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Ilse Koch could also never be a camp commandant anywhere, because she was just a woman (despite what Imp probably believes).

That she might indulge in weird shit for her own pleasure is actually quite likely since her husband was an actual Commandant and he disregarded rules and regulations so much he was not just arrested but he was shot.

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I mean, he plays a Jew. As do other random actors, some even black (DAS RITE).

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I don't know I can even say "he's got no balls", it's pretty ballsy to do it like that.

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It wasn't really sympathetic to Hitler, but it was to some figures more or less around him. Like the SS doctor helping civilians and convincing his fellow SS officers to stop shooting themselves and surrender, or the fanatical Hitlerjugend squad swept by the Russian attack, and of course his female secretary who manages to escape from Berlin with the HJ group's survivor and they bike off into sunlight in the final scene.

Guess Who's Back is a quite interesting German movie about Hitler in modern Berlin. It's mostly a comedy.

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The Jehovah's Witnesses were only repressed as much as other draft dodgers. Or actually less, because a Polish German avoiding conscription would have his family endangered with reprisals, something which I know about intimately.

It was also only (some) gays, not homosexuals generally. And the purpose was to just reeducate them, at least as envisioned by the leadership (that they would be tortured by guards or other inmates wasn't planned). Also, they were exclusively German, and so for example one of leading French collaborationists was extremely openly gay and it didn't bother them (the Rohm Purge was political).

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You can see exactly when suddenly the TDS kicked in and everyone in the writers room started autistically screeching about the orange supremacist King of the Jews.

Jonathan Peele "the best film maker of all time" is the producer of this shit btw.

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All u know about the film is a couple of pictures. This film will do fine because she's still white so racists won't have anything to complain about.

Still White and the Jewish Stepmother, okay then.

So will they now have cast members looking like these hipsters wandering through the near abandoned theme parks?

I just wondered about this too. What do they do in the Disney parks with all these rebooted franchises?

Which by now might be just about everything but Pocahontas (obligatory Pocahontas reference: https://youtube.com/watch?v=_FYt0N05wY0).

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My grandma said to not listen to what school was teaching me, Josephine was black.

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Apparent no "diversity" (besides some Turks or Arabs being blasted away by the God of War in Egypt) means it can't win Oscars and other such stupid awards like BATFA, but who really cares about these anymore, or even watches their ceremonies. "Academy Award winner" in this trailer is so ironic in that context.

I also wonder how much of these are real sets (and real actors), I remember (I'm old) how Gangs of New York was said to be the last historical epic without CGI sets before the new era. I'm so completely sick of anything blatantly CGI in movies (think all the dumb Marvel garbage that used to so excite people), and I'm actually really impressed by the otherwise crazy cultist Tom Cruise insisting on everything being real in the Mission Impossible movies and also on him making all his stunts (because he's insane). Also he never really ages what the fuck (Keanu Reeves too).

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Did you somehow miss how they talk all the time about fighting various nationalists (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1572523651353972738)? And of course are against "support of nationalists" that will result in "blowback on West’s own territory and its people" (https://twitter.com/RussianEmbassy/status/1677663946109509634).

"We must actively counter any manifestations of nationalism, racial or religious intolerance," they say (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1643628901480923138). While in Ukraine, "Nationalists have become the real masters of the country" and "are dictating their terms to the authorities" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1230749730516242435).

Since Ukrainian government is "regrettably not independent; it is reliant on radical nationalists," (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/442366039108898816) or even these "radical nationalists came to power in the country" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1628392226379255808), Russia decided to "to curtail the influence of radicals and nationalists" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/438298599001436160) as they "closely interact with the Israelis on thwarting the glorification of Nazism & any signs of intolerance and similar misanthropic ideologies." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1317889651571675137). And so they began to "liberate territories from nationalists" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1506988835766509579).

The tweet was also specifically in context of how "growing xenophobic & racist sentiments in the country" led to the Moor riots in France (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1676891198638768128) and the "blasphemous barbarism and xenophobia" of the burnings of Korans in Europe (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1677207795718844416). And "manifestations of racism against Africans in Europe" have been Zakharova's longtime concern in particular (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1554442458347487233).

As Lavrov said, "We see manifestations of nationalism, anti-Semitism and Russophobia in many European countries, primarily Ukraine & the Baltics. We are concerned about the attempts to split society along ethnic, religious and language lines." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1462773045127434241) He might talk about you too here. Lavrov then went with "President of the Federation of Jewish Communities Alexander Boroda" to "discuss combating anti-Semitism" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1542071971638280192). See, "Opposing neo-Nazism, radical nationalism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia is Russia’s focus" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/203424229868314625) and they "will continue to counter racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism in all their forms" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/595851926203441154).

After all, added Zakharova, "The anti-Semitism, xenophobia, racial discrimination flourishing in Ukraine today are exactly what we have been talking about tirelessly for 8 years & something the collective West tried hard to ignore" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1499389560459042816). I think it's also about you? Like how you're falling for how "@ZelenskyyUa is trying to convince the public that there is no antisemitism in Ukraine just because he has Jewish roots.❗️This is horrible logic." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1547508288350310401)

They also apparently just called you their opponent:

Despite our opponents’ futile efforts to distort the truth, 🇷🇺Russia has always been and will remain a multinational, multicultural and multi-religious country.

The Truth is very important. Said Putin "in his greetings to Russian Jews & those who celebrate Day of Salvation and Liberation: ✍️I am sure that large-scale celebrations will facilitate consolidation of efforts to counteract attempts to falsify historical truth." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1530182379461087232) The truth about about how "⚔️Long before the start of #WWII #USSR did its best to create an anti-fascist & anti-military coalition that would have ensured peace & security in #Europe & #FarEast. But #Western powers sabotaged these initiatives" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1300802033906262016). Today, again, "💪 Russia fights for peace and the international unity of progressive youth against colonialism, fascism and racism" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1590745247503769600) and hosts "the International Anti-Fascist Forum is to warn the world about the true danger of fascism" as "humanity has to face up to the manifestations of fascism once again." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1433420928868782082).

The fight against colonialism is not new, of course, and black nationalism is good: "Together with our African friends we celebrate their freedom & the Soviet contribution to the African #LiberationStruggle" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1661635233832157184). It's because "Having not smeared its image with the bloody crimes of colonialism, our country has ALWAYS sincerely supported Africans in their fight AGAINST colonialist oppression" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1584669199322198018). They also "have always rendered assistance to the people of #SouthAfrica, helped cast off the chains of apartheid & #colonialism. Today our nations are 🇷🇺🇿🇦🤝 strategic partners, #BRICS members & strong advocates of a fair, multipolar world." (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1387080087917547520) So don't you dare to distort these facts, Western Man: "It was the Soviet Union that gave impetus to the #decolonisation of Asia, Africa and South America. We urge our Western partners to stop distorting historical facts. #USSR #Russia" (https://twitter.com/mfa_russia/status/1169267887128895488)

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You put 3 words "roxy simons narnia" in a search engine instead of writing 3 sentences and then waiting.

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Late in his life, Lewis - recognising this rift - made overtures to Tolkien again, writing him letters (in one, he concludes, poignantly: ‘I miss you very much.’)

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You could find it just so easily (or verify its existence) via any search engine, and I summarised all the points already.

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The one good point is how Tolkien was "My actual brother in Christ, are you really doing Santa Claus and Jesus Christ it's a lion? This is trash lit yo, it's bad and you should feel bad."

Tolkien hated the story. His criticism went beyond evaluation and suggestion to the level of insult.

It's also how their friendship ended.

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Serious talk, ending up either homeless and/or a drunkard loser is a big fear of me, I have old friends I see almost daily in this state as they ask me to "lend" them money and talk how we used to play PS1 games together or what not.

I do "lend" them money, yeah. Which they convert into alcohol and maybe drugs. One also got really badly addicted to irl gambling, and his twin brother despises him being in a similar state of degeneracy (is semi homeless and without family of his own).

I wouldn't live like that.

by folx
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There are pyramids elsewhere, Egyptian style too (but not gigantic).

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Yeah, but who the fuck even uses Infogalactic (in before "I do", surely more than 99% of people never heard of it).

Actually there's someone who's been trying to make me start contributing to a new project by I think the co-founder of Wikipedia who had left it disgusted, you know the guy, or maybe it's not his idk, that is officially launching soon or something. I didn't even look into it, wait a second, Justapedia? One of the top Google results is a Redditor calling it "Justapedia, a far-right fork of the english-language Wikipedia", huh.

The name sounds stupid. Like "Truth Social". Or an encyclopedia dedicated to Justin Bieber (I'm old).

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