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God the voice acting is awful. And of course they made Kendra Daniels “cover up” so her clothes weren’t so revealing. Ugh… 2022 is absolutely pathetic, we do nothing but remake old shit that was way better before. Our culture is dead.

Makes me way less hopeful than I was in 2008 that we’ll actually be exploring outer space in the 2500s like Dead Space predicts. Instead we’ll still be here on earth debating about how many dozens of fucking genders there are, and everyone who actually knew how to fly or even build spaceships will be dead and gone and we’ll be on the verge of returning to monke.

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Remember when Western media and journalists used to decry foreign censors for censoring stuff like this?

How infuriating is it that not only is something this innocuous being censored, but when it comes to something far more explicit, degenerate and vile like a Drag Show “for Kids” it’s all dicks out and tits out?

World War soldiers rolling in their graves

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I wish they would've panned back to Steve Jobs Lite

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Never even heard of this trash until today.... interesting that it wasn’t marketed, like at all

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I’m old enough to remember when reboots/remakes/rehashes were just poorly scripted and acted trash films, rather than propaganda vehicles for the Woke.

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The comment calling him “Zen Stiller” had me rolling...

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It got deleted so someone posted it again with a different title...even more upvoted


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That’s the thing, they know what they are doing. Meanwhile the same companies always recognize Hanukkah, Gay Pride, Ramadan, Transgender Day, Indigenous Day, etc. etc. without hesitation. Their old argument used to be “not everyone celebrates Xmas”… well even LESS people celebrate or care about those other holidays or events, but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating them specifically. What they really mean is they want to profit off Christmas but hate the name Christ.

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Well, I hate to say it but they seem to be succeeding. Christian Values and belief across America, Canada, Europe, Australia is nosediving… and fast.

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Meanwhile the same company has “Pride” shit everywhere on their site… funny how no corporation or government has issues talking about LGBQZ this or Trans that, but the minute it comes to something as traditional, wholesome, family-centered, and quintessentially European as Christmas… all bets are off. Unless of course they are peddling “Black Santa”.

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Because they’re limpdicks too afraid of getting called ‘waycist’ and ‘white supremacist’ by their political ENEMIES.

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Not only do they blast us with the race and gender shit all year, then turn it on overdrive during “Pride”… but even at Christmas they refuse to refer to the Christian holiday by name, and refuse to show any white people in their ads, despite the majority of Americans being white and that many of the races featured in the ads don’t even celebrate Christmas.

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Was Boris a woman? I know it was hard to tell with that mop on his head, but yeah… he was no better than Liz and he was also a “Conservative”

Let’s hope this new guy is more than just posturing

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Translation for normies:

“Disney made a princess fat. Parents who don’t want their kids to think being fat should be normalized are rationally upset”.

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Just found out this guy had a literal STROKE six months ago… obviously his brain is fried, even more than the avg Demoncrat

Why the hell are they still peddling him then??

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Well let’s be honest, a large chunk of the “majority”, especially women, is now so obsessed with virtue signalling and self-white-hate that they ADORE stuff like this, it’s only the conservatives that explicitly don’t.

Ask any Democrat/liberal if they agree that it’s okay to replace Santa with an Indian stoner gay dude who has a boyfriend now… none of them will dare say it’s NOT ok. Either they’ve convinced themselves they’re ok with it because “I’m an ally” or some shit, or they are too scared of the consequences of being publicly opposed (or even indifferent!).

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And there it is…

I knew this would go one of two ways. Either:

(A) the government would finally sanction Twitter despite not doing so until someone non-woke is running it, so that they can maintain the status quo of banning conservative voices,


(B) leftists, including all corporate and most celebrity/bluecheck accounts would take a mass exodus to another copycat social media site, thus rendering Twitter socially and culturally “irrelevant”.

Looks like they are gonna try A.

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