.

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It's annoying that the "conservative" position is always cucking to women.

Let them sleep in the bed they've made.

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Yeah, that's apparent in a lot of ways. I want to count the amount of times they say "gross" but I don't have all night.

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This 35 year old seems to be about as mature as the hypothetical 23 year old the doctor wants to date. This post reads like a teen girl's blog circa 2008.

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I'm sure people are out there communicating covertly. We just don't know about them because, well, it's covert.

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Because Americans have been conditioned through decades of public school to be weak, facile bug men who always defer to an authority figure.

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To them, religion is purely aesthetic. They took off one hat and put on another. I sincerely doubt this person adheres to the real tenants of islam. It's just a way for her to claim oppression points.

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I can always tell when a woman has had hormonal birth control as a teenager. They all have this permanent anxiety to them that's easy to spot.

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Aside from me, someone else did, yeah. I quit for more than just that though. The workplace as a whole was a woke nightmare. Thought of themselves like some sort of silicon valley startup, complete with all the nonsense that comes with that.

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At my last job the (female) manager told us we had to write a rap battle about one of the company's Core Values (lol) and present it at the next meeting. I quit less than a week later.

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I'm sure he's now banned from reddit

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I've wondered what guys are so afraid of myself. Just talk to her. Why are you afraid of this tiny person? Who cares if she thinks you're a loser? Womens' opinions don't matter anyway.

The police aren't going to arrest you for talking to a woman (unless maybe you live in the UK).

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Or whoever writes his material is a talented comedian.

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I think undertale is a cute little game but good grief is it ruined by its fanbase. It's a magnet for the terminally online schizos like this person.

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The betting websites have Michelle Obama as the favorite for what that's worth. What a nuts timeline that would be.

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It's suspicious to me that it suddenly became okay to talk about how Biden is a dementia ridden octogenarian. It's almost like there's an election coming up and the people behind the scenes are setting the stage to replace this guy with someone worse.

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The ADL considers about 20% of numbers between 0 and 100 to be some sort of dogwhistle (14, 88, etc.) so that presents a lot of opportunities for random numeric values to be "hate crimes"

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Something that has really stuck in my mind lately is that consooomers will consooom. Propaganda won't stop them. Declining quality won't stop them. Hell, lack of money won't even stop them.

So chances are EA games are just popular, sad as that is.

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Most normies I know are just oblivious. I guess that's what makes them normies. That, or they're just too afraid to express their opinions. I don't really know anyone who is actively excited about more black people on their screens.

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CNN and their ilk love reporting these one in a million cases as if they're commonplace. Women eat these kinds of stories up because they're 100% pathos.

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Maybe we should look at this a different way. Maybe it's a good thing there are fewer white people in advertisements because now normie white people will be less likely to go into debt to buy a nissan altima or eat the latest goy slop.

Or maybe they'll still happily rush out to poison themselves with products made by people who hate them.

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