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The games are definitely better than the books, the Witcher author is kinda a screeching weirdo lmao

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Twitter genuinely is fucking cancer, the dude literally has his full name in his username, and the sex offender list is public information.

Leave it to twitter to officially defend pedophiles and sex pests while censoring normal people, looks like Musk didn't fix jackshit with the platform and hoped the band-aids would be enough to bring people back.

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Its basically expressing an upvote, kek

peak reddit-tier behavior

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You'd be correct.

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"There's no such thing as too much good therapy," Wu said.

Bullshit oxymoron, if therapy is treated as akin to a medical solution, the whole point is to get better to a point where you don't need a therapist anymore and can live on your own.

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Re: Cutie Honey was made by the dream team of Gainax (Anno, Imaishi, Nakashima) its really good for a quick, simple OVA and you can see the impact it had on things like Kill la Kill in the future.

Why are you watching the dub of it though? What a waste. (Note: I'm not a total subs elitist, but this is not one of those good dubs)

Watch it on Kissanime.co, its got the proper fansubs with some very nice karaoke, plus no dub cringe.

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Haven't been paying much attention, but my opinion since 2021 hasn't changed:

He's not perfect, but he's definitely the best we've had in so long its not even funny.

Everyone else is largely a meme or a snake, or both. Plus I appreciate what he's done and has been doing, even if there's some failures and bad decisions.

His behavior in 2020 with the whole pro-vaccine rhetoric, the January 6th bait and switch on his supporters, inability to stop the fraud, and still having so many snakes working under him by the time he was out (largely thanks to said snakes), and his overall behavior changes disappointed me, but there's a lot of people who did not expect how bad things would really get in that year (and just in general with the establishment).

Trump was still too naive even after 3-4 years; hopefully he's learned something as a person can only be bitten by snakes so many times before he either succumbs to the venom, or builds up enough resistance to crush them without fear, and I'm concerned it might end up being the former than the latter.

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I wouldn't say Crypto is worthless, some people saved their wealth by converting it to bitcoin for instance, like in Venezuela or Argentina. So there are use cases.

Yeah, but they'd have been better off with just exchanging to a stable currency instead, crypto tends to be very volatile.

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Eh, generally I don't do that, I like to focus on one thing at a time usually and give it most to all of my attention, especially when it comes to games.

Though I make the exception for what I watch when exercising, or while eating, or otherwise what I listen to when driving/walking.

Otherwise its just mood-dependent, I feel like everyone watches whatever they want to on YT, but its not like it stops em from watching shows/movies or playing games, same applies in my case I guess.

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Unfortunately fansubs these days are all but dead, largely due to what official subs have done to the market, combined with anime becoming popular diluting the standards of what people expect for their anime.

Fansubs exist largely for older works (mainly pre-2015/16)

Most """fansubbing""" groups these days just rip the official subs, change the font and call it "editing", its a travesty.

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That is kinda questionable, in the sense that an owner shouldn't be able to "revoke" the customer's benefits of a paid service on a whim.

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The pic they showed of her is like a 6/10 if that, how the fuck lmao.

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tbf, many, many books of the past are also like that.

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Feels like something you might see from a kickstarter backer who got to put in their own little thing into the game lol.

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You're probably right. But it at least feels like doing something.

You know what that's called? Slacktivism. (granted, that doesn't mean to neglect the internet entirely as it obviously has value, but you make stronger inroads in real life into people's lives than you do as a stranger online unless you can somehow combine the two, e.g. becoming an influencer, creator or politician with a massive IRL following)

You act like the radical feminist movement is the stereotype of 400lbs lesbians who haven't seen the sun in weeks.

I don't know why you're arguing with me on this, I never brought up anything that discounts your point on that.

I agree with you. Radical feminists control massive bastions of political, financial, intellectual, industrial, and social power and that's a huge problem.

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Its not productive to get into long, protracted arguments on the internet with people, that's common sense.

Anyone might get into a protracted argument once in a while, you get into several every day.

And its affected your brain because now you're using terrible internet logic that you see out of online political """fact checkers""" like Snopes when they try to call something false through disingenuous means.

When he refers to demons, he was clearly using a extreme figure of speech that is meant to call said group, essentially, very vile people in terms of morality who are so fundamentally broken or fucked that its hard to look at them as human and easier to look at them as something monstrous.

When you call someone a monster, you don't mean they are a literal creature from a horror film, for fuck's sake dude.

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Yeah, but that has no relevance to my point. I never mentioned whether this judge was jewish or not (though I wouldn't have been surprised if he was), but that the field definitely has plenty of jews.

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Right wing autism online largely extends towards the ADHD-focused internet sphere rather than autistic places like wikis, they prefer imageboards and more ephemeral places and making memes rather than writing screeds of text on a wiki that some mod will change in a heartbeat and then ban them for (unless its vandalizing said wiki)

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For real.

The Japanese can get a (very convincing-sounding, but still hinting) dude to voice characters like traps if they do so, one of the most famous examples is Chihiro in Danganronpa.

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