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Kinda like Assassins Creed Odyssey. Takes place in ancient Greece. They give you the choice between male Alexios and female Cassandra. Both are good looking and both have decent voice acting. They (Ubisoft) can piss and moan about player choice but is it weird to want to play as a dude in a historical game where men fought all the wars and controlled everything going on in the world.

Knowing Ubisoft I can't wait to see black vikings in the next game... if I bother to play it. AC games are getting real lazy, even if you consider them AC games.

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I'm prepared to go back to 2010 when EA just nickel and dimed us for the DLC to Mass Effect 2.

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Because even accounting for his grandma-killing, he's still way better than DeCommie.

I mean Stalin is bad but did you get a look at that Mao guy.

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Amazon: Damn right wingers fuckin up Venezuela.

Me: What?

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What a surprise. It's the same problem with Rian Johnson's movie. You can't turn the bad buys into dopes and expect them to be intimidating at the same time. Then if they aren't intimidating then you can't expect the audience to give a shit about any of the stakes involved because immersion has been destroyed by inconsistency.

I thought maybe we were getting somewhere with EA after Fallen Order but guess not.