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In San Francisco only 30% of Covid positive cases in the hospital are there for Covid. 70% are incidental. Clown show.

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The type of person who gets into these positions absolutely wants to torture innocent creatures and then brag about it

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Not a real country, conquered by evil through subterfuge

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In retrospect it should be quite apparent that "forced" integration of sexes & races was really a social engineering effort being done TO people at the barrel of a gun. There were good reasons why we used to have men-only clubs, or spaces for specific cultures & races.

The destruction of these organic developments was the elite class taking a bulldozer to actual cultures and starting their own homogenized globohomo ideal on the rest of us.

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Why did you repeat yourself three times?

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You're mistaken if you think that most voters want this bill. It's a huge transfer of power away from individuals to bureaucracy and oligarchs.

The average person is too stupid and uninterested to understand the nuances that make this detrimental to them. That doesn't mean they are for it.

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If you remove the ventilators and the intentional homicide (placing sick people in elderly care facilities) what would last year have looked like?

Lets be generous and say that's only ~50k people nationwide. That still makes this year's ~400,000 attributed deaths look even worse. If we have higher all-cause mortality with these supposed "vaccines" that means the "vaccines" are either doing nothing or are making things worse.

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Not only should no one vote for this, but everyone who even proposes a bill like this should be hanged for treason

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At the very least Anne Rice isn't writing at the 5th grade YA level that most female-oriented works are targeted at (e.g. Hunger Games, Twilight, 50 Shades, etc)

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The point is to erase the gendering of the language, because latino and latina reinforces male & female.

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Barnes really discredited himself with the debate vs. Nick Fuentes.

You might appreciate his legal opinions but you should take his political opinions with a grain of salt.

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The issue is that these "anti-racist" books are bankrolled by the globalist anti-White class. No one would care about, for example, Ibram X Kendi and his shitty propaganda book(s) if he weren't receiving millions of dollars from rich guys.

How many sales of "Anti-Racist Baby" do you think were organic? Extremely few. And how many were bulk-purchased by Soros/etal and then distributed to US libraries at low/no cost?

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No they won't, it will be stunningly obvious to historians. They will be baffled at anyone thinking the result could be anything different.

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How it's portrayed is up for interpretation. The movie is going to stylize it in a way that makes the fights more visually dynamic.

I don't think Herbert described the fight choreography in enough detail that you can really say for certain what the fighting looks like. What we do know is that each combatant is armored (via Shield tech) to the point where the only way they can actually hurt the other opponent is by getting in close and delivering slow, precise & deadly strikes. This is similar to European knights whose armor was so effective that they were mostly only vulnerable to stilettos at vulnerable points in the armor joints.

A better example would be a high-school wrestler. If you're fighting with someone hand-to-hand with knives, grappling techniques are essential.

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He's very androgynous.

People can claim that Paul is naive and inexperienced in the first half of the first book. And that's true. He's also the son of nobility in a setting modeling European warrior aristocracy. He regularly trains hand-to-hand combat with expert warriors. He's probably going to look more like a HS football player than Chalamet, who looks like a damp paper towel.

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You could create an archive of a site and then put it on LBRY (/Odysee). Once it's published any modifications to the content leaves a transaction record on the LBC blockchain.

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