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This is by definition what KGB created subversion is. Weakening structures of the target civilisation so that reality is unable to be discerned. Stages 1 and 2; Demoralisation and Destabilisation.

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I'm not sure if it's the uploading to youtube that's killing it, but the cutscenes that I see on youtube are god awful and look like something from 2015.

Edit, Far cry 3 cutscenes look better.

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Also to be fair I had to double check the spelling, but please don't mis spell shit if you're going to do this. Unless you're deliberately doing it so people will share it to laugh at you, it just makes you look like a dumbass.

It's livelihood. A "lively hood" is a charitable description of where one might live in downtown chicago.

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Remember all that shit about sex trafficking and hiding a fork in your underwear or some shit.

Meanwhile 2021 and you literally hold a sign up and they ignore it. The dumb thing is that they could have fucked him over and not given it to him while he was holding the sign. This only works because he knew they'd do it.

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Promptly made my purchase and left, didn't know these people actually existed outside Twitter lmfao

Can you hear me back there in 2008? Look I know you're excited about that Obama guy, but I got bad news on that front.

Oh look into buying some bitcoin too.

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This is fucking good.

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I countered back equally hard that the risk of myocarditis has been shown to be much higher for infected children under 16 years old compared to their uninfected peers.

I see this a lot and no-one ever brings it up.

Myocarditis, or any condition, that results from an infection naturally, is not as bad as myocarditis that results from a medical intervention that you make the choice to take. It's a matter of causality, over and above the actual disease itself.

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Something to physically constrain the overall size of the federal government in some way.

Everything posted is good/bad but can easily be circumvented, or have obvious unintended consequences.

If you could limit the federal government to for example no more then .5% of the total population by workforce you create another constraint that it must operate under. It 's headcount is a separate budget.

It's a physical restriction of the size of government, or something similar that restrains it at it's core.

But realistically if current day republicans made an amendment it'd be something like limiting the number of rapes migrants are allowed to no more then two annually or recognise cuckoldry as marriage.

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Just start referring to it as grooming.

When they query it, make them compare what they are doing "wait and see" which is a passive non interventionist approach, with what the school/councellors are doing, which is an active intervention seeking to modify her normal sexual development.

Ask them what else "An adult taking an active interest in guiding a pre teens sexual development" is, especially when you compare it to what the parents are doing.

It's grooming. You could also point out that the next step is to make her trans, if you explain the playbook they can see it in action, this probably won't help them, but it might inoculate your wife and protect your own kids.

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Are those 2 guys even from the same panel? They don't appear to be having the same conversation. Do you have any more info about what this future of health summit was OP? I don't really even understand clearly what there points were because I don't know what the question was.

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For those unaware, this is just the trailer, to see the whole move, look outside.

The movie was never made because the director and his family were found dead in their home.

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In a statement, the hospital system said studies indicate the mortality rate for transplant recipients who test positive for COVID ranges from 18% to 32%, compared to a 1.6% mortality rate among all people who have tested positive.

That sounds like they compared transplant patients to a normal population

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Because pressing an advantage is for winners, and only leftists press an advantage after it's worked.

We're not leftists, we've made our point, now if we keep identifying as super straight, we might actually push a little too hard on this pressure point and we can't have that now can we.

You don't want to be like one of those awful people who actually stuck up an its ok to be white poster in their local community do you?

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send thoughts and prayers to drlee who is "Dealing with our kids"

Imagine thinking raising your own children is a burden.

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a booster? so it's not that you haven't had any shots it's just a booster? crazy.

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I’ve donated to local conservatives and gun rights groups for decades. Never get texts to go out and support xyz for causes on the right.

Because "right" Foundations would prefer to "write an intelligent piece" to post on the heritage foundation website.

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Ironically that is one of their accidental good rules. Otherwise you'd just this scene repeated over and over in talk pages "Hunter Biden isn't a criminal because he said so"

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