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People advertising their mastodon account on their handle is the new Ukraine flag emoji.

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This movie has a pretty low score, and half of those reviewers are complaining about sexism. Something tells me this movie wasn't well recieved even back when it was first made.

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"However, when later asked the blunter question of whether the same depiction was racist, the number jumped to 34.0%, with women particularly inclined to endorse this position,” he further detailed.

Shocking. Most women don't play TRPGs.

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This is why "being gay is the norm and being straight is discriminated against" plots make no sense. If we were a species that's majority homosexual, we would never get past the stone age because the said majority won't reproduce.

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This guy's account is full of commie propaganda. He legitimately believes that leftists are getting censored and deplatformed by the CIA despite his very ideology being taught in schools and promoted by MSM. The fact that lefties can look at a video claiming they're getting "censored" despite it nearly having 100k likes and still believe they're the oppressed ones is truly mindblowing. Just one look at these videos is enough to give you a migraine from how delusional it is.

https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesRehwald/status/1528766915606220801 https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesRehwald/status/1579518561470795778 https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesRehwald/status/1437227198100893700

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What do Something Awful goons have to do with Twitter troons?

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The image posted by the OP is not what I'm talking about.

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I once saw a post where a mother praised her daughter for skipping out on her friend's birthday party soley because she was "tired" and empathized how important "self-care" is.

This movement has done far more harm than good.

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He married a black woman, had a mixed child, and yet still died a racist according to her.

You literally cannot sastify these people.

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Goddamnit, you were this close to engaging in a conversation that doesn't include stromcucks for once.

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I don't know about that. For me, there's been an increase of tranny shit getting onto my feed despite previous attempts to block it. It's only gotten worse when Elon Musk took over since they absolutely explode in likes and engagement.

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https://secure.runescape.com/m=forumforums?380,381,850,66266263#_ga=2.257148547.926701045.1668008144-626824151.1668008141 Most oldschool Runescape players aren't happy about this in the slightest. They even polled to keep the Varrock guards, but Jagex changed them anyway because it's in the name of diversity and inclusion.

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I've seen articles and top ten lists come from Screen Rant, yet they have yet to actually write a rant.

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I'm just wondering why the OP's post was in a TikTok cringe subreddit if their post is praising the video in question.

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Vaush and his retarded fans came to simp for m'lxdy, because they're all saying "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS!? LET PEOPLE LIVE!"

Here's the thing: "non-binary" people shouldn't be able to win male or female rewards because by their logic they're neither. Why don't these people advocate for non-binary rewards instead?

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And then they wonder why voice actors don't get paid. They literally turn down jobs because it's racist to voice a character that doesn't share the same skintone as the actor.

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It's bizarre how despite the very loud latino backlash against "latinx", tech companies and wokies still insist on using the word. I thought they were antiracist.

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And the left makes him die from a sexual encounter. They couldn't even make their enemy die from covid or an accident, no. Trump died from an STD.

I will never understand the left's fascination with sex. And look at all of these idiots parroting the same joke over and over. They indirectly confirmed that they get all of their information from Twitter yet they genuinely believe they are being clever when they have highlighted just how fragile their worldview is.

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I'm more bothered by the fact she claims that a man sterilizing himself is the most "attractive" thing he can do for a woman.

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You're more likely to find female songwriters in the east than in the west.

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