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No such thing as conservatives. They're just progressives going the speed limit.

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Russia has its own variety of "woke." Go look up Third Worldism, Eurasianism, and particularly Alexander Dugin's comments on White people.

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I'm looking forward to hearing about Peterson's new Clean Your Room Global Initiative.

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You're misunderstanding. Thinking it REQUIRES an explanation is the trap. Regain the initiative by pressing on with your own attack. Set your own frame. Again, this has nothing to do with actual Nazis or National Socialism or whatever label they want to apply.

If you want an example of how successful ignoring leftist framing of a narrative is, look at the success of Trump's campaign in 2016.

Another example of setting your own framing is the "okay groomer" attack on the left regarding sex education for young children.

But if you think being constantly on the back foot because you're afraid of defending yourself against "muh Nazi" accusation is a good idea, then you do you. It's been VERY successful for stopping the left the last few decades, I'm sure it will be just as good the next few decades...

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Fair enough, friend.

The framing that I am criticizing (in this specific example, it applies elsewhere) is the idea that is necessary to defend oneself in legal court against the charge of being a Nazi.

It cedes to the left the idea that something associated with the right is inherently bad or wrong. It really has nothing to do with National Socialism itself, but rather anything anywhere in that very general direction being thought of as bad, such as there being precisely two sexes each with defined roles.

It also cedes the momentum back to left. Instead of pressing on with your own arguments, you place yourself on the defensive one way or another. In the suggestion of AntonioofVenice, he argued for wasting time and resources in court just to prove you're not a Nazi (as if court rulings have ever dissuaded the left).

Saying "You're a Nazi!" is a very effective tactic, but only if you trap yourself in that narrative. It's better to push past it, even ignore it, and continue with your own attack.

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Everything you wrote is pilpul nonsense (which you are very good, I'll admit) that does not need to be argued with, merely pointed out.

Sophistic, dialectic. Did you just have a crash course on the history of Western philosophy from Plato to Hegel?

Very skilled pilpul, that bit. Implying that me being well spoken and educated is in fact somehow a point of criticism, or something only recently gained and is merely being shown off.

I'll say no more to you on this. See you on the next round of BS you post.

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No... I'd say using libel laws is fighting fire with water.

Irrelevant semantics.

Because they like to say 'you have freedom of speech but not freedom from consequences'? Now that is fighting fire with fire.

Again...trapping yourself in leftist framing and dialectic: no.

On that note, I have no interest in trapping myself in your usual sophistic dialogues. I'm just calling attention to your nonsense for anyone who might happen by it.

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Calling a lawyer because someone libels you is a great thing.

Fighting fire with fire: yes.

It's about time that people faced consequences for falsely accusing others of being Nazis.

Trapping yourself in leftist framing and dialectic: no.

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See my comment above.

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Relevant parts of my post, friend:


But we are deep into hyper-reality now, so...

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Cheap flat screen that isn't mounted to the wall it's placed against and also appears to still have a sticker on the bottom left suggests that it was planned and staged.

But we are deep into hyper-reality now, so...

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True story: an HR complaint was made against me because I never smiled or looked very friendly at work.

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Why aren't citizens voting? Why aren't people having more children? What happened to the civic virtues? Who are all these foreigners making up the army? Why are the leaders so inept and depraved? Who are these weird fanatics running around telling people they are inherently bad unless they accept these new beliefs? Why isn't anyone stopping this?

Am I describing the modern Western world...or late period Rome...or both? All Civilizations decline eventually, friend. None last forever. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the Late stage of Winter. Plan accordingly.

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Don't waste anymore time tiring yourself out on his pilpul, friend.

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Someday, diversity will create for the US their version of a Chernobyl event: dangerous incompetence built up in a critical infrastructure or institution, covered up by politics, exacerbated by cowardice, and then culminating in a disaster of historic proportions.

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The long march through the institutions never stopped.

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Transgenderism has been historically documented...during the Late Stage of dying Civilizations...

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Everything is political. That is unavoidable.

Whether or not something is heretical ultimately isn't as important as whether or not such heresy carries power

I think people a) over-rate the impact that "debate," "arguments," etc have on politics (it's negligible), b) under-rate the impact that re-affirming ruling narratives have

Unbelievably based, factual, and historical takes. Well said, anon.

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You misread my post, friend. I said there will be little sneaking at the at the hour of decision. The historical Caesar and Ataturk only used direct force at the opportune times (as opposed to, say Hitler's clumsy Beer Hall Putsch, something destined to fail with dubious benefit if it had succeeded).

You also assume that such a figure will go through the traditional political campaign process. I assume the very opposite of that, for the very reasons that you yourself mentioned. Indeed, the lack of access to the top echelon of society may ironically help his ascension, as Vilfredo Pareto noted in his theory of circulation of elites

To be fair, I think you're misunderstanding (or more likely I am doing a poor job of conveying) what a Caesar or even Ataturk figure is, particularly in a Spenglerian sense. They do NOT go through the systems of power, they seize the systems for themselves. They are pure will-to-power men. They are not "honest" as you say, but men who deal with pure facts, not "truths."

Example: it was "true" to the Senate of Rome and by all their laws that what Julius Caesar and later his adopted son Augustus did to seize power was "illegal", but such "truths" fall before the fact that the Julii clan destroyed their armies and annihilated any further opposition.

But you are correct in that conditions have to be just right for such men to be successful. Indeed, those conditions may never come, and so neither will an American Ataturk or Caesar. Even if they did arrive, their reigns will not be a golden age if Oswald Spengler is correct...

Here is another possibility: perhaps the Spenglerian Caesar man has already come and gone, and his name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt....

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Why are libs left and right so obsessed about passing resolutions about non-issues?


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Samuel T. Francis blessed us years ago with a wonderfully concise but still descriptive term for this phenomenon:


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The demographic time bombs were set decades ago, and the process is far enough along that any “strong man” solution involving mass deportation is already off the table.

You are correct, and I was not suggesting anything of the sort. Hence, more likely scenarios such as enforced but "unwoke" multi-racialism or a carved out space, smaller geographically, than the current US, for whites, i.e. an Ataturk situation.

The solution going forward is to mimic the Jews. Hyper nepotism, hyper tribalism, parallel economies and societies wherever possible. Intense focus on education, family, marriage within the tribe, etc. That’s the model for success.

You are half correct. The ethnocentrism you are talking about is sorely needed by Whites and will always be beneficial to them, but that kind of thinking is still anathema to many so-called conservatives. Vast structures (media, civil rights laws, law enforcement) have been arrayed for decades to make that nearly impossible under the current regime.

Unless and until those structures are annihilated, no building of alternative societies or institutions will be tolerated by the powers that be. Whatever is created will be outlawed, infiltrated, ghettoized, or outright destroyed by the regime. Simply leading a different lifestyle than what they have been will do nothing to help Whites overturn what's been erected against them.

That's where some sort of elite, or someone who has the abilities and pretensions to be an elite, comes into play, be it a Caesar or an Ataturk. Power is wielded and history created by such people, not nice middle class folks looking out for each other.

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