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Don't bother. This guy is a reddit tranny faggot spamming his failed abortion of a idea in the most "How do you do, fellow gamers" manner possible. He's posted this same shit to ConPro, and c/games as well.

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Oh look, a spamming selfpromoter. Looks like we have a dr.jewster mk2.

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"Χ Æ A-12" is pronounced "Kyle", and I'm willing to bet "Kyle" is what is actually on the birth certificate.

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Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv. He is as stereotypical jewish as possible. In fact, there are more jewish trannies than any other group.

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EMALS on a non-nuclear CV. How Chinese.

I wonder who they stole it from.

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DIE: Diversity, inclusion and equity. Also what they want whites to do.

The letter: https://archive.ph/gOMwJ#selection-1933.378-1933.410

Note how The Verge hides the number of people that signed said letter and only mentions that it got 100 comments. Also note how they bring up unrelated tweets as somehow being evidence of Musk's sexual harassment. And of course note the "Anonymous sources".

Just another day on the Musk hate train.

Diurnario Delenda Est

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The ninth circle of hell is reserved for backstabbers like Judas and Brutus. Backstabbers are the reason the right loses.

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So some fucking Californian hypenated-American spic comes in (moved to TN in 2019) and wants to tell me how to live? Fuck him. Good on the judges for once, and good on the GOP for requiring people to actually participate in the party before runnning.

BTW, the spic's name is Robert Newsom. Him changing his name makes him only marginally smarter than Byron "Lowtax" Looper.

Carpetbagging foreigners need to get the fuck out of Tennessee and never return.

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And save your "I just read it for the mod-mail" excuses for someone that will believe it.

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Yet when I say something like that, I'm called Nazi or worse.

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He just needs to take a breather.

Something was high that day, though.

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Northern Algeria isn't white and hasn't been for 20 years.

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DDG sponsors NPR. That is all you need to know.

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if they transitioned young enough.

A phrase that should never have had to be typed.

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This one discusses it some, from the genetic side. You'll have to find your own studies for the geographic side.


Remember Sci-hub has most published papers on every subject, as long as you can find the DOI number.

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There is no jew too evil for you to defend. You have defended Chuck Schumer, Klaus Schwab, and now Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer.

Truly "Defend the jew, no matter who."

Are you going to defend Bernie Madoff next? What about Elizibeth Holmes? Or for that matter Christian Rasmus Holmes IV? How about Manfred Stern?

Keep rationalizing their crimes.

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The studies I linked explicitly mention that Jews kept their genetics distinct from the surrounding populations. Jewster just lies.

Here they are, without Jewster's cherrypicking.


Figure 1b shows the PCA for whites (CEU) and jews. There is no significant overlap.


Look at Figure 1b here, AJA and AJA_4GP are the jewish clusters, and the others are the white populations (Greek, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Irish, Scandinavian, and Dutch).

Figure 2 shows that removing the Irish subset shows little delta to the data, removing the jewish groups allows much finer separation due to the distance of the jewish vector.

https://sci-hub.st/10.1073/pnas.1204840109 "North African Jewish and non-Jewish populations form distinctive, orthogonal clusters"

Since Jewster doesn't understand math: An orthogonal vector is one that does not share any components with the other vector. The dot product of any two orthogonal vectors is 0.

The money quote from the study:

All of these populations were differentiated from the current non-Jewish populations in these countries reflecting distinctive genetic histories.


The image he keeps linking came from this source.

Don't bother arguing with Jewster. He is paid to lie, and you are just giving him his paycheck.

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