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Noticing a mistake and having the mental acuity to make a joke about it? holy shit they gave him the big boy drugs today.

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Is this the one of the rapefugee with the kid on their knees or the Visegrad24 one from Afghanistan?

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What the point of it for the other side though?

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He's right. marxists are all about taking advantage of the revolution. You're a fool if you think your home stash of guns will mean you will be well placed in an acceleration or revolution.

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Anyone got anything intelligent to say about how this is likely to turn out? Is truth a defense here?

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I mean if you start out just as a guy with a webcam getting approached by a talent agency with a pitch like "look at everyone we manage, we know how to take care of the things you don't want to do" is a pretty easy sell.

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My partner initially got into a verbal altercation.

There's something weird about a Women with another Woman being engaged with a large group of Men where they think getting into an argument is the best path to take.

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So it's like starship troopers? I guess I might download it then.

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Wasn't it obvious that The Boys was always cultural propaganda? I mean homelander is literally evil superman. It's difficult to make it more obvious than that.

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I hate that I know this but this is a song lyric and it's in reference to a guy she's singing about. I've had kids play this song over and over in my car.

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