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He has an obsessive hatred of whites and anyone who defends them. Heck, he almost has a "storm<x>" ratio higher than jester or imp.

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She also accused a guy of raping her and drove him to suicide.

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Lol, niggers mad that they are being held to the same standard as whites.

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"And what do we do to oppressors, boys?"

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Trick them? They were in on it. Keep in mind her father was vice president of Enron, and her grandfather was a jew. It runs in her blood.

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Are you forgetting William Connelly? He rewrote 5400 climate articles by 2009, that number can only have gone up.

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I propose reading The First Lensman by E. E. "Doc" Smith.

In order to understand what is wrong with Sci-fi today, you must first understand what they took from you. In order to understand why the sci-fi authors like Heinlein and Asimov are subversive, you must first read the ones that came before.

It's less than 300 pages, should be easily read within a few hours.

As an aside, please for the love of god, don't assign less than 300 pages a week. The Starship Toopers threads were too damn slow. I cannot read that slow.

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Are you seriously suggesting a work by a feminist? Who are you? What did you do with Imp?

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DO NOT READ OLD MANS WAR. John Scalzi is a faggot hyperleftist who outright hates us. He blames everything wrong with Sci-Fi on gamergate. He considers John Walker Flynt "a friend". The fact that you even consider giving that man ANYTHING is horrendous. He is against everything we stand for, if we stand for anything at all.

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It's a bot, that's reason enough for it to be banned. Anyways it's spamming leftypol crap, which is also reason enough for it to be banned. And if you think leftypol is my side, you couldn't be more mistaken.

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I should probably expand on my goal here: The bot Fuckthedems needs to be banned, and DoM won't come on here unless Jester or Antonio ask him to ban someone. By doing a little word substitution I'v pretty much guaranteed jester is gonna be a turbosperg, and go whining to AoV. Antonio will then log onto/contact DoM, who will then go through the mod queue, hopefully removing the bots, and probably also removing our posts.

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It's not like it will stick, you just got a 24 day ban 2 days ago.

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I bet I can get DoM to come deal with the moderation queue with this comment.

Imagine an alternative world to ours, where Covid came from an all-jew lab, the vaccines were created by jews and seemed to only kill goyim, where world leaders talked about a destruction of amalek.

People who considered goiym cattle ran the hospitals and social media platforms, silencing all concerns and pushing the vax as hard as they could.

Any stories about goyim dying were instantly prefaced with "this is very rare and shouldn't be a concern" by the institutions controlled by jews as the conversation built towards mandatory vaccination, led by jews who weren't even elected, but installed into power.

Would there still be the uncaring tone towards anyone who questioned the official narrative? Or would we see the whole world stop to demand to know what's going on?

Huh, looks like it violates R16.

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