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Yeah, same with male feminists who hear "All men are rapists" and agree with it. It's not an understatement to say that the majority of politics comes down to projection.

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"Anglo media"

Such a thing hasn't really existed since at least the 1950's.

And maybe if you didn't want to become the middle east, you shouldn't have imported the middle east.

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He has a daughter, so he's definitely not strictly homosexual.

I dislike all the "diversity" in the recent Pokemon games. This one is supposed to take place in England so it would be accurate for the big cities, needs more Muslims though.

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Probably not. I doubt it will be a worthwhile addition in any meaningful respect.

If anybody hasn't, I highly suggest listening to the audiobooks of LotR read by Rob Inglis. They're very good, and you can find them on the high seas.

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Another video on how the pandemic is simply a means to reform the economy into a "fourth industrial revolution" which is about reducing people's freedoms and the people pushing it have said it is connected to marxism.

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Of course not, this is just their token effort that doesn't actually do anything. As opposed to people actually promoting childhood sexuality like drag queens and cuties.

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Just wait until they start claiming that tv/movie or video game clips where somebody gets shot as "violence" or murder next.

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"Small government" isn't gonna save you. If you plan on keeping people individual and divided then they're gonna get picked off by a more centralized power. People need organization and cooperation, just not ran by people who hate life itself.

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Yeah I recently started using matrix/Element and it definitely seems like the most reliable chat client to me. Better than telegram and obviously better than discord.

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Everybody needs to learn how poisonous Critical Theory and the people teaching it are.

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Yeah when I first heard of this it was the most dystopian thing I could imagine. I'm surprised they even allowed somebody to post it, but of course if it's their grand plan they need to reveal it at some point.

This is only the "good stuff" that they will admit they're gonna do too. Let that sink in for a minute.

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Canada is effectively a 1 party state, even our "conservatives" are milquetoast progressive globalists. I just hope the whole thing collapses and Alberta can become independent or join the US.

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The reason they use "climate change" as a buzzword now is because the climate is literally always changing. It might have some periods where it's fairly stagnant, but it will always change eventually.

If huge companies took rising sea levels seriously they'd remove all their investments in countries and islands with low sea levels.

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Probably not the 46% of voters that supported Trump. I don't trust polls anyway. Talk is cheap, it's better to look at how people actually act.

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The only way I can see Biden winning is through blatant corruption. In which case I could see things easily spiraling out of control depending on how much of it is documented and put in front of the public eye.

If Trump wins they continue with the coronavirus narrative to the point they need to give a mandatory vaccine or other enforced measures. If Trump goes along with it then the powers that be will be okay with him for now, if he seriously opposes it I expect assassination and actual coup attempts. Same thing if he starts opposing the way the economy is set up, like modifying the currency or banking systems.

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Do not negotiate with terrorists. There is little to be gained by compromising with your enemy, and much to be lost.

At best, you will somewhat delay their action. At worst, you will forget they're supposed to be your enemy at all.

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Very interesting connecting to Operation Dark Winter which was a mock version of a smallpox bioterror attack on the USA in 2001.

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I suggest watching this video by Asha Logos as well as everything else he has made.

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Men are a major target no doubt, they desperately fear a strong masculine populace because it's likely the only thing that can oppose them. However being the biggest target does not mean the only target.

How well did women fair in the Soviet Union or currently in China? If they care so much about women why are they mass importing Muslims who think women are property of men?

Women in the west are most certainly the attack vector used to initiate things, because western men (used to) respect and honor good women. They have just tried to change what a "good woman" means by giving the right to vote and enter the workforce. Making a "good woman" basically mean a woman that wishes she was a man and would do anything to get that status.

Women will be used until they are no longer effective, then they will be discarded and the attack will continue in other ways. It will not end when "women get their way" because the women are never really in charge, even if they do get positions to let out their emotions and boss people around. HR and teaching roles especially.

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I do not lose the point in the second half, I do not think you see the whole picture. The enemy is not just "men" it's far greater than that.

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It's a straight man who has fully submitted to becoming submissive and changing every element of his identity for the sake of ideology. This is something they want to happen more, so it is incentivized.

It's a man who is willing to enforce people to speak correctly about him in conversations that he is not even in, and do that through friends and "allies" who hold the same ideological positions.

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Yes I do not think this is a problem which can be ran away from, at least not for very long or in any reliable manner.

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Yes of course, but they are specially designed and very expensive to make. Both in terms of time and money. If you want to buy time and live longer, it's not something to rule out when you are extremely desperate. Basically anywhere that can help prevent drone activity would be a large boon at least. You cannot get rid of them yourself or you will be targeted, so you let the environment do most of the work for you. Think of this as "War of the Worlds" or the book series called The Tripods if you've read it. I still remember reading The White Mountains as a kid in school, thankfully I had at least one teacher that could feel something like this coming.

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We committed the heinous sin of wishing to have a space for ourselves.

You must share everything with others comrade! Become a part of the collective that must obediently be controlled!

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