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It has the looks but rarely the numbers. I've seen only one section of no man's land actually covered in bodies like it's Somme or something.

And the whole talk of "human waves" is a misundersting because they send small groups of maybe 10 guys, sometimes as few as 3 or 4, just constantly and repeatedly in places. You can call it "waves" but not really "human waves" which is for actual mass attacks. Russian phrase for something like that is instead "sending meat", similar in meaning to the English "cannon fodder".

There are many places with many bodies remaining inside or stacked just outside the trenches, though. And they may all start rotting all at once pretty soon.

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Diarrhoea is pretty damn deadly. Shit can kill you, especially children.

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Here in Poland the problem of this winter is a flu epidemic (https://www.pap.pl/en/news/news%2C1514495%2Cnearly-300000-cases-flu-poland-one-week-december.html), after the prior "disappearance of flu" like elsewhere. But, almost no one's dying (1 person died during this week of 300,000 new infections), just like almost no one's been dying of flu in Poland ever since the killer strain pandemic in 1971 (from Asia too) when over 5,000 died. While over 119,000 in Poland died of covid in the same official stats, including 3,000 in last half year.

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Wagner isn't really "private military", it's a GRU org. Being a mercenary, or employing mercenaries, is officially illegal in Russia, but their "private" status is only a facade so it doesn't matter. The smoke screen does work, so the countries can declare Wagner "transnational" terrorists instead of declaring the GRU a Russian terrorist organization.

It's also like how Prigozhin is a Jew, while the Wagner self-declared Nazis of Rusich shit talk the Azov guys for being "fake Nazis" (apparently not believing Azov claims how they're just Social Nationalists and not any National Socialists and all their SS symbolica is a coincidence) as they're "serving a Jew", unlike them, since they themselves know the real Wagner boss is Wagner (Utkin), who's a GRU man, and an open Nazi like them. While Prigozhin is not much than an useful idiot crook cook, being a very public persona of a career criminal clown oligarch, who believes he can and will succeed Putin if he only takes an Ukrainian town of 10,000 after longer than the Battle of Stalingrad, meanwhile Wagner himself works in shadows, literally as he hasn't even appeared in public for many years now.

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He might be right with this the suspected Ethiopian as evidently the childhood malnourishment (cartoon related) left him with zero strength whatsoever and he's really lucky that Mr T / Kirby crossover looking bitch like 3 times his size didn't retaliate and eat him on the spot.

Foreign niggas did Tyre too, of course:


Them hairlines don’t look native

Race war now (tbh that's literally what he described):


This is what them Nigerian Twitter spaces said they were gonna start doing.

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Did you see what's going on with Tariq Nasheed of the Buck Breaking meme? He's now literally flying American flag everywhere while blaming it on the African-immigrant cops, and really obsessed with this sort of thing nowadays: https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1620974174398472194

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An interesting comment:

I think the Chinese probably can honestly claim their cops don’t kill nearly so many people as we do, at least not until recently. The chief reason for this is that China was so totally wrecked by the Cultural Revolution that there is a strong general societal consensus that the police should be obeyed in all things. If we had something like the purge, but for years instead of a night, we too would develop unhealthily pro-oppression social norms.

It's about this movie The Purge and it's really what happened in China back then (until Mao called the PLA to end it eventually):


While that level of violence might seem unimaginable today, at the time it looked like a perfectly reasonable choice to many restless youths involved in the Cultural Revolution. In a document issued in August of that year denouncing traditional top-down purges, Beijing said “[We] must trust and rely on the people ... don’t be scared of chaos.”

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A 1970s blaxploitation movie.

Here with such classics as The Black Gestapo and Boss Nigger:


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They no longer have any African (post) colonies, Macron completely left Africa last year (for Red China and Wagner).

Interestingly Russians seem to plan to import Africans to replace the dying off Slavs as workers. They started to introduce free movement agreements.

And the leading candidates to replace Putin himself include a Caucasian (Kadyrov) and a Jew (Prigozhin). His other top men include a bunch of other Jewish oligarchs and a pair of Mongols in uniform. Diversity is their strength, as he says (https://tass.com/society/1164893).

Meanwhile Red China rather urgently needs to import tens of millions of non-Chinese women from somewhere. India actually has a similar problem, to a degree (109 men per 100 women even as women live longer just don't get aborted, meaning some serious shortage of bobs & vegana for many millions of young men with moustaches).


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Hey where da white queens at?

Raised without a father figure

Leaves his own son

Prone to blind rage

That's racist.

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It's been almost half year since it's been first made very public (and over 4 months before that not public) and nothings been really done about it.

Incredibly frustrating.

Here's him denying it (but admitting his identity) for DW in Polish:


Even if he was squeeky clean, which he do obviously fucking isn't because he's a well known piece of shit, he's still a wanted convicted criminal in Poland.

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Not mentioned here but he's have had extensive Eastern criminal commenctions even in the 1970-1980s when he spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union, and in the 1990s he actually often pretended to be a Russian in Poland, and while hiding in Ukraine since 2015 he also pretended to be a Russian.

According to himself (which may very well be a mythomanic lie, but anyway) he even facilitated a team of Russian and Belarusian hitmen to assassinate the Polish national chief of police in the murder case that is still unsolved a quarter century later. He also claimed to be involved in a murder of a former minister, etc.

In Poland before 2015:

The gangster "Broda" has always been cheeky and inventive. This is probably why he suddenly found himself in the structures of Ukrainian military without any difficulty, and then achieved a status that allowed him to give orders to his subordinates. He even told them to call himself "Colonel".

Pretending to be someone he's not, "Broda" has been doing pretty well for a long time, though. Kapuściński's ingenuity made itself felt in 2005. It was then that he decided to pretend to be a repentant bandit wanting to break with his current gangster life. Ever since he became a key witness, he regularly laughed in the face of the cops. They had to protect him and he continued to commit crimes.


Actually funny shit:

Warsaw investigator: — He once had an episode with the first wife of the former sports minister Mirosław Drzewiecki. She ran a pub in Łódź, he would come to her and pretend to be a top-secret policeman. The car had two blue lamps mounted on the sides, he showed her a pistol, a fake ID. It impressed her. He once asked her to lend him her Golf for a "police operation". That Golf never came back to her.

His accusation also destroyed the life of a famed Polish "Dirty Harry" cop, who went to prison for 2 years and hanged himself to death on an USB charger cable.

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The dude was a totally failed Danish politician (unlike Swedish far right even becoming the dominant force now) so he became a provocateur in Sweden instead.

He's also started while with the Danish Radical Left (actual name).

Also also, he's a literal faggot with stalking history and actual pidar tendencies (enthusiast of sextexting with young teenage boys).

He's been repeatedly convicted of racism (sic) in Denmark but also given Danish police constant protection from angery Muslims who want to murderize him. Now the same in Sweden.

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Well, they're triggered specifically by the Swedish anti-immigration activist Rasmus Paludan (who's a recent immigrant from Denmark, immigrception).

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Meanwhile China actually works to make their AI as racist as possible, while leading in the AI research.

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