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The villain having a silent EV sneaking up on people

That was a plot point in Weeds: a gang drove Priuses because they could sneak up on a drive-by shooting target.

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I guess we're squarely in the "limited hangout" phase of the op.

by lines
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This is legit the most powerful criticism against the man and his ideology.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

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No one in the past could have been happy because PROGRESS!

If people were more happy in the past then they are now after PROGRESS!, then maybe PROGRESS! isn't all good. But PROGRESS! is all good, therefore people in the past can't have been more happy.

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A friend briefly lived in an apartment building above a grocery store. The apartment itself was shit, but it was nice to never have to worry about a missing ingredient when deciding to cook something.

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I think the only way you could ever convince me to live in the downtown of a major city is if I never had to walk beyond my city block or even leave the building. So from that standpoint this is preferable to having to drive or take an hour-long bus ride to go shopping.

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No it's about identifying friend and foe.

If you're friend you start using the "modern" term once you hear about it. If you're not up to date and use the old term someone corrects you, you apologize, and start using it. If you're not on board you don't.

It's all a bunch of little shibboleths that taken individually only vaguely point you in a direction but when taken all together are a very strong group identifier.

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Why would anyone live there?

Because it's their home.

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Vouchers will make it so that states can set conditions by which schools are allowed to receive them. It will end up being a backdoor through which the state will set a private school's curriculum, similar to the way Feds set conditions states have to meet to receive funding.

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I remember a story from computer security expert Bruce Schneier about when he bought an ant farm as a child. It contained a card that you could mail in with like $2, and they would send you a vial of ants. He remarked that he found it interesting not because he could get ants mailed to him for $2, but that for $2 he could have ants mailed to anyone in the US.

Probably a lesson there somewhere.

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I find one of the great joys with seeing technology improve is figuring out how to synthesize the best aspects of older tech (elegance, simplicity, and to an extent reliability) with the best aspects of newer tech (mostly orders of magnitude more raw performance or lower cost, but also technological improvements like improved encryption algorithms or more efficient digital audio/video standards).

Eg. setting up one of those old text-based BBS servers you dialed into with a 56k modem, except it's all encrypted and has high-quality voice chat. Would be way more reliable than something like a discord server.

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It makes as much sense as calling me anti-seatbelt because I don't have one installed on my riding lawnmower even though I wear one when I'm in the car.

But if you're going to tell me that the risks and benefits of the seatbelt in my car are exactly the same as if I put one on my lawnmower, I might start to wonder if wearing the one in my car was worth it.

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Launch a chunk of lead or some other non-functional satellite into orbit. For $30 million you could probably make it happen in 30 days.

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True but I think modern concrete gains that initial strength much more quickly than Roman concrete did.

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It's possible to speak to one's fans and followers about a matter without it becoming a comedy routine. The way he's playing it makes this all appear to be a Work. Only question is whether or not the other side is in on it.

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From what I remember reading Roman concrete took years to cure to full strength. Which was acceptable because it took years for them to build structures.

Would be interesting to experiment with this for ornamental structures: statues, headstones, and the like.

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Why is he using props when discussing serious matters of principle? Is his plan to do the old "Jon Stewart Shuffle", where he conflates comedy and the discussion of serious matters so as to be able to deflect criticism from both sides?

Critic: "Why is he using props when discussing such serious matters?"

Respondent: "It's a prop! It's for comedic effect!"

Critic: "Then perhaps these DW folks have a point when they say Crowder is simply using them for a comedy act"

Respondent: "No, these are serious issues within Conservative media that Crowder is bringing to light!"

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I guess then the question is why I should treat this as a more serious matter than Crowder himself does? And what's more important to him: the gag, or the principle?

Not that this makes me like DW: they're doing the classic shithead move of pretending to take this personally. Let's just say that if my last name were "Shapiro" it's something I would try to avoid doing for fear of living up to the stereotypes.

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Why does Crowder use the 30 year old cassette recorder from Home Alone 2 to play back the phone call? Is that what he used to record it? Is it for comedic effect?

For that matter, why does he have the cassette recorder from Home Alone 2? Did he have it from when he was a child? Did he get one on ebay?

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I haven't watched any of these videos, but this is a contract from Daily Wire to Crowder?

Why would Crowder expect it to be fair to him? Daily Wire lawyers wrote it. Their fiduciary responsibility is to Daily Wire. They don't care if Crowder lives or dies.

We've all seen It's a Wonderful Life: this is Potter offering George Bailey the job provided he shutters Bailey Savings and Loan. Gee, I wonder why he wants to do that?

And I don't even hold Crowder in that high a regard: he's closer to a loan shark than a savings and loan.

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My problem was I was intelligent but not wise. Meaning I could argue with most of my teachers and win, yet their position would more closely reflect reality. And I am stubborn.

My frustration isn't simply that I was deceived but that I know people who are like I once were are being deceived today. My story isn't unique. How to keep others from making the same mistake. Or barring that, being able to later recognize the a mistake?

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If you can make it so that people can afford eggs, meat, and milk; you can push whatever you want though under color of competence.

People can no longer afford these things. In decades past this was such a dire scenario that programs to exterminate entire races of people were enacted to reverse it. Republicans will use this once in a lifetime opportunity to reduce the highest income tax bracket from 35% to 28%.

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Both. I know people who are still impressed by his ilk, so that's a black pill.

But at the same time if that's one of the best the enemy has to offer (and it probably isn't, and it's a mistake to underestimate the enemy) then that's a white pill.

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