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> Look up info about an OSS emulator project

> Lead dev has female first name

> "That's interesting: women don't usually do projects requiring this level of autism"

> Look up other projects the dev has worked on

> See reference to old website with dev's last name but with a male first name

> Become enlightened/vindicated

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The "Roslin/Airlock '08" meme which was popular at the time was deeply reactionary, which is ironic because most of the people for whom it was popular would call you a nazi for posting here.

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The end state of ambiguity around self-defense laws is people just "go missing".

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  • You don't just one day decide to eat crickets by the handful
  • Someone had to process and sell them; he wasn't farming that many crickets himself.
  • This was in a part of the US with a large Hispanic population
  • Demand for crickets in the US among the native population is effectively zero

The fact he could get them at all suggests they're popular enough to sustain a market for them in a place where they aren't eaten at all by the native population. This isn't exactly street tacos we're talking about.

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On the other hand, he never needed to send a site-wide email asking who stole his crickets out of the fridge...

He let me try one once. Weird texture without much flavor. Not something I would go out of my way to eat. If anything they'll start out using it as a filler material in things like sausages and premade foods like they do with textured soy protein.

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She's been defending the "quarantine camps" as well, and the involuntary internment of people in them. She's lost the plot.

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A guy I used to work with from Oaxaca used to eat them as a snack. Would bring them in a giant plastic bag and leave them in the fridge. Perhaps it's just a Mexico/Central America thing.

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They're a fairly popular snack food in Central and South America, so if immigration trends continue they way they have been they won't even have to push cricket eating on the population: it'll just be part of the culture for the majority of the (new) population.

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More likely they will just make it prohibitively expensive, either through regulations or by severely cutting down demand (eg. all but high-end restaurants stop serving it) so it becomes more akin to a luxury item.

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Better the world burn than the Thanksgiving turkey (which I did not burn).

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I think one of the founders is. Though in this case I think that they were CIA and still have (informal) connections to the Pentagon is the bigger cause for concern and reason why they operate the way they do.

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Wouldn't be surprised if Cabela's has the same view, but I'd like to be wrong about that.

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  • Canceled an ad contract with Elijah Schaffer when he twetted out a photo of Kyle wearing a Black Rifle shirt
  • Their CEO and a bunch of execs donate to Dems
  • Their CEO gave an interview with NYT where they called his defenders "the worst part of America"
  • One of their former execs went on a podcast and disavowed Kyle for being a vigilante
  • Their founders are former glowies (literally; they worked for the CIA).

Some of that is in the article itself.

In short, they're the same as any globalist, managerialist company except they sell it using a caricature of military culture. They're fine with you owning guns as long as you're treating them like toys, shooting targets at the range or in the woods and not using them as tools to defend your family or community.

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Wonder if the devs who coded that up "do the needful". Which would be another reason not to buy their coffee.

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The article details ways in which the company could be fucked with (eg. placing phony orders), as well as identifying employees by their use of employee discounts. Goes beyond a simple customer data breach, though that's a main component.

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It shouldn't have to be said, but don't do any of the things described in the article.

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If I ever catch wind that any of the neighborhood kids play lawnmower simulator I'm going to offer them the privilege to mow my lawn for free.

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The blackpill is a lot of the people that live in these places like these restrictions...for the fucking chuds who are too stupid to know THERE'S A PANDEMIC GOING ON. But the Smart People know how to take the proper precautions, so they aren't worried. Which is why you never see politicians and movie stars wear masks or anything: they have their parties "blessed" by some "compliance officer" who says they'll be "safe"

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People like Bret and Eric Weinstein also hate antifa, but because they want the leftism to be imposed as the result of a "free democratic election" and official State coercion instead of through street violence and intimidation.

Then there's the old-school communist types like Aimee Therese who hate antifa because she sees them as LARPers and trust funders who hate the working class people they claim to want to help.

These sorts of people can be useful, but if the right ever does push back in a significant way they're going to be wildcards as to which side they ultimately choose.

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Is he conservative? Has he ever identified himself as such?

He's anti-Antifa, and that makes him useful to the right; but that doesn't mean he's on the right.

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That was technically the rule in my state last year. They also "highly recommended" eating outdoors. In the snow and rain and freezing cold.

I had some family over who were kinda pricks about the whole WuFlu restrictions thing, and I briefly considered enforcing the rule.

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I think the most interesting part of the book is that in some parts you get the sense that the shitlib author is sympathetic to the terrorists' goals. And when he says at the beginning of the book his politics are completely opposed to theirs that maybe that isn't quite as true as he wants it to be.

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How does he propose to do this? What levers of power ought we pull?

I grow increasingly weary and wary of people who never provide any specific actions that one might take to accomplish some of these goals.

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