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If you’re correcting the OP’s title, the troon is a MAN, not a she.

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Why even have “beauty” pageants anymore???

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IMHO the refusal to even depict images of white families is far worse than the historical race mixup shit. It's an explicit admission from Google that they find white people to be a problem that needs a "final solution"

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At this point it's really only newsworthy if they DON'T inject LGTV or race identity politics signalling into their shitty "reimagining"

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ZERO animals in the animal kingdom have been shown to be exclusively homosexual (i.e. no individual animal exhibiting homo behavior has been shown to ONLY have sex with its same sex), so why the fuck do the LGTVs and their propagandists think humans are any different?

If anything, THEY are the ones who always say “we’re just animals, humans are no different than any other animal, there’s no god, etc. etc.” so why suddenly are humans supposedly able to be “exclusively homosexual” when animals aren’t??

Answer: We’re NOT.

Exhibit A.

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Their goal is to fire or get rid of anyone who isn’t a certified Cult Member so that eventually everyone in the company will be an explicit Marxist commie DEI dirtbag

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I have no idea about shitty comics nowadays, but I assume the “97” refers to 1997?? Is this supposed to be set in 1997, and they’re making this character n0n-BiNaRy??

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This guy is the posterchild for oversensitive manbaby, I don’t blame William Shatner for blowing him off

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The most insidious part of all this is the mainstream media’s Orwellian use of the term “gender-affirming care” to refer to these irreversible mutilations and drug-induced changes to the child’s body. Every SINGLE mainstream media article about this uses that woke religious euphemism. Pure evil.

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I did some digging because you know how antichristian these motherfuckers always are too, and I noticed a trend lately so decided to check it.... and of course the same WA health department made a post saying "Happy Hanukkah" on that Jewish holiday, but on Christmas they just said "we're closed for the state holiday Dec. 25, have a happy holiday", and never uttered the word Christmas even once on their feed.



All they're missing is pronouns in their bio, when will corporations get pronouns too?

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Holy shit feminists are retarded.

Also, the sky is blue

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It did get a nom for special effects, which is hilarious since Hollywood spends hundreds of billions of dollars on what ends up being subpar shitty CGI, and Japan spent like $10 mil on the effects for Minus One and they’re VASTLY superior… glad it’s being recognized

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From the trailer it looks like GTA 6 may also have them, and in places where it matters too. But strangely, all the women have thick hips and ass but none of them have any tits.

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Lol we are so fucked

Can we wake up already in 2012 and realize everything since then has been a fever dream??

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Pretty sure this guy is trolling

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Good, means the mainstream media is getting desperate because they know the populace is starting to abandon them for their continuous lies and propaganda. Let’s hope they all go extinct.

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She definitely isn't the character everyone hates, she's basically the main character and always ends up being "right", and the white conservative dad is always portrayed as wrong and the bad guy, who must be "secretly gay" for his views.

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Even reddit was saying this was ridiculous

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I mean fair enough but that group is filled with this stuff this one is just what he happened to see today. Should've seen the shit they say around Christmas time...

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The bride isn’t even white, but one thing I noticed is that the one token “dumb guy” adult was of course a white man.

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Conservative activists were the ones who outed her as a plagiarizer… Harvard elites would never fire someone based on what conservative activists brought to light. Just look at what happened with James Gunn and Disney… since the people who reported on his disgusting rape jokes happened to be conservative, Disney reinstated him.

You can bet your ass if it wasn’t for the Israel comments she made, she’d still have her job.

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I am White and Christian

That was her misstep, which sent redditors in a rage against her. If she was Jewish or non-religious or some sort of fake new age pagan, they’d have probably sided with her. The reddit urge to go against anything “White Christian” is too strong.

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Thought being black and female protected you?

Checkmate. Sincerely, The Jews.

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