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Now this is a great question to ask and distribute. Really shows the core of leftist thinking.

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It would be impossible to keep something like that a secret

You don't keep it a secret. The lists of people already exist.

All it has to be is someone start a facebook event for a "national day of protest" or some shit and create a few thousand individual "protests" at people's houses.

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This guy assumes that there will be no populist from the right that also seeks to demolish the "liberal world order" as it stands now, and isn't afraid of using every tool at his disposal to do so.

Whoops suddenly the US runs out of money as central banks stop lending.

Whoops google just had a technical fault that shut down the government.

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Almost certainly, this is part of the marxist plan, then he will be replaced by something worse. The revolution never ends.

One scenario is death squads killing between 10-100k American to break the back of any "conservative" rebellion, anyone who's made a somewhat successful meme, anyone who's not part of the GOP establishment, anyone who's determined as being central to dissident webs. You don't even have to organise them as death squads, just give names and addresses and set up "protests" at their houses simultaneously all across the US. There's enough deranged leftists everywhere to show up. Bonus points if a bunch of them get killed because then the original targets can then be arrested and it can be made out to be a vast Q-anon country wide conspiracy to kill minorities.

They already have the lists, and the home addresses. And that's probably just from a couple of sympathetic marxist engineers in google.

No doubt this "wave of violence" will end with the arrest of this chavez guy and a raft of legislative changes "to make sure this never happens again" but funnily enough all those changes will just lock everything down further.

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If "woke" is being defunded it's only because "Sustainability" is what will replace it.

It's just replacing marxist shit for globalist shit. Oh and all the marxists will still be around.

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The upside is that native populations aren't going to do anything vigilante style to clean up the streets, but the migrants will have no such qualms.

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A very long and indepth summary of the "recent changes" that the WHO has made it itself.

The only consolation is that they are structurally wildly incompetent.

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It doesn't matter the game, pre ordering is stupid, and the game actually has to be good.

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For anyone still sceptical about automation.

It's not replacing a job, it's replacing the person.

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We are actually pretty bad here in Aus, it's not that we are overly marxist, culturally we take apathy to new lows. There is, literally, 0 defense to shit like this taking over. In America the "middle" is probably 40-50% of the population, here's it's probably 85%.

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I mean she's accidentally not wrong.

Obesity is almost always the physical manifestation of mental illness and/or trauma.

Being fat long term is either a reaction from past trauma and/or defense against future trauma


Mental illness manifesting physically. Think about it, if you "try" to lose weight, and you can't. You are receiving concrete feedback about the world that causality doesn't apply. This about what that does to your psyche and other assumptions about the world. If you physically want to change something (no-one wants to be fat), and are unable too, it creates learned helplessness.

There's not many fat people that don't fall into one or both of those two buckets.

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If recent history is anything to go by, denials mean what they are going to do next year.

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Because marxists run the education system, social emotional learning is marxist indoctrination.

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marxist thought reform, pretty standard brainwashing, making you do something is a psychological trick to make you believe it. Your brain and identity is based around consistency, you will rationalise what you have done to keep a consistent story in your head.

If you delete something, in the future you will be more likely to not believe what you deleted, because you deleted it. And that must mean you don't believe it.

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The original plan for replace him early with Kamala didn't work as Mrs 1% wasn't any more popular so they put her away and dosed Biden up with super meds as an interim measure. Guess they've finally found a replacement and can get rid of him now.

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