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Yeah she was who I was thinking of. I remember she got millions of subs out of nowhere and was being supported by some kind of ad agency. It's clear this is the kind of direction Youtube is heading, so keep your eyes out.

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It was only stupid once they realized they couldn't get away with it. I expect a lot more astroturfed accounts which are attempts to do the exact same thing, just covertly.

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Or better yet just make one for PC and charge money for it. I'm probably wishing for too much because they'd likely make it into a subscription service with horrible DRM.

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Jewish tend to do better in multicultural societies, mostly because it means less attention comes to them. Even in Weimar Germany which they were vastly over represented in government and upper society, they were about 2% of the population. In Spain they helped the Moorish invaders from Africa to drive out the Visigothic population as well.

Israel is not set up to be a place to actually live I believe, just a centre for military operations more than anything else. And the US has been a personal ATM since the federal reserve was set up in 1913.

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It's because they want to reject the system. That's why so many people supported Bernie. In reality they don't understand the system they want to oppose because it includes the news networks, upper education, entertainment sector, social media, etc.

That's why whenever they start something like Occupy Wall Street it instantly gets infiltrated and collapses, because they cannot distinguish between enemy and friend. They bought into the idea that "you should not discriminate" so much that it actually prevents them from correctly parsing the real world around them.

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Not really, many "phobias" are actually completely rational. Being afraid of spiders, heights, deep water, darkness, etc, all have very realistic biological roots. They're like genetic memories of things your ancestors have been conditioned to worry about, and for good reason.

That doesn't mean they should be catered to though. It's far better for somebody to deal with their fear in controlled and safe environments, like video games for instance.

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Or Biden for that matter. You can tell they will not hesitate to get rid of him for somebody "better" if they could get away with it.

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Not really, considering "nazi" was a kind of insult in the first place. They only called themselves National Socialists. Nazi was used because it sounds like "Ignatz" which is basically a German hillbilly name.

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This is because the spread was likely at its worst before any lockdowns were in place at all. They already failed to "flatten the curve" and most hospitals were able to handle it.

It's becoming far more clear that the crisis, which was still an actual crisis, has been blown out of proportion for political reasons. You only need to look at the media's stances of if somebody should wear a mask and Hydroxycholoquine.

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Oh that's right you can actually link to other reddits on here now, no worry about getting banned for "brigading"

They locked that post because it supposedly "Doesn't affect video game companies" which I'm pretty sure is not true. They can have it affect game companies if they want it to.

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Reddit shadowbans BitChute links as well. If you make a post with one as the link then you will find it has 0 upvotes, unless the mods would be able to approve it I think.

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It would be better if people just had a "wokeness complaint board" for movies and games. Like after playing or watching something they can leave a comment about anything they happened to notice.

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I would suggest Kingdom Come Deliverance if you want a 1st person western RPG. It's like a historical version of Skyrim.

I've also been playing Final Fantasy 12 recently and it's pretty good! The combat is a bit slow, but the remake has a speedup feature which helps out a lot.

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That top comment was made by a person who downvoted my "Jesus Christ be praised." comment as a reference to Kingdom Come Deliverance. People say he comments on everything too, so I wouldn't doubt if it's engineered.

However, I do suggest you watch this video of American Krogan's.

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Language really is the battlefield. I suggest watching this Asha Logos video.

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I'm slowly transitioning to using alternate sources like this and saidit more. I'm still keeping an eye, mostly to watch it burn down.

I'll fully swap once dot win gets its features set up. Like a front page, and one thing I would like is a counter of how much you have upvoted and downvoted somebody like reddit enhancement suite had.

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It was one of two things I think. Either it was because I posted a link to half-kia that was removed by mods because it was a repost. Or because I upvoted a lot of stuff in the maxwellhill threads in the conspiracy subreddit, I heard other people getting suspensions because of that too so I think that may be it.

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Hopefully they set up a "front page" of sorts soon enough.