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It's blatantly obvious that they put some sort of code in basically overriding everything else when it comes to "racism", doesn't matter how morally reprehensible it is. What would be interesting is to compare different 'types' of so called racism.

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Is Dead Space even woke though?? I don't think there was any obvious woke stuff in it, just the usual terrible modern writing and effort and talent.

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Ugly art, just like ugly architecture, reflecting an ugly society.

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the most war-capable and resilient people on God's green Earth

That's the thing though... not for long. they are intentionally doing everything they can to soften our young generations so that they won't be able or willing to lift a finger to do anything. And it's working.

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It’s all about not perpetuating the “male gaze”, see the bitch from around 2009 who started this whole thing… “Feminist Frequency” Anita Sarkeesian.

Despite her being a dumbass, literally every western game company took everything she said seriously and now they all essentially refuse to put “hot women” in video games. It’s spilled over into TV and movies too.

I noticed the new chick from the working version of GTA 6 kinda had a nice ass, I’m sure they’ll remove that by the release date.

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Trust the science™

Unless it goes against what we want, then question the science

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Of course the only new law “on hold” is the one that negatively affects corporations

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It’s because they don’t want to say it’s targeted against men, because they don’t have a concept of “anti-men” in their tiny minded vocabulary.

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21st century

I think I finally figured it out… the century turned 21 and can now legally drink, and went out and got shitfaced, that’s why it’s so fucked up!!

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That's exactly WHY they get the job

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I wouldn’t dare go to another country and crap on their cultural traditions

And they wouldn't tolerate it either, a Muslim country's mainstream media and populace will tell you to go Fuck yourself if you try and say shit like this about their holidays and traditions, but over here our spineless occupied mainstream media and shitlibs will just apologize profusely for ever expressing their problematic celebration of Christmas in public

God I hate what the west has become

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Joy to the World

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight

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Favorite — In the Bleak Midwinter

Least — anything by Blew-gay (Michael Buble), honorable mentions to that piece of shit “Marshmallow World” song and that one Beatle’s “Wonderful Christmastime” slog.

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Just to be a pedantic asshole technically this isn't Christmas week, weeks start on Sunday.

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an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth

Wow, they really love to be mealy-mouthed and religiously devout about it don’t they? They want to leave absolutely no room whatsoever that someone might call it “transphobic”.

Not “was a different sex at birth”, but “may have been said to have a different sex at birth”. Are you fucking kidding me?


an adult who lives and identifies as

Wait until they learn that some troons are now “identifying” as minors/children too. I’m sure we’re due for an ‘update’ on this problematic definition soon!!

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Don't assume that just because this woman (or troon, you can't be sure of anything these days) defended labelling something 'christmas' one time that they don't want to destroy christian culture.

Oh I know she wants to destroy it, that's not the point here. I was just saying I agree with her position on naming it a "Christmas Train", not that I agree with anything else she says.

The only thing 'christmas' about that train is the red and green, and it's combined with blue. What's blue? Hannukah. So why is this train 'christmas', but not hannukah?

Because Hanukkah is a minor holiday that has nothing to do with putting up lights at all, they just do it so their kids don't feel excluded at Christmas. Blue Christmas lights have existed far longer than any Jews were putting up "Hanukkah lights". In fact, electric-powered string lights were originally literally CREATED FOR Christmas lighting purposes.

When you label this train a christmas train instead of a holiday train, you are in effect saying that ANYTHING remotely linked to european celebrations of the solstice is christmas, and thus, not sufficiently secular.

Exactly. So what the hell is wrong with that? How do you think Christendom converted all the pagans a thousand years ago? By saying “oh you have those pagan solstice traditions, that has nothing to do with Christmas, so keep on doing that as a totally separate thing”?? No, the point of it is to continue to have Christmas be the predominant holiday, not to dilute it.

This rabbi saw RGB lighting and decided it was too much christmas to be ‘holidays’. Someone that salty isn’t defending you, they’re attacking you.

I didn’t say she was defending me, I was saying I coincidentally agree with that part of what she said.

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It’s this kind of attitude though that allows for the destruction of Western ideals and customs like Christmas. Yes we all know Christmas has pagan origins and many of the traditions aren’t Christian, but who cares… many of us (including me) who are proudly Western & celebrate Christmas are ATHEISTS, we don’t care if it’s Christian or not, it’s WESTERN and is associated with family values, traditionalism, western culture, etc.

When we just say “oh well Christmas was pagan so who cares if we call it Christmas”, they replace it with “holiday” and say that it’s a ‘multicultural’ time of year that has nothing to do with the Western holiday of Christmas (or its European pagan antecedents), but is all about Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.

Saturnalia is a dead holiday for a dead religion, it has no bearing on society. Diluting Christmas, though, has HUGE consequences. Christmas is basically the only traditional Western cultural stronghold left in this woke hellscape of a society. It’s the only time of year that makes degenerates think “wait, maybe family is important… maybe traditional values are important… maybe being selfless is important…”

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All you have to do is imagine a bitch like this whining in Israel about “I’m a Christian stop saying Happy Hanukkah fuck the Jewish Hegemony”, or the same in any Muslim country about Eid or whatever - and you’ll see how stupid this is.

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I’m with her about calling it a “Christmas Train” though, I fucking hate when politically correct woketards relabel everything Christmas to “holiday”, which is apparently to be ‘inclusive’ of Jews like her who just get angry at it anyway.

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William Wisher must’ve ghost wrote the entirety of Terminator 2 and gave ole Jimmy Boy half the credit.

Well actually I’m sure Jimbo wrote the bit with Sarah Connor’s feminist rant

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The baker issue is totally different. They weren't refusing to serve gays, they were refusing to create a product with their own artistry that supported gayness.

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Of course...the mods removed it

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