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As originally written, the bylaw amendment added “communicating, causing or permitting communication, with any person in a way that causes the person, reasonably in all the circumstances, to feel harassed” to a list of “prohibited activites.”

It defined being “harassed” as “feeling tormented, troubled, worried, plagued or badgered.” Upon the final vote, the bylaw was amended to remove the above definition of harassment and a provision was added to insist that the amendment would not “prevent or limit a lawful protest.”

Not a fan of misleading headlines, especially when the article doesn't say what actually is banned now.

I found another article which is also not clear about that, but:

Julia Malott of Kitchener, who is transgender, said she is well acquainted with “dehumanizing hate, dissent and vile language used against me.” She spoke against the bylaw.

The existing bylaw already has provisions that ban anything criminal on regional property, she said.

“How can we have any confidence that such a bylaw will be enforced uniformly and without inequitable prejudice when a violation is inherently a matter of personal opinion on the part of the officer?” she said.

A wild based tranny appears?! Lmao what a timeline.

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The problem is there are many dozens of Nitter domains and the software only recognises the ones you have enabled. Nitter.net is slow for me so I don't use it, but because of that if I click a nitter.net link, it doesn't recognise it and redirect to a Nitter domain that I do use.

Btw how do you use Twitter without an account and no redirector? What do you do when there's a Twitter link somewhere? Manually copy paste the link?

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The blue line there needs less of a social circle, apparently.

Daily reminder that Progressivism is a social and psychological disease.

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Bruh, just link to Twitter so our individual Nitter redirectors will work.

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You don't want it to be spinning for 3 days when it's used once.

Yes you do. Drives should ideally be spinning 24/7 if you want it to have the longest possible lifespan.

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Back around 1990 the Armenians invaded NK, which is Azeri territory, and massacred a bunch of Azeris and committed the same kind of ethnic cleansing they're complaining about now. Back in WW1 they did they same thing against the Ottomans. Armenians' whole schtick is being scumbags and then pretending to be the victim when their opponent returns the favour.

They have powerful lobbies in the US and France so the media tends to lie for them, which this article is an example of.

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I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a totally made up quote is still circulating on Wikipedia.

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Kind of - drives automatically stop spinning and park their heads when they haven't been used for a few mins. This is what tends to wear them out.

The solution isn't to stop using them, though (that's obviously idiotic). What you can do is either disable the sleep function if you're tech savvy, or better yet, you can use a program like this to keep it from going to sleep. All the program does is write a few bytes of text to a file on the drive every X minutes (I recommend setting it to 2 mins).

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ESG, like all other aspects of Marxism, only works (and by "works" I mean people can't escape it) when everyone is forced into it. If it's possible to opt out most people will do that.

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Other research out of the project finds that lesbians are more likely to see themselves as a healthy weight, even if they are not.


On average, lesbian and bisexual women reported better diet quality (p<0.001) and diets lower in glycemic index (p<0.001) than heterosexual women.


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Specialty glass company Schott AG experimented with substituting emissions-free hydrogen for gas at the plant where it produces glass in tanks as hot as 1,700 degrees Celsius.

It worked — but only on a small scale, with hydrogen supplied by truck. Mass quantities of hydrogen produced with renewable electricity and delivered by pipeline would be needed and don't exist yet.

Complete and utter brain liquification. Leftism is a social and psychological disease.

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Anyone have the link to the original source? Want to look at the methodology because if true this is pretty catastrophic.

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No, 30 days for waterboarding a baby and putting him in a freezer and ID theft and tampering with a witness.

Leftism is a plague upon humanity.

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Women are not fully developed adults, they're something between adolescents and adults and have not developed emotional self-control, which is why this feminist is projecting her own lack of maturity here. Projection is a constant in the mental illness known as leftism.

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Yep. Leftism/Progressivism/Rainbow-Marxism are at their core a type of Gnostism, which sees existence itself as a prison.

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