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Yeah that was what I was thinking too, they will be rolling it out sitewide eventually. Odysee is a very good alternative, even with its faults.

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Yeah, literally cancel an oil pipeline with Canada at the start of the term and then say it's other countries fault for rising gas prices.

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That's back when the biggest money you could get was from shilling products to people instead of getting kickbacks from governments.

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The Earth has had far more carbon in its atmosphere than it does now and life was thriving back then. It's pretty clear that the more CO2 is around the better plants do, and then the better animals do as a result.

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I would probably believe using this artstyle boosts their ESG score. For those who don't know ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is basically a social credit score for companies based on how progressive they are. If they aren't following enough leftist narratives they can't get any funding or loans.

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Yeah, despite being thrown into the pit they still cannot let go of who they were beforehand. There are many things they learned that became a part of their identity like equality, democracy, freedom, etc. They struggle coming to terms with the fact that the world is not how they have been led to believe and come up with excuses.

That's what happens when you place other gods before the truth. If you care about something like equality more than the truth, you will lie to yourself in order to maintain that state of mind.

But if that isn't the case you might be able to think "What if this thing I believe in isn't actually true?" and slowly but surely change yourself.

It took me something like 5 years browsing KiA (and KiA2) to come to terms with reality.

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Yes, this is the main point. Any group of people who can be imported to slowly destroy Europe's foundation will do.

There are essentially two groups, those who do not think of themselves as "white" and want to see Western society destroyed so they can take its place as rulers over the ashes, or weak and self-hating whites who want to commit collective suicide.

Of course some useful idiots think they will be spared due to their righteous efforts, but everybody should know what happened in Haiti and Rhodesia.

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Considering that much of film and record companies ended up creating ghetto culture, they probably don't care about that. This is also just another attempt of tarnishing European stories as well.

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Your brain is the battleground, and words are indeed weapons. This is why holding power over education, news, entertainment, "experts" and such are very important because they control the definitions of words as well as putting them into actual practice.

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It's a woman moment. I could tell that red was a woman without looking it up, but just to be sure I found out she's a twitch whore.

Women want to be reassured what's okay to say and what's not. She needs authority to validate her actions and beliefs, she is unable to do that herself.

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It's always been known that the more they demand people get shots of mystery juice the more reluctant they would be. It's always been more of "How far can we push this?" and when it runs out they will pivot to the next thing like the supposedly incoming cyber attacks and internet restructuring.

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There's a reason why people only ever get taken down on really dumb or small things. If the public was actually told the worst of what people in government do they would demand their heads.

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He just got banned from twitter, and he should put these on Odysee as well.

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Sony did the same kind of thing with the PS3 I believe, they had to overhaul everything to allow people to change usernames.

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Meanwhile at the exact same time they rail against crypto for "wasting energy" by creating a decentralized finance system.

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Ubisoft has been working with Axie Infinity which is the biggest NFT and play to earn project. I'm looking forward to future games that use that kind of system.

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If you grew up in a city basically everything has been taught to you by media you've watched as a child, education in school, and narratives fed to you through news. Even if you're fairly smart, you have layers upon layers of indoctrination built up that are nearly invisible unless you look at them honestly. For some people they just cannot do this, and they basically become NPCs. They get fed their premade dialogue through those information circuits and even if it doesn't really make sense they will say it. They effectively cannot change their minds, and must rely on the "experts" to know what is okay to say or not.

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Very relevant considering the Institute for Sexology in Weimar Germany was where the term "transsexualism" was founded and some of the first "gender affirmation surgeries" happened. One of the biggest book burnings was from material of that institute, and the whole thing was torn down once Hitler came to power.

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Anything that uses an algorithm or numbers on a major site is likely being heavily manipulated. Fake accounts and bots as well of course, but those are much easier to identify than just messing with the numbers to artificially inflate something.

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Basically every great European man prior to 1945 would have been considered horribly racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. If that's not an indication that those words should hold no weight over you, then I don't know what would.

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These kinds of studies and articles are probably just anti-meat. They really want people to start eating the bugs and soy.

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Just like The War on Drugs, Terror, AIDS, etc. The purpose isn't to eradicate those, it's to use them for political gain.

The vaccine is only a means to an end, and that is full compliance. A society that is "fully vaxxed" is an obedient society. However they should know that compliance goes down the more you demand. So many people may have bought in for the first or second shot, but that goes down with each subsequent one.

It's not even about efficacy. It's to reassure the establishment of their own powers. This is why they will double down every single time, any act of "reform" essentially means they have to give up everything.

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Yeah sure then let's make Mario a black woman too. After all it's what Mario does that's important, not his appearance.

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