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Leftists never just ‘let’ things not go their way. Just look at all the tantrums they had when Trump tried to accomplish anything, they did whatever they could to stop it, legal or not.

And when they do it, it’s about “justice”… when conservatives do anything in protest of leftist laws, it’s “white supremacists being domestic terrorists”.

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It’s encouraging to think that maybe, just MAYBE, the insane leftist sex-obsessed degenerate hell that the 1960s and 1970s spawned (which included the Roe v. Wade decision) is slowly going to be reversed as people come more to their sense that living in a culture and society obsessed with sex and identity isn’t great for the future of mankind.

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Don’t his kids actually still celebrate Father’s Day for him?

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Actually no the comment they replied to was "Fuck the LGBT". That's what they were saying no to.

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And of course the story on ABORTION has a White dad and White kid.

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Someone in the comments had a great idea… if the construction worker is confronted, he should just say “I now identify as a wommyn and the drop-dead beauty of this transwommyn made me feel comfortable enough to be myself so that’s when I decided to make a self-expression of my identity”.

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“So you’re gonna give your own personal property back to the Indians, tankie??”

“Uhhh let’s not get crazy here bro”

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Now imagine if this was a Christmas logo being forced in the Windows search bar, and Jews complained?

But if you complain about this fag flag, good luck with that.

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True, but the owner who wrote this shit is actually a "cis white male" himself. There's race solidarity in every race excep Whites, in fact even the idea of race solidarity amongst Whites is called a hate crime in itself. Fellow (leftist) Whites hate us more than anyone else. As long as they "got theirs", they want to make sure no more White people do.

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I'm almost starting to think (hope) that Miller is just doing this as an elaborate joke to lampoon the idiocy of SJW they-thems. Even if he's not, it has the same effect.

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The zoomers at the start really prove we're doomed, gender-confused narcissism is the new normal and is being pushed on innocent children younger and younger every year. Those girls said they started questioning their "gender" at age 10, and they look about 15 so they were 10 in like 2017, before shit really hit the fan. Soon you'll have the majority of the newest generation starting on that shit before they can walk.

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Gotta give the guy credit I would've thought he'd be a straight neckbeard "ally"

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And the UK is under CONSERVATIVE rule right now!! They are so fuckdd.

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Which is what makes great satire. You're not supposed to be able to tell. But there are definitely hints throughout, quite subtle. There are also other news articles about how conservatives were "duped" by the site.

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A professor of Ethics at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway has called to legalize AI-generated child pornography, claiming that pedophilia should be seen as an innate sexuality that requires destigmatization.

Ole Martin Moen, a gay man who identifies as “queer,” currently serves as a member of the advisory board on Norway’s Patient Organization for Gender-Incongruence (PKI), a social and political lobby group for trans rights. According to their official website, PKI’s purpose is to provide access to “gender-affirming treatment” to the public “regardless of factors like non-binary identity, sexual practice or having other diagnosis.” Moen has also served as academic council at Civita, Norway’s largest liberal think tank, since 2015.

Recently, Moen targeted Christina Ellingsen, a Norwegian feminist who is facing a police investigation and a potential sentence of three years in prison for tweets in which she stated that men cannot be lesbians.

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It definitely isn’t only Apple… pretty much every mainstream media corporation does this now.

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I bet that people were a lot happier then they are now.

No need to bet on anything, we KNOW people were happier. In fact, women in particular have gotten less and less happy as “women’s rights” have advanced:


And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the average depressed and nihilistic Zoomer teen and compare them to a teen from the ’50s to see who was living the more enjoyable life.

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Are we sure this is the same guy? He doesn't really look like the other known pics of the suspect

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Either that or they acknowledge him as a "poor downtrodden trans woman" who was driven to murder by his homophobic grandmother and community, a town which is a Latinx-majority town that internalized White supremacy, of course.

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Interesting point about the gunman, isn't it funny how gunman is the only word the left is willing to use with the word man in it?

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