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Until someone just makes a better A.I. without those conditions.

You literally cannot eliminate values being encoded into workplace culture or hiring practices. It will happen regardless, the only question is what those values are.

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All things lead to decay, because entropy.

Nepotism isn't really good or bad in itself. The tradeoff being made is always about competence vs. commitment to a core vision. Someone who is hired for nepotistic reasons may have more real, organic reason to support a certain vision than someone who isn't in your in-group, but is 5% more effective.

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While it's probably true that White people have less default in-group preference that other groups, White people abandoning their ethnic self-interest entirely is a recent development when you look at history. Remove omnipresent anti-White hatred from media and law, and you'd see genuine pro-White ethnic solidary sentiment again.

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That's the one.

I don't even care about the Jewish angle. It still has really blatant diversity casting. Your primary NPC/allies are:

  • Jewish scientist
  • Polish woman
  • Black bomb-maker guy

There's a scene where a masked black guy called 'J' (obviously a stand in for Jimi Hendrix) sacrifices himself so the main character can get away. It is pure and utter cringe, black savior bullshit dialed to 11.

The game is also glorifying anti-White violence & hatred in it that should be off-putting for any normal person.

For example (IIRC) the game has a B-plot villain Frau Engel, who is a stereotypical German mad-scientist with blonde hair, blue eyes, and (ironically given PC messaging) is a sexual degenerate.

There's a sequence in the game where the protagonist basically rips half the woman's face off in a series of quicktime-events, just so the game can purposefully show the face of a German woman being progressively destroyed & mutilated by the main character. It's grotesque and uncalled for, the type of thing that would be completely off-limits to do for any ethnic group except Whites.

It's a Nazi game, and it's core conceit is basically cartoonish super soldier guy doing super soldier things to stop the Nazis. Fine. I'm not expecting a nuanced or informed political take in a shooter game about shooting guys. There's tasteful ways to do that, and there's just sick glorification of violence for the sake of it. The game leans hard into the latter and you can see that with how the 2nd and 3rd game played out. Same trajectory, just a few years on.

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There is no way to escape the conundrum that someone must be calling that shots on whose values are encoded in the workplace to define merit and proper workplace conduct

AI would just make the problem worse in a way that's harder to detangle.

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It never made any sense at all for game dev studios to be located in SanFran. GameDev is not known for high salary positions, and then you sit your offices in the highest/second-highest rent place in the US?

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New Order was ridiculous bullshit to begin with. The anti-White hatred was pretty blatant in that one

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The article is kind of misleading, but it's actually reasonable to take offense to Epic's coding guidelines here.

Even if it's "only" Epic Games' internal coding standard, the reality is that when big companies adopt certain coding practices is that they filter down to others in the industry. Big corps like Microsoft & Google are effectively arms of the govt so I want it to be illegal for them to even promote this shit.

Epic isn't quite that big, but since they essentially set the standard across all Unreal Engine titles, it's gross. When something like this makes it into a policy document you can be sure the rot is deep. They are undoubtedly in the process of being conquested by hateful troons and antiwhite bigots who openly proclaim theiry discriminatory actions against straight White men. They would & should be investigated and punished for that. Tim Sweeney is not the Leftard type, but he's obviously not doing a good enough job at keeping his employees in line.

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Women aren't buying mainstream shooter games that appeal to male competitiveness & hand-eye shape-rotator skillset because they read the EULAs for all their software and object to the homoracisogynist terms within!

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I mean the trend didn't come out of nowhere. It's been a process that's been going on at least for 40 yrs.

The original Thor movie from 2011 cast a black guy as a Norse god, and it was already a meme when that happened that Leftist media would always raceswap some White character to be black.

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This is only true in the context of selective immigration policy. If your immigration standards are high, you'll get exceptional people from everywhere. The US currently has no standards whatsoever (actually, the incentives are to discourage high skilled, law-abiding people from migrating) so that observation will quickly be obsolete.

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I agree on Trump, but you're probably overselling the qualities needed to solve the current woes for America.

I is true that the person who emerges to cut the Gordian Knot will be an exceptional person, the reality is that he will emerge from a cadre of exceptional people and effectively harness that collective will to be free of the old order.

What's needed effectively is a better coalition (which, presumably, is forming now) and a leader with popular appeal that isn't an 80 year old man. The tactical stuff takes place in a war room and the best minds of humanity are yearning to break away from this bullshit.

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Africans and Europeans are as different as Foxes and Dogs. We are only called the same species because it's politically radioactive to admit we are different.

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I don't think you can pin all the blame on "decadence and laziness"

Central banking (+ fiat currency) changed the structure of society. Whoever prints the money holds the power. Centralized mass media helped reinforce this power.

The "Right Wing" that exists today exists only because the Regime decided to create a fake controlled-opposition in the 1960s

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Yeah. It's really difficult to ignore the stark and impossible to bridge gulf between how Americans are treated, and how Israel is treated. One is literally held down, beaten and raped, whereas the other is basically given anything it wants with slavish devotion -- No groveling is too debased for the US regime political toadies.

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Yeah. The thing is that you didn't yet have the social context where becoming a dual-consciousness cyborg is reinforced with love-bombing propaganda & multi-billion dollar medical establishment

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It's very tiresome that every time a Jewish person is criticized, there's someone from Tel Aviv logging on their burner account to mendaciously level accusations at people or attempt to obfuscate

Like, if you're pulling down a salary to try and limit the spread of (what you'd call "antisemitism" but in reality is just normal and legitimate criticism), then literally the best thing you can do is to log off and stop acting like a mafia whose job it is to squelch any critique or dissent.

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Nothing is organically popular on YouTube (or any social media site) anymore. It is popular only if the people who control the network want it to be popular.

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Any decent person is against kids being blown into piles of steaming meat, which is exactly what is getting shown in media as a result of the latest campaign by the Israeli military

But that's been happening since October. So why did the protests wait more than 6 months to occur? We can basically tell that this isn't an organic, spontaneous thing, so what's the agenda here?

If you follow any normie-tier political news, it's clearly to provide a new Current Thing. Now the most important news of the day, worth 20-30 stories a day, is crap like, "INNOCENT JEWISH GIRL gets pushed by PRO-RAPE PALESTINIAN PROTESTORS." Meanwhile, US congress is working hard to neuter TikTok, X, and other tech platforms, while criminalizing speech that criticizes Israel.

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He has a book about Hollywood so it's pretty much guaranteed he would Notice things. It's sad he's so slavish to YouTube though.

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Yup. The protests distract from what's actually going on and reframe (in America) the Israel/Palestine situation into one where you have the typical Right / Left tribalisms at play.

It is not at all surprising that Soros is funding the protests or that (reportedly) Israeli intelligence is at work organizing as well.

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