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Lucasfilm can't even get Star Wars to succeed anymore (Andor was a flop for those who don't know), how the hell are they going to make this sequel to a half forgotten 80s movie work?

Disney's quality is awful these days, and they get by solely on brand recognition, something this doesn't really have. I just don't see this succeeding.

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This company was declared unprofitable last quarter, if they don't do something to stop this crap they are going to bankrupt themselves. With the company being filled with SJW activists, and woke CEO Bob Iger, I don't think anyone inside Disney is even willing to fix this mess. This company is literally killing itself. Goes to show that name and brand recognition can only keep you going for so long when the quality is awful.

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I personally don't think so. Without common morals and values to rally behind, it's almost impossible to unite a nation. That's why things have gotten so bad. People are now several generations out of any kind of church or religion, and their morals have drifted so far they don't even see things like abortion, homosexuality, or lack of freedom as wrong anymore.

Most people aren't smart enough to decide right and wrong on their own, and the government is most certainly not going to have the right answer for them.

Benjamin Franklin once said that "Only virtuous people are capable of freedom". Where are the masses going to find virtue, if not through religion and God? The government? Pop culture? The mainstream media?

Religion is essential to a free country, and without it I don't think America, or any other country for that matter, stands a chance.

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50 bucks is nothing. I recently payed $270 dollars for a Anatomy and Physiology textbook.

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Cds can be found cheap, and if you rip them in the right format they even sound nicer than MP3s. A lot of times it's even cheaper than buying the albun digitally as well. I still buy CDs every now and again, and I use the files to listen to music on my phone. It's really not a outdated format, people are just too lazy to use it.

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I haven't watched Andor myself, but I heard it's not bad. I think there is two reasons it bombed.

1: Disney has destroyed a lot of the excitement and love people have for SW. The Mandolorian brought some people back after the awful sequel trilogy, but a lot of that goodwill was erased with the two following live-action shows, Boba Fett and Kenobi. Boba Fett was mostly mediocre outside of a few good parts. Kenobi was awful, and the company openly calling fans racists created a lot of bad feelings in the Star Wars fanbase.

  1. Nobody cares about this character. He was a forgettable character from a movie people have already stopped caring about.

This is why I think Disney's current strategy, just taking brands people already know and love, using them as nostalgia bait, and churning out half-assed content is short-sighted. Yes, they might make a lot of money in the short-term. But when the nostalgia runs out (and it will eventually), people will leave, and they have no new IPs to replace the ones they ruined because they've spent years just making crappy sequels, spinoffs, and reboots to actually good movies and shows. I think SW is just the first, I and that Marvel and the series of live-action remakes will go this way too at some point.

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This is what I thought, but I'm having trouble locating any studies or facts that back up this claim.

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Great actor, he did a fantastic job playing Hagrid.

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This is just sad. She's not even one of those human blobs who become trans because they are already ugly, this girl was actually pretty prior to transitioning. I actually feel bad for these people, they are enticed into joining what is essentially a cult that consumes and ruins their lives.

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You would have though that book would have been good. I mean, they got George Lucas to help with the plot and X-men legend Chris Claremont to actually write it. How did it end up so awful?

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What kind of content does it have? Just violence?

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If they are all white than that must means one of them is a homosexual. That's just how these things work.

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I mean, I don't agree with homesexuality or trans, but at least homos aren't forcing me to participate in a delusion.

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I recommend the Walter Simonson, or Dan Jurgens runs. Both have great stories and art.

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Even Endgame, while a decent end to the first 3 phases, had its woke moments. The gay reference in the beginning, Captain Marvel being a Mary Sue, the female cringe scene toward the end, and Thor giving his kingdom to a non-white female character.

Though, I liked both of the Spider-man movies that have come after Endgame. I would recommend both of those.

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I cut Marvel off a while ago now. I watched Wandavision and half the Falcon show and that was enough for me. The writing became awful, and it was clear their political agenda took priority over actual storytelling.

The only thing I have seen since then was Spider-man, and only because it was a Sony movie and I heard good things.

It's a shame too, as I had been a fan since 2008, and I used to look forward to MCU movies. Now I can't even bring myself to care.

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Witchcraft, at least traditionally, usually involves some kind of devil worship, and the belief that the dead can speak, both of which go against Christian teachings.

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Supposedly obesity plays a role in triggering an earlier puberty in girls, which would explain why it is happening sooner due to high obesity rates.

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It's a slippery slope.

First, they just wanted us to let them be free to do what they want.

Second, they wanted us to accept them.

Third, now, we have to pat them on the back for every little thing they do.

Next, they will want us to become one of them or we are trans/homo/phobic

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If this was by another company, I would be interested as I am a fan of the original.

With Disney though, it will probably be just another woke show with an extremely unoriginal and boring plot.

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