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How fast does it run out of fuel?

Likely very fast because it's a flame thrower.

How fast does it turn?

Likely very fast because it's a BD spot: https://youtu.be/2SpNjBI1lu0?t=586

Can I just run around it?

Maybe? You'd be better off running out of range than risk running in a circle. It's a gimmick. The kind of autonomous weapon system that will kill you looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/vmfr5H3.jpeg or this: https://i.imgur.com/ykoBKkY.jpeg

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Does she think "whores" just means "women"? Does she identify as a whore? In the first reply she says she won't explain the concept. What concept? Bitch I have no idea what you're trying to communicate other than a basic argument-from-holes. I honestly cannot interpret this conversation. Twitter people are rapidly becoming a different species.

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>bush did 9/11

Wow nice well poisoning, kike. How about this:



And this is just the shit that has so much proof they can't even remove it from wikipedia without losing credibility.

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The arrangement is "If China invades Taiwan, the US will confiscate their deposits".

You have labelled this arrangement as "blackmail".

You advocate for China to change their finances specifically to avoid this.

It sure seems like you're in favor of China invading Taiwan.

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Wow then they can wage war of aggression and conquer their neighbors, what a great plan.

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If only there was some way for China to not invade Taiwan. Commies don't cause millions of deaths challenge (impossible).

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Why would China buy any more US treasuries?

Because all chinese investments are scams. If they want to keep their investments, all they gotta do is not invade Taiwan. That's it.

We're sending missiles and shells to Ukraine to literally kill people. Like we're blowing up buildings and tanks and blowing peoples legs off and shit and you're drawing the line at taking money that russia moronically deposited in foreign banks? It's a fucking war.

What kind of commie propaganda brain melt is this?

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I think you guys have unrealistic expectations on the type of person who is going to work on something like this.

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What was your favorite part? The part where Asuka forces Shinji to wear her girl-shaped plug suit? Or later they have to "synchronize" or whatever and that involves shinji wearing asuka's clothes. What about the part towards the end where shinji falls in love with a boy? What about that minute long shot of shinji being cuckolded by misato?

What about in eoe when the giant ugly bastard they have crucified in the basement absorbs rei and transforms into her? Then the numerous shots of men and women merging together into an undifferentiated ooze and then the giant rei homunculus forms into a male to appeal to shinji, then slowly penetrates his eva with a spike while the core of it turns into a vagina? Did you like that part?

The entire show is themed around identity crisis. If you don't understand why a trans person might like it, maybe try watching it again with your eyes open.

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Kids used to do this when I was in school just to disrupt class. If you did it too much you would be called an annoying faggot.

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That would be 12.9 trillion dollars per year, which is more than double the current federal budget.

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OJ Simpson was a 76 year old black male with prostate cancer. Is this comic some kind of ironic shit post to make fun of anti-vaxxers or is it serious?

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They make them in different sizes. A few years ago a guy in my home town was killed after being pulled into a large commercial wood chipper.

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I've noticed that on twitter and on youtube, when shit like this is posted, nearly 100% of the comments are roasting them. Nobody's having it.

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Perhaps, like transgenderism, gay behavior is not a single phenomenon but rather a set of symptoms.

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This story is from July 3, 2023

Zuck is still CEO.

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